Fixing My Boots

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My boots were broken and I had just the week before discovered a shoe repair shop over near where I worked… now just to remember to put them into the car so I have the with me.

New week means a new roster at work, off I went… having arrived earlier than when the roster would be ready I thought I would wander into the shop and just find out the cost.

Nice surprise when this hottie comes out from the back room… my age group and a nice body that I can glimpse under the big apron.

He asks if he can help me… (oh Lordy, my mind can already visualise the things I want to tell him to help me with) But politeness decrees that first I must speak about the everyday things… I smile and lean a little lower… Wearing a low cut shirt and sexy bras underneath, I have to show a little cleavage… Don’t I?

I ask about whether he could fix my play boots… (at this point I dont think he understands my request). I lift them out of the bag soles first and straight away he can see that one of the soles is not there..

“Oh he says is this the problem? I can fix them no worries” I warn him how the missing bits are in a safe place but I am not sure where it is… He hands me a bit of paper and a pen and asks me to jot down my name and number… (there it is… the opportunity to check the marital status) I laugh and ask “sure your wife wont mind you having my number?” he just looks at me blankly and says he isnt married and its for the work job.

Then he goes to finish pulling out the boots from the bag. Unrolling them he realises that they are a pair of CFM’s. His eyes open wider. “Gosh they are long boots” he says. I giggle at him and pendik escort say how I have others that are just like them, but red. He looks back at my grin and cant help but to see the cleavage staring straight at him.

His eyes are trying to look anywhere but at me so I figured I had better do the asking.. just in case he is the shy type. “Do you play on online?” He looks really blankly at me and asks what I mean… On the internet adult sites I explain. He laughs and tells me how he has only just gotten a mobile phone and still hasnt mastered that yet let alone a computer.

So I begin to explain how I love to take and share pics with lots of friends and how now that I have his number I could send some to him on his smart phone. He looks back and tells me how he would not know how to get them… there was a challenge alone. I sent a couple of different pics with the boots and lingerie in them… and a couple with the good cleavage shots in lingerie. Then helped him to open them and look… Have to say that it has been a while since I seen a grown man blush. I told him I would be back in a couple of days to pick them up…

After a day or two that man has gotten to know what I like and how I like things just with the pic gallery I have shared… now to go pick up the boots… I wander into the shop and wait at the counter for him to spot me. Leaning over and resting my elbows on the glass counter again so he can see straight down my shirt. He wanders out with a smile on his face telling me how he has had to put a lock onto his phone to stop his kids seeing the messages on his phone. I just smiled and told him that must kartal escort be a good thing cos it means he hasnt deleted them. This little hottie really does blush well..

So… “Hows things” I start the conversation rolling… I am looking around just wandering how I can do this… I am watching and loving how nervous he seems so I figured I had better just bite the bullet. “so tell me…” “What would you say if I said I wanted to suck your cock right now?”

Poor man nearly chocked… “Are you serious?” he asked. “Here?” “Now” I just look at him and nod my head… he starts to look everywhere but at me and says really quietly. “well I would probably lock the door” well I didnt need any further prompting. I walked the couple of steps back and turned the latch and put the sign up that says back in ten minutes. Walking back towards him I did see how uncomfortable he really was so I lead him to the next section of the workshop.

I leant in and kissed him. His lips being teased by mine as I let my fingers roam above his clothes but grazing the skin on his arms as I head towards his waistline. Slipping my fingers beneath his shirt I let my hands graze over naked skin. His breathing shallows a little and he raises his hands to touch me back… I still them… just wait I tell him. I lift his shirt over his head and let my mouth start to trail down his chest. Lower as my hands start to unbuckle and undo his jeans.

Already I can feel his cock hard against his boxers, mmmm I moan. Sliding his jeans low I push him back onto where he has a couch against the wall. As I finish undressing him I let my lips tease maltepe escort his legs on their way higher. Higher and as I get higher I can feel the heat coming from him. I move my mouth slightly to the right and lick from the base of his balls to the tip of his hard shaft…

His hands reach and hold my head guiding my mouth to take him inside. “Ohh” he moans. My mouth starts to slide up and down on his shaft. My eyes watching his face as I see him loving whats happening. He slips his hands into my bra to feel my boobs.

Take it off he says. Let me see you too” I make a big production of removing my top and bra. His hands are straight onto my boobs and bringing them too his mouth. He starts to suckle on them.. There is nothing much that is shy about him now.. my mouth is hanging to get back to his cock. So I manoeuvre back lower.

He is leaning a little forward now and as I am sucking his cock he has one hand on my boob and the other is reaching lower to feel how wet my pussy is. And its wet.. he slips a finger inside me and makes me moan onto his cock. My mouth starts to work his cock more and more.

He tells me to get on and ride him for a minute. So being the submissive type I am I do as I am told.. “Oh Fuck thats a nice cock” I tell him. He lets me set the pace for a bit and then he tells me to get on my knees. He moves behind me and starts to slam his cock home deep… bang bang bang. His balls are slapping against my clit just to send me off a little more..

I am moaning loaudly to fill me with cum. “Please, Please cum for me Please” Im begging him… finally he drives that cock all the way in and I feel it release his load… MMM my legs are like jelly and he collapses back onto the couch… I get dressed and tell him I will pick up the boots another day… I unlock the door and leave… no time to let him have negative thoughts… just a quick play n go session..

But I, Oh so look forward to picking up my boots…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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