Cuckold CEO Ch. 08

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For the second morning in a row, I woke up wearing, dried cum encrusted, women’s underwear. As I awoke, I could feel the skin of my cock stuck to the cage. It was uncomfortable but bearable. It took a minute for my eyes to focus. As they did, I looked over at my bed. In it, my wife and her handsome lover were still asleep in each other’s arms. I had spent the night, in a chair, after being used for their sexual pleasure. They looked perfectly normal together. She was a beautiful and fit woman. He a handsome, muscular and virile god. I felt pangs of jealousy. My wife was in his arms this morning, not mine. Yes, he had used her as his sexual toy last night and she enjoyed it. She had wanted rough, hard sex, which he provided. She had enticed him by dressing like an innocent school girl. He had responded by using her like a cheap whore and now she was nestled in his strong arms.

My view of the bed was surreal. She laid in his arms, still dressed in her school girl outfit. Her skirt was still pulled up to her waist. My wife’s vagina peaked out from between her legs. His strong arm was draped across her exposed stomach. She looked small, sweet and very innocent in his arms. In my mind, I replayed the events of the night before. How she enticed him with her sexy outfit and how he dominated the two of us. My wife was a calculating woman, that got what she wanted, exactly what she wanted. Last night was no different. She wanted to be taken by James and did exactly what it took to make it happen.

I slowly got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. Not thinking, I flushed the toilet afterwards. The rush of water echoed loudly. I peeked around the corner and saw that my wife was stirring. I stayed in the bathroom and watched. She rubbed her eyes, then realized it wasn’t me next to her. I saw her smile broadly, then roll over into his arms. She kissed his lips gently. Her small hand began to rub his chiseled chest. He did not even stir. My wife then slipped her hand downward and began to rub his remarkable cock. His cock sprung to life even before he opened his eyes. As he opened them, she kissed him again. He moaned approvingly as she rubbed his tool slowly. She then whispered something, rolled over and headed towards the bathroom.

I darted out the other door into the hallway. I did not know why I did it, but I just stood there and watched her pee from the hallway. She wiped herself, then called out to him to join her. He meandered in as she began to take her school girl clothes off. She then turned on the shower and invited him to join her. He said he need to piss first. She told him that she wanted him in the shower right now. He shook his head, then joined her. She got on her toes and threw her hands around his neck and kissed him again. They were like two teenagers in heat. Again, he said he needed to take a piss. He pushed her down to her knees and lifted his fat cock and aimed it straight at her. She asked him what he was going to do to her. He said, he was going to show her how slutty whores get treated.

As his words left his mouth, a wide stream of golden liquid began to stream from his cock. I expected her to recoil, but instead, she reached up and held his cock and aimed the tip into her waiting mouth. I nearly shit myself. What was happening? She had never done that with me before. Fuck, he didn’t even have to force her to do it. She literally reached up and began to drink his warm nectar. Once she had a mouthful, she swallowed it. As her lips closed, his hot piss covered her face and flowed down her chest. He relieved himself for what seemed like a full minute. All the while, she greedily drank more and then allowed herself to be covered in it again.

Once he was finished, he pulled her up, spun her around and slapped her ass hard. He then pushed her flat against the glass face first. He pressed himself against her and reached down and began to finger her pussy. She moaned in appreciation. He asked her if she was a little slut. She told him yes. James asked her who owned her pussy. She said that he did. Then he asked who gets to have that pussy whenever he wants it. She responded that it was him. James finished by asking my wife who else got to fuck her. She responded that no one but him. He smiled and told her to remember that. James said that if he found out that she had sex with me, he would tie me down and cut my balls off, then feed them to her. She shivered against the glass. He asked her if she understood. She said she did and that her pussy was his exclusively. I watched as dominance gave her a small orgasm. His threat had scared and excited her.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. He was gaining sovereignty over her body right in front of me. She was willingly submitting to his dominance. James was in control of her. He was asserting his authority over her and in turn over me. He stepped back from her and allowed her to step back from the shower stall glass. James then commanded her to wash him up. Without objection, she took the soap in her hand and began to rub it all over his masculine body. He insisted that she wash every inch. When she finished, he stepped out of casino siteleri the shower and left her there to wash herself. Once they were finished they got dressed and went to the kitchen and ate breakfast. I slipped back to the bathroom and took my shower alone. Once dry, I chose a pair of fresh panties from the pile next to the sink. My pair today, was white with green shamrocks all over them. Secretly, I had hoped that I would get lucky today.

Once I was washed and dressed, I went out to see what was happening. James was at the table, in my spot, drinking coffee. He ignored me and said nothing to me. My wife greeted me as if nothing had happened. She offered me breakfast, which I accepted. I sat on the couch and ate my breakfast alone. While I was eating, I saw something on the floor. It was my wife’s torn panties. He had ripped them off of her and discarded them like garbage. I loved those panties on her and I was going to miss seeing her in them. Today, she was wearing yoga pants that showed off her tight ass and a tight t-shirt. Once again, she looked like a super model. I watched as she walked around the condo and fantasized about fucking her. I’m sure if James knew what I was thinking, he would snap my balls off.

At around 10 am, my wife told me that she needed something at the store and that I needed to go with her. I asked where we would be going and she told me that I would know when we get there and to bring my credit card. I got ready and waited by the door for her. So, she walked towards me, hand in hand with James. She said it was time to go and asked me to open the door. I did as I was told and we exited into the hallway. I couldn’t breathe. What would the neighbors think if they saw my wife holding his hand? We had always kept our lifestyle secret. I was well known in the city. No one would understand our lifestyle and the perverted things we regularly did behind closed doors. I moved quickly in hopes that no one entered the hallway.

For the first time in years, we rode the elevator alone. I breathed a sigh of relief. She told me to head to the shopping area close to the condo. She had me walk about six feet behind them. I watched them walk down the busy street, hand in hand, like the two lovers that they were. My wife walked with a spring in her step. She seemed to want people to see them together. My wife wanted to show off her conquest. She had gotten what she wanted and now was walking down the street like a peacock.

We reached the shops and entered the main door. My wife made a beeline to the Victoria’s Secret store. I followed them in. She turned to me and told me that she wanted to buy something sexy to wear for James. She told me that I needed to look for something that he would like and bring it over to show him for approval. I asked what type of thing she wanted. My wife told me that I needed to choose and then James would decide if he liked it. I turned and began to look at items. I found the exact pair of panties he had ripped off of her last night and picked them up. As I did, a clerk approached me and asked if she could help me. I told her no. She insisted on helping and asked me what size I needed. I told her I wasn’t sure. She asked me about how big the lady’s body was. I pointed to my wife and said she was the exact same size as her. The clerk looked over and told me she would be petite, small.

She fished through the pile and found the right size and handed it to me and asked me if I needed anything else. I told her I might need more help and to wait there for a moment. I walked over to them and showed James the panty. He shook his head no and said he wanted something different. I returned to the clerk and handed it back to her. She seemed confused and asked if I knew that couple. I said yes. She asked who they were. I told her that it was my wife and her friend. The clerk looked over just as my wife kissed him lovingly. She looked back at me and smiled broadly and said she understood.

We spent the next hour hunting for pretty things for my wife to wear for James. We ended up with a small pile of bras, panties, silky stockings and garters. James said that before I purchased them, my wife needed to do a fashion show for him. We made our way to the dressing room. My wife entered and asked James to come in with her. She then told me to enter too. The room was large enough for us and had mirrors on three walls. My wife got undressed in front of both of us and began to put on the first article of clothing. James unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He told me to hold it and let him know if he liked something.

My wife put on some frilly underwear and a lacy bra. James cock twitched but remained flaccid. Next, she put on some shear under pants and a shear bra. Again, his cock remained flaccid. Her next selection was a silky black bra, black thong, silk stockings and garter. James looked at her, I felt his cock begin to fill with blood and expand. She noticed his cock growing and spun around to show off her backside. She looked at him, behind her, thru the mirror and asked him if this is what he wanted me to buy. He grabbed my wrist and lifted my hand slot oyna and his cock up and asked her what she thought. She giggled like a school girl and turned back around and moved towards him. He took his strong right hand and grabbed my head and pushed me down to his crotch. He picked up his semi rigid penis and told me to suck. He pulled my sexy wife towards him and kissed her passionately. He took his left hand and massaged her ass cheeks as he pushed his tongue down her throat.

It appeared that once again that she was going to get what she wanted and I was going to be subjugated. Out of nowhere, we heard a voice asking if everything was ok. My wife, embarrassed, told the clerk everything was fine and that we would be out in a minute. James retrieved his cock from my mouth and returned it to his pants. My wife took off her sexy things and got dressed back into her yoga pants and t-shirt. We exited the dressing room and my wife handed me what she wanted and told me to go pay for it. I took the items to the register. The clerk scanned the items and told me the price. It was almost $200. I paid for the items and she put them in a bag. She looked over my shoulder at James and my wife. She slyly smiled and told them that she hoped they really enjoyed the items. She then giggled and told them to have fun. She then turned back to me and just shook her head in disgust.

We left the shops and returned back to the condo. A pizza delivery man was waiting for the elevator when we arrived. As we entered the elevator, James made it a point to grope my wife’s ass and kiss her deeply. With his other had he pushed her into the corner of the car and manhandled her perky tits. The pizza guy watched wide eyed at the sight. As we got to our floor, James looked at me and told me to go unlock the door. The pizza guy just looked at me, he was obviously confused as to what was happening. I was mortified. James was actually announcing to the world that my wife was his property. He didn’t care if I didn’t like it. He owned her and I needed to accept it.

We entered the condo and the two of them made a beeline for the bedroom. As they entered, James shut the door behind him. I stood there looking at a closed door. I could hear her giggling and cooing. I slipped into the bathroom and cracked open the door to the bedroom. My wife was pulling her new silk stockings up her shapely legs. She snapped them to the garters and put on her bra and panties. Then she slipped into her black patent leather 6-inch heels. She was quite a sight. James was sitting on the edge of the bed watching her get dressed. My wife stepped in front of him and began a slow, sexy dance. She rubbed he hands over her body as she slinked around in front of him. My wife then put the toe of her high heel on his crotch and rubbed it in a circle. He reached down, took her ankle in his hand and kissed her ankle. She pulled away and turned around to show off her amazing bubble butt. She slowly twerked her ass around in sexy circles.

Gradually, she moved her ass towards the bulge in his pants. She sat down on his lap and ground her butt into the growing manhood in his pants. She rubbed herself all over his body. It was working. He seemed to be enjoying the show. She climbed off of him and got down on her knees and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his growing tool and began to suck it tenderly. He looked down at her, then closed his eyes and threw his head back. He faintly moaned his approval. She was once again servicing her Alpha lover’s shaft. Once she had him hard and ready, she crawled back up onto of him. She put her lips to his ear and whispered something into his ear. He shook his head and smiled like a crazy man.

My wife got off of him and went to the nightstand and retrieved some lube. She returned back to him and climbed onto his lap. My wife reached down and pulled her panties away from her butt crack to expose her tight asshole. She poured some lube on her finger, then placed it between her tight ass cheeks. She threw her head back and slid her finger into her asshole. Slowly, she worked it in deeper. Then she removed it and put more lube on her hand and then grasped his rock-hard probe. She lubed his cock up so that it looked very slippery, then got off of him and turned around.

FUCK, I thought. She is going to let him fuck her ass. This was my fantasy. I had asked her to do it with me for years. She had always told me no. She was afraid it would hurt. Now, she was giving him her ass. He had not taken it in a sexual rage. No, she was willingly presenting it to him without a fight. What the fuck! She placed the head of his cock against her hole, then slowly, gently attempted to push it into her. Her ass was tiny and did not want to cooperate. He placed his large hands on her waist to steady her. She tried again. It seemed like something might be happening this time. She pushed her self a bit lower. There was a pop. Her eyes opened wide and she let out a gasp. The tip of his cock had penetrated her sphincter. It had closed tight around the shaft of his cock.

She sat there for a moment and breathed deeply. Then my wife began to sit lower, canlı casino siteleri into his lap, impaled on his rigid penis. She pushed down an inch, then up, then down again. With each thrust she gained more depth. It took a while for her to finally take all of his massive appendage. Once he was fully inside her, she took a break. She turned her head back towards him and stole a kiss. My wife then told James that she wanted him to take her ass, her virgin ass. She told him that she had saved her ass for a real man and that she wanted him to show her how a real man takes what he wants. He now owned it and she wanted him to use it as he saw fit. She then began to ride his stiff rod with zeal. James held her waist tightly. Soon, he was helping her ride by lifting her body then thrusting it down on his cock hard. Watching his hard tool penetrate her tight hole was getting him very excited. He thrusted her harder and harder and talked shit to her. He told her she was one crazy bitch and how much of a slut she was. She cooed and encouraged him to tell her more.

James was beginning to get so excited that he wanted and needed more. His body began to shuffle, then he stood up. My wife’s feet lifted off the floor. She was hanging off him, impaled by his massive cock. He spun her around and laid her onto our bed. He took his large hand and pushed her face down into the mattress. He was still penetrating her deeply. He got on top of her and began to pound her ass hard. Her whole body bounced on the bed. She let out a scream as she recoiled with each thrust. Her scream was a mixture of pain and ecstasy. I stood watching as her tiny body disappeared and reappeared over and over again as she laid below him. He was so incredibly powerful, dominant and was taking what was now his. I began to wonder how long she could take the pounding. She seemed to be in a trance, totally out of control, just accepting the plowing she was receiving.

I then heard my wife say something softly. I did not catch what she said, but it was obvious that James did, because he pounded harder. Then she said it again. This time I heard it. She was telling him that she wanted him to take her virginity away. She continued to encourage him, each time a little louder. Finally, she just started screaming, TAKE IT! James was going nuts. His hips were pumping very fast. His hands flew all over her body. She had him in a sexual frenzy. His orgasm started with a flash, then a bang and a large scream of release. His body pinned her to the bed. I watched as his body convulsed in multiple waves. Each pulse, pumping his virile manhood deep within her ass. She shook below him. It appeared that she was in full orgasm but I could not tell as his body had totally covered her. I could hear muffled screams and moans that were over powered by James loud howls. They were one body, one soul, one in our bed, both experiencing simultaneous orgasmic bliss.

My cock oozed pre-cum into my cage. A small wet spot appeared on my panties. Once again, my body was paying tribute to the power of James and his profound sexual prowess. Their orgasms began to subside. James body began to relax. His hands wrapped around her body below him. His lips kissed her neck. She turned her head so that he could she her face. She thanked James for taking her ass from her. She told him that he was the most amazing lover she had ever had. My wife then told him that she never wanted anyone else inside her. My heart sunk. Her comment was made in the moment of shear passion, but I knew she meant it. My wife was submitting to his absolute dominance and there was nothing I could do about it. I would never make love to her again.

A few moments passed before he pulled out and got out of bed. My wife did not move, she was totally spent. James got dressed, bent down and kissed her and said he would see her later and walked out of the room like nothing happened. I heard the door to the condo close seconds later, he was gone. I slipped out of the bathroom and approached my wife on the bed. Her eyes were closed. Cum was dripping from her gaping asshole in one long white stream. Her panties were still pulled to the side. I climbed onto the bed and held my wife tightly. She opened her eyes and told me that James was amazing and that she had never realized what real, passionate, hard core sex felt like. I just looked at her. Did she know what she was saying, I thought? Did she realize that she just said that to me, her husband?

She then put her hand on my head and told me that she needed me down there. My wife then pushed my head to her freshly fucked asshole. She told me that it needed a soft tongue to make it feel better. I soon found myself inches from her hole, cum still streaming from inside. Her hand pressed on the back of my head as she told me to love her hole. My lips, soon connected with the place I had always dreamed of putting my cock. James seed flowed slowly onto my tongue. It tasted strange. It was not just his cum this time, it was a sickening mixture of his gift and her fucked asshole. This was not exciting. It was not sexual, like when I cleaned her pussy after sex. No this was foul and disgusting. I had been reduced to eating her lovers cum from her shithole. My body trembled as I did the dirty deed. I asked myself why I was doing this. What possible reason would I being subjecting myself to this humiliation?

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