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It was the text that changed everything. “Creampie for dessert this Friday.” My heart skipped several beats. I had wanted to see, hear or live words to that effect for many years. My cock instantly hardened in response and my mind raced. I realized that she was actually accepting of that fantasy that had haunted me for so long.

I have always loved to eat pussy. The smell, the taste, the feeling of her clit as my tongue caresses it, seeing her quiver with pleasure. It’s the total sensual package. I have also tried to make sure that the woman I’m with is satisfied before I let myself cum. But there are always those times when the mind takes over the body and the orgasm hits too soon and I feel like she might not be totally sated. She would say that she was happy. That everything was good. But in the back of my mind, I wanted to give her more. At some point, the thought of going down on her after I had cum entered my mind. It was a game changer.

I don’t know when it started. The urge to eat her afterward. To try to give her one more orgasm after I was done. I just know it was there. As we were making love, there it was. In the back of my mind, “Eat her if you cum too soon.” It seemed like such a great idea. I love to eat pussy. Let’s keep the show going. No big deal. But it was. The second I started to cum, the thought of eating my cum became almost disgusting. There was no way that I was putting my face anywhere near that. But the next day, it didn’t seem so disgusting. I would toy with the idea some more. After a while, it became a real desire. It was something that I wanted to do most of the time. From the time I would think about sex for the first time after the last orgasm until the next orgasm, I wanted to eat our juices from her pussy. Right up until the time that I came. Then, no way. So I decided that that must not be for me and to put that thought into the mental trash can.

But it wouldn’t go away. After a year or so of thinking about it, I finally told my wife that I wanted to try it. The response from her was not great. There wasn’t screaming and gnashing of the teeth or anything, but she seemed to think it was just about as disgusting as I did right after an orgasm. Of course, nothing happened on that front. And the desire grew. I would occasionally broach the casino siteleri subject again and the bad reaction lessened until she finally said okay. I knew that I couldn’t bring myself to do it and I asked her if she would just sit on my face after I came the next time and she said yes. Holy shit! It was really going to happen. Except it didn’t. She didn’t climb up. She didn’t sit on my face. And I was relieved. Because that is really disgusting. Until the next morning. I was so disappointed. What would it take to make or break this fantasy?

This cycle continued for quite a while. She knew that I wanted/didn’t want it desperately. It got to the point that I would have her promise me that she would sit on my face afterward. But she didn’t. And it was okay. For less than a day. I tried everything that I could think of to get myself down there but couldn’t do it when my cum was in there. I resigned myself that it would never happen and finally let it go. As well as I could. After the marriage ended, for other reasons, I knew that it wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

It became a true fetish. It became hard to get aroused without thinking of eating my cum from a pussy. It was in the back of my mind during lovemaking. In the front of my mind during masturbation. I wanted to try it so bad that it was driving me crazy. The few girlfriends that I told of my desire gave lip service to the idea. Promising that they would sit on my face afterward. But they never did. Claiming that they didn’t want to ruin the fantasy for me. That they were afraid that I wouldn’t like it and all the excitement would be gone. I explained that I would much rather live out the fantasy and know that if I didn’t like it, that I would never want to do it again, than to go on wanting it and not getting it. So they would promise again. I would start to cum and they would ask if I still wanted it. Of course I didn’t want it. I had just cum. I wouldn’t beg for it, so they wouldn’t do it. I would get them to promise ten seconds before I came. Just the promise that they would do it could cause me to cum. But then they didn’t do it. Mainly because they would ask if I still wanted it. And in that brief span in time, I didn’t.

Then one day, the friend request on Facebook came. An old lover contacted me. It had been twenty slot oyna years since we had seen each other but we had had some fantastic experiences together all those years ago. We were a thousand miles apart but within ten minutes of chatting, we were practically tearing each others clothes off via keyboards. We spent a short time catching up, having phone sex, remembering old times, more phone sex. We made arrangements to meet a few weeks after that first contact and spent an entire weekend exploring each others bodies and minds. It was an extremely erotic, exciting weekend. I think that I told her of my desire that first weekend together. It was difficult to bring up for me because of so many years of trials and disappointments. But she seemed to be receptive. She said that she would do it. But it didn’t happen. It was okay. The sex was mind blowing. She did things to me that had never been done to me before and it was good. Hell, it was great. But I still wanted to try it.

She moved to this town. We saw each other as much as possible. We explored each other even more. Toys came out, sex swings used, much pleasure was had. I kept asking for the after sex face sit and it never came. She was afraid of hurting me, afraid of ruining the fantasy, too. I explained that she wouldn’t hurt me. That I needed the fantasy ruined because it was already ruining me. I could hardly think of anything else, sexually. I ate her before and during sex all the time. I love the taste and smell of her pussy. I imagined the smell and taste of our combined juices every time. Once she reached down after I had cum inside her and took a finger full of our cum and tasted it. I damn near came again at that. Then she gave me a finger full also. It tasted okay. Not that different from the way she normally tastes. But I was still unable to get down there on my own. There was a time or two when she told me to get down there and taste it, but I was unable to bring myself to do it. Like always.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I got her to promise again. Before we started and during I pleaded with her to do it. After I filled her with my cum, I knew it was coming and I dreaded it. I was on top of her and made no move to let her climb up and sit on my face. Then she started to try and roll me off of her. Oh shit, I thought. canlı casino siteleri It’s really going to happen. I really didn’t want it to happen, again. But I let her get out from under me and rolled onto my back. She quickly moved her pussy up to my face. I couldn’t see much as the room was pretty dark but the smell was pretty overwhelming. It was definitely a combination of both of us. As she lowered herself onto my face and I tasted us. I was in heaven. It was finally done! I was eating the creampie that I had just put in there. I knew that some of it had dripped out as she was getting me rolled over and as she crawled up. There wasn’t very much left inside her but I got the idea.

She only stayed on my face for a few seconds, it seemed, before she rolled off. My beard was coated with our cum. I think she laughed a little at the sight. The sensation was pretty amazing. I still remember the feeling with pleasure. I was ecstatic. It had finally been done! It wasn’t bad! The taste was very mild, not at all what I had expected. I figured the taste of cum must be terrible because so few women want anything to do with it in their mouths. I can’t say that it was delicious, but it wasn’t bad. I definitely didn’t need to run to the bathroom and spit it out. We talked briefly about it. I told her that I was okay with it. She said that she was okay with it. All seemed good in the world. I think I asked her to do it every time from then on and she said that she would. We laughed that she would never have to sleep in the wet spot again. She said that, as she lowered her pussy to my face, she could see the look of fear on my face but went ahead and did it. She knew how much it meant to me. I thanked her for continuing. I thanked her for fulfilling the fantasy.

I might not have thanked her enough. There was only one more time that it happened. She had to move back to where she had come from about a month after the first time. After the second time, I was happy that it had happened. It still didn’t last very long. I think that she was doing it just to make me happy. I know that she had done things in her past that did nothing for her in order to please her man. The obsession for the creampie had been satisfied. It no longer haunted most of my waking hours. It became one of those things. Pleasurable but no longer a necessity. But now that she’s been gone for a couple of months, it’s creeping back. Every time I masturbate, I think of her lowering her cum filled pussy onto my face. It gets me off every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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