Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 03

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Jake and Andy stepped into the dark hallway, they took carefully one step at a time. They didn’t know what to expect so vigilance was of the essence. When they had taken a few steps in the hallway, they heard a noise behind them. The door closed and locked itself, so much for playing carefully.

A second later the hallway was lit up by some dim lights in the ceiling. It was not very much but it allowed the two boys to see. The hallway was pretty straightforward, there were no objects or sideways in it, and you could see another door about 10 meters further.

There was one other object in the hallway however, a large mirror, hanging on the left. Andy and Jake carefully approached it and slowly placed themselves in front of it. There was a message in red paint written on the right of the mirror: ‘The real beauty lies within’ it said. Jake and Andy looked at each other, not sure what it meant, they looked to themselves in the mirror, trying to figure out the clue.

The boys also took their time to inspect their bodies for any unknown wounds or mutilations, but thankfully, they were okay. Both of the guys were quite large and buffed. Andy was the tallest one at 6,3 feet, Jake was a bit shorter at 6,1 feet.

Jake had short brown hair that used to be styled but was now all messy. He had hazel eyes and a perfect chiseled jawline. A small trail of hair covered his jaws and under his nose, looking well kept and styled, along with a cute smile and white teeth. As a football player, Jake was well build and muscled, though he wasn’t as bulky as most of his team members. Jake his shoulders were broad and his chest was firm build, his abs were strong looking and well-shaped. Both his chest and abs were covered in a short layer of hair. Jake used to trim his body hair very often, to keep it well maintained.

His bound arms behind his back looked strong and some veins were shown. Jake his legs looked just as powerful from the years of practice and matches, they were elegantly formed and covered in a layer of hair. Jake’s waistline was in a V shape, leading to his, erect cock. It was 8 inches in size, uncut, and looked just flawless, the skin and color were just perfect. Jake his balls hanged underneath and seemed to be shaved, they hanged pretty loose due to his arousal and the warm environment. Jake had a little bit of neatly kept pubic hair around his private parts, beautiful hips, and a firm ass. Jake his dick was glistening with precum, lube, and his own arousal, which made it look even better.

Andy on the other hand was larger and bulkier than Jake, short blonde curls covered his head, he had blue eyes and a strong-looking jaw. Andy had already quite a beard that covered his jawline and his cheeks, although it was well kept because he hated the hipster kind beards. Andy’s body consisted out of rock hard muscles from top to toe, broad shoulders, and a rock hard chest. A thick layer of trimmed hair covered his chest, it was the ideal beef pillow. His abs were firm and well-formed and a trail of hair walked in the middle down to his bellybutton. The red numbers that were written on Andy’s body seemed to be vanishing, due to Andy’s sweating.

Andy’s arms were veiny, way larger, and stronger than Jake’s. His captors made a good choice using these electronic restrains, because Andy could have broken free easily from ropes. Also, his legs were long, large, and powerful, covered in nothing but muscle and hair. Despite all his muscles, Andy had a pretty round and bouncy ass, though it didn’t make him any less attractive. His cock was large, 8,5 inches, thick and heavy, it dangled heavily between his legs, despite being erect. His balls looked large and just as heavy, also being way hairier than Jake’s private parts. Also Andy’s cock looked wet and glistening with precum and lubricant from their last game. Andy smirked to himself in the mirror, never realizing how beastly he looked, all naked and aroused like this.

There was something out of the ordinary about their bodies though, when Jake and Andy looked closer they saw something around the base of their dicks. First, they didn’t notice them at all, but around both the bases of their cocks was a thin, silver-colored steel ring.

“What are these things?” Jake asked, looking in the mirror and down to his member. He swung his dick a bit left and right, but there was no way to get this off.

“You think this is to keep us hard?” Andy asked, “It looks like some kind of cockring to me.”

But Jake shook his head, “No, we have been fed viagra, remember what that voice said?” he said. He narrowed his eyes and looked closer, this seemed to be some other mechanical masterpiece instead of just some cockring. “No this serves a different purpose.” Jake said.

The boys looked back into the mirror and now realized that more electronic tools had been added to their bodies. They had the ring around their cock and the locks around their arms, in addition to that, they also wore a thin, steel casino oyna collar. Andy looked a bit closer in the mirror to inspect the collar, it was stainless steel, with various lights and transmitters attached to it.

Also, both guys wore some electronic bracelets around their ankles, similar to the restrains on their arms. Jake turned around until his back faced the mirror, he looked over his shoulder and inspected the bondage around his arms. There was no chain or cord in between the wristbands, so he guessed that they were held together by magnetism. “These guys really know what they are doing.” he said.

After a few minutes, the guys still had no idea what this mirror and the message meant, so they moved on. They walked through the hallway to the large, steel door at the end. When the door didn’t open, doubt began the crawl up into the boys. Jake tried to find something of a handle but nothing was to be seen, they were trapped.

“Out of the way!” Andy said, Jake looked back and jumped out of the way just in time. Andy charged forward and smashed his full body at the door. A large bump along with Andy’s pain scream was to be heard.

In the control room, Tristan and Mike were laughing out loud when they watched at the TV screen to Andy jump into the steel door, to no avail at all. “That’s what I love about Jocks so much, so deliciously stupid.” Mike chuckled.

“You idiot! This is solid steel! What were you thinking, that it would break down?!” Jake asked, mad about Andy’s impulsiveness.

Andy stood up groaning, he was in pain, but apart from that, he seemed to be alright. “You have a better idea?” he asked annoyed.

“Uhm yes, trying to figure out this puzzle!” Jake replied. He brought his face a little closer to the door, “Here, look at this.” he said.

Andy came closer and watched to what Jake was looking at. In the door, there was a small slot to be seen, 2 inches broad and half an inch long. Something was meant to go in. “We need a key card of some sort.” Jake said, “that will be our way out.”

Andy was thinking for a second, his eyes widened as he looked back at the closed door that they came from. “You don’t think we were supposed to get it in the last room?” he asked a bit worried.

Jake was thinking, “No, no nothing there hinted for a keycard, and besides those boxes, the room was empty.” he said. Jake looked back into the hallway, to the point where they had stood, inspecting themselves. “It has something to do with that mirror.” he said.

Cody and Valentine stepped through the door, into a dark hallway, facing a new challenge. They had only taken a few steps into the hallway, until a loud noise was to be heard and the door behind them closed, locking them in the darkness.

Fortunately, a dim light filled the room a second later. Cody and Valentine looked curious and uncertain around the hallway. It was not very hard to determine where they needed to go, there was another large door at the end of the hallway. Valentine made a relieved moan and ran towards the end of the hall. Cody stayed behind and observed the current situation a bit more.

Valentine ran hopefully to the steel door, but his hope disappeared when the door didn’t open. His eyes raged over the large steel door, uncertain what to do, “Fuck, fuck fuck FUCK!” he screamed when the door didn’t move a bit and he had no idea what to do. Then, Valentine’s eyes fell on a slot in the door, he narrowed his eyes and inspected it. It was about 2 inches broad and half an inch long, it looked like a key card slot. “We need some kind of key card for this, man!” Valentine informed his buddy.

“Hey Valentine, what do you think this is?” Cody’s voice sounded back in the hallway. Valentine looked back and saw Cody watch to the wall. He walked back, closer to his buddy, and saw that he was looking in a mirror. Valentine placed himself next to Cody, both of them visible in the mirror. Next to the mirror was something written on the wall in red letters, it said: ‘The real beauty lies within’.

“What is this?” Valentine asked, puzzled by this whole scene.

“The real beauty lies within…Maybe we have to take a close look at ourselves.” Cody said, and both guys looked at themselves in the mirror.

Valentine and Cody were both of the same height around 6,1 feet, Valentine was just an inch longer. Both Cody and Valentine were strong and healthy-looking, their bodies were well built due to the many matches and football training.

Cody had short blonde hair and green eyes. His face looked like a Greek sculpture had made it, his jawline was chiseled, and cheekbones were perfectly shaped, Cody was clean shaved. Cody’s eyes were a bit more narrow and his lips a bit thin, which gave him a pretty serious and dark look from time to time. Cody was definitely well built, his upper body was broad and rock hard. Everyone who looked at him would be mesmerized by the broad, hard chest and ripped abs of his body. Cody had slot oyna no chest hair though, he preferred to have it shaved. This did not reduce his beauty one bit, however this way, more attention was drawn to his smooth, well-formed muscles.

Cody’s arms were not as large and immense looking as most football players, but they still looked strong and flawless. A few veins were to be seen when he flexed his muscles or tried to get his hands free. His legs were also powerful despite being a bit leaner muscled than most jock standards. Despite Cody’s more smoother features, he was just as powerful and strong as most football players, he was the quarterback for a reason. Cody’s 8-inch cut cock was throbbing and glistening with sweat and precum. He also made sure his pubic hair was well maintained, a small blonde bush covered the base of his cock.

Valentine was entirely the opposite, he had half long black curls, brown eyes, and a dark beard that covered his cheeks and jawline. Valentine was part Italian, and this was clearly to be seen on his dark hair and his sun-kissed skin. Valentine was a bit larger and broader than Cody body wise. He had large shoulders, with strong powerful arms, his chest and abs were just as robust and powerful looking. Also, a thick layer of dark hair covered his chest and a thinner layer ran over his abs to his bellybutton and his waistline. Valentine’s legs were firmly muscled and long, covered in a thin layer of hair.

Valentine was very well hung. His cock was 9 inches long and thick, a little tanned and uncut, though his foreskin was pulled back due to the device that had been milking his cock. His balls were large and dangled loosely between his legs, with a good amount of pubic hair covering them. Not even Valentine’s cute, firm ass was skipped, a nice layer of hair covered his butt, making it look like an ideal pillow to rest your head on. Despite his impressive amount of body hair, Valentine didn’t look ‘gorilla-like’. He made sure his body hair was well kept but made sure there was enough to look very attractive. Where Cody had his more solid, smooth perfection, Valentine had this wild, feral beauty.

“Hey, don’t look at it, gaylord!” Valentine said while he saw Cody peeking to his erected 9 inches.

“Please, you have nothing I haven’t seen already in that other room!” Valentine said quickly, “Well, except that.” he said, seeing a steel ring around the base of Valentine’s cock.

Valentine looked closer and made a confused look, trying to figure out what this thing is. Cody looked in the mirror and noticed also he wore such a device. If he had not seen it, he wouldn’t even notice it was there. The boys also saw a steel collar around their necks and some bracelets around their ankles, that looked a lot like the wristbands binding their arms.

“What the fuck are these things?!” Valentine asked a little in panic while looking around his neck and onto his cock.

“Maybe it has something to do with this quote.” Cody thought. He looked at the wall next to the mirror, at the text ‘The real beauty lies within’, but he had no idea how this was linked to the devices that they were wearing.

Jake and Andy stood clueless in front of the mirror. ‘The real beauty lies within’, but where on earth did they need to look at.

“What if this keycard is somewhere hidden in our body?” Andy asked a bit frightened.

Jake chuckled and shook his head, he was pretty used to Andy saying these kinds of things. The two of them knew each other from elementary school and have been best buddies their entire life. Jake and Andy were both not the sharpest blades in the shed, although Jake was the brain of the two. Jake always tried to stay level headed and think logically. While Andy was more dimwitted, though he was the physically more impressive one.

“No, we should have noticed if they shoved something up our ass right?” Jake asked, “Besides, I don’t see any scars or cuts on your body or mine, so its highly unlikely that they hid something inside of us.”

“But this quote…what more places to look inside can you think of?” Andy asked, referring to the sentence on the wall.

Jake was thinking and had to admit that Andy had a point. “There are no other places where I can think of to look at.” he said to himself.

Jake kept looking at the mirror and his eyes narrowed, “Unless…” he said while stepping closer to the mirror. Jake lifted one foot and placed it against the mirror, he pushed his feet slowly forward and it went through. The mirror wasn’t made of glass, but of a kind of reflecting sail. When Jake felt solid ground under his foot he smiled and came even closer. He saw a seam in the mirror and stuck his head through, inspecting the space behind the sail.

“There is an entire room here, I guess this is the inside that we need to check.” Jake said to Andy while stepping through the sail.

“Would they be referring to these things that we are wearing?” Valentine asked, canlı casino siteleri but Cody doubted it.

“I don’t think so, the sentence says ‘beauty on the inside’, these devices are on the outside.” he said, thinking hard about a solution.

Cody and Valentine knew each other for a long time, ever since high school, they had been good friends. The two of them were inseparable, although they had their fights every now and then, they needed each other. Cody was a more calm and serious guy, while Valentine was a more wild, party animal. This was also reflected in their football matches, Cody preferred strategy and tactics, while Valentine was the muscleman who wanted action.

“Maybe…” Cody said while looking at the mirror, “Maybe we need to think outside the box.” he said. Valentine looked a bit confused.

“What if this quote is not a life lesson, but more of a…inventation.” Cody said.

Valentine, not quite used to theoretical approaches, looked even more confused, “I don’t follow.” he said.

Cody stepped a bit closer to the mirror, looked at it a last time, and carefully pushed his feet in the middle. His foot went through a seam in the mirror, from a distance it looked like glass, while it actually was more of a reflecting sail. Valentine made a surprised gasp and Cody smirked. “You coming?” he asked, while looking back with a big smile on his face.

Jake stepped inside the new room, followed by Andy. The room was decently big, about 6 by 8 meters, and was lit up by a red light, covering the whole room in a dense red glow. Jake and Andy looked around, there was a large round bed in the middle of the room, with no pillows or blankets, though the cover was also completely red. The bed was surrounded by large mirrors on every side, reaching up to the ceiling, you could look at yourself from every corner. In the corners of the room were some security cameras, like the one in the room they woke up in.

A thick glass box, similar to the ones in the first room stood next to the bed, there was something in it. Jake closed in and inspected the box, he smiled when he saw the keycard laying inside. “Here it is!” he said. Andy closed in as well, and looked over Jake’s shoulder.

“So how are we going to get it out?” he asked, when he noticed the box was sealed and secured with electronic locks. It seemed that it could only be opened with a control panel. Jake looked around the box, until his eyes fell on the side, there was something written in white letters. Jake narrowed his eyes and read: ‘Love is the key’.

Andy looked confused and Jake frowned, “What is that supposed to mean?” Andy asked. Jake was thinking, but gulped when it became obvious. He looked at Andy, at the bed, back at Andy and back at the bed.

“I think we have to…we have to…” Jake said, and took a deep breath, “I think we have to make love.” he said.

Valentine followed behind Cody and the two young men stepped in a rather big room, around 6 by 8. The room was lit up by a dim red light, giving it a very warm and seductive atmosphere. There was a large, round bed in the middle of the room with red covers, though there were no pillows and blankets on. Cody and Valentine looked around the room, there were large mirrors everywhere, each one facing the bed. Also, some security cameras were in the corners of the room, like they had seen in the first room.

“I feel…watched.” Valentine said, looking at all the mirrors surrounding them. It made him somewhat uncomfortable, but also rather aroused.

“Hey, look what I found.” Cody said, who was sitting on the bed, next to a glass box on 4 steel legs.

Valentine came closer and smiled when he saw the keycard they needed in the box. “Hell yeah!” he said while placing himself next to Cody on the bed, “Now how do we get it?” he asked.

Cody looked around the box for clues, “No idea, but maybe there is a lock or a key somewhere” he said. Valentine helped Cody look and together they inspected the box and its surroundings. Until, Valentine’s eyes fell on a written sentence on the side of the box. The white letters said: ‘Love is the key’.

“Love is the key.” Valentine read, and Cody and he looked at each other. Valentine’s eyes widened as he looked at his best buddy, “Does this mean we have to…” he asked.

Cody nodded slowly and looked to all the mirrors and the security camera’s in the corners. “I think so,” he said.

“No way man! I am not going to have sex with you!” Andy said backing up and curling up on the bed. Truly realizing he was naked in front of the camera and his best friend.

“Believe me, I don’t like this either!” Jake said, trying to reason with Andy, “But we have to try something,” he said.

Andy shook his head, “You’re my best friend! I don’t want this, not like this!” he said panicking. Jake crawled on the bed next to Andy and hushed his friend softly, trying to comfort him.

“It says love is the key, right?” Jake said, while looking at Andy’s scared face, Andy nodded weakly. “What if we…what if we just kissed?” Jake suggested. “I mean, we are not permitted to cum anyway, this way we don’t have to fuck each other, and basically, it counts as love.” he said.

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