College Boy Ch. 02

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A month had passed since I had fucked my best friend Mac’s son Hayden in his college dorm room. Now it was a typical Sunday afternoon in Mac’s basement; downing a couple of beers and watching the game. I had thought about Hayden constantly in the past month but had been too afraid to reach out. Part of me still felt guilty and slightly dirty about what happened, but another part of me wanted nothing more than for it to happen again. I had masturbated to the memory countless times, and a week ago my wife Lisa and I had sex for the first time in ages, and the only way I could cum was to imagine my cock was inside Hayden instead. The dynamic with Mac was also slightly off. He didn’t suspect a thing, which made me feel even more guilt, though it did admittedly turn me on.

Mac and I sat drinking beer, making small talk throughout the game. The usual meaningless conversations about work, sports, weather, until he uttered five words that immediately got my blood pumping: “Hayden’s home for the weekend.”

I nearly spit out my drink. I couldn’t believe it. I had been at his house for hours and all this time Hayden had been just a few feet away. I tried to play it off as cool as I could.

“Oh ya? How’s he liking college?”

“He’s liking it.” Mac said bluntly. “Oh thanks again for dropping off that printer for him.”

“My pleasure.” I said with a cheeky smirk on my face.

After that there was an awkward silence. Or at least it felt awkward. I tried to remain as calm as possible, trying not to act as excited as I was feeling.

“Is he out with friends or something?” I asked slyly.

“Nah he’s here.” Mac replied. My heart skipped a beat. There was a brief pause while I decided how to proceed.

“He doesn’t wanna come down and watch the game with us?” An innocent enough question. Hayden used to love watching sports with us when he was younger.

“I asked, he said he was busy. Aw man check out the tits on her!” He motioned to the TV showing a toothpaste commercial with a busty announcer.

“Oh ya, sweet.” I said unconvincingly. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I text Hayden? Should I even be thinking about this? We hadn’t spoken in over a month and for all I know he was feeling regretful and guilty too. I finished my beer and tried not to think about it. I was just about to ask Mac to pass me another bets10 one when my phone buzzed. Mac didn’t seem to notice, he was still fixated on the girl on TV.

I pulled it out and saw four inviting words: Upstairs bathroom. Five minutes.

My heart began pounding. I reread the short message at least a dozen times while debating what to do. I was a guest in my best friend’s house, it was his only son, what was I even thinking? I put my phone away and tried to ignore it. But who was I kidding?

“I gotta piss.” I said simply to Mac and stood up.

“Alright well hurry back, only 10 minutes left!”

“Ya ya.” I said as I climbed the stairs and left the basement. On the main floor I kept a close eye out for Mac’s wife, Kate. Last time I saw her she was in the living room watching TV. No sign of her. I crept up the stairs going to the second floor bathroom, no sign of Kate or Hayden anywhere. I ducked into the bathroom and closed the door. My heart was racing and I felt out of breath. What was I doing!? I stared at myself long and hard in the mirror and debated leaving the bathroom, going out the front door and simply going home. I turned to face the door but before I could move any further the door swung open to reveal Hayden, completely naked. He calmly came in and shut the door, grinning from ear to ear.

Before I could say anything he raised his hand and put a finger to his lips, motioning me to be quiet. I obeyed. Hayden walked over to me and within seconds he was in my arms and his lips on mine. I pulled him close and kissed him back more deeply and passionately than I had kissed anyone before. My hands felt his smooth back and grabbed his firm ass. As I squeezed it Hayden’s tongue slipped into my mouth and I happily reciprocated. I couldn’t take my hands off his ass, I could have squeezed it for hours, but Hayden had other ideas.

His hands went from my waist to my belt, slowly undoing it while our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Once my belt was undone my pants were pulled down and my already raging hard cock was released. Our making out was put on hold while Hayden pulled my pants off, an action I was happy to allow. As he pulled them off I took my shirt off, matching his own nudity. Hayden used his impressive strength to push me to the side of the bathtub, sitting me down and spreading bets10 giriş my legs. Hayden went to his knees, glaring longingly at my hard cock throbbing between my legs.

Before I knew it Hayden’s mouth was deep on my cock and I almost cried out loud in pleasure. His tongue soaked me while he went up and down, slowly sucking tenderly on my head while his hand gently massaged my balls. I ran both my hands through his hair and applied some pressure on the back of his head, forcing him to go deeper. I heard him choke slightly but he persisted to go as deep as he could until my entire cock was submerged in his wet mouth. Hayden tugged harder on my balls while he continued to deep throat me. His free hand started to explore my chest and he began to rub my left nipple, a new pleasure which sent a shiver throughout my body.

He must have sensed my approval as he brought his lips down to my balls and expertly fit both on them in his mouth, lightly sucking and now allowing both free hands to play with my nipples. I leaned back on the side of the tub to give him more room as he sucked. As Hayden teased my nipples and sucked my balls simultaneously as my cock throbbed harder and harder, bouncing off his forehead.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled him up off my cock and back to my mouth to kiss me. As we kissed my hands went right back to his ass, spreading his cheeks and rubbing his hole. I started to press down on it until my finger slowly went inside and up his tight ass. He moaned softly as we continued to kiss as I shoved my finger up as far as it could go, and Hayden started to grind his body slowly in motion to my finger sliding inside him, fucking my finger as our tongues were pressed deep inside each other’s mouths and our cocks rubbed together. I removed my finger and put it in Hayden’s mouth, which he sucked eagerly.

I put my hands on Hayden’s head and pushed him back down to my cock, a request that he happily obeyed. His right hand gripped my shaft and massaged it firmly while his mouth devoured my cock, his left hand back to my balls, tugging them tightly. I ran my hands through Hayden’s hair as he sucked, breathing heavy in complete euphoria. His motions became faster and faster, squeezing my cock hard and gripping my balls tightly while he sucked. My body started to quiver, bets10 güvenilir mi I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to cum. I could feel it rising and just as I was about to explode I heard a loud knock at the door.

“Hayden? You in there?” It was Kate.

I froze. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. Hayden stopped for only a second, but then continued to slowly suck. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want Hayden to stop but was frozen in a weird blend of fear and pleasure. I decided to answer.

“No Kate, it’s just me.” I could hear the quivering in my voice. I hoped she didn’t notice.

“Oh.” She replied, seemingly confused as to why I was using the upstairs bathroom. “Have you seen Hayden?”

“Um, n-” Before I could finish the word Hayden tickled my balls and my voice cracked. “No, no I haven’t!”

“Are you okay?”

“Fine, fine! Just something I ate.” I didn’t know what I was doing, I was both equally terrified and turned on.

“Oh, alright. Well if you see Hayden tell him I’m looking for him.”

“Will do!” I heard footsteps leave the door. I looked down at Hayden and grinned. He chuckled softly before deep throating my cock again. I cried out as quietly as I could, this was too much. Hayden stroked harder and harder, squeezing my cock as tight as he could, pushing me over the edge. I gripped tightly on the back of his head and forced him all the way down as I finally came.

Cum erupted out of my cock directly down his throat. I could feel it pulsating inside his cheeks as it flowed out of me, cumming more than I had ever cum before. He stayed where he was until every last drop was out of me. He slowly took his mouth off of me, squeezing my cock tightly with his lips, cleaning up every bit of cum. He looked up and at me, mouth full of my cum, grinning for a moment before swallowing it all.

Hayden came back to my lips and we kissed a little more. I could taste what was left of my cum on his tongue while I wrapped my arms around Hayden and held him. I didn’t want to let him go, and by the way he kissed me the feeling must have been mutual. I pulled away as I started to realize how long I must have been gone for. Mac was probably wondering where I was.

“I should get back downstairs.” I said regrettably.

He nodded and gave me one last kiss before turning away towards the door, allowing me to take another long look at his firm ass as he walked away. As he put his hand on the handle I called out to him. He turned to face me as I grinned and said:

“Your mom’s looking for you.”

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