Eat Your Heart Out

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Eat your heart out

Dave and Pete Cozzi were identical twins. They grew up gawky and were self-described geeks, but they owned it and didn’t care. They had a core group of friends that included Kyle Mackey, Al Farley, Chris McGuire, and Trevor Fisher.

They befriended each other as misfits in their freshman year at Jefferson High, where Kyle later became a teacher. They shared a love of science fiction and board games and became inseparable. The fly in their t was the class bully, Hunter Pierce.

Hunter was the quarterback and prom king, and he thought he was a gift to Jeff High, if not the world.


On a bright Saturday morning, Debbie Pierce— Hunter’s mother—was sitting down to breakfast in the local diner. She was with her daughter Hana for their weekly visit. It was never pronounced anything but Hah-Nah if you wanted to be in her good graces.

Hana noticed Debbie watching the door with hungry eyes. She turned and saw the objects of her mother’s interest.

“Jesus, Mom. Wipe your drool already.”

Debbie laughed and said, “Sorry, baby, but those twins gave me a jolt right to my kitty.”

“Mother!” She scolded.

“Oh shush! If I was your age I’d be joining them right now.”

“They are cute, in a Clark Kent kind of way. I wonder if they work out together?”

Debbie laughed and said, “There, see? I knew you were my daughter.” She pictured the muscular young men shirtless and sweating as they lifted weights and shivered.

They both laughed and hurried to stifle it when the handsome young men were seated at the table next to them.

Pete nodded towards the ladies and Dave followed his eyes and smiled. He recognized Mrs. Pierce and her stuck-up daughter. He laughed remembering their ten-year reunion the week before.

“What’s so funny, bro?” Pete asked.

“I was thinking about what Julie did to Hunter at the reunion last week,” he whispered.

Hunter got kicked in the balls by Kyle’s girlfriend Julie after he rudely and aggressively hit on her, and Al’s wife Gina.

Pete joined him in laughter and then switched seats to have the beautiful women in his direct line of sight.

“Can I get you, boys, a drink? Coffee? Water?” The waitress asked.

Pete smiled and said, “Yeah, could we get a couple of mimosas and send two more to the ladies there.”

The waitress smiled back and said, “Sure, honey. Good luck.”

She laughed as she walked away.

“Fucking hell, bro, Hana is a fox.”

“You know it, and her mom could redefine what a milf should look like.”

The waitress delivered their mimosas, smiled, and delivered the ladies theirs, letting them know who bought them.

When Hana and Debbie looked over, the brothers lifted their glasses in a toast. The ladies smiled and returned the air toast.

Pete stood and invited the ladies to join them, “We’d love your company this morning, ladies. Please join us?”

Debbie kicked Hana under the table and Hana spoke up, “I don’t think…”

“We’d love to join you, thank you,” Debbie said, cutting Hana off.

Hana frowned but followed her mother to their table, bringing her mimosa and coffee.

“I have to say, guys, I’ve never had anyone buy me a drink in the diner before,” Debbie said coquettishly.

“Oh, please,” Pete said confidently. “I’m sure two sisters as beautiful as you get hit on all of the time.”

Debbie laughed as Hana rolled her eyes.

“You’ve got the devil’s tongue, young man. I’m old enough to be your mother.”

With a straight face and looking deep into Debbie’s eyes, Pete said, “My mother is nowhere near as hot as you are. I’m Pete and this is my brother Dave.”

The forty-six-year-old Debbie was flustered. Hana said, “I’m Hana and this is my mother Debbie.”

Dave thought that Debbie must’ve had Hunter when she was only eighteen. “Nice to meet you, both.”

“Ready to order?” The waitress asked breaking the flirtatious eye contact between Dave and Hana.


After eating, Debbie excused herself to use the ladies’ room and Hana followed.

“Dude, I’ve got Hana,” Dave said when they were out of earshot.

Pete laughed and said, “I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t have them both before too long and I can’t think of a better revenge on Hunter for all the crap he gave us.”

Dave laughed and said, “Shall we do the old switcheroo, or play it straight?”

“Bro, I have a feeling with those two we can play it straight and have them both, Debbie for sure. I bet she’d come home with us right now if we offered to plug her holes together. She’s practically drooling.”

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Debbie washed her hands and said, “Hana, I got dibs on Pete.”

“Mother! You can’t be serious.”

“Hana, I haven’t been with a man since your asshole father left me two years ago. That young man is going to be the one to shake the cobwebs off and if he’s not careful, it’ll be in the backseat of my car as soon as we walk out the door.”

“Oh my God!”

“Don’t tell me Dave doesn’t have you eating illegal bahis out of the palm of his hand. I see you laughing and flirting with him.”

Hana sighed and agreed, “Yes, I like him, but I’m not dragging him to my back seat.”

“Let’s see how this goes. You can have Dave, baby.”

They found the men laughing when they got back to the table. Both men stood as the ladies approached and pulled out their chairs for them.

“We’ve enjoyed breakfast, ladies. Would you like to join us for dinner tonight? Believe it or not, I can cook quite a meal,” Pete asked.

“Really?” Debbie swooned. “You can cook?”

“We went to culinary school for two years,” Dave said proudly.

Debbie looked at Hana and winked, “We’d love to join you for dinner this evening.”

“Fantastic,” the twins said in unison, doing an impression of their favorite Doctor Who, the ninth Doctor.

They exchanged numbers and Pete texted their address before saying their goodbyes.


Pete and Dave owned a large house together and have lived together since leaving college. They and their friends made a large sum of money when they developed an app for gamers to connect as they played games in real-time. It was almost immediately bought by one of the big gaming console companies.

It wasn’t fuck you money, but it was enough to allow each of them to be financially independent. They chose to live together as they were having too much fun to live apart.

Neither had any desire to get married or start a family. They had made it their mission as soon as they realized they outgrew their lanky, nerdy appearance to enjoy the opposite sex.

They began to work out with Kyle, who got the rest of their friends into a healthier fit lifestyle, and the reault for them was that they became quite muscular and over time they gained confidence. After that, they became almost irresistible to women.

Surprising them initially, many women wanted to experience both of them together and they were happy to oblige. Occasionally, one would come home with a girl and they would switch out without the girl knowing. They called it the switcheroo not caring how corny it sounded. Only one girl figured it out and she demanded both screwed her together after that.


Debbie was showering as Hana sat in her living room. The forty-six-year-old took her time and enjoyed the spray of the hot water on her tight body.

She had been horny all day, anticipating seeing Pete that night, and hoped she could get him into bed.

Hana, while looking forward to the evening, wasn’t nearly as anxious as her mother. She was uncomfortable with the idea of double dating with her mom, especially a pair of twins. She tingled at the thought of having both to herself, but quickly brushed that aside.

As Debbie dressed, Hunter walked into the living room. Hunter had been laid off and was living with Debbie again. She wasn’t happy with it, but she felt obligated to help her son get back on his feet.

The main problem was Hunter reminded her too much of her ex-husband in appearance and attitude. Her attempts to change Hunter’s ways were as futile as they were with her ex.

Seeing Hana dressed in a little black dress and heels, he asked, “Hot date tonight?”

“Yeah. Mom and I are double dating, actually.”

“No shit? Mom’s got a date. Is it like a father and son or something?”

Hana smirked and said, “Yeah, something like that.”

Hana was four years younger than Hunter and had moved out as soon as she graduated college. She worked as a research analyst for one of the big banks and made a decent and stable living as opposed to Hunter. He never figured out that being prom king and the starting quarterback in high school didn’t matter after graduation.

Hana hadn’t dated anyone seriously, but she had her share of flings and one-night stands. The attractive brunette was taught how to give a blowjob by her statistics professor. Not for a grade, mind you, she simply thought he was hot for an older man and wanted him. He wasn’t impressed with her skills, so he took the time to teach her how to properly treat a man in bed.

Debbie walked down the stairs and Hunter gasped. “What the hell are you wearing, mom?”

She was in a short red dress that hugged her curves and was very low cut. She was an older version of Hana and was slightly curvier and bigger-breasted due to her age. She prided herself on staying in shape.

“I’m going out, Hunter. This is how women dress when they go out.”

He looked at her four-inch strapped heels and said, “Yeah if they want to get…”

She smirked and said, “Exactly.”

“Come on, Mom. We’re gonna be late.”

She nodded to Hana and said, “Don’t wait up, Hunter.”

He shook his head as the ladies walked out the door.


“Everything set, bro?” Dave shouted from the living room.

“Yeah, all set. Make sure the wine is breathing,”

“On it!”

Pete was making linguine with clams in red sauce. It was his specialty and was always a hit with the illegal bahis siteleri ladies he cooked for.

Dave was setting up the living room with a liquor cart and plates and napkins for the appetizer he made—mini crab cakes with a spicy aioli. They were served with toothpicks like meatballs.

Dave opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and a bottle of Chardonnay in case one of the girls preferred white wine, and set it in ice.

He made a last look for anything that needed to be cleaned up and heard the doorbell.

Pete joined him in the foyer and they smiled as Dave opened the door.

The ladies were shocked by the young men’s appearances. They were wearing the exact same shirt and slacks and their hair was styled the same.

“Ooh! You guys are bad,” Debbie said.

Pete smiled and said, “Yep. You have to guess which of us is which, and we will not be giving you any hints.”

The ladies laughed and Pete led them into the living room.

“Wow! Look at that!” Hana exclaimed seeing the movie posters from each of the Star Trek movies, along with other memorabilia.

“You guys are big fans, huh?” Debbie asked.

“Yeah, we’re Trekkies. Each of those is an original movie poster that never hung in a theater and that there is an autograph of every main cast member from each of the television shows.”

Hana looked at the frame containing dozens of signatures, impressed.

“May I offer you a drink? The crab cakes will be ready in a minute.” Dave asked.

“Yes, please. Do you have white wine?” Debbie asked. Pete nodded and poured her a glass.

“I’ll have the same,” Hana said with a stare. She was trying to figure out which twin he was. Up to that point, she was noticing no differences.

Pete laughed as Dave went to the kitchen.


After dinner was finished and the second bottle of wine was opened, they were sitting on separate couches across from each other.

“Well ladies, would you care to take a guess?”

Debbie stood and walked over to Pete and sat on his lap. She kissed him deeply and rubbed her fingers through his hair.

“I have no idea which you are, but I’ll just sit here and call you Pete.”

Dave laughed and walked to Hana and sat beside her. She snuggled in close and he put his arm around her.

“Lucky guess,” Pete said after she let him up for air.

“Mm, Hm,” she moaned as she returned to kissing him.

As they made out, Dave leaned over and kissed Hana. She was more tentative at first, but soon got into it when he snaked his tongue into her mouth.

Dave saw Debbie rub Pete’s bulge and almost laughed as she gasped when she felt its size.

Dave lowered his hand to cup Hana’s firm butt and pulled her tighter as she moaned her appreciation.

“Holy shit!” Hana whispered when she saw her mother pull Pete’s penis out of his pants and begin to suck him.

Debbie bobbed and slurped shamelessly as she enjoyed her first taste of cock in more than two years.

Hana felt jealousy rise for an unknown reason. Her competitive nature bubbled up and she refused to be outdone by her mother.

She unzipped Dave’s pants and pulled his hard shaft out. She mirrored her mother’s technique as she watched out of the corner of her eye.

Dave moaned in delight as he received Hana’s blowjob. He watched as Pete pushed Debbie’s head down and said, “I’m gonna come, baby,”

“Mm,” she moaned as she swallowed each spurt of his hot load.

Pete winked at Dave as Hana doubled her speed to make Dave come. Within moments he announced his imminent explosion and Hana took every drop, relishing his taste.

“Damn!” Pete exclaimed.

“That was the hottest thing that’s ever happened to us,” Pete lied.

The ladies smiled, each feeling a sense of slutty pride.

Hana took a sip of her wine, feeling the effects from the first bottle, and pulled her dress over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and Dave took advantage, sucking her distended nipples.

Debbie smiled and followed suit, stepping out of her dress. She wore neither bra nor panties and asked Pete, “How’s your pussy eating game, lover?”

“You’re about to find out,” he said as he fell to his knees on the floor. She lay on the thick carpet and giggled as he pulled her into his face.

Dave lowered Hana next to her mother and began to lick and suck on her wet pussy.

Both ladies moaned in delight as they were brought closer to orgasm.

“So good, baby. Right there. Don’t…oh, oh, I’m cumming!” Hana shrieked.

Debbie, jealous that her daughter came first, grabbed Pete’s head and began to grind her pussy on his face. It was only a few moments later that she burst into orgasmic bliss.

Both men stood before their women, with iron-hard shafts bobbing. Both women had looks of lust in their eyes seeing the long thick tools in front of them.

Debbie shivered as Pete pulled her up to the sofa. She cried, “Holy shit!” as Pete slowly entered her. “Yeah, baby. Slow like that. It’s been a long time and I’ve never had a man like you before.”

He canlı bahis siteleri kissed her affectionately and took his time stroking into her until he was balls deep. “Fuck!” She gasped as he rolled his body into her clit.

She hadn’t noticed Hana’s head inches from hers until she moaned, “Yeah, Dave. So full. Fuck me, baby. Give. It. To. Me.”

The guys pounded into their respective women and Pete shifted lowering Debbie’s head until it was resting in Hana’s chest. Neither woman noticed as they were in bliss being hammered into rapture.

Pete leaned forward and kissed Hana, who returned the kiss not realizing it wasn’t Dave. Dave smirked, knowing what his brother was doing. They’d done all of those moves before. He wondered if they could get mother and daughter to kiss.

Pete strained, balls boiling, knowing he was close. He lifted Debbie slightly, placing her shoulder to shoulder with Hana.

“I want to come in your mouth, baby,” he said and Debbie smiled and nodded assent.

She was shocked though when he rose and didn’t put it in her mouth. He moved towards Hana. Hana was too shocked to protest and took his bulbous mushroom head into her mouth and savored every rope he shot into her.

Dave pulled out and moved to Debbie and placed his cock at her lips. She smiled and greedily accepted him, stroking him to a fast finish as she sucked.

As Debbie sucked Dave, Pete lowered and began to eat Hana’s pussy. “Oh shit! She shrieked as he fingered both of her holes expertly. Dave hadn’t come yet, so Pete used his left hand to finger Debbie as she worked her mouth’s magic on his brother.

Soon Dave grunted and both ladies were moaning as each came almost simultaneously, both loving the shocker Pete was giving each of them.

Pete sat back on his heels, his face glistening with Hana’s juices, and smiled at Dave. Neither lady had their eyes open as they came down.

Dave stood and topped off their wine glasses. He handed each lady a glass in silence and Pete took a long drink from his.

Debbie took a drink, her mind swimming with thoughts on what just happened. She wasn’t feeling guilt, it was excitement.

She started laughing and Hana asked, “What’s so funny, Mom?”

“I just realized that I’ve never been in an orgy before. That’s what that was right, boys?”

“Call it whatever you like, Debbie. You were wonderful.”

Pete agreed, “I’ve never had that much fun in my life.”

Hana, having had group sex once in college, said, “That was truly amazing. You guys aren’t done for the night, are you?”

The twins looked at each other and said in unison, “Not even close.”

“Boys,” Debbie said, “let’s take a break. I’d like to freshen up and get my second wind.”

“Sure,” Pete said. “It’s early yet. There are two bathrooms you can use upstairs. The main bath at the end of the hall, and the bedroom on the right has an en-suite bathroom. Both have showers, towels, the works.”

“See you soon,” Hana purred as she kissed both men before bouncing up the stairs.

“You two are bad, bad men,” Debbie said smiling before she French kissed both and followed her daughter.

The twins smiled at each other and fist-bumped.


Hana was waiting for Debbie at the back of the dark hallway.

“Jesus Christ, Mom. You started sucking his dick right in the middle of the room, right in front of me.”

“I couldn’t help it, baby. As soon as I felt how big it was, I had to have it. I don’t know what those two boys have in mind for round two, but holy shit! When Pete pulled out of me and you took him into your mouth, I was so shocked and turned on, I came hard.”

Hana blushed and said, “I did too. It was so dirty.”

“Hey!” Debbie protested.

“No, Mom. Not the taste, the act. I can’t explain it, Mom. How far are you willing to go with them?”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“I think they were trying to push us together. First with your head on my breasts, then with Pete putting it in my mouth. I think he wanted me to taste you.”

Debbie didn’t know how to react to that. She knew Hana was right. Pete practically placed her head on Hana’s breast.

“I don’t know, honey. Let’s just see where they take us and go from there. I like my man to be in charge, ya know?”

Hana smiled, “Like mother, like daughter.”

They giggled and went to take a quick shower.

Downstairs, the guys took turns in Dave’s master bathroom shower.

When Pete finished he asked, “How are we gonna play this one?”

Dave handed him a Viagra and said, “Let’s do them like we did the Manyon sisters.”

Pete smiled at the memory. “Sounds good, bro. After the second one’s orgasm, we spit roast the one who just finished cumming. Do you think the other will go for the breasts? Candy Manyon didn’t hesitate to suck her sister’s tit.”

“I hope so. As for Debbie, it seems like we busted her out of her shell. I was shocked when she pulled your cock out and started blowing you in front of her daughter. I bet she’s game.”

They fist-bumped and headed to the kitchen.


When the ladies walked downstairs, they found the living room lit by candles and soft music playing. On a tray, Debbie saw a bottle of champagne on ice and a bowl of fresh strawberries.

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