Dancing Into Danger Ch. 02

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This is entirely a work of fiction. The characters presented are entirely imaginary and over 18 years of age. Any similarity to actual people or situations is purely coincidental.


This is a Loving Wives cuckold story about pushing limits and crossing lines. If that’s not your cup of tea, DON’T READ THIS ONE! There are plenty of other stories on this site of the run of the mill variety and many are excellent.

I’m not providing spoilers up front detailing precisely what kind of content you might find herein. Spoilers ruin the surprise.

However, if you’re a read-the-last-page first type of reader and must know ahead of time what kind of stuff is likely to happen, scroll to the bottom and review the ‘Tags For This Story’. If any look concerning to you, DON’T READ THIS STORY!

If you do decide to read on (despite this warning) and think things are about to go too far, please do yourself and all of us that read the comments a favor and just STOP READING.


Dancing Into Danger Ch2. – A lover scorned

My mind was reeling.

Here we were, sitting at a crowded dance club with my wife and Nick, a guy she’d dirty danced with. I’d gotten her off with a remote controlled vibrator as she danced with him. She’d brought Nick to our table and somehow convinced me to blow him. Suck his cock right here at a table in a crowded club.

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, just as Nick came in my mouth, his boyfriend showed up exclaiming “What the fuck, Nick!”

I’d reflexively pulled off Nick’s cock which continued erupting jets of cum.

As I sat there with the smoking gun writ large on my face, the sight of Nick’s partner began to sink in. He was easily 6’3 and an incredibly buff 220 or more pounds.

While in great shape myself, I’m an avid mountain biker, I don’t lift weights at all. I had nothing on this guy.

He was so well defined that I could actually count a six pack of abs through his tight fitting tee shirt. As the disco lights flashed it was clear he was actually sporting a full eight.

I knew I was a dead man. Yet my wife giggled.

“Hi” she said, trying to diffuse the situation,

“Sorry about my cock sucking husband. Clearly he just couldn’t help himself.”

Nick’s partner glared at me as she spoke, then finally, thankfully, turned to her.

Buff-man’s face quickly softened at the sight of her. My hot and VERY horny wife poured it on. Her non-verbal apologized for not stopping me (as if!) seemed to imply she’d do anything to make it up to him.

I hoped, self-preservation taking a firm grip over me, that he was bi enough for her feminine wiles to calm him down. Hopefully not too bi, however!

Still in a jealous rage, he wasn’t caving just yet.

She patted the open seat next to her, beckoning him.

He paused, considering his next move as he drank her in.

She leaned forward to best maximize his view of her cleavage and wonderful hips.

Again I was torn. Do I hope he’s interested in her or hope that he’s unflinchingly gay?

The latter would likely result in some serious blows at my expense. As Nick’s sperm cooled on my face I wondered if maybe the cum would help deflect the energy: a slippery glancing blow?

“Come with me. All of you” he ordered.

Without hesitation, we quickly followed him through the crowd towards a door in the bathroom hallway labeled “Office”. The door opened to a flight of stairs.

He stomped angrily up the stairs and opened the door at the top. He held it open for the three of us and eyed us disapprovingly as we walked in.

My wife walked in first. His eyes lingered lustily on her fantastic ass and exposed deliciously curvy calves thighs.

Once we were inside, he closed and locked the door.

“THIS” he waved a heavily muscled arm at Nick and I, “can’t happen in MY club” he barked, ordering us to sit down on the leather couch.

We all complied immediately, my wife sitting in the middle. “And Nick, fuck all, you horny bastard!”

My wife began to speak and I cringed. Let the guy blow off some steam!

“It was my husband’s first cock. He really couldn’t help himself.”

Surprisingly, Nick’s partner softened a bit at her words.

“It IS a very nice cock. But it’s MINE” he looked square at me when he said that last word. “And Nick, how would you like it if you saw him sucking me off?”

Nick’s face flashed jealous in reply.

“Or… if you caught me with her?!” he added.

Nick couldn’t contain his reaction, it was a primal autonomic response that screamed “nooooo!”

Nick’s partner was overcome with glorious schadenfreude. He leered lustily at my wife, biting his lips as his eyes settled on her exposed legs. To my horror, she blinked welcomingly at his gaze and parted her legs ever so slightly as he watched.

“Seems only fair, eye for an eye and all” he threatened without taking his eyes off my wife. A bulge quickly grew in his pants. A prodigious bulge at that.

He examined Nick mobilbahis güvenilir mi and my own very jealous yet cum splattered face. “What do you think” he asked looking back and forth between Nick and I.

“Seems fair to me!” my wife interjected eagerly, her eyes darting back and forth between his hard cock and perfectly toned body. I could see her biting her lip as she awaited his reply.

“Bitch!” I thought jealously.

Nick’s partner didn’t take his eyes off Nick and I as she leaned forward to spring his cock free. It was easily a thick eight incher and not even fully erect yet!

She wrapped her hands around it, enchanted, and began caressing it.

My cock was as engorged as my jealous rage at what was about to transpire.

“Fuck he’s big!” my wife said, looking deep into my eyes.

“Looks like you should’ve waited to see what was behind door number two Honey” she teased as she leaned forward for more.

I couldn’t see Nick as I jealously watched my wife, but I could feel his rage. He’d earned this penance and I guessed he, like I, was having some serious buyer’s remorse.

“Mmm” she said as she leaned in towards his glistening cock. “It’s gorgeous!” she added, a clear and unnecessary statement of fact that stoked Nick and my jealousies.

She gently kissed the tip of buff-man’s cock then turned slightly to look us in the eyes as she pulled away ever so slightly. The effect was profound. Precum now coated her lips and a small thread connected her lips to the tip of his member.

It was carnal, incredibly sexy, and designed not to appease Nick’s boyfriend but rather to torture and/or humiliate Nick and I.

“Uhh” Nick sighed both with jealousy and desire.

I glanced over at him, surprised by the desire in his voice, and saw that his cock was straining in his pants.

My reaction, while silent, was as profound. My eyes were as wide as saucers, my dick strained to break free of my pants. If there is such a thing as ‘good jealous’, this was definitely it. I was dizzy with lust at the sight of them.

My wife winked at us as she finally took his glistening cockhead into her mouth.

“You like that boys?” Nick’s boyfriend asked tauntingly.

My wife began licking his shaft lustily, her legs now spread wide. As she explored him, her right hand dropped from his cock and slid between her legs.

She shuddered as her fingers found purchase in her mound.

“Fuck, she’s really good Nick! Pay attention, you could learn some things” he teased mercilessly.

Although jealous as all hell, my cock was now crazy hard watching my wife lustily pleasure this beautiful and perfectly toned man. I desperately wanted to free the beast and pound it senseless.

“That’s it! God, this woman can suck cock!”

My wife smiled as she pulled off to swirl her tongue around the tip.

“It’s a beautiful cock too, deserves the best. Isn’t that right Nick?” she added, clearly enjoying doing her part to torture Nick for his errant ways.

Her right hand was now furiously frigging her pussy as she sucked.

“Gawd, I’m so fucking wet too!” she added to heighten my own jealousy.

As she took him in deep, her left hand reached up and began caressing his abs. He moaned at her appreciation and soft caress.

Wickedly hard and beginning to moan with tremendous appreciation, Nick’s boyfriend wondered aloud, “Get even… or revenge?” he asked to nobody in particular. His eyes were transfixed on my wife’s luscious hips.

“No, nuh-no, no, no, no!” I screamed silently.

“Dave, no” Nick begged. A name to go with that buff body and big cock at last! “I’m sorry, he was…”

“A virgin?” Dave asked.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, he really wanted to!” I replied, coming to Nick’s defense.

Dave extended a hand to my wife and pulled her upright. With hands on her hips, he turned her towards us with him behind her. His hands slowly and deliciously explored her hips and fabulous booty as she softly moaned.

He gently pulled her hair back over her left shoulder and leaned in to kiss her neck.

He gave her countless little kisses of desire as his hands caressed and explored her shoulders.

“Mmm, swimmers body. So lovely, so sexy!” Dave complimented loudly enough for Nick and I to hear.

My wife was melting with lust with each kiss, each caress, each moan of admiration and desire. Her eyes were closed now, her head gently tilted back, nestled into Dave’s chest.

“Six years we’ve been together, Nick. Exclusively” Dave lamented as my wife continued blowing him.

Nick flashed a very guilty puppy face.

“I’d forgotten how lovely a woman could be. And cocksuckers wife is lovely indeed” he added as he took in her scent, closing his eyes as he did so.

As Dave’s eyes began to reopen, my wife covered his hands with hers and brought them up to her bountiful breasts atop her shirt.

The fingers on his large hands spread as she pressed them solidly toward her, nipples mobilbahis protruding between his fingers.

She looked square at me, biting her lower lip as she did so. My desire to be him was as immense as my jealousy.

“I’d forgotten how lovely a woman’s breasts feels” Dave added.

My wife pulled her shirt up to give him a more pure experience.

“Uhhh” I uttered reflexively as I watched another man, a beautiful man, caressing my wife’s chest.

She winked at me in response, knowing full well that what she was doing was driving me mad with jealous desire.

“Dave, seriously, I’m sorry.” Nick begged knowing full well he could never compete with the heterosexual desire her loveliness had stoked in Dave.

Dave snapped to at his words, stepping around my wife to directly bark at Nick.

“Six years and the first willing mouth you don’t hesitate to fill” he barked.

“Dude!” I thought nervously and guiltily. But how could I have known? Nick was just some random guy my wife wanted me to blow.

Dave tapped his foot angrily awaiting a response. As he did so, I spied my wife drinking in Dave’s physique from behind him.

“Bitch!” I thought.

Nick remained silent but my wife’s eyes spoke volumes.

Broad shoulders, perfectly toned butt, strong legs and arms from regular workouts, but not overdone. Like a Michelangelo rather than Muscle Beach. And Dave was wicked alpha to match. She loved alpha! She wanted him, no question about it.

Nick’s silence continued unabated and Dave was spooling up to speak. However, my wife could take it no more and reached out to Dave, placing her hands on his hips. Dave paused as her hands began exploring his body.

“How does it feel, Nick? Watching her?”

I hadn’t noticed that, enthralled by the sights before us, Nick had slid off the couch onto his knees.

“I guess we know who the bottom is” I concluded to myself.

My wife’s hands caressed Dave’s abs. While I was in decent shape, especially for my age, I had nothing on this guy. Her hands then gently caressed up to his pecs, which she began to massage, rubbing her fingers in circles around his nipples before gently pinching them.

“Ahh!” she added for effect.

“I think she likes me” Dave said to me. Duh!

She leaned in and gently bit Dave on the neck. He moaned in response, forgetting his anger entirely from all appearances. My wife’s hands slid southward as she continued nibbling, reaching back into his pants and wrapping around his extremely worthy member.

“Yes!” he moaned approvingly. After several minutes Dave turned her around rather forcefully, nestling in behind her. She let out a moan of delight.

“Are we even?” Dave asked Nick.

“Yes” Nick replied hopefully but unconvincingly. His hand rubbing his cock through his pants seemed to suggest hope for another outcome.

“Is Nick a gay cuckold? Is that even a thing?” I wondered.

“I don’t know if ‘even’ is good enough” Dave replied. “Six years. I think you need some serious punishment!”

My bride was looking me square in the eyes as Dave slowly hiked up her skirt. Her eyes beamed with anticipation as he leaned in and slid his cock against her now soaked panties.

His cock rubbed against the remote vibe still tucked into the special panty pocket. Dave reached down to see what the heck it was and slipped it out.

“Kinky!” he said approvingly. “So this was no accident, tonight.”

“We didn’t know about you” she added, stressing ‘you’ with lustful admiration.

Dave extended his hand holding the vibe towards me.

“Come pick up your toy” he instructed me.

I’m not sure why, perhaps the tone in his voice, but I crawled the few steps to him rather than walking.

With her chest still exposed, I couldn’t help but ogle my wife’s fantastic “free range” breasts which from a kneeling position were especially spectacular.

As I reached to get the toy which he dropped into my hand, I felt his other hand pull me into my wife’s crotch.

His cock was absolutely pouring precum as it slid gently back and forth across my wife’s pussy juice drenched panties.

Drunk from my wife’s pheromones and the lurid sight before me, my tongue reached out and began ministrations on the both of them, pressing his cockhead into her panties, stretching the material “protecting” her clearly eager pussy.

Dave began alternating between stretching the fabric of her panties with his cock and sliding it into my mouth.

“I think a little revenge is in order, don’t you Nick?” Dave asked, or was he telling?

My wife leaned down, cupping my head with her hands, to look me in the eye.

She mouthed “Please?” Her eyes told of her unbridled wonton desire.

I winked at her in reply, I was all in!

She took in a halting lustful breath, eyes closing as she did so, at my response.

I leaned forward and resumed my ministrations.

“What do you think?” Dave asked my wife.

“Revenge” she moaned lustily. mobilbahis giriş “Please let it be revenge” she begged.

“Revenge, Nick. The lady votes for revenge.”

With my tongue and teeth, I gently pulled her panties to the side, exposing her lovely sex. Her cunt was absolutely desperate to be filled.

As Dave’s cock came forward once again, I guided it with my lips and tongue into my wife’s needy cunt.

“Oh my god!” Dave declared surprised. Was it the sensation of her silky vagina, especially after having not been with a woman for at least six years? Or was his surprise at my assist, willingly giving my bride to him, helping him even?

“Oh!” I heard Nick whimper behind me.

“Too much?” Dave asked Nick.

“His hand in his pants suggests otherwise” my wife goaded.

As Dave worked a little more into her with each stroke, I relished each inch running my tongue along the shaft as his cock fulfilled her desire.

Due to their standing position, I made sure to put enough tongue pressure on his cock to keep it from popping out on the withdrawal.

I was helping him fuck my bride. I wanted him to. Needed him to!

“Lay down, Cocksucker!” Dave ordered.

As I’d clearly demonstrated that was what I was, I did as demanded, laying my head on the soft leather armrest face up.

Dave pulled my wife upright and shifted her around to the end of the couch. That’s when she noticed I had pulled my own cock out and was pumping away. I was completely unware I was doing that.

My wife’s hand slapped me across my face firmly. “Naughty boy!”

Complying with the order, I zipped up.

He pushed her head down, ass up, and lifted her skirt above my head. Her pussy was now touching my lips. I greeted her touch with my ravenous mouth. The taste of their combined sex, their intense pheromones, was incredibly intoxicating. I wanted more!

She reached back and helped guide Dave back inside her. She then placed her hands down on the couch near my waist to support herself for what clearly she hoped would be a solid and rough fucking. She loved a good alpha fuck.

I began licking his shaft as he slid in and out of her, I just couldn’t help myself. As I did so,

I imagined the look of pleasure on my wife’s face as she fucked Dave, with my permission! His beautiful cock sliding in and out of my beautiful wife’s horny pussy as she moaned with pleasure, a pleasure granted willingly by her husband.

While tremendously jealous, I was delighted. She earned this gift in so very many ways and I wanted her to enjoy it to the fullest.

The look of ecstasy on her face, how I loved it! I’d do anything to see that expression! For the moment, given the close-up view of their copulation, I would have to imagine it.

She began chanting “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” with each thrust Dave fulfilled her with.

I was now completely overcome with carnal desire. My tongue had a mind of its own as it pleasured her clitty and the cock fulfilling her own needs. His engorged balls slapped against my forehead with each thrust. A metronome-like reminder of what she was about to receive deep inside her.

Dave began to pound into my bride, his hands grasping her hips with great strength. He was definitely enjoying his revenge!

She was spellbound as he filled her, as I had to admit, like she’d never been before.

I reached back with both hands, grasping his toned butt. With each thrust I pulled him into her as my tongue flicked her clit, doing my little part to bring her the most pleasure possible.

“Oh my god she’s good!” Dave said appreciatively.

“Get to it, Nick” Dave ordered, pointing at my pants as he pounded her especially hard. She shuddered with delight. I felt my buckle re-open and pants come down. I felt my wife’s hand on my cock, pointing it upwards.

“C’mon, get some.” I heard Dave say just a fraction of a second before my cock was engulfed in a hot needy mouth.

“That’s it, suck him!” my wife cheered Nick on.

“His mouth feel good, cocksucker?” Dave asked.

“Mmmph” I replied, unwilling to break away from my own tasks.

Nick was now caressing my balls as he sucked me. He pulled off for a moment, leaving me wanting, only to take me in again all the way. As he did so I felt his slick finger enter my own tight hole. My cock tensed hard as he did so.

“Oh!” I heard my wife exclaim with loss just prior to my mouth being filled with Dave’s massive member.

“Fuck yeah” Dave exclaimed as he deep throated me. He was much larger than the dildo my wife and I had played with. I struggled to suppress my gag reflex as my throat stretched to take him all in.

After several thrusts, and just as abruptly, he once again filled my wife.

“Yes!!!” she cried lustfully.

He began fucking her without mercy.

“You want my cum, don’t you Nick?” Dave asks.

Nick pulled off of me to reply “please!”

“You don’t deserve it, you little shit. Maybe your cocksucker should be rewarded? He at least had permission!”

Dave pulled out and face fucked me again. I’m startled but take him all in anyway. My lips and jaw stretched to take his girth. I couldn’t help but wonder how my wife’s pussy felt getting so incredibly filled.

My wife sighed, longing to be filled once again.

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