Freshman Year Ch. 04-05

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After the night Josh stormed out he and Kim broke up. Kim was upset but she was moving on. She dated several different guys but none of them lasted past the second or third date. Meanwhile Dave and I were getting along great and would often invite Kim along when we went out. Dave’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special for him. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said he wanted a 3 some with Kim and me. I thought he was just joking and asked him to be serious and tell me what he really wanted. He told me he was quite serious, he went on to explain that being with 2 women at once was his favorite fantasy. So I told him I would talk to Kim about it and if she said ok then we would.

I thought for 2 weeks how to approach my best friend about a 3 some with my boyfriend and me. I couldn’t think of a tactful way to ask her, so I decided to just ask her. So one afternoon we were having lunch and I brought up Daves birthday. She asked me what I was going to get him. I told her that I was going to try to get him the one thing he wanted. I saw my break when she asked what it was that he wanted. She was a bit shocked when I told her that he wanted a 3 some with us, I was shocked when she said that she had thought about it from time to time. She said that she had often fantasized about being with Dave. Now I was shocked, I mean I knew Dave was a good-looking guy, but I never thought Kim found him interesting (she always liked the jocks). While Dave was no jock, he was no wimp. He stood at an even 6ft he was muscular with a nice 6 pack. Light brown hair that he kept cut short, and sparkling blue eyes. And he had a boyish grin, not to mention a very nice 8 in cock..

I asked Kim if she would want to really be with me and Dave, she said she would have to think it over but she thought she wanted to but she wanted to think it over. I told her that I understood, and that I didn’t want her to do anything she wasn’t sure she wanted to do. Therefore, at that I just put it out of my mind. Until one day unexpectedly she came in and flopping down on the couch next to Dave and me said “Ok I’ll do it.” We both looked at her like she was crazy, (it didn’t dawn on us what she was talking about) I asked her what she was talking about, she smiled and slapped my knee and said “Silly girl the thing we talked about, u know” “the 3 some?” I asked shocked, “no the nude bungee jump, of course the 3 some” she replied laughing at my response. So the three of us sat and talked over the fine details, of when we were all free and what not. We finally decided that we would get together the next Friday night. We would have dinner and drinks and if things worked out Dave would have his birthday present.

So the night finally came and we all went out had drinks and dinner and went dancing for a bit, after awhile we were all ready to head back home. On the way back, Kim and I were in the back seat getting ‘comfy’ while Dave drove. We got to our apartment and went straight to the bedroom, all three of us. Once in the bedroom, Kim and I started stripping each other for Dave’s benefit. He was sitting on my bed watching, from the smile on his face I could tell he was starting to be turned on. Kim and I decided we were going to give Dave a show; we started kissing and rubbing each other. I looked over at Dave and he had his hard cock out stroking it. Kim and I walked over and stripped him and I pushed him back on the bed and I started kissing him as Kim started sucking on his hard cock.

Dave pulled me around to sit on his face; I was facing Kim and told her to have a seat. She moved up and straddled his granite like cock, slowly teasing him and her rubbing it up and down, before she finally let him enter. I heard her moan as she slid down on my boyfriends hard dick. While Kim was controlling the fucking, Dave was licking my wet puss like a man eating his last meal. I leaned forward and sucked one of Kim’s nipples in my mouth, twirling my tongue in circles around the hard lil knob. I knew with the way she was ridding Dave it wouldn’t be long before they both came. I myself was getting close. Dave was working overtime sucking on my hard clit; he would tease me by flicking his tongue over it then gently biting down on it, before sucking on it hard. He also had a finger or two in me by now, and I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

I could hear Dave moaning, then I felt him tense and start bucking wildly into Kim. Kim and I came together, and we were so loud that our neighbor was banging on the wall yelling at us to quiet down. After we came down from our orgasmic highs, we lay there on either side of Dave and fell asleep. I woke several hours later and went to the shower, as I was stepping out Dave came into the bathroom. I kissed him and asked him if he enjoyed his birthday, “oh yes very much so, except you two wore me out” he replied. I laughed and asked him what he was going to get me for my birthday. Dave grinned and pulled me close and said “absolutely anything you want”.

Freshman casino siteleri year college…pt.5

“Oh…MY…god, Jess…Jessi…Jessica!!”

I looked up from the book I was reading…”What?!” I was looking at my best friend and now lover Kim as I asked her again why she was shouting at me so.

“Jess, girl… look at that guy over there.”

“Which guy Kim there is only like maybe a hundred or so out here today.” (We were back home in South Carolina…lying on the beach) She quickly pointed out the guy she was gazing at.

“The blonde guy in the green trunks, standing next to the life guard station. You see him?”

Looking in the direction she pointed, I did indeed see him. He had an absolutely gorgeous body from what I could tell. He looked to be well over six-foot tall, tan and muscular.

“Yea I see him.” I said with a grin. “I would tell you to go talk to him but it looks like he has his girlfriend with him.”

“Oh like I care about some scanky beach blanket bimbo. I think you and I need to take a walk. Don’t you agree babe?”

I just laughed and said, “Sure c’mon, at least you can see what your competion looks like.” She swatted me on my ass and got up and started adjusting her string bikini. I layed back a few minutes propped up on my elbows just admiring the beauty of her.

“Jess…get off your pretty little ass and lets go.”

I got up adjusted my suit and we started walking towards Mr.blonde and his bimbo as Kim referred to her. As we neared we could see much more of this guy. He was truly amazing to look at. He could’ve easily been a model. Kim smiled at him as we walked past, I looked back and saw him watching us walk by. When I told Kim this she smiled and said that he would be hers before we went back to school.

I told her to have at it, and we turned around to walk back past him. When we passed him this time I heard him shout…”Hey, red! C’mere for a sec.”

I gave him one of my annoyed looks and kept on walking. Kim was furious, with me and with him. We got back to our towels and she shot me a ‘if looks could kill’ stare.

“Kim I don’t know why you’re mad at me, I didn’t do anything.”

“Yea I know but damn him, why did he have to call for you?”

“I dunno babe, maybe he wanted to ask me about you”

Before Kim could answer there he was standing in front of us. “Yo..what’s up?”

Kim was the first to respond…”Yo..Whats up?…What do we look like to you? Some sort of hookers or something?”

He was blushing a deep red color now “My apologies mam, I forgot my manners momentarily” (this was said in the fakest southern accent I had ever heard) “How are you lovely ladies doing on such a fine afternoon?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him, here was a guy obviously from California or close by…trying to do a Southern accent. By now Kim’s anger had been replaced with laughter. He looked between the two of us, shook his head with a smile and said “Ok the reason I’m here, and I’m sure your just dying to know…is cause my cousin over there dared me to call out to you two as you walked by.”

” You see we were talking when we noticed you two lovely ladies walk by. She liked what she saw when she saw you” He said nodding towards me. “Now please forgive my boldness but since she’s shy and wouldn’t dare ask you this herself, I am here to ask for her. She wants to know if you would like to maybe have a drink with her later on.”

Kim and I sat there in silence, looking at one another then at him. Finally I spoke. “So what your telling me is your cousin over there is a lesbian and she thinks that I’m a lesbian too? Am I right so far?” He nodded his head ‘yes’ so I went on, “What exactly makes her think that I’m into girls?”

I had to fight hard not to laugh out loud; I was trying to be serious. The poor guy just stood there frozen in his spot. He tried to say something but it came out as gibberish and he just shrugged his shoulders and just walked away. As he left Kim and I both burst out laughing.

“Jess, now you didn’t have to go off on the poor guy like that, he was just her messenger boy.”

I laughed “yea I know” then I got serious for a moment. “You know if she wanted to ask me out why didn’t she just ask me herself?”

“Hun he told you she was shy, she was probably afraid that she would get the same response that he just got from you.”

“Oh whatever! So are you ready to go? I need a shower and you in the bed nude.” Kim didn’t say a word as she smiled at me and started packing up our stuff. We walked the few miles back to the beach house my Dad let us use for our summer vacation.

My parents had split years ago and I always seemed to benefit from their guilt. Both of my parents were doctors and neither was ever around. So to make up for them not spending time with me they pretty much gave me whatever I wanted. When I had called my dad to let him know Kim and I would be spending the summer home, he offered us the use of his beach house. slot oyna He had only one rule and that was that my stepsister had to be free to use the house also if she chose.

We got back to the house and went straight for the shower. Kim sucked and licked me to two really strong orgasms and one small one at the end. Stepping out and wrapping towels around us we walked into the living room to find my stepsister Kelly sitting there. My good mood sank so fast I felt it bottom out in my belly.

“Hey Kelly, when did you get to town?”

“About thirty minutes ago. Jess are you all right? You look kinda flushed.”

“Oh probably just the heat from the shower.”

She grinned “Hmm must have been a mighty good shower” she said looking at Kim and then me.

“Oh what makes you say that?” Kim asked knowingly

“Cause I could hear the moans all the way out here.”

Oh man I could’ve just died right there, here was my step sister staring at me with her big blue eyes shinning. She slowly nodded her yes at my shocked expression. Then she laughed…”Don’t worry Jess…I won’t tell your daddy that his only daughter likes pussy.”

“Well thanks…I guess, I mean I don’t think dad could handle it.” With all that said Kim and I went back to our room to get dressed. When we came out Kelly asked if we wanted to go out later, so we agreed. But for the time being we ordered pizza and Chinese food, and the three of us sat around and stuffed ourselves and talked. We soon found out that Kelly had been with a few girls but she said that it was nothing serious. She said all she wanted was good sex with no commitments. She asked us how long we had been together and we told her all about the night when our heater broke. I laughed and jokingly told Kelly that Kim had rapped me.

Kim just smiled and said I didn’t hear you say ‘no’ once that night.

After we ate and cleaned up a little bit we decided to all three take a short walk on the beach. We walked and talked a bit and then decided to head back to the house and get ready to go clubbing. Kim and I went to the room we shared and started going through our clothes. Finally we made our decisions…Kim wearing a knee length floral skirt with thigh high slits on either side and a pink tank top. I decided on a pair of well-worn pair of jean shorts and a tie died T-shirt, which had the bottom cropped off. We walked into the living room where Kelly was waiting for us, wearing a short black skirt and a silver blouse and black heels.

“So are we ready ladies?”

“Yea lets go.”

We got to the club and Kelly went straight to the bar while Kim and I found a table. We were sitting and watching everyone dance when I felt Kim grab my arm. “Jess he’s here, oh and he’s coming this way.”

“Calm down girl, relax just be yourself and it will all be good”

“Hey look he’s brought his cousin for you.” She said laughing.

“Oh great” I moaned, “excuse me while I go get a drink or just hide out in the ladies room.” I left the table and went to the bar and ordered a shot of tequila and a Budweiser. I sat there nursing the beer when I heard the sexiest voice I had ever heard. I turned to my right where the voice came from to see who it belonged to and there she was. A real life goddess sitting next to me. She was absolutely gorgeous, sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. I realized I was staring when she smiled and asked if there was something wrong. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare…no, no nothings wrong.”

“Ok good, you had me worried the way you were staring at me.”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to stare…let me buy you a drink to make up for my rudeness.” She agreed and ordered a beer and we sat in silence for a few moments before she spoke.

“Thank you for the drink; and by the way my name is Deb.” She extended her hand and I shook it.

“I’m Jessica, but my friends usually call me Jessi or Jess.” We sat and talked while we drank and we ordered another round and talked some more. After awhile Kim came up and said she needed to talk to me, so I excused myself. Kim and I walked towards the ladies room.

“Jess, babe how much do you love me?”

“Why? What do you want? What did you do?”

“I uh, well I told Jim that you wouldn’t mind if his cousin hung out with you so he and I can well…. You know so we can…”

“No way, Kim darlin you know I love you, but I don’t want anything to do with his cousin.”

We argued for a few minutes, then I thought of Kelly. “Hey why don’t you introduce her to Kelly, I bet the two of them will get along great. You know slut to slut.”

So she agreed and I went back to the bar to find Deb still sitting there. I sat back down and she and I started talking again.

“Looks like your girl is leaving with some guy.” She nodded towards Kim and Jim leaving. “Are you going to have a ride home?”

“Oh it’s alright, I don’t live far from here. Walking distance really. And my step sister is around here somewhere.”

After talking for a few canlı casino siteleri more minutes Deb grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. Once on the floor we danced with each other. When a slow song started I was going to sit down but Deb held onto my hand and just pulled me into her arms. She smelled so good and her body felt great against mine. In the middle of the dance she whispered in my ear…

“Your place or mine sexy?”

“I think my place is closer.” I replied as I led her by the hand towards the door. We walked out and started walking towards my place. We talked along the way, I found out that she was single and was visiting the beach with some friends. I was in heaven just listening to her talk, watching her body as she walked. I knew I just had to have this goddess if only for one night. We got to my house and went in, I led her to the room Kim and I shared. I flipped the light on and then we kissed for the first time. Wow what a kiss, so soft and gentle yet firm.

I ran my hands down her back and squeezed her nice round ass. It was soft but still kind of firm. Our kiss continued as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Our tongues were gently wrestling, as I brought my hand up to the back of her neck to pull her closer. She broke the kiss and started kissing my neck and gently sucking on my ear lobe. She kissed farther down my body kissing my nipples through my T-shirt, before pulling it out of my shorts and pulling it up over my head.

She sucked my nipples through the thin lace fabric of my bra; my nipples were now poking through my bra cups. I was on a sexual high, and my panties were completely soaked. Deb reached around me and unhooked my bra, and pulled the straps off my arms. She started to suck on my right nipple like a woman possessed. She then started kissing her way down my body; she stopped only when she got to the waist of my jeans. She undid my jeans and pulled them down, revealing my purple thong panties. I stepped out of my shorts and pulled Deb towards the bed. She took control once again and pushed me onto the bed and started stripping for me. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as she started dancing to music only she could hear. She slowly removed her top revealing a black lace bra with a front clasp. She danced a little more then agonizingly slow she removed her red skirt, to reveal a pair of black bikini panties that matched her black bra.

She walked over to me and gave me a kiss before stepping back to finish her strip tease. She unclasped her bra and held one cup in each hand and gave me a quick peak at each one before turning her back to me and letting the bra fall to the floor. Keeping her back to me she slowly removed her panties. When she turned around I got my first look at her beautiful body nude. She had 32c breasts, a small 24in waist and nice 34in hips. She had my mouth watering staring at her.

Deb walked over and pulled me to my feet. She then kneeled in front of me and pulled my panties down while kissing my legs. Once she had my panties off she started kissing up the inside of my legs. My whole body was trembling with desire for this goddess. When she kissed my bare sex lips a low moan escaped my lips. Her tongue started circling my clit, then she started kissing and licking me. As if she knew my legs were about to give out from the pleasure, she pushed me back onto the bed and started devouring my pussy.

She was licking the entire length of my wet pussy and I could feel my first orgasm rapidly building. I held off cumming as long as I could while she still worked her magic on my pussy. I felt her tongue enter my tight waiting hole.

“Oh Deb, that’s it fuck my pussy with your tongue.”

I felt her remove her tongue and replace it with 2 fingers. My hips arched off the bed and I felt myself falling off the edge of the passion cliff as I came. As I came Deb removed her fingers and started licking me deep and hard recovering all of my love juices. She came up and kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips and in her mouth as my tongue explored her mouth. We lay side by side for a few minutes while I caught my breath.

After catching my breath it was my turn to return the favor. I slid down Deb’s wonderful body and started licking and sucking her pussy lips. I kissed and licked her as I felt her squirming. I started sucking on her clit as I put a finger in her and started pushing in and out. Slowly then I started going faster and deeper. The more she moaned and called my name the harder and faster I would pump. I released her clit and replaced my finger with my tongue; I started tonguing her as hard and as deep as I could.

I wet a finger in her snatch and slipped it into her ass, and she moaned her delight. I slid three fingers from my right hand into her wet pussy and put my thumb on her clit and I was pumping her ass with one finger, pumping her pussy with three fingers and rubbing her clit with my thumb. She was squirming and moaning, and calling my name. I removed all my fingers and started flicking the tip of my tongue across her hard erect clit.

“Oh god…Jessi that feels soo good, oh damn don’t stop. Mmm ohh girl that’s it I’m gonna cumm, let me cumm for you.”

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