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After work my husband usually stopped to have a few beers with his buddies, and one night he came home foul mood, and I could only guess as to why. As our kids were home he didn’t say what the problem was, he just refused to talk to me. I was sure he had found out about me being in that bar with Helga but wasn’t certain. Even in bed later when I tried to talk to him he just ignored me and kicked me out of bed. I was scared as to what was to happen to me once he got me alone, I did everything to please him for the next few days but he was non responsive to my efforts.

It was on the Saturday when he got the chance as he didn’t have to work, and our kids would all be out with their friends. After his breakfast, he sat in front of the TV and had a few beers until all the kids had left, so it was just the two of us in the house until. Finally he got up and I knew what was coming, he had his belt in his hand and he asking me what I thought I was doing going out to that bar without him. I tried to explain it was Helga’s idea, and thought of it as all we did was sit, listen to the band and have a few drinks.

As he approached me I was backing away pleading with him but could see it was of no use, his mind was made up. He gave me a lot of fabrications he claimed to have heard from his friends that was untrue. He started calling me a slut and a whore etc., shouting at me and slapped me hard on my face, then grabbing me by my arm hit me with his belt and gave me a terrible licking, the worst I’d received from him to date. Finally he had enough and turned and left the house leaving me lying on the floor sobbing my heart out. My body was racked with pain, I had wet myself in the process and lay there bawling my eyes out and hating him with all my being. All I could think of was I’d better get cleaned up before my kids came home, finally getting up and went into the bathroom and took off my wet jeans and panties.

Looking in the mirror I saw a bruise on my face and that brought on the tears again, I was so sore and humiliated. As I started to clean my legs and pussy I did a strange thing. What made me do it I don’t really know as I was angry, and hurting in more ways than one I masturbated. For some reason the orgasm gave me some relief so I gave myself another, one cursing at him in the bathroom mirror as I rubbed myself.

When my daughters came home they were surprised to find me in bed. My oldest daughter Patricia, I named her after me, came into the room to see if I was all right and saw the bruise on my face, “What happened to you” she asked, I told her I tripped and fell hitting my head on the coffee table, I could see she wasn’t buying it.

She pressed me for the truth until I finally gave in and told her the truth. Patricia was then and still illegal bahis is a very strong willed woman, she had her fathers stubbornness or should I say personality. I’ve been fortunate to have children that turned out OK as far as I was concerned. I had very little support from my husband in their upraising when they were younger, it was all left to me to do what I could to discipline them when I thought it was necessary. If they didn’t like what I had to do or say to them, they would go to their dad and he would usually let them get away with what ever they wanted.

Particularly once they were in their teens, I recall finding cigarettes in Patricia’s pockets and scolded her for it but her dad just said something like, “what the hell she’s a big girl now” or words to that effect. Same when she wanted to go to a slumber party at her friends place, no matter what I thought she would get his permission and that was it, I couldn’t interfere as John was the authority in our relationship.

Our son was worse, by the time he was 15 he was very demanding and because he was good at sports, hockey in particular he got away with what ever he wanted. In his dads eyes he was destined for great things through hockey. Although he was an excellent player he wasn’t as good as his dad thought he was, and letting him have so much of his on way as a teenager contributed to his not advancing as far as he might have gone. By the time he was 17 he was drinking, running around with girls and taking after his dad who thought this was macho, he was coming of age, sowing his wild oats and that affected whatever career he might have had.

Again it was my fault for not raising him right, and after my husband left me he got worse, blaming me for his dad leaving us. It was only after the cops got him for drinking and driving that his father realized how bad it had been getting. He dropped out of school and got a job in construction and soon moved out to an apartment with some buddies of his.

Our daughters were different, although they often got their way as I said, they did well at school and went on to University. The oldest Patricia got into Queens university here in Kingston, so that way she could stay at home to save money, whereas my other girl went to a University in Ottawa. I think Patricia’s living at home had a lot to do with my husbands behavior towards me as he became less abusive towards me in a way.

We grew more distant after that, and although we continued to live together I knew he was seeing other women. I would smell their perfume off his clothes, and sometimes when he made me give him oral sex he wouldn’t be clean, and of course I knew it had been in another woman’s pussy. When he felt like it he would bend me over and fuck me however he wanted, even illegal bahis siteleri using my anal cavity on occasion, but for me there was little pleasure in it. Of course I would butter him up telling him how good he was, and how wonderful he made me feel but it did no good, I was just a piece of meat to him there to cook and clean for him, make his meals and be at his beck and call.

When he finally told me he was leaving me I felt devastated, I had been ground down to the point I had little self respect left, still after all those years together I didn’t know what I was going to do. Fortunately my daughters, particularly Patricia who was working in Kingston by this time was there for me, and moved back home for a few months till I felt better. She handled the separation for me and later my divorce.

I was left with the house and property although it was so run down who would want it, and there was still money owing on the mortgage. It was all I could do to hold on to the place, although after she moved back home she helped out with the rent, and bought me an old clunker of a car.

Although I finally found a job in a factory, it took some time to get some confidence back, so it was more than a year before I started going out again. I had made friends with a couple of women where I worked and they talked me into going out one evening to the same Country & Western bar I’d gone to years before with Helga.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, lots of men asked me to dance and had offers to date, but didn’t feel ready for that yet. My old jeans were a little snug on me and I was self conscious about dating again, although a lot of the men seemed very nice. I still enjoyed sexual feelings and had been taking care of them by my own hand, but wanted to feel loved again. Finally I gave in when one man who was always asking me to dance wanted to take me home, so when we left the bar late, he walked me to his car and I got in with him to kiss and cuddle.

It had been years for me since I’d necked with a man and within minutes of french kissing I was horny, so horny it was unbelievable. I wasn’t planning on going all the way, but it felt so good I couldn’t say no. He got his hand inside my blouse and bra to caress my tits, I was so wet and I wanted to feel his manhood inside me so bad. After we were kissing and caressing for a while, he asked me if I wanted to get in the back seat and I agreed. It was dark and late, the bar was closing and most people had left.

Once we settled in the back he put his hand down to feel my crotch through the material of my jeans, but they were so snug it was not as pleasurable as I would like, and I helped by undoing the waist button and he pulled down the zipper. Now he could feel how wet I was and moved to adjust canlı bahis siteleri himself and undid his fly, his cock sprang out of his pants and I grasped it. It felt so strong and hard I couldn’t contain myself, it felt so good just to touch.

I quickly kissed the head of it then took it in my mouth it felt so good, although my husband had made me suck him off often, it had been a long time since I’d wanted to suck a cock for the shear pleasure it gave me. He pushed my jeans and panties down off my ass to feel my bare pussy and I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I whispered to him, “wait” and took a few minutes to struggle out of my jeans and panties.

He slid his ass down on the seat inviting me to climb on, so with my knees on either side of him I straddled him and brought that beautiful cock to my pussy. She was ready for it too, so wet and open I had no trouble placing the head inside and slowly settling down on to his shaft, feeling it all the way till it was right at the back of my pussy. I stayed still for a minute letting my muscles grip it for my delight before beginning to move up and down on it.

I french kissed him deeply as I rode him, slowly at first then with increasing speed as my own feelings were getting stronger when suddenly I felt him cum. I groaned as I felt him squirt against my cervix it felt so good, if he’d only waited a few more seconds I’m sure I would have cum with him too. How often that happens with men, I got off him as his cock went slack and sat on the seat beside him. I felt his cum coming out of me so I took my panties and wiped myself, even just touching myself like that felt good.

He drove me over to where my car was parked, I tucked my tits back inside my bra and fastened my blouse. Taking my car keys out of my purse I picked up my jeans and panties, then giving him a goodnight kiss I quickly slipped out of his car and into mine. By this time the parking lot was almost empty anyway, so I didn’t really have to worry about being seen and drove home bare arsed from the waist down. I slipped in the back door quietly so as not to wake my daughter and got into bed and slept soundly for the first time in months.

In the morning I went and took a shower, my daughter came in to use the toilet and said, “you were really late last night where were you?” Later in my robe and slippers I went into the kitchen to get a coffee, she was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and as I got myself a coffee said, “good morning.” I sat across from her and she gave me a funny look, I was happy and I guessed it showed as I asked her what her plans were for the day, she looked up at me and studied me for a moment then said, “you got laid last night didn’t you?” I was caught by surprise and didn’t know what to say.

She put the paper down and looked at me, “you needed that mother, you’ve needed a damn good fuck for months now,” she was grinning at me as she said it, “Who was he anyone I know?” So I stuck out my tongue at her and got up and went to get dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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