English Aunties Ch. 01

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I never really wanted to leave New York City: I always knew where to take my wallet for a nice, long, wet blowjobs, had my favourites bars and hookers and I was leaving a life I was enjoying. However, my parents decided that the time has come for me to get a “proper” education and as my school results were really good they’ve sent me to England – like all other well-off families they knew. And to top it all up I was going to stay with 2 of mum’s sisters. (I have to explain here: my mum comes from an Irish Catholic family which spans a whole “reign” of relatives throughout England, Ireland and America.)

I hated the place from the beginning: no friends, no whores I knew, nothing to do and no privacy for a long masturbation session from my 2 aunties. They were like the ultimate nightmare: your typical fifty-something devout catholic always trying to keep me on the straight and narrow. Days dragged one after another and my depression was deepening. And – expect nothing less! – my school was suffering for this too. Every night I had to endure a boring speech from my aunties Laura and Helen and once in a week here the same from my mom. I felt like hanging myself – yet good job I didn’t!

One night (after going to bed at 10 as per usual, as Laura and Helen were really keen on such habits, probably picked up during their catholic education) I woke up about midnight with a massive erection under the duvet and felt the need to release the sperm instantaneously. I knew that if I am silent and make myself cum under the duvet no one would hear and notice – as they were sleeping in the room next to me and they could hear any “strange” noises coming from my room. So I closed my eyes and let my hand do the work. I don’t know what I fantasized about but as my cock was spurting its cum on my tummy, I heard a very soft “Oh, yes!”

I smiled initially, with my eyes closed, thinking it was my fantasy in my head, however, as my heart has slowed down to its normal rhythm, I heard more whispers in the night and … my God! was that a soft moan? I listened again, all ears, and indeed, from my aunties’ room there were some whispers coming – I could only get bits and pieces: “do that…like… again… please….” Then the moans again – very, very soft and barely audible. I got it figured in an instant: something rather unorthodox was going on in the next room! So, we finally show our true colours, my dear aunties! I stayed up the whole night nearly until the whispers have ceased. I didn’t have a clear idea of what was going on, but I was going to find out!

So with the next occasion when my dear aunties were out of the house I started working on my plan.

We’re in the 21st century and everyone nowadays has a laptop and some high-tech equipment around it. So casino oyna it didn’t take me too much to set up a moviemaker, which captured the images and sound from my microphone-enabled web cam. Next, a little drill into the wall, well hidden from the eyes of anyone, but with a good angle to cover most of their room. Plug that into the laptop, and we’re done! To make sure I did a few tests, plugged in the “night filter” and figured out that the quality of the recording was more than I needed! So with all these set up I waited for the night to fall. I went to bed as usual – but before I turned the lights off I just clicked the button that was going to reveal me their secret, folded the laptop closed – so if they come to check on me during the night (which sometimes they did) they won’t figure it out – and slept the whole night like a baby! The next day I watched the recording: for a couple of hours they were in the bed appearing to do nothing. This was beginning to worry me and I was going to delete the recording and wait for the next night. Luckily I decided to forward it a bit more and – yep! – there it was: the moment when Laura turns to Helen and says:

– Are you asleep? I can’t sleep again!

– Oh, bloody Hell, Laura, I was just falling asleep.

– Please put me to sleep, Helen darling – I can’t sleep.

– Alright then. I still don’t understand why you don’t take some pills though.

– Cause you work better than them darling.

And with that, Laura threw the cover away, revealing their fat, old bodies naked! Wow! I had to pause this for a second and look at this image, which all of a sudden looked horny as well! Most of the hookers I’ve fucked were in their early 20’s at the max and their bodies were normally well-toned; however, seeing these 2 old bodies, their bellies hanging, their tits going down to their pussies nearly, wrinkles and hair turned me on like hell! I let the video play again. Laura opened her legs and for what seemed like an eternity to me Helen “operated” on her cunt: licked it, fingered it, fisted it – the whole lot!!!! Throughout all these, Laura kept moaning and encouraging her sister: “Oh, yes, do that again! God, I like it soooo much! Fist me again! Mmmmmm Now lick me again!” and when Helen teasingly refused to do so she would launch herself in a long stream of slave-ish “Please! Please! Please!”… The best porn movies that I had seen so far seemed nothing compared to this! So I stored the movie and decided to wait for the next night.

The scene more or less repeated itself the next night, and the night afterwards. It turns out that Helen took pleasure in satisfying Laura’s needs then. That’s what I thought – however another night proved me wrong. As Laura was just asking her sister for some relief, she slot oyna didn’t answer but instead got a double-dildo out and just showed it to her. They fucked like rabbits the whole night: one on top of the other, scissor sisters, then cunt to cunt, ass to ass… And to top it all up, I hear Helen saying at the end: “Now you have to get me asleep as well”. They giggled – and I guessed something more interesting was about to be revealed. And indeed it was: Laura crouched herself in the bed with just her hands and feet supporting her; she was all like a compact block of meat when Helen stood up in bed and whispered to her “Drink me, you cunt!” and in that instant she spurted an almighty jet of piss all over her sister. It lasted forever and it went in Laura’s hair, mouth, over her face, tits, body… I couldn’t resist it and I had to reply the scene and make myself cum watching it. As I was coming I’ve realised how stupid I’ve been so far: I had enough material on my laptop not to just jerk off myself silly, but to actually frame these two and blackmail them for whatever I wanted! No devout Catholic would want such things brought to the “public” attention, after all. Hey, my life was just about to start on this island!

With that idea in mind I’ve put a blank DVD in my DVD record – thanks Mom for getting me the latest and bestest P4! 😉 – and burned some of the “best” scenes on it. Then I went in the living room and called out:

– Auntie Laura! Auntie Helen! Can I show you something?

They both arrived:

– What is it darling?

I said:

– We had arts today at school and I made this movie – I wanted to show it to you and see what you make of it.

– Oh, let me get my coffee, said Helen.

They both went to the kitchen and came back with their cups and sat down on the sofa, waiting for the “movie”. Little did they know what was about to follow!

I pressed the PLAY button. While it wasn’t quite clear for them in the beginning what was happening after about a minute they realised. I watched them with the corner of my eye.

– Dear, let me… let me… explain – dared Laura in the end.

– PLEASE … SIT … DOWN … AND … WATCH! I raised my voice slightly.

It had the desire effect: they both shut up and kept watching, probably already trying to find possible “explanations” for this. I let them watch various scenes and then I fast-forwarded to the scene when Helen fills Laura’s mouth with piss. I made them sit and watch the whole scene. At the end, I stood up, walked to the DVD player and turned it off. Still with my back to them I started speaking:

– I guess it’s clear to all of us what was going on in there. As it is clear who was in those images. Even more, I guess it’s even clearer what might happen canlı casino siteleri should someone find out about your night habits and see these. Now, I’m not an unreasonable guy. If I’ve got no reason to show these to anyone I won’t. But at the moment I’m not happy and I DO feel like sending them to all of your friends, or even to your vicar!

– Please don’t – I hear them muttering in the back…

– So, you rub my back, I’ll rub yours; I’m not going to ask the impossible: I don’t want to throw wild parties in here, I’m not asking to be allowed to bring girls back home or anything like that. I am asking though that in this house I will do as I please, I’ll watch whatever TV I want, I listen to whatever music I want, I got to bed when I want.

I could feel their relief and smiled inside: they thought that I’m gonna just ask for that – how silly! I deliberately stopped for a little – as to make it look like this was it.

– Darling, of course you can! said Laura. And please understand that at our age is the only relief we can afford without damaging our reputation.

– I understand that I continued – as I understand your needs. AND MINE! So on top of everything else I demand that I do with you as I please and when I please.

I quickly turned around just to see their puzzled faces and I continued, with a raising voice:

– In order for me to keep these quiet, you all do everything I ask you to do and whenever I ask you to do so. I will make sure that it will never be in such a moment or place that your “dignity” would get affected, but if I ever ask you, whores to suck my cock, you will do so! If I ask you to make your asshole available for my pleasure you will do so! If I ask you to spread your cunt wide open in front of me you will do so! Failing that, the DVDs go straight to the vicar.

Total silence – nothing I didn’t expect! So I carried on – I knew that all they needed really was just a tiny bit more persuasion, after all, it wasn’t like they had a choice, but I guessed the way I’ve put it across to them might be a bit of a shock.

– Think about it then: I’m not going to tell anyone about what goes on in here; even more, I’m only going to ask for things that you seem to need too – after all, we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have these dirty urges too. On the other hand, this will take away the stress of all these new things I’m faced with, and because of that I expect my school results will improve – so mum will be pleased, you will be pleased and I will be pleased! It’s a win-win situation! So… what say you?

The answer could have only been what I have expected:

– OK then. But you will keep your promise about not telling anyone.

– I will.

– Good. Then it’s all settled – Laura smiled.

– So it is, I said and then I dropped my trousers revealing my cock. NOW GIVE ME CUNT!

With no comment whatsoever, 2 pairs of old fat legs open revealing their hairy bushes…

(to be continued)

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