Compromising Positions Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Jenne took Angela’s hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom. They lay down, and Angela ran her fingers lightly across Jenne’s skin.

“You’ve been busy…” she whispered as she leaned down and took a nipple ring between her teeth. The slight pull felt wonderful on Jenne’s sensitive nipple. Angela’s other hand trailed down her body, tweaking her other nipple, feeling Jenne’s smooth stomach, and finally finding the gold bead dangling in front of her clit.

“Oh nice…” Angela breathed, and took the bead between two fingers. She began using it to make small circles on Jenne’s clit, increasing pressure as it began having the desired effect. Jenne arched her back and let a small moan escape of waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

Releasing the nipple ring, Angela began kissing down the trail left by her hand. When she reached Jenne’s pussy, she moved herself around and placed herself between her eagerly spread legs. She took two fingers, and began gently probing Jenne’s moistening slit. She breathed lightly on Jenne’s clit, then began gently sucking and licking the swelling nub.

A few minutes later, Jenne’s hips rocking, her arms reaching for the side of the bed, she explosively came. Angela looked up casino şirketleri and grinned as her new friend smiled back contentedly. Jenne sat up, and gestured for Angela to lie down.

“Let me return the favor” she whispered.

Starting with Angela’s neck, she gently licked her way down her body. She sucked on Angela’s pierced nipple, running her tongue over the tiny barbell.

“Harder” Angela said, as Jenne took the barbell between her teeth and began tugging on it. She turned her attention to the other nipple, saying “it looked lonely.” Using her teeth, she lightly bit down on it, and sucked at the same time.

“That’s nice” Angela breathed.

Jenne reached down with her hand and began rubbing Angela’s clit while sucking on the sensitive nipple. She increased the rhythm as Angela started responding to her.

Jenne moved to the end of the bed, placing herself between Angela’s eagerly parted knees. With two fingers, she pulled on the ring piercing Angela’s labia, while using her other hand to explore the moist folds of her pussy. After a hesitant lick, she began eagerly sucking and licking Angela’s quickly swelling pussy. In no time at all, she was rewarded with a series of loud moans, and Angela casino firmaları came.

She crawled back up the bed, and straddled Angela’s languorously stretched torso. Leaning down, Jenne gave her a deep kiss.

“That was incredible. I never imagined” she said.

“Oh! Wait!” She leaned over and opened the night stand drawer. Angela pulled herself up onto her elbows and looked into the drawer. “Toys! You think of everything!”

Jenne climbed off her and started pulling the assortment of toys from the drawer and laid them on the bed. Angela looked through them, found the anal probe, and said “is this what I think it is?”.


“Hmmm… On your stomach Woman!” she ordered.

Jenne crawled back on the bed. She took a pillow, and placed it under her hips, laying on her stomach. Angela picked up the tube of KY jelly and squirted a generous amount on Jenne’s waiting rectum. She picked up the “Rabbit”, smeared it with some lube, and began probing Jenne’s pussy. She slowly entered her, turning the vibrator on, and carefully placing it so the little rabbit figurine was in contact with Jenne’s clit. As Jenne softly moaned beneath her, she took the probe and began slowly inserting it into her asshole. güvenilir casino The moans became louder, as the double penetration had it’s effect. Jenne had never felt so full, the sensation was intense and it didn’t take her long to feel her second orgasm of the evening coming on fast. Waves of pleasure ran through her body, as Angela’s probe found the perfect spot. Her hips bucking, she moaned loudly, as her vaginal and rectal muscles spasmed around their intruders. After what seemed like an eternity, she calmed down, and with both probes still inserted, she raised herself on one elbow and looked over her shoulder at Angela.

“Oh man, that was amazing.” She smiled dreamily.

Angela gently removed the anal probe. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think the neighbors heard you!”

“That’s okay, it was worth it. You’re amazing, you know that? Come here.” She gestured for Angela to join her.

When she was lying beside her, she took the egg vibrator and carefully inserted it in Angela’s eager pussy. Jenne held up the remote and said “This is a fun one!” She quickly turned the dial on the remote, getting a sharp yelp from Angela as the vibration started. Jenne picked up another vibrator and turned her attention to Angela’s clit. Soon Angela was yelling her pleasure as loud as Jenne did.

Now completely sated, “We should sleep, I’m exhausted” Jenne said. She turned off the lights, and in no time, the new lovers were asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

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