First Anniversary

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My first wedding anniversary. My loving wife told me she wanted to get me what I really wanted for this special day. I couldn’t think of anything to tell her that I wanted so she promised to surprise me…

I had been searching the web for the past few months looking for blowjob videos when I stumbled across cream pies. I had never heard of a cream pie and quickly found out that it was a cum filled pussy. I was hooked and hungry I searched every web site I could find for videos of cream pie eating. This fantasy of mine quickly took hold on my brain. My wife tying me to our bed and teasing me until I was ready to cum then straddle my cock and fuck me till I filled her pussy, then she would position into a sixty-nine forcing me to eat me own jizz while she sucked me off a second time. This fantasy of mine instantly got me hard every time, little did I know she would stumble across my internet searches for cream pies.

The day of our anniversary came and I was excited for my surprise thinking it would be a tool for work or maybe even a tie, boy was I wrong! First we went to have dinner, then she blindfolded me in pendik escort the parking lot and told me what was next was the surprise. She helped me into the car, she then drove us to the surprise destination and helped me out, and we went down some stairs and then entered a building where she took the blindfold off. I quickly realized that we were in our own apartment. She ordered me to go to the bedroom, strip naked and lay on the bed, she would be with me in a moment. I quickly complied.

Soon she came in wearing crotchless panties and a bra with holes to expose the nipples. She proceeded to tie me to the bed and put a porn with a hot blowjob scene on the television. I lay there helpless as she copied every move on the television on me! When the scene on the television was sucking she sucked, when it was stroking she stroked. I was ordered not to take my eyes off the television.

When she sensed that I was ready to blow she stopped and asked me about my internet searches for cream pies. I stumbled for an answer and told her I had no idea what she was talking about. Well, she knew different and slowly stroked my cock escort pendik while telling me so. By now I was thinking about and harder than ever. She must have noticed because she talked more and more about me sucking her snatch clean after I jizzed in it tonight. Lying there tied up and helpless to do anything about got me hornier and hornier until I felt I was ready to blow. My wife sensed this too and straddled my throbbing cock. She slowly lowered herself onto my engorged member and rode me slowly while talking about eating her freshly fucked pussy. I opened my mouth to protest and she quickly gagged me with her tits, sticking her rock hard nipple in my mouth. I soon shot my load as she orgasmed around my dick.

After her own orgasm subsided she pulled off my cock milking it for all the jizz she could. Then she proceeded to lower her hot, cum-filled snatch onto my face. She hovered inches above my mouth letting my cum leak out and drip onto my chin. Then she lowered her fresh fucked pussy to my mouth as she lowered her mouth to my still engorged member. I eagerly sucked and licked and lapped all of our combined juices pendik escort bayan from her cunt as she licked my cock clean. After making sure she was clean I concentrated on her clit working her to yet another orgasm. As she thrust her pussy onto my hungry mouth I could taste more of my cum as it leaked out of her depths. After this body shuddering orgasm subsided she untied me and told me to get onto all fours.

My wife proceeded to put on a monstrous purple strap-on. I had never seen this before but yet it excited me to see my wife with such a huge cock. She poured some lube on my ass and her cock and began to rub the cock head of her purple monster against my virgin opening. Slowly she put pressure against my anus and slid her member into me. I could feel intense pressure and pain, which quickly subsided into the most intense pleasure of my life. Soon my wife was fucking my ass like a pro. I had my head buried deep in a pillow when I felt her slap my ass hard enough to make it sting then her hand reach around and grip my rock hard cock. She began to stroke me at the same tempo as her cock thrusting into my ass. Soon I had a body shaking orgasm that sent a fresh load of sperm all over our bed. I felt an empty void as her cock popped out of my ass.

I love my wife and her wonderful anniversary present I can’t wait to do it again though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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