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My name is Martin and I am married to my wife Christina. I had been married before when I got a girl pregnant, I was only 19. We did what everyone expected of us and got married. It was a recipe for disaster. I came home one day to find her old boyfriend sharing our bed with her, What I saw made it look like she welcomed him back with open legs. Due to her continuing infidelity I got custody of our son Tim. I later married Christina 8 years my junior. I am 37 she is 29, we are close and she acts like a good mom to her step-son Tim. He is still very much my son and anything I say he does not argue with.

Tim attends college, Christina works as a medication assistant in a pharmacy and I work as a supervisor on nightshift for a surveillance company. I do ten hour shifts which gives me three days every week with my family.

It was during my long weekend off that I noticed Christina had changed her routine, normally she showered before bed. Lately it was around 9pm whether I was here or going to work. I mentioned in passing that I had noticed the change. Christina was very quiet ( not like her at all ) Tim was round at his friends so I asked her what was wrong. She said she would prefer not to in case it got Timmy into trouble. Now my curiosity was really fired. I told her I would not get angry but I could see it troubled her.

She told me that for a few weeks now he has been spying on her in the bathroom. She said she wasn’t sure how long it had been going on but the other week she was shaving her pussy of any regrowth. She had her leg up on the stool when she saw his shadow under the door. She told me he must have got a real eyeful. On other nights she was now aware he was watching.

“What do you want me to do about it I asked ” She was alarmed and said to me that he is unaware she knows and wants to keep it that way. She said she wouldn’t be able to face him if he was confronted about it. “I have changed my routine and that has stopped him, so please don’t mention anything”. I told her that was ok with me and that he was probably doing what every 18 year old horny male does. She still was having some concerns so I persisted with her to tell me everything.

” Since I now shower earlier, he has stopped spying, he watches television with me instead, Anytime I say I am tired he offers to give my legs a massage.” I asked her if she had let him and she said no because she was worried I would get angry with her. I said to her ” Why would I get angry?” She said that she is on her feet all day and some evenings it is tempting to take him up on it.

I have no problems with that, if you feel he is going too far just let me know and I will discretely put an end to it. He has never disobeyed me and I think that won’t change in the near future either. I asked her where he asks her to massage her legs and she says in the living room

“Good” I said ” That is a nice safe area, never agree to any of the bedrooms”

I suggested the next time I am working tell him yes and see what happens. I also told her she can give me a daily commentary if it made her feel more secure

Christina took a big breath and said she had not given any thought to Tim asking to use the bedroom and would I think she would suggest it. I calmed her down by telling her a neutral area would be better for her to be in control that was all and I trusted her so it would be ok. I suggested the next time I am working tell him yes and see what happens. I also told her she can give me a daily commentary if it made her feel more secure. She looked unsure but I said it would be okay

I was working the following night and spend the day doing odd jobs around the house. While setting up the cabinet below the television set, ( which had locked glass doors to keep my limited edition flutes and glasses.) I repaired the locking mechanism, however I started to think about what Christina told me. I was worried if Tim would go too far and would casino oyna she still protect him. I went out to my work shed ( I sometimes take work home to see how well they work ) and I decided I would place a digital camera in there locking the door afterwards. It had a timing mechanism that would switch itself on at 10pm and off again at 2 am.

At 9pm Christina went and had her nightly shower before giving me my sandwiches for the night. I kissed her goodnight and told her not to worry about anything.

I arrived home in the morning meeting Christina as she left for work. I gave her a kiss and said to her ” Any problems ” She told me no and I was correct about Tim. She got into her car and drove off. Tim was inside in his usual mode of trying to get out on time which is a rare occurrence. After Tim left and was picked up by the college bus I unlocked the cabinet door and took out the camera.

I connected it to the television and it opened with Christina sitting on the sofa watching a television program. After about 15 minutes of this Tim arrived home. After some soft drinks and a handful of sandwiches he eventually asked Christina if she had a busy day. She answered that she had and was very weary. “Why don’t I give you shoulders a rub or your calves”? Tim asked, but the sound of his voice was that he expected to be turned down. Christina delayed answering for a while then said she could really do with her legs massaged.

This took Tim by surprise and he hadn’t thought this through. He began to rub her calf and Christina asked him if he had any massage oil. Tim said no however any despondency was allayed when she said there was some in the bathroom. He came back into the living room with a two small towels and the massage oil. Christina lay back on the sofa while Tim sat on the edge. The angle allowed me a 45 degree view of her legs and nightdress. Christina’s face blocked by Tim sitting where he was

He spent a good ten minutes on her foot and ankle the bent her knee to do her calf . Christina’s legs were still close together so nothing was visible. When he massaged the other foot then placed her left leg on his knee to give him better access to the right leg. He took his time again however when he bent her knee to do her other calf her panties came into view. They were a modest pair that gave nothing away but she was unaware he had an open view of the gusset. I then noticed that although they were an unglamorous pair of panties they did show off her camel toe. Tim had a very good view of this. When he began to massage her knees she brought an end to it.

In the evening I asked her how it went she thought it was indeed an innocent event. The next morning’s viewing was very similar with no untoward comments from Christina at night. She must have begun to trust him more as the third day’s viewing I could see she allowed him to go mid thigh

I left for work the fourth night thinking I will dismantle the camera on my days off as nothing was too much out of the ordinary. Again I met her in the morning with a peck on the cheek and told her I would prepare the evening meal for her coming home after I catch up some sleep. Tim caught his bus as usual

I played the footage on the television. Tim came through with the massage oil and proceeded like he had done the previous evening. He did up as far as her knee on both legs however this time she did not close her legs. Her knees remained bent and apart. He got some more oil and started to massage her thighs. The higher he went the more her nightdress gathered just short of her waist. It was then I noticed she was wearing sheer panties with her slit and clitoris clearly visible. He massaged up to her panties on both thighs brushing her panties

He then asked if she would like he shoulders rubbed and she said yes please. He left her legs uncovered with her semi-covered pussy on view while he went up to her shoulders. He was gentle with her and when slot oyna it came to doing her upper chest he slipped the straps of her nightdress down her arms. He rubbed the oil into her chest, the top of her nightdress being slowly pushed down. At one point I could see her areolas come into view but not her nipples. His hands wend down the side of her breasts when she said they should stop. I found myself really hard watching this footage and decided I want to see more.

That night Christina mentioned nothing about the massage however our lovemaking that night was as hot as I ever had she was really on heat with me. I thought this is good I get to watch her enjoying herself and get great sex afterwards too. She was getting turned on by it too.

My nights off went by too quickly and I headed off to the first of my four nights. Next morning wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. When the house emptied I replayed the footage of the previous night. This time he started with her shoulders and took his time rubbing all the tension out. Again he pushed her straps down her arms and began to massage her chest, This time her nipples came into view and I thought why did she allow that. I took a closer look and it appeared she had fallen asleep. He massaged both of her breasts, her nipples were pointing up she may have been asleep but she was also horny.

He went down to her legs and gradually massaged up her calves to her knees and her thighs. She was still asleep. I saw him open the ribbons to her nightdress at the front, exposing her to his view , except for the sheer panties ( which might as well not have been there ). When he reached her panties he rubbed over her mound. Her hips began to move with this. He pulled her panties to the side, now her pussy was on view. She was wet and Tim managed to easily get a finger into her. Then a second while he played with her clitoris. I could see her start to climax. Tim got startled and removed his finger replacing her panties. As she woke Tim quickly left the room, he had no chance to close her nightdress. I could see the look of embarrassment as she looked at her exposed body. She called out to Tim but he did not answer. I then saw her put her hand inside her panties and make herself cum again. I was so hard It was going to be difficult to sleep today.

At night I asked her how things went. She told me she accidentally fell asleep I thought she might tell me how she found herself exposed but she didn’t. I began to think she is getting off on this as much as I am.

I went to work that night looking forward to the next morning’s viewing.

Morning came with the usual routine and soon I was alone in the house with my footage was awaiting. The scene was the same as most night. He massaged her shoulder and chest, again he uncovered her breasts. Her eyes were closed but somehow I didn’t think she was asleep this time, however if Tim did then things would become interesting.

He began to massage her legs this time leaving the apart. As he went higher it was apparent she was not wearing any panties. Tim just stared at it. He opened her nightdress fully exposing every inch of that gorgeous body He touched her pussy playing with her clitoris and then insert two then three fingers into her. He separated her legs and put his face into her pussy,

I could hear him licking her. Christina’s breathing was getting heavier and her hips meeting his licking tongue. She climaxed with such force. Tim covered her and again left the room.

She sat up her face full of sexual satisfaction. I was so hard watching this .I wondered what the next night would bring. I didn’t ask her how it went in case she gave the game away

The next morning both appeared a little tired. Christina said it was a hard week and she would be grateful when Friday came. Tim left for college as usual running for the bus…

I switched on the screen for twenty minutes nothing happened. Then Christine canlı casino siteleri said. I enjoy your massages but would you be embarrassed if I asked you to give me a full massage. Tim asked her what she meant. If I wrap a towel around me and lie on the other towel will you massage me all over. Tim nodded before he uttered “Oh Yes I could”

Christina stood up and went to the laundry cupboard for two large towels. She lay one on the sofa Then asked Tim to go and get the massaging oils while she changed. Tim left the room Christina removed her nightdress and lay naked on the sofa face down. She covered herself with the other towel

Tim started on her neck and shoulders, I could hear Christina almost purr slowly as he worked his way down her back moving the towel southward at the same time. When he got to her lower back she told him if the towel was in the way then take it away. Tim didn’t need to be told twice. My young wife now lay naked on her tummy in front of her step-son. He massaged her buttocks and let some oil run down the crack to her anus. His hands glided over the top of her anus and she gave a jump. Now she opened her legs. He did the same again and she pushed back at him.. He poured a little more oil into the crack of her cheeks but this time he left his finger on her anus. She pushed back against him his finger going inside her. She got up on her knees and sat back on him rocking against his finger. She then lay down on her tummy . I was so hard watching this but I was also amazed because she would never let me touch her there.

Tim now went to her legs I still had the view up her lovely shaped legs and saw the pink of her pussy glisten with her juices. He massaged her legs up to her thighs. She asked him if he would be embarrassed if she turned over. He said she could do that if she wants. She turned over her breast sporting very stiff nipples and her legs apart exposing the pink inner labia and her protruding clitoris. He massaged her breasts as Christina groaned with pleasure. He delicately massaged up her legs until he came in contact with her pussy. He drew her knees up. Christina’s pussy almost grotesque in its magnificence. Then he began to lick her pussy, slowly at first and then building her up to her climax. Her body rocked with pleasure. Tim disappeared from view as Christina lay there in the afterglow of her climax. When Tim returned he was naked sporting a huge erection.

He began kissing her nipples and Christina’s eyes remained closed. Her nipples were hard as he rolled them between his fingers. As he did this he was playing wither clitoris with his other hand, then he moved between her legs. Christina’s eyes opened when she felt the head of his cock touch her hot moist entrance. She tried to push him off and told Tim that we can’t do this, its going to far. She no longer was in control of the situation and Tim was intent on his own mission, he pushed his whole length all the way inside her. He began to pump into her and Christine’s resistance very quickly melted.

Her body responded to his thrusts and she wrapped her legs around him. He was big and she was accommodating all of him. She let out a scream as she came again, her nails tore large streaks on Tim’s back. Tim began to pump harder as Christina came for a third time just as he erupted into her.

As they lay there in a post coital cuddle. Christina asked him never to tell anyone. She said she didn’t mean it to go this far but it was that with two guys in the house she has never felt so horny.

The rest of the recording showed them asleep but nearing the end of the recording Christina is seen rubbing his cock until he is hard again, then sits astride of him and impales herself on him. She rides him until they both cum almost simultaneously, then the recording ends.

That evening nothing is mentioned by any party and I leave things as is until my days off. There was no lovemaking the next night ( probably too tired ), however on my nights off she was like a wanton rabbit with me, She was right, she is very very horny. I could stop my son any time or show Christina the recording but I choose to have the best of both worlds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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