Deliciously Unkind

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Female Ejaculation

You know what, it is absolutely amazing when you are somewhere out in the countryside where there is no buildings around or people and you just happen to see the sunset. It was one of those really spectacular summer days in Australia and I cannot quite remember where we were but as I said, there wasn’t a single person around. The sky started to turn to a purplish colour to the darkest of blues. But I wasn’t quite alone, I did have my male companion next to me. I say companion because he wasn’t quite a boyfriend. He also wasn’t quite a friend with benefits because I was kind of love with him. I didn’t want to admit it at the time but his name was Will, and Will and I were just enjoying the sunset.

But earlier on the drive there to our viewing point, he kind of irked me somewhat. I decided to barrel him up about it once the sun had disappeared.

“Will, it seems that you and I have sex a lot and we hang out together a lot…we also go out for meals and I’ve met your family, you have met mine but something you said earlier made me think that…how do I say it…you don’t see me as a long term prospect. Is that true?

A look of worry came over his face.

“Well, I didn’t mean it like that, I meant it like…I like the arrangement we’ve got.”

“But that arrangement kinda benefits you. It, however, is not so good for me. I’d like to know where I stand.”

“Well, um…Jess, I like you a lot. I really do. In fact, I actually would like a bit more than what we do have. I’ve almost been too shy to talk about it to you, you know. I wasn’t sure you felt the same way”

Sitting there like a stunned mullet. Words I had been dreaming of hearing.

“Oh? Really? Well, I am mighty pleased to hear that. I just thought you’re being deliciously unkind.”

“What do you mean by “deliciously unkind”?”

“Every time I look at you, I think about how I have known you for a long time. But every time I look into your eyes and you put your hands around me, it sends an absolute shiver down my spine. It’s a shiver you know…the kind that ricochets down my body, right down to my cunt, which right now is flushed pink and wet. Highly aroused. This sense of wanting to be yours. Is this turning you on?”

“Hmm. Perhaps.” Will then flashed a smile. It was no word of a lie. The man had a profound effect on me.

“Yes and ah…it makes my clit tingle in anticipation. That is the effect you’ve got on me. I want to have a bit of fun with şirinevler escort you…if you let me.”

I was not normally that brazen about sex. Will was always the initiator.

“Jess, you might have to further explain what deliciously unkind means.”

“I explained the delicious part already, didn’t I? But unkind, Will. It was like you were withholding your true feelings about me all this time. We could have just cut the crap. Would have made life a lot easier, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, and I am sorry. I really am sorry, Jess. I shouldn’t have done that. But I am a man, and you know men don’t like to talk about their feelings most of the time!”

“Suppose I am just as bad, I mean, I didn’t say anything for all those years either.”


“But deliciously unkind! So why don’t you get your cock out of your pants right now.”

“You mean right now?”

“Yes, Will, because there is nobody else around.”

As soon as I said that, I slightly froze in fear. But I had gone too far already and seeing the rise in his pants meant he was too far gone to cool down either.

“…I did come slightly prepared in case we did get up to some mischief. Maybe roll your pants down, I want to see your cock.”

“Yes, Miss!”

There was Will. God, he was beautiful, still is. I love him to death. After these awkward declarations of wanting more from one another, here he was struggling with his trousers. There was not much room in the front seat of that car. But there it was. He had a nice cock. It wasn’t a huge cock by any huge stretch of the imagination, but six inches does me good. He was hard already. He was looking at me with a glint in his eyes because he wasn’t sure what I had planned. I knew what I wanted to do. It was not going to be what he expected either.

“I can see you looking at me and thinking that, “maybe she will sit in my cock”. Maybe I will ride your boner and have my boobs jiggle in your face and you know, you can almost feel those muscles in my pussy contract on your dick. I am not doing that. There is not much room in this car so no. You may also think “is she going to wrap her lips around my cock?”. Am I going to suck your dick? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I can just imagine it. You have done before. I have done it so many times already. Every single time you just jizz all over my face, and I love it much as I love you, but we are not going to do that today.”

“Ooh, şirinevler elit escort Jess…wow, Miss…that has me wondering what you do have planned…”

“Give me a moment, there is a paper bag next to you. Pass it here, please?”

I did bring something and soon I had in my hand, this plastic bottle. A plastic bottle that promised me moisture when I needed it. Being a dry Aussie summer, moisture would be required, especially in this situation. So there he was with his cock out. I put my hands out around him when I then realised I couldn’t fit my hand around his dick. He was a girthy boy. But I didn’t feel that comfortable doing this without a little help from our liquid friend. Squirt went the bottle.

“Ooh, Miss, that feels cold!”

“I am glad it does.”

One should never dismiss a handjob as a good way of getting a loved one off, especially in this case where he seemed to be submissive towards me. I never asked him to call me Miss, it just came naturally. Suddenly, I heard this massive rip of a noise.

“Ooh…that was a loud noise, wasn’t it?”

“Sorry, I’m just…getting a little…sweaty on the leather of the car seat. God, that feels good. Miss…”

“I’ve got my hands on your cock. I’m making this very slow strokes with my thumb and fingers, like a tight ring around your cock. Twisting and rotating as we go up and down. Not quite touching the sensitive spots. See my hands down here?”


“So the base of your cock. Those balls are nice and tight. Somebody is turned on. I like that. I’ll keep doing these slow strokes. Up and down…up and down, up and…oh? You have gone a bit quiet there, what is wrong?”

Not quite quiet as the air inside the car was punctuated by his heavy and sensual moaning in pleasure. He had paused for a moment as if to take a breather.

“I like it when you are telling me what you are doing. Ooh…hmm…yes. Like that, just like that.”

“Hands moving from the base of the penis. Let’s give that head of yours a good squeeze. Wet and sloppy, just the way I like it. I know you masturbate, and when you do, you do it wet and use lube. In fact, I have watched you wank many times before. Watched the way you wank. Am I doing it right?”

“Yes…good…I am worried.”

“What’s there to be worried about?”

“Ooh, I just…that feels so good.”

“Yes? I feel that firmness in my hands. I am continuing şirinevler escort to stroke your cock. Yes, let’s give that head a rub, shall we? A little squeeze. Leaking precum already, you are so excited. Now…I am trying my damn hardest not to put my mouth on your cock. I love giving you head. I love giving you blow jobs and having you cum all over my face. I would be like one of those porno actors, on her knees, tongue hanging out waiting for your cum, like the good cum slut that I am. But…today I turned the tables…maybe I am just going to stop rubbing your cock for a while. Oh, look at that. Cock is twitching. You want to cum don’t you?”

“Hmm…yes but…”

“But what?”

“Isn’t it up to you to make that decision?”

“Why do you think I stopped stroking your cock? What do you want me to do?”

“Keep jerking me off. Keep stroking my cock. I want to cum for you.”


“Please stroke my cock, Miss.”


“Please, Miss. Make me cum.”

“Oooh, look at that. You got me to stroke your cock again. Now I know you like a nice firm touch, don’t you? Twisting around your cock, all wet and juicy. Right now you are imagining what it is like to have your cock in my pussy. Hmm, you like it what I ride you hard, don’t you?”

“Yes. Keep pumping my cock, Miss. Please?”

“Come on. Cum for me. I see what you are doing there. I am going to… I might have to cover your mouth.”

I placed my hand over his mouth. Now all I got were this quivering muffles of someone desperate to blow his load.

“Come on, Will. Come on, I want you to ejaculate. Good boy, such a good boy…oooh yes…

He grunted several times quite loudly. I could feel his heavy breathing on my hand. A sweaty and shaky lad in my hands.

“Look at that. All this white sticky cum all over my hands. Good boy, Will. Very good boy. “

He was lost to the world for a while there.

“Give me a moment. I just have to put the radio back on because I think there might be a car behind us. I don’t want them to think that I have been deliciously unkind to you. Was I unkind to you?”

“No, Jess. Not at all.” I could not have wiped the smile off his face.

Will then pulled up his pants and zipped back up. We went back to my place and I remember when he took his trousers off upon our return. Standing there in my bedroom with a huge cum stain on his black underwear. I was highly amused by what happened. Of course, I let him fuck me that night. It was a fantastic sex session. We were so pent up from earlier. As soon as wannabe love with declarations were made, our relationship grew from strength to strength.

It has been twelve years already. I can not believe that. What sealed that deal? A deliciously unkind handjob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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