Doctor Gets a Prescription Ch. 05

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Sujitha’s eyes eagerly took a few glimpses outside the window, as her train slowed down and crawled into a crowded platform. She felt awed to be in Mumbai for the first time in her life, a city she had always desired to visit once at least. She had been sponsored by a large pharmaceutical company to participate as a delegate in a seminar titled ‘Geriatrics for General Physicians’, a subject very close to her heart.

She was relieved to see a man in pure white uniform standing on the platform holding a placard that called out her name. She quickly approached and introduced herself to the man who greeted her and offered to carry her luggage with utmost courtesy. They soon squeezed through the jam-packed crowd that had thronged the entire stretch of the long platform and all the way she could see quite a few placards to catch the attention of several other delegates. She was led to a luxury bus standing a bit far away from the Terminus. The bus eventually began creeping after picking up a few more delegates through the heavy traffic of the dynamic commercial city. After a good thirty minutes or so, the bus finally reached a posh hotel on Bandra reclamation, right on the seashore.

Sujitha was obviously thrilled as she walked through the well-decorated lounge and the cozy corridors leading to her room. She called the room service and ordered a hot cup of coffee and started watching the television as she waited. Her mind rolled back munching some of her past memories.

The knock on the door pressed the pause button as she stopped rewinding her life and sat up to see the waiter bringing in the tray with some steaming coffee. She enjoyed the rich coffee as also the nice hot shower. She was fresh and much relaxed after almost two days of travel through several parts of the country. She slept but not before thinking about what her aunt and her kids might be doing back home. She soon slumped into a sound sleep.

The next day was unusually hectic for her. She had to rush things to get ready to reach the venue in time. Fortunately, there wasn’t any long queue at the registration counter at the venue and she was quickly led through the formalities and a huge kit containing the training materials and some souvenirs was handed over to her. She was helped to locate her seat by an enterprising volunteer and after sitting comfortably, Sujitha looked around the conference hall with thorough excitement.

The opening session wasn’t as engrossing as Sujitha had expected. She smiled as she watched a section of the audience showing signs of restlessness as the speaker kept beating around the bush unabashedly. She was getting distracted from the happenings on the podium and was scanning the hall to look for someone who might be familiar to her. Suddenly, her eyes froze at one point. She had spotted a face that looked so familiar that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was Dr. Sreedhar, who was sitting a couple of rows behind on her left.

Sujitha felt a lump traveling through her throat to her heart. She couldn’t believe that she was seeing Sreedhar after almost five long years. He was talking to someone next to him, with his head lowered a bit. He seemed to have lost quite a bit of hair especially above his forehead. He was wearing a sleek framed spectacle giving him the look of a dignified gentleman. He still had a few signs of charm left in his sparking eyes. The charm that was synonymous with him and the one that lured Sujitha into his love trap.

Sujitha couldn’t look at him any longer. She turned away and sipped some water from the glass. Her heart began thumping hard and fast. She realized that her eyes were getting moist suddenly. She sipped some more water and started looking down the table. Her mind began rolling back towards her college days. She had never expected Sreedhar to emerge from the distant horizons yet again and rekindle those painful memories.

Sreedhar used to be a day scholar those days. Hailing from a middle class family, he never made any attempts to conceal his misery. He was handsome and surely among the top of the heartthrobs in the college. He was brilliant and undoubtedly the pet of most professors. But, it took a while for Sujitha to discover his only weakness, his deep love for her.

“We aren’t here to propose to each other,” Sujitha had told him once categorically. She presumed that the poor man would stop longing for her and concentrate on his studies. But, he didn’t. After a few months, Sujitha realized that he was still serious about what he thought.

“Sreedhar let me make things very clear,” Sujitha spoke to him. “It is a dream come true for me to be a student of medicine. You know I am pursuing my studies purely because of my scholarships and some generous sponsors. My aim is to become the first doctor in our whole family. I can’t dilute my dreams for the sake of some youthful infatuations.”

Sreedhar stood silent for a moment before he replied. He sounded firm and convinced.

“Sujitha, you aren’t any better than me,” He said with a wry smile. “My father has pledged everything possible to let me become anadolu yakası escort a doctor. I know what it means to become a Doctor as much as you do. But, I still love you. I will wait till we are through from the college. I am not a freak. Let me assure you.”

He sounded quite convincing as he revealed his love for her. The entire college knew his credentials as a ‘good boy’ and there weren’t any reasons to cast any aspersions about his true feelings. Finally, Sujitha yielded to his relentless love. However, they had always kept a decent distance between themselves. They were willing to wait as they knew that time was at their sides.


It never happened. They broke soon after they became Doctors. Sreedhar married Manju, another classmate who was the only daughter to her millionaire father. They soon migrated to the US and since then Sujitha hardly heard anything about either of them. After a good five years, Sujitha had finally spotted him in a place she never expected.

Back in the conference hall, the speaker finally concluded his speech and most of the audience gave him a thunderous applause due to extreme relief more than anything else. A question-answer session was to follow next and Sujitha thought she needed a face wash after the few tears she had shed after seeing Sreedhar. As she got up and walked towards the exit, Sreedhar looked up and froze.

Sujitha wasn’t interested to look at her deserter as she swiftly walked through the carpet leading to the exit. She somehow believed that he would be coming following her but she wasn’t looking back. She almost ran into the bathroom and before anything wept her heart out. She remained there for a few more minutes to give some time to her mind to cool down. She also knew that Sreedhar might well be waiting outside to have a talk to her. She decided to stay for a few more minutes so that he might get restless and return.

She was wrong and she realized it immediately after she exited the bathroom. He was still waiting and looked quite tentative. He looked pale and panicky.

“Sujitha, what a surprise!” He began speaking formally. Sujitha stood without replying to him

“How are you?” He persisted.

“I am Ok,” Sujitha murmured without looking at his face. She wasn’t interested to inquire about him.

“Where are you now?” Sreedhar came closer and asked softly.

“Idukki district, Kerala,” Sujitha was answering in one-liners. She felt odd to be talking to a man who had broken her heart and his promise to her.

“That is wonderful. I have my own hospital in Pune. It is a hundred bedded tertiary care hospital. I am the CEO,” Sreedhar kept talking as though he believed that Sujitha was listening to whatever he was telling her.

“Nice to hear. Will you let me go now?” Sujitha sounded restless as she spoke.

“Why? Why aren’t you looking at me? Why don’t you talk to me?” Sreedhar asked pleadingly.

“Why should I?” Sujitha rebuffed at once. “You still hope that I would be talking to you after all you did?”

Sreedhar became mute immediately. He started realizing that she was enraged and justifiably so.

“Ok, I will let you go now,” His voice simmered. “But we need to talk during the lunch break. I can explain everything to you. I mean everything.”

Sujitha’s eyes were getting wet again and she wanted to rush into the conference hall without revealing her weakness to her erstwhile lover. She meekly nodded in acceptance and went past Sreedhar who kept standing there for a while.

Both of them couldn’t concentrate on the proceedings any longer. They just rushed out of the hall once the lunch was announced as though they were desperately waiting for it. Sujitha walked through the elite gathering at the dining hall looking for Sreedhar. He soon emerged with two meal plates scarcely filled up with quite a few unfamiliar dishes.

“Let us get away from the crowd,” Sreedhar said and began walking without waiting for her reply. Sujitha stood for a moment and then followed him sheepishly to the far most corner where there weren’t too may delegates around.

“Sujitha, you are entitled to be angry with me,” Sreedhar spoke apologetically. “But, listen to me. I didn’t have a choice. Once I graduated, my father forced me to marry Manju. I couldn’t refuse him. I am sorry I didn’t try to meet you and convince you. But, you must know that I didn’t cheat you.”

Sujitha had in fact expected a more credible reason from Sreedhar. She smiled wryly realizing that her ex-lover was another reptile. She knew that there wasn’t any point in discussing about the past as the damage had been done already.

“Forget it!” She spoke with a forced smile. “I had almost forgotten the whole thing until I saw you here.”

“Sujitha,” Sreedhar paused before asking, “Are you married?”

“Not yet,” Sujitha quipped and began her lunch. For the next few minutes they did not speak with each other. They stayed there much longer after the lunch break with neither of them knowing how to keep their conversation alive.

“Where are you put ataşehir escort up?” Sreedhar asked hesitantly.

“Suite number three not two,” Sujitha replied at once. “You want to come there?”

“Of course,” Sreedhar replied eagerly. “If you don’t mind it.”

“I don’t mind,” Sujitha quipped. “I have never been scared of you.”

Indeed, she had never been scared of Sreedhar knowing his gentleness. He had the rare quality to impress women with an astounding civilized behavior. She also knew that she wasn’t inviting any trouble by allowing him to come to her suite. Somehow, she felt that she wouldn’t mind even if Sreedhar eventually tries to do something silly.

Fortunately, the post-lunch session of the seminar kept her interested all through. She didn’t look back to see Sreedhar nor she remembered him till the final session was over. She almost sprinted towards her suite after the vote of thanks because she believed that Sreedhar would come for sure.

She just had enough time to have a nice shower and to wrap around a nice pure cotton sari. She smiled knowing that Sreedhar always loved to watch her in saris during those days. She rushed to the door hearing a knock and was thrilled to see Sreedhar waiting outside. She greeted him with a broad smile after opening the door wide enough to let him in.

“Hi Sreedhar!”

“Hi Sujitha!”

He moved in and looked all around the suite in admiration.


“Oh Sure,” Sreedhar replied and began looking at Sujitha as she walked past him towards the phone. He couldn’t help cursing himself for having missed such a gorgeous woman in his life.

Sujitha was talking on the intercom standing and leaning forward. She wasn’t aware that the loose end of her sari had slipped forward and was hanging in the support of the safety hook on the left side of her blouse just beneath the shoulder. Sreedhar’s eyes gazed her stomach that slightly bulged out of her waistline and he could see her well shaped firm left breasts perfectly held in a rather tight blouse. She still looked like the beautiful girl he had seen during their college days. A sudden spark of desire ignited his mind which soon spread all over his body like a lethal venom.

“I hope you aren’t old enough to drink coffee without sugar,” Sujitha said mockingly as she walked towards him innocuously. She soon realized the sudden change of color in his eyes and paused midway rather confused.

“What’s up?” She queried, “Why are you still standing?”

“No, I was just wondering about you.” He spoke with a half smile. “You haven’t changed much all these years. You still look in a very good shape.”

Sujitha was momentarily stunned to hear his statement but she quickly smiled it off. She mockingly shook her finger at him and said, “Sreedhar, better behave like a married man.”

Sreedhar felt slightly disgusted and spoke ducking his head, “Well, I wish my wife behaves like a married woman in the first place.”

“Sreedhar?” Sujitha sat on the chair, looked up at him and asked perplexed, “What does that mean?”

“Well, it means a lot,” Sreedhar smiled wryly. “I am paying the price to be a husband to a rich slut woman.”

Sujitha wasn’t really shocked about his revelation. She knew a few things about Manju even before they got married but she thought Sreedhar might be aware of her stray sexual adventures. Luckily, there was another knock on the door. Sujitha opened up and let the bearer bring coffee inside. The next few minutes were spent in silence as they sipped some coffee. It was Sujitha who eventually broke the silence.

“It was your choice Sreedhar,” Sujitha spoke in a firm voice. “I can’t make any statement.”

“I know you can’t,” Sreedhar nodded in admission. “I am glad I met you at last. I have been going through tremendous depression all these days. Not anymore. Even if I die now, I will die a peaceful man.”

Sreedhar’s voice began breaking as he spoke and before Sujitha could comprehend, he was weeping. Sujitha was shocked to see the man she once admired for his determination breaking down helplessly. She quickly emptied out all her bitter feelings and rushed to console him. She held him by the shoulders and led him towards the sofa to make him comfortable. After a momentary hesitation, she gave a gentle pat on his shoulder to cool him a bit. It was of no avail as Sreedhar cried and cried hard. A wave of sympathy swept Sujitha as her hands reached out to hug him. Within seconds, he brought his tears to a halt and they began feeling each other’s warmth for the first time in their life.

They stayed in the hug for a few minutes listening to their heartbeats loudly. Sreedhar soon was at ease and his arms tightened around Sujitha. Sujitha felt his strong shoulders and vast chest pressing against her body and gasped in unknown excitement. His fingers caressed and stroked her bare back above her blouse and his lips brushed along her forehead. Sujitha closed her eyes and her hands gripped his shoulders even tighter. His lips traveled around the glowing skin on her round face before it halted ümraniye escort on her soft pink lips. Sujitha heard a knock on her conscience and she regained her sense at once. She freed herself from his hug, stood up and took a few steps backwards.

“No Sreedhar,” Sujitha shook her head in dismay. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Sujitha,” Sreedhar stood up and inched close to her.

“Please Sreedhar,” Sujitha covered her face with her hands. “Whatever it be, I can’t let you cheat on Manju.”

Sreedhar wasn’t listening as he took her by surprise before she could speak any further. Holding her shoulders he pulled her firmly into his arms and planted his lips on hers. His strong arms held her face not allowing her to pull away while his tongue slipped inside her mouth. He felt a fresh stream of blood pumping into his brains feeling those sweet lips he had dreamt about years ago. Sujitha’s body felt warm in his tight leash and she suddenly froze yielding her mouth for him to relish.

Sreedhar couldn’t stop any longer and his hands descended towards her back to grasp her firm round cheeks. Sujitha groaned as he tried to lift her tender body on her toes and letting his sudden bulge brush against her waist.

Sujitha wasn’t doing enough to resist his sheer strength. She just kept groaning although her hands did make a few attempts to push him away. He was neither Kumar nor Ranjith but the man whom she used to love deeply several years before. She began showing signs of relent in his magic touch. She turned around once in an effort to control her excitement but it only helped Sreedhar to hold her even harder.

His arms eagerly held her body while his lips planted a series of kisses on her bareback and shoulders. While Sujitha squirmed as though she was struck by high voltage current, his right hand swiftly moved down to her crotch and gripped it once. He kept pulling her body as close as he could letting his throbbing dick brush against her butt cheeks. His left hand found its way through her sari and cupped her left breast on her blouse. His lips swung into action on either side of her shoulder kissing the sensitive skin on her neck.

Sujitha’s body was getting turned on feeling his fingers and lips finding the sleeping tunes and inducing them miraculously. She kept flexing herself the way he wished letting him to have a feel of her well covered young body. He continued tasting her feather-like lips by letting his lips dance all over the silky surface. His dick kept throbbing against her crotch and felt it could well make its way tearing through the clothes. He kept kissing her as though he was trying to draw even the last drop of any hesitation in her.

“Please! Please!! Please!!!” She managed to groan only when Sreedhar’s hands began pulling her sari. “We need to stop here!”

Sreedhar wasn’t conceding as yet as he pulled her yet again for another deep and intense kiss. Sujitha couldn’t resist her arousal feeling his unique way of kissing. He slowly sucked the bottom lip and let them stay between his teeth pressing hard on her mouth all through. Once he released her lip off his teeth, his tongue took charge and made an intrusion inside her mouth.

“Oh Sreedhar, I love you,” she screamed when he gave her mouth an opportunity to speak eventually. The strong boulders of hesitation had been mauled to pulp and she let her arms garlanding his neck in surrender.

Sreedhar didn’t have to use force any longer as she swirled around to let him undrape her sari. He gazed her exposed body over and beneath her blouse with burning lust. He pulled her inside his arms and began leading her towards the bed. After laying her down on the bed he stood and watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed hard. His eyes crawled from her chest through her abdomen till they reached her feet.

He then sat down on the edge of the bed and began undressing quickly. His shoulders looked much stronger than they did with his shirt on. His broad chest had patches of hair on either side and his stomach looked flat and strong. Sujitha turned the other way as she felt a sudden blush watching him getting rid of his brief. When she turned back to him, he stood still watching her body with more intensity. She heaved to see his dick standing upright and raring to have a go at her.

His face had stiffened and his smile had vanished as he inched towards her on the bed. He planted a kiss on her stomach and gently sucked her navel. Sujitha’s arms gripped the thick bedspread as she felt a tingle building up beneath her waist. His mouth eagerly brushed against her smooth skin sending a series of shivers all over. He was pushing his head up and towards her breasts while his lips moistened the way through. His hands gripped her shoulders and arms before he let his fingers intrude the gap between her blouse and chest. She felt his fingernails brushing on her cushy breasts and she squirmed. His fingers met at the center of her blouse and slid down her cleavage tracing the inner curves of her breasts. Sujitha’s hands defied her mind and began unbuttoning the blouse. She stayed still after she undid the top button and Sreedhar quickly pushed her open blouse on either side. Taking her clue, he flipped her bra hook to open and reveal her naked breasts. His eyes swelled in excitement and gazed her hard nipples for a few seconds. He inched further up and planted his lips on the top of her breasts. Sujitha groaned and trembled.

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