Freshers’ Week Ch. 01

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The day was finally here. John smiled as his parents’ car pulled up outside the university halls — his residence for the next three years. At the age of nineteen, he was ready to leave home and enjoy all the freedoms that this entailed.

After a tearful farewell from his mum and a more relieved goodbye from his dad, John sat alone in his new bedroom. He had lucked out, with one of the biggest rooms given to the new freshers — his own bathroom, a small private kitchen just across the hall, and a double bed.

With over an hour until his first scheduled appointment — a campus tour — John’s mind wandered as to what the year ahead had in store. He had done well in school and got pretty good grades, but he was no genius — no, the appeal of university was far less about the academic environment and far more about the people he’d meet and the things he’d get up to.

Despite his age, John was already fairly sexually experienced, but living at home had its restrictions and it was a welcome relief that he’d have his own space, without having to worry about sneaking a girl in or lying to his parents about where he’d be spending the night. University was a fantastic opportunity to cut loose, and John couldn’t wait to seize it. Freshers’ week in his halls had a reputation for being a wild one, and he couldn’t wait to meet some girls and see what happened.

He didn’t have to wait long. The campus tour involved all 150 or so new students living in the accommodation blocks nearby, and John wasted no time in chatting to his fellow new arrivals as well as scouting out the girls who’d be living just minutes’ walk away.

He wasn’t disappointed — everywhere he turned there seemed to be another gorgeous looking young woman. And as the students made their way around the campus, John was not the only guy who seemed far more interested in flirting than looking around the library, gym and dining hall. He particularly enjoyed meeting a beautiful Chinese girl called Melissa who had a very cute smile and an incredible figure, and a sultry looking girl called Hayley, whose tight-fitting dress left very little to the imagination. The conversation was pretty run-of-the-mill — predictable stuff about where they were from, what subject they were studying etc — but John made a mental note to try to talk to both of them again.

Before long, it was nearly dinner time and the tour broke up, with the students each going to their accommodation blocks. A very earnest guy called Simon who lived across the hall from John suggested that their block all ordered pizza, and half an hour later John found himself sitting in a group of around a dozen freshers chatting away as they drank beer and ate their pizza.

One girl in particular caught his eye. She was striking rather than classically beautiful — with a devilish smile and long, brown hair cascading down to her shoulders — but it was her body that really grabbed John’s attention. Her short dress showed off her tall, athletic figure perfectly — her smooth, toned legs were on display for all to see, and the way she was sitting on the floor gave a tantalising glimpse of the shape of her tight arse.

John gazed at her, drifting out of the conversations going on around him, and his mind soon turned to imagining how she would look without the dress on at all. He thought about what it would be like to feel those long, slender legs wrapped around him, and her piercing eyes fixed on him as her fit arse bounced up and down on his cock.

But his reverie was interrupted as she got up from the other side of the circle they were sitting in, smiling at him, and came over to sit down next to him on the floor.

“Hi, I’m Clare,” she said confidently as she sat down beside John, her gaze fixed on him.

“John,” he replied, sticking out his hand to shake hers, which made him feel slightly foolish given the thoughts that had been swirling round his head seconds earlier.

She smiled at him, and John couldn’t help but feel that her hand lingered on his a little longer than he might have expected.

They made small talk for a few minutes, which John was never very good at, though he did learn that Clare’s room was directly above his — a fact that she seemed eager to convey to him. But any chance John had of taking things further was halted, temporarily at least, by Simon who sat himself down between them and started talking away about plans for the evening, clearly not noticing the building tension between Clare and John.

John smiled sheepishly at Clare as Simon carried on, telling them both that a large group of freshers were planning to go for some drinks at a bar in town. It didn’t seem up for debate whether Clare and John would be going, so they finished their pizza, downed their remaining beer and went back to their rooms to get ready for a night out.

As John changed his shirt and washed his face, he hoped beyond anything that he’d get to spend more time with Clare and that she had had some of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri same thoughts about him as he had had about her. Again he found himself imagining her naked, this time going down on him, licking his cock from base to tip and swallowing his whole length. And being in the privacy of his own bathroom, he unzipped his flies, taking out his already hard cock and pumping it vigorously. A couple of minutes later, his mind consumed by thoughts of Clare, he came hard.

After cleaning up, he finished getting ready and joined his fellow students in the hallway where they were gathering to go to the bar. He was pleased to see Clare was still wearing her short, sexy dress, and she smiled at him alluringly as they made their way out of the halls. Students from every block seemed to have the same evening plans, and a large group of them made their way across town together to the bar. Once more, mundane conversation about everyone’s course choices and hometowns filled the air. John quietly hoped for something more.

They arrived to find the bar absolutely packed, with students from across the university already filling almost every inch of floor space. Deciding to be more forward with Clare, John asked if he could buy her a drink, and went off to the bar to get the vodka and cranberry she had requested, again with a smile.

The queue for the bar took forever, with people pushing in and cutting in front of John on numerous occasions. By the time he eventually got his drinks, it had been at least thirty minutes, and he returned to the area that Clare and the others had been waiting to find that none of them were anywhere to be seen. He pushed his way around the rest of the bar, looking for them and feeling increasingly frustrated that he couldn’t find Clare in particular.

After another thirty minutes of searching, he gave up and settled on chatting to a couple of guys he’d met earlier on the campus tour. John finished the beer he’d bought for himself earlier, as well as Clare’s vodka, assuming that she’d left and gone somewhere else. The guys he was with bought another round of beers and they talked about their football teams and joked about girls they fancied around the bar. They were a nice bunch, but it was now getting late and John was starting to feel like freshers’ week wasn’t getting off to the start he’d hoped for.

As the minutes drew on, the bar got slowly emptier, with many students moving on to other places. Guys left the group John was in and others joined; John was ready to leave.

But coming back from a toilet break, John spotted a girl sitting alone at the bar. He recognised her from the tour earlier. Her face was cute but nothing special to look at, but she was blessed with a killer body — her tight, blue dress showing off a petite frame, with a gorgeous looking arse, a slim waist and topped off by a small but firm pair of tits. She didn’t have Clare’s tall physique or striking looks, but she was hot and she looked like she knew it.

Emboldened by the number of beers he’d had and his disappointment at not being with Clare, John sat down beside the girl at the bar.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Wow. You’re not wasting any time, are you?” she replied, slightly abruptly.

“No, I’m not,” he said “but frankly I’m bored of having the same conversation about where I’m from and what subject I’m studying with everyone I meet today so I thought I’d try something more direct.”

She smiled and said, “Well, I’ll drink to that. I’m Alex, by the way.”

John took this as a cue to pull his chair up close, introducing himself and ordering them a couple of drinks. He was feeling decidedly tipsy by this stage, but determined to keep his cool with this new girl. He studied her face more intently as they talked — she was pretty but clearly wearing a lot of makeup, her mouth standing out in luscious red lipstick, and her brown hair brushing the top of her perky breasts.

The conversation was certainly an improvement and flowed more freely than it had before, with both Alex and John clearly enjoying themselves as they shared jokes, stories and rumours about university life. It was after midnight when Alex noticed the time and asked John if he’d walk her back to the halls. He was in no mood to refuse.

As they walked across the town centre, continuing their conversation, John’s mind swirled with a heady mixture of alcohol and lust. At some point, he felt Alex’s hand brush against his and he took it gently in his own. She looked at him with a naughty smile on her face.

When they reached the main gates to the halls, they found them shut.

“I forgot they close at midnight,” John said. “What do we do now?”

“Don’t worry!” Alex replied. “Follow me.”

She took his hand and led him around the side of the main entrance.

“They showed us this on the tour, remember?” she said, gesticulating towards some steps that John then remembered led under the walls and into a tunnel güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that would take them inside the perimeter.

As they walked slowly through the narrow tunnel, John was amused to see a condom machine on the wall — how appropriate it was to have one in the access point that students used after the main gates closed for the night.

Alex saw him looking at laughed a moment before saying, “Don’t worry. You won’t need one of those tonight.”

Any brief confusion John may have had about that statement quickly evaporated as Alex turned to him, a mischievous glint in her eye, and began kissing him. As her tongue snaked into his mouth, John reached around and grabbed her firm arse through her dress, pulling her closer into him. They made out for several minutes, during which John felt his cock rapidly hardening.

With their bodies mashed together, Alex clearly felt it too and she pulled away slightly. Saying nothing, she dropped to her knees and fumbled around with John’s zip until she managed to free his engorged cock from the confines of his jeans.

“Hello, big boy!” she purred before licking his whole length and devouring it.

John moaned as he received what was probably the finest blow job of his life up to that point. It was all he could do to stop himself from cumming straight away as he looked down and saw Alex’s big brown eyes looking straight back at him. She cupped his balls with her hand and continued her oral assault on his cock.

After a heavenly eternity of watching Alex bob up and down on his dick, John could feel his orgasm building.

“I’m about to cum,” he whispered breathily, suddenly conscious that they could be interrupted any second by other students using the tunnel.

Alex said nothing and kept her gaze fixed on John’s. She didn’t move a millimetre as his knees buckled slightly and he let out a loud groan, releasing a torrent of cum into her mouth. John felt spurt after spurt shoot out of the end of his cock, but he didn’t see any of it as Alex kept her mouth tightly around him.

When he was all done, she released her grip on him and stood up — she had swallowed every drop. John’s cock was smeared with saliva and Alex’s lipstick. They stood starring at one another for a few seconds as they caught their breath.

“Where’s your room?” Alex asked him eventually.

“P Block,” John replied.

“Yours is nearer,” she directed. “Let’s go.”

They practically ran the remaining length of the tunnel, emerging at the door of one of the blocks, before hastily making their way towards P Block. Once there, John was so eager to get his room key out of his pocket that he dropped it in the process. When he finally got his door open, the two of them hastened their way inside.

Standing in the middle of the bedroom, John and Alex resumed making out, running their hands down each others’ bodies as they did so. As their tongues mashed together, John could taste the mixture of make-up, saliva and the saltiness of what must have been remnants of his own cum in Alex’s mouth — but he didn’t care. All he could think about was fucking her.

Alex was thinking the same thing. She stepped back slightly from their embrace, stepped out of her heels and unzipped her tight, blue dress. She shimmied out of it and it fell to the floor, revealing a sexy, red bra and panties that bulged with the shape of her pert breasts and muscular arse.

“Fuck,” John mumbled as he watched her.

Alex smiled as John in turn unbuttoned his own shirt and removed his jeans, leaving just his boxers. His erection had not yet returned after Alex’s incredible blowjob just minutes earlier, but, draining in the sight of her incredible body standing just inches away from him, he could feel the blood starting to come back into his cock.

Wanting to make sure he pleasured Alex like she had pleasured him, John took her hand and led her over to his bed in the corner of the room. Taking control, he playfully pushed her down onto the cover. He then clambered over her so his knees were either side of her hips and bent down to kiss her once again.

He planted a light kiss on her luscious red lips and then gave her little kisses down her neck and onto her shoulders. Carefully, he reached behind her and unclasped her bra, throwing it onto the floor. Her pert boobs didn’t sag at all and instead kept their small, round shape. John began lightly brushing his tongue across her nipples. Alex groaned.

John’s kissing trail eventually led past her breasts and down her stomach until her reached her gorgeous red panties. He deftly undid the bows on either side before casting the panties onto the floor as well. He took a moment to admire her clean shaven pussy for a moment and could hear Alex’s breathing getting faster with anticipation.

Teasing her, John began by nibbling the inside of her thighs and running his tongue either side of her lips, making sure that he didn’t touch them. After just güvenilir bahis şirketleri a few seconds of this, Alex wanted more.

“Please,” she said breathily.

Not wanting to taunt her for long, John stiffened his tongue and pressed it into her, running it across the whole length of her pussy. Alex squirmed and her body tensed with the sensation.

John was by this stage feeling like his lust had overtaken him completely, and he couldn’t wait to get inside her, but he wanted to make sure he returned her oral favour first. He manoeuvred his hands under Alex’s tight arse, gripping it firmly before burying his head in her pussy.

“Oh my god!” Alex cried out.

Spurred on by this, John began an oral assault on her beautiful pussy, licking her out over and over again and strumming her clit with his tongue. He couldn’t have been less worried about how loud Alex was in response as she urged him on, though they sound of their lovemaking must have been audible to all of the rooms around.

Within a couple of minutes, Alex’s body tensed further and she clamped her legs around John’s face, exclaiming, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

But John didn’t let up. He kept tonguing her clit and licking her pussy and she screamed her way through several orgasms in succession.

Eventually, he stopped and came up for air, his mouth wet with her juices. Alex’s breathing began to settle down and she sat up on the bed, looking at John with pure lust in her eyes.

“That was incredible. I’ve never felt like that before in my life,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” John replied with a smile. “Though I hope we’re not done yet.”

Alex didn’t say anything in response, but got up off the bed, moved round to where John was sitting on the edge, and slowly pulled down his boxer shorts, revealing his now very hard cock. John had always been quietly pleased with his thick seven and a half inches, and he was both delighted and relieved that it was ready for another go.

Pushing John back onto the bed as he had done to her before, Alex kissed him before straddling his hips and guiding his throbbing erection into her already very wet pussy. It slipped in without any difficulty. They both grunted again.

Now it was Alex’s turn to take control. She placed her hands on John’s chest and began bouncing herself up and down on his cock, slowly pushing herself up almost his whole length before gently falling back down.

John was in heaven. He knew that having cum from the blowjob he’d be able to last much longer now, and he wanted to make the most of it. He couldn’t believe his luck that on his very first night of university, he’d met this incredibly hot girl and here she was riding his cock and moaning his name, fresh from having swallowed his load.

Lost in her own lustful trance, Alex picked up the pace, bouncing more vigorously and forcing herself down hard onto John’s cock. John was only too happy to assist and grabbed her hips to help lift her up and down whilst thrusting his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. The sound of their heavy breathing and the bed creaking filled the air.

Before long, Alex was on the verge of cumming again. As her breathing got faster, John looked up at her and admired her incredible stamina and her amazing body again – he loved the way her firm boobs kept bobbing up and down as she rode him, and he couldn’t see an ounce of fat on her fit, athletic body. A few more minutes of this and John knew he would be cumming again himself.

This time, Alex’s release hit her even harder than it had before. John held her up on his cock as she stopped moving. Her breathy moans stopped for a moment before she exhaled loudly.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

For a moment, she sat there with John’s cock still inside her, then she rolled off him and lay back on the bed.

“That was incredible,” she said as she calmed down. “Maybe we should just spend freshers’ week fucking in your room.”

“Hey, I’m game if you are,” John replied with a smile.

Whilst he’d been pretty much desperate for sex on his first night of uni, he was delighted he had ended up with Alex. Without any shadow of a doubt, she was a fantastic fuck.

“Your turn again, boy — what’s it to be?” she asked, licking her sweet red lips.

John knew he wasn’t far away from finishing and wanted to make the most of it. He had enjoyed feeling up Alex’s arse all evening and wanted a closer look. Saying nothing, he grabbed her around her tiny waist, flipped her over onto her stomach and lined his cock up with her wet pussy.

“Aaaaaggghhh!” Alex exclaimed as John filled her up again.

She felt his hips press against her bum as her pussy swallowed his whole cock. She was still tingling from her last orgasm and knew another one wasn’t far away.

John loved nothing more than fucking a girl doggy style — he wouldn’t last long in this position but he always felt incredible taking a girl from behind and couldn’t resist it.

Alex’s bum was the cutest and tightest he’d ever seen. He was completely overcome by raw, animal instinct as he grabbed it and began ploughing his cock in and out of her as fast as he could. The sound of his balls slapping against her was punctuated by their ever louder moans.

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