Friends In Need Are Friends Indeed

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I am Arun, a 26 year old Mechanical Engineer who has been posted in Pune. This is a story that happened & is still happening. I was posted here since the company has a unit here, and they required a new brain at this place, since new technology was being implemented.

With a height of 6ft and a very healthy body, I am gifted with a smooth fair skin. Girls have never been in shortage for me during college years, but I had my own principles.

I was given a very spacious flat in a building owned by the Company and the only other flat on the floor was shared by my colleague engineer, Vijay, who was a Gujarathi married to a Maharashtrian girl. Not very strongly built, he was 27 years of age and married since the last 3 years to Nivedita, a beautiful well mannered girl, who was built just right in the right places. She was fair skinned had green eyes and her tiny breasts must be a beautiful 30, placed on a sleek body of height 5.5ft.

Nivedita’s widowed mother Jaya, Vijay’s mother-in-law, also stayed with them. Her husband was in the army and was martyred just about 6-7 years after their marriage, when Nivedita was just 2 years old. Now the MIL must be around 40-42 years of age. She had the same blue eyes, was fair skinned and sported jet black shiny waist length hair that she loved to let loose most of the time, when it was not plaited. For her age she had a body of a teenager and looking at her you would say that she was Nivedita’s elder sister. She too had a slim waistline and her boobs could be placed at 36.

Jaya had a very aristocratic way of draping the saree (Indian drape-around), tightly wound around her sleek body which hid her set of boobs, giving only a peek now and then, yet in an erotic manner.

I was here since the last 8 months, and many a times I would be called to share dinner with them. We could be called as a family. Many a times Nivedita or her mother would ring the bell and come to my flat to bring some home cooked food.

They were always at home as Nivedita did not have a job. Every evening when we came home from work, Vijay would drop in my flat and we would share a beer or a glass of whisky. The snacks were provided by Vijay’s family. Nivedita always did the shopping in the morning at the local mart.

One day, on one such evening, I felt that Vijay was a little sad. I tried asking him, but he avoided the query. But after 3-4 pegs, he loosened out. What he told me made me feel very sad. Nivedita and he were trying to start a family, but their effort was not successful. I told him to get checked and that it would be something minor. He informed me that he had already got the tests done. Everything was normal. But he was hesitant to go ahead and tell me the whole truth.

For the next two days, I tried to coax him into telling me what was eating him. Finally he told me that the mother-in-law was pressurizing him to try any method of getting her daughter to bear a grand-child. When I asked him what the problem was, he hesitatingly told him that he could not hold his erection for a long time and his penis went flaccid after just three to five minutes.

I told him that he needed a reason to hold on to his erection and to put on a hot Blue Film DVD when he had intercourse with Nivedita. As I voiced her name, I could visualize him and Nivedita fucking and then her dejected face at an incomplete screw, to feel him sliding out of her when she wanted to cum. I could feel her wriggling to get a release and maybe used her fingers to complete her orgasm. I came out of my reverie. I felt sorry for Vijay and Nivedita. I really liked him as a friend and wanted to somehow help them conceive. But at this moment I was helpless.

The evening passed and Vijay got drunk. I had to literally help him to his flat across by putting his arm across my shoulders. Jaya opened the door, and was a little taken aback. She asked me to help him to bed. To help me she put his other arm over her shoulders and we started to take him to his bedroom. I realized that Jaya’s right breast had been pressed on my closed palm as she held Vijay on the other side. I could also feel that since it was late, she must have been prepared to go to bed and not worn her bra. At times I could feel her nipple rubbing against the back of my fingers, almost obviously.

As we reached the bed, I bent to lower him and so did Jaya. I could see a pair of white globes through her cleavage. I had an instant hard-on and sincerely hoped that she did not notice. But I am sure that she and Nivedita must have noticed the tent that my prick made as they came to thank me and leave me to the door.

I had a well endowed prick which was larger than normal, or so my earlier conquests had told me. I had a pole which was 9 inches when it stood and was almost 2.5 inches broad. At times I had a very uncomfortable time when this instrument of mine wanted to stand, especially at work.

The next day, Vijay was very apologetic at work and I told him that in friendship, he was most welcome casino siteleri to get pissed again. I would deliver him back to his rightful place. That evening we did not sit for a drink. After about two days, when he dropped in for our usual drink, I found him to be very restless. I quizzed him about it. But he was more quiet today, but restless.

I forced him to tell me, however crude it would be. I had a feeling that it had to be his sexual inability that was eating him. I told him friends are for confiding. What he told me gave me a shock and confirmed my view that Jaya had seen my cock stand.

He said, “Arun, promise me that you will not get angry with me. I do not want our friendship to be strained. Actually I need your help. I mean I have been forced to ask your help.”

He was very apologetic. I told him to confide in me and that if possible I would definitely help him out.

“Arun, today after I came home in the evening, and Nivedita had gone for a bath, my mother-in-law spoke to me….” He stopped and continued “she desperately wants us to bear a child and was instrumental in getting our check up. But now she has asked . . .”

He could not speak further; he had turned almost red as his face had flushed. He was fiddling with himself to get to talk. I asked him to continue and reiterated that I would definitely not get angry.

He then broke the news. His mother-in-law had cornered him, when Nivedita was in the bathroom and had asked him to request me to impregnate Nivedita. Initially I was taken aback. Here was an opportunity that had come on a platter and I was in two minds.

I retracted into a reverie. I almost made up my mind to agree. Nivedita would be a great fuck; every male’s dream. But I did not want Vijay to feel that it was not his child, later on in life. I could understand my friends’ desperation, as no male would ever want to utter these words especially requesting someone else to fuck his wife.

I thought over it for some time and then I made up my mind. Since it was the mother-in-law who had suggested this, was Nivedita aware of this arrangement being made? The mother-in-law could not have suggested this without herself getting the urges. She too must have wanted to have sex with all this talk of child bearing going on. She had been widowed young and she must be having these urges too. She was very attractive and as said earlier had maintained her figure wonderfully. If it was a fucking that she wanted then fucking she would get. I made up my mind.

“Vijay, I can understand your state of mind. I know what you must be going through. Nivedita has a figure which any male would die for. But you are my friend and I want you to have your own child,” I could see him relaxing, “Since you have confided in me, I will definitely help you and this is our secret. But since your mother-in-law has suggested this to you, ask her to make this request directly to me personally, tomorrow morning at about 10AM, when Nivedita goes to the market. Make this request to her as though I want some information from her. Also, you will have to make an excuse for me at work tomorrow as I will not come for the morning half. I will tell you the outcome in the evening. But be assured, you will bear your own child. This is my promise.”

Vijay relaxed totally, but he was perplexed. What was it that I wanted to talk to his mother-in-law? What was I talking about him bearing his own child, knowing what the problem was? My brain was working at full speed. I was eagerly waiting for the morning to dawn.

Next day, sharp at 10AM, my doorbell rang. I was prepared. I had purposely worn tight shorts, but not worn any underwear. I did not wear a shirt or T-shirt and my chest was bare. I wetted my hands, as though I was at the basin and then went to open the door.

There she was standing at the door in a light pink saree tightly worn and the loose end pushed into her waist folds. She looked at me, almost without any clothes and I could see her gazing my well exercised chest. She did not look at me in the eye and said in stuttering words, “You wanted to see me” she said slowly. “Vijay said you wanted to speak to me. But I will come later if you are busy.” I could feel her eyes on my bulging shorts.

“No, no…. please come in. Don’t mind me in my semi-birthday suit.” I said and she blushed. I walked into my flat and I could feel her walking inside staring at my back. She came in and closed the door. I thought I heard a click, of the door being locked.

I invited her to my bedroom, where I had kept an iron on and a shirt spread out. She again hesitated, but I called her in. I asked her to sit on the bed and asked her what was it that she wanted Vijay to talk to me about.

“But I thought that Vijay had spoken to you?” she exclaimed. Her blush had spread all over her face, searching for a way to head this conversation in the right path. I could feel her eyes roaming over my open body.

I asked her to speak openly like a friend confiding slot oyna to another. She started to tell the story “Nivedita had married about 3-4 years but she is having a problem to conceive. We have tried all medical tests and all tests have come ok. But we realized that Vijay has a problem. You are aware about it.”

I feigned total ignorance as I wanted her to speak out the reason. “Problem? What problem?”

“But I thought that Vijay had told you?” she was surprised.

“No. But why don’t you tell me? I would like to hear from you.”

“Well . . . . Vijay has an erection problem” she stopped to look at me. Her eyes portrayed a very sad feeling. I was waiting for this reaction from her. I stopped my ironing and went and sat next to her. Her eyes showed surprise, but soon I could see coyness spread in them. I reached out and held her hands in mine. She was hesitant at first but she relaxed.

“You don’t have to worry when I am there,” these words gave immediate courage to her. I lowered my voice to a very sexy level and continued “I will do whatever you want.” I stressed on the “You”. She relaxed totally.

“I….” she started to say, “I want you to impregnate my daughter.” She had tears in her eyes.

I reached out and wiped the tear that rolled down her cheek. The feeling of my fingers touching her soft skin had an immediate effect on both of us. She looked at me and I put both my palms on her cheeks and gazed at her eyes. None of us spoke. I had her just as I wanted her -totally helpless, waiting for my positive ‘yes’.

My mission was only to send her a strong feeler. From what I gathered she had come in a state of desperation. It was now my time to speak.

“Jaya….” I addressed her in her first name “I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your name? I had wanted to do that a long time ago.”

“Absolutely no problem, I liked it” she blurted.

“Jaya, I can understand your feelings as a mother. Have you talked about this to Nivedita? Will she accept this arrangement?”

“Arun, I have not yet spoken to her about you, as I was not sure you would agree. But I had casually mentioned such type of arrangement to her and had asked her if she wished to have sex with any of her known boyfriend. Though she had not rejected my request, she did not have anyone to trust. But I am sure she will not mind you, when I speak to her.”

My hands had now slipped from her cheeks and landed on her shoulders and I took the opportunity to massage them slowly as she spoke. She did not flinch and enjoyed the massage. I moved my hand along her arm and moved away a bit. She was surprised as she had expected that the hands would now land on her breast, and it looked like she was prepared for it.

I did not show any reaction. I now placed my proposal before her. “Jaya, I have an alternate proposal for you. I have promised Vijay that I will see to it that Nivedita shall bear his child and nobody else’s. But I need your help. Will you give it to me?”

“Yes, definitely; but how do you propose Vijay to overcome his problem?” She was very eager to know as this would be an ideal situation.

“I feel that the work pressure and no proper stimulation when he fucks Nivedita are the main reason for him not having a proper cock-stand” I was purposely using all the torrid sex slang to get Jaya excited. As I spoke about a cock-stand, I moved my hand to adjust my new rigid prick with the intention for Jaya to see. Her eyes noted my lower activity and it was having its effect. I could see her bosom pushing out & heaving and she trying to control it.

“Jaya, I had told Vijay that he should put a sexy DVD when he screws Nivedita. Maybe it would excite him when others are fucking. But I do not think that he tried that.” Jaya was all ears. She moved her hand to subconsciously control her excited breasts and ended up adjusting her saree covering her boobs.

“Jaya, you are an extremely beautiful girl” I did not use the word ‘lady’, “and I suggest that we provide the excitement to your daughter and son-in-law.” I stopped.

“Me? We? You and me how?” she asked.

“I want to fuck you, in front of your daughter and son-in-law.”

“Noooo…. How is this possible? How can this happen in front of my own daughter & son-in-law?” she looked horrified.

“Jaya, you were ready to get your daughter fucked by me. You would be aware; Your daughter would be a party and Vijay would be a spectator. Would it not be the same thing, but more reasonable that Vijay fucks his own wife, and that we only provide them with live excitement.”

Jaya looked very confused. She was in desperation and had come to suggest her daughter to be impregnated by me prepared and if needed to get laid behind closed doors as repayment; but getting screwed in front of her daughter and son-in-law was a different gamble. She looked confused.

I moved closer to her on the bed and held her shoulders. “You don’t want me to fuck you? The day I set my eyes on you, I have been troubled canlı casino siteleri by this fellow'” I pointed towards my hardened cock. I had no intention to display it to her today, and I wanted her to beg for it. Her eyes were set on my bulging prick and her chest was now visibly heaving up and down.

I pulled her to me and she melted into my arms. No words were spoken. I did not press into her breasts. I was going to stimulate her. Her arms went around me and I could feel her mind in a whirl.

“Jaya you are beautiful. I only have one problem in what I have suggested; Vijay may want to fuck you instead of Nivedita.” She giggled visualizing the scenario. “Given the opportunity I would have made love to you right now, but that would not be right. I can understand that it is your desperation for your daughter to bear a child, that has brought you here.”

I slowly separated from her. I could feel a pang of hurt in her eyes at this sudden separation. She was being loved, almost loved after a long time. She was getting a feeling that had been denied to her for the last two decades.

“Jaya, think over it and tell me so that we can plan a really exciting evening for your daughter. However, if even after this exercise Nivedita does not get pregnant, I assure you that I will accept your earlier proposal. But I must have Nivedita’s approval for either affair.” I left it at that. Too many suggestions would not be good at this stage. “I think that Nivedita may return from the market, and I have to leave too. But please tell me your decision in the coming days, so that we can be prepared.”

I got up from the bed and wore my shirt. She could see my huge bulge in my shorts at eye level and for a good minute could not take off her eyes from there. She too got up and with heavy steps started walking to the door. I waited for her to be about 2-3 steps ahead of me and reach to open the latch. I came close to her and slipped my hand under her hand that was at the latch and slowly slid it over her open stomach. She froze. I pulled her towards me and she came easily into my chest as I pressed my stiff member into her back. She moaned as the erotic feeling washed over her. It was after many, many years that she had felt somebody’s hands on her body.

Her hand clamped over my hand and pressed her body further more. I dry humped her and she enjoyed this with her eyes closed. I then whispered into her ears.

“Jaya, this is only a trailor. I look forward to the full movie with a double audience. She blushed but did not reply. Again I separated abruptly, leaving her asking for more.

I reached out and opened the door. As luck would have it, Nivedita was just approaching our flat landing.

“Hi Arun. How are you? Mamma, what are doing here?” she asked keeping her shopping bags down to reach for the door key. Jaya was a little flustered with the recent encounter and was confused.

I came to her rescue. “In fact, it is good that I was there today. Your mummy had come out of the door and the door closed with a gust of wind. I asked her to sit inside till you came. We saw you coming and came out. You should keep a spare key with me.”

I winked at Jaya, who could not control a blush. Luckily our small jaunt had not been caught before time. Jaya helped Nivedita to carry her shopping inside and smiled at me as she closed the door.

I was sure that she had gone for my suggestion hook, line & sinker. I had to find a release. I closed the door and rushed to the bedroom and wanked myself off on a towel. I felt relieved.

I then dressed up and left for work. Vijay was eagerly waiting to meet me. I purposely did not tell him anything as a surprise would get better results. The evening went by with Vijay pestering me to tell him what happened, but I did not. He left in a huff.

After our meeting in the morning, Jaya had opened the topic of Nivedita getting impregnated by asking her to share the bed with me. Though Nivedita had not thrown a fit, she was unsure what would Vijay’s reaction and if in fact he should be told. Then Jaya told her about our meeting and the suggestion that I had made. Initially she was shocked.

“Mamma, he wants to make love to you?” she could not believe it, “Did he specifically say that he did not want to sleep with me?”

“You mean you would mind if Arun did not fuck you and fucked me instead?” Jaya retorted.

“No mom, I really don’t mind. I know you must be missing dad’s loving. But why would he want to make love to you in my presence? What is it that he wants to achieve? Why doesn’t he want to screw me and get it over?”

“Dear, there is some basics in what he said. He said that you two must try all means to bear your own child. If not he said that he would help.” Jaya pacified Nivedita. “I had requested Vijay to ask Arun and this was how he wanted to talk to me.”

“Oh, that’s why you were coming out of his flat in the morning? Mumma, what did you do in there? Am I an excuse to go there?” Nivedita smilingly chided her mother.

“What should I tell Arun? When do we start this exercise? He has told me that without your consent, he does not wish to do anything.” Jaya hurried to fix the date with destiny.

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