Celebrity Sex News – Week 01

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Hello My Dear Readers…

I always wanted to write stories with characters that fall in the category of People We Look Up To.

They may be an actor, an athlete or any famous personality…

Though not exactly based on true events or actual celebrities, I have been trying to conceive plots that stand somewhere between a spoof and a fantasy.

My works ‘An Interview With Madhavi Doshi’ and ‘My Mom In A Sex Simulator’ follow the same theme, and this is another of my humble attempts, but in a larger scale.

The naming pattern followed here is similar to the style employed in the above mentioned stories.

It is an experiment by all means, and I will be imitating a narrative pattern akin to News Bulletins.

Please note that all characters in this episode are purely fictional, and do not exist in real-life.

Also, I wish to straightaway admit that this particular series will be more enjoyable if one is well informed about Indian Cinema. The others may find it a little disappointing.

However, I hope all of you will like this.

Happy Reading!!


Ladies & Gentlemen…

Welcome to Celebrity Sex News… The show where we bring you all the sleazy & spicy updates of your favorite stars!!

My name is Rajesh, and I will be taking you through the weekly round-up of masala-filled news from around the world.

Let’s start right away…

1) Madhavi Doshi buys new Bra & Panties!!

India’s Dream Girl, Madhavi, bought herself new sets of bras and panties, from the Slutty Lady store in Mumbai.

She told reporters that her booty size had considerably increased over the last two months, and she had to get some new panties. As she always wore matching bras, she bought them together.

The Manager at Slutty Lady, Rocky, said Madhavi was very happy with their new collection.

He had seen her try a black colored highly transparent demi bra, and according to him she looked absolutely gorgeous in it.

Madhavi, now over 50, is known to use the same pair of panties for years, and wears them even if they have holes in it.

The fact that her last purchase was just 4 months ago, further stressed on the detail that her ass has turned a lot more thicker, raising expectations.

Google almost crashed with close to 1 Billion search requests for pictures that were blessed with the back-view of their favorite actress.

However, according to the Detailed Body Analysis, conducted by some of the most prominent Online Observers, Madhavi’s butt has not picked up much fat, thereby contradicting her earlier statement.

While this piece of sensitive information has forced her fans to worry about a possible scandal, with some even going to the extent of questioning her integrity, the real reason could be something truly pleasing.

Sources have been claiming that Madhavi is traveling to USA, next week, to attend a very important meeting with a big Hollywood Studio.

And, her new inner-wears could in-fact be for an Audition the makers are planning to conduct.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed to see Madhavi in a sizzling hot avatar, in her very first Hollywood Movie.

She may have tried to maintain secrecy about the whole project, but since she is going all out for the Screen Test, the film will definitely be one that makes the whole of India leak.

2) Safiya Mirza Gang-Banged in Pakistan!!

Popular Indian Tennis Star, Safiya Mirza, was humiliated and group fucked, inside the Government Guest House in Lahore.

She was made to strip in front of 25 other officials by the Head of Sports Activities, Mr. Naved Khan, as her husband, Suhail Malik, watched helplessly.

Safiya was earlier warned for supporting India, in a cricket match against Pakistan, and the cruel punishment was because she repeated the same mistake, during the recently concluded T-20 Series.

The Ace Player’s modern dressing style and hot looks were also a matter of concern for some top Pakistani Officials.

There were clear orders to make her remove her western outfit and get her to wear illegal bahis the traditional abaya, even if it meant using force.

Safiya resisted strongly, but soon hesitantly agreed to their demands, seeing her husband being threatened of his place in the Pakistan Team. She knew how much Suhail loved cricket.

Currently ranked Number 7, in Women’s Tennis, Safiya had worn a tight white shirt, and dark blue skinny jeans, when she arrived for the hearing.

She unbuttoned her shirt, filled with shame, and pulled down her jeans, quickly, hoping to be given the new outfit immediately. But, that is where things went out of control.

Safiya only had a strapless light pink bra, and black colored thong covering her modesty, as she desperately waited for the traditional attire to be handed over to her.

The men in power were first shocked, then stunned and soon completely aroused to see an Indian Celebrity, standing in front of them in a totally vulnerable condition.

She was also in the sluttiest state they had ever seen an Indian woman.

The officials easily tricked Suhail into leaving the room, by asking him to get the abaya, even faking an apology for not keeping the same ready.

The heartbroken husband desperately ran around the surrounding streets, begging for a robe, but would return only after 2 long hours, still empty-handed.

And by the time he was back, Safiya had been exploited in all possible ways, and left weeping on the floor, alone.

Mrs. Suhail admitted she was gang-banged, and had cum shot inside her pussy. She could not recollect the horrifying incident completely, but was certain she had been double-penetrated.

Further adding to her woes, the miscreants had taken away all of her clothes, before leaving the room, and also stripped her off her intimate-wear, as well.

Media Reporters tried to cover a naked Safiya rushing her way inside the car, but they could not get much footage of her freshly pounded body.

As the incident happened during the 32 year old’s fertile window, there are chances she might have been impregnated.

3) Malavika Aroyyo honored in UAE!!

The most wanted MILF of Bollywood, Malavika, arrived in Dubai as a special guest of The Young Rich Arab Men Organisation.

She was declared as the ‘Most Fapped to Mom’, and awarded a 12 inched dildo made of pure gold.

The President of the Organisation, Rashid Junaid, said he wished Malavika was his real mother.

He also added that he would happily let his dad marry again, if Malavika agrees to be his Step-Mom.

Other speakers requested Malavika to do more item numbers, and invited her to perform in their dance bars.

Some also offered to produce her movies, if she is ready to act in steamy sex scenes.

Malavika, who is the mother of an 18 year old boy, said she was grateful for all the kind words, and happily proclaimed it is the love young horny cocks give her that helps her stay healthy and happy.

She concluded her speech requesting all sons to love their moms, the same way they love her, much to the twisted delight of the cheering crowd.

Those who had purchased Special Access Tickets were allowed to watch Malavika stuff the entire length of the Gold Dildo inside her love-hole, in a private show.

She is also scheduled to visit the newly developed Happy Island, the only area in the world where clothes are prohibited.

4) Bhama Patekar shoots for a Condom Advertisement!!

Bhama had not had the luck to act with veteran actor Aneesh Kapoor, so far, but she now has reasons to cheer.

The duo recently shot together, for the leading condom manufacturer – Kamax.

Bhama played Aneesh’s daughter in the commercial, and the two seemed to have had a great time on the sets.

The 40 seconds long video starts with Aneesh trying hard to refuse Bhama’s sexual advances, and has the lusty lass at her seductive best.

While Bhama portrays a young craving girl who just cannot wait to be filled by her own dad, Aneesh is shown to be worried he might make her pregnant, and spoil her life.

That illegal bahis siteleri is when Bhama guides a reluctant Aneesh’s hairy arm inside her kurti top, and his hand returns with a Kamax branded condom packet.

The advertisement ends with a blurred shot of Aneesh pulling Bhama’s hair hard, both fully naked, as he fucks her from the back, in doggy style.

The company is planning a promotional campaign focusing on Incestual Love between Mother & Son, as-well.

5) Arya Bhatia admits she does not Shave her Pussy!!

Arya had an oops moment while walking out of a suburban cafe in Delhi, with her boyfriend, Satbir Kapoor, last Tuesday.

The strong wind caused Arya’s mini skirt to completely rise up, leaving her panty-less crotch fully exposed for the public.

And to everybody’s shock, her pussy was just too hairy.

“Her muff was thick black. None of us could see anything. I never thought Arya was so dirty & unhygienic.” said the security guard at the cafe.

Satbir looked very angry, and was rightfully upset with his lover. People had started mocking him, asking if he too was hairy down there.

Later replying to questions, in Social Media, Arya said it has been more than a year since she shaved her cunt, and she always liked it bushy.

“And, even if I feel I should get rid of it, I only trim there. I am too scared to use a blade. I say no even if my loving dad offers assistance. But, I do let him help me trim around my pussy lips.” Arya explained.

Actress Kara Adhani reacted on this, saying Arya never had to face the casting couch, and so she never had to care about her holes.

Kara further added that newcomers like herself and Dilsha Patnawali, who do not have any filmy background, even have to keep their butt-holes shaved.

6) Anashwara Rao visits the Doctor!!

Anashwara, the Queen of Bollywood, had been complaining of vaginal itching for the last few days.

And, she was present at Dr. Steven Finch’s clinic for a thorough inspection, yesterday.

Dr. Steven, a professionally qualified gynecologist from Australia, has been practicing in Mumbai for a year now, with most of his clients being mature Indian actresses.

Anashwara did send him pictures of her pussy, before he sensed the condition starting to spread towards her anal-hole, and suggested a detailed look.

Viewers will remember it was just two weeks ago that Amithej Bajwa, The Pride Of Indian Cinema, and Anashwara’s father-in-law, was discharged from a private hospital, after the treatment for his penis infection.

7) Divya Balan is invited to the World of Porn!!

41 year old desi siren, Divya, had a pleasant surprise when American based Adult Entertainment Network – Sex Factory, offered her a contract to act in their movies.

While many thought it was fake news, the CEO of Sex Factory, David Aguero, has come forward confirming his interest.

“I simply love Divya. She is the hottest woman I have seen my whole life. I would love to see her busty body jumping on a thick white cock. And everybody in my office feels she has a great future waiting for her in the Porn Industry.” David said in a video he posted on Facebook.

While Sreedhar Rai Kapoor, Divya’s husband, was irritated with what he thought was an indecent proposal, she said she was flattered reading the official letter.

She further added that the offer was to be a part of their newly planned films in the MILF Category, and it greatly excited her.

Divya is not yet a mother, and she felt the role of a mature mom would have been a satisfying challenge.

When a young male journalist teased her, asking if he can expect to call her “MILF DIVYA”, in the near future, she just gave him a naughty wink.

8) Sexflicks announces 3 new Web Series!!

Popular streaming service, Sexflicks, has started work on 3 new productions.

All of them will be based on a common theme – Incest in India.

The 1st and 2nd Productions, will star Daya Mirza and Praveena Danton respectively.

The 3rd Production will be canlı bahis siteleri shot on a bigger budget, and has an ensemble cast comprising of Ratipurna Sen Gupta, Aneesha Patel and Jhanu Kapoor.

No detail was made available on the male actors signed for the shows.

Daya is expected to play the role of a Bhabhi in her early 30’s, who is lusted upon by her young brother-in-law. Infertility will be a major topic discussed in the series.

Praveena, like she had hinted earlier, will be enacting the role of a widowed mother, who lives with her 3 sons. Her character in the series is that of a college lecturer.

Ratipurna and Aneesha play cousin sisters, while Jhanu will portray the former’s step-daughter. Based on the famous novel ‘We Hate Men’, lesbian love forms the crux of the story.

Sexflicks is also planning to partner with Lustraj Productions to remake some of their golden hits.

9) Tony Nasser makes shocking revelations!!

Master Pimp, Tony, who had been recently arrested in Goa, has revealed that top actresses working in South Indian films were part of his sex racket.

The nexus that operated from Thailand had managed to rope in the likes of Sharanya Sarun, Harika Motwane and Preethimani.

A few actresses from Kerala, who have until today avoided the slightest of exposure, in movies, are also suspected to be a part of this group.

According to Tony’s confession, Sharanya and Harika charged the most for their services. They both were paid 3 Lakhs Rupees for a session that lasts 2 hours.

Preethimani was however paid less, and each 2 hour session made her richer by only 50 Thousand Rupees. The fact that she was easily available in India, even before Tony recruited her, had lowered the demand.

Once a final instruction was received, the actresses flew to Thailand in the evening, and returned in the first available flight the next day.

In special cases, they were booked for weeks together, where members in a group took turns on them each day.

10) Instagram Updates!!

-Anuja Sharma raised eyebrows, uploading a selfie that had her wearing only a red push-up bra, causing her milky breasts to pop out.

The caption also was equally bothering.

“India Lose, Congrats Kevin. Like Vinay promised, here’s me wearing what you selected.” were the disturbing lines that accompanied her photo.

It has been only a year since Anuja had got married to The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Vinay, and her latest post has got her own well-wishers, fans of her husband, and the common man demanding an explanation on what really happened.

-Samiyantha Roth Prabhu posted a smiling picture of hers in a pink one-piece bikini.

The skimpy swim-wear had the words ‘Ready To Mingle’ printed on it, and also revealed a decent amount of her private parts.

She credited her husband, Nanda Chethan, for the picture, but faced backlash from her followers, who called her a slut, and her husband a shameless cuck.

-Kinaara Kapoor posted a short video of her sucking a chocolate flavored stick ice cream.

She captioned it “WANT SOMETHING DARKER”, much to the amusement of her die-hard fans from African Countries.

-Maanya, wife of former Superstar Sanjog Dutt, posted a Poll in her Story, late into the night, asking what is the most basic thing a wife can expect from her husband.

More than the timing of the poll, it was the options that left netizens wondering.

‘An Erection That Lasts At-least A Minute’ & ‘Not Cumming Before The Wife Even Removes Her Clothes’, were the two choices, and both suggested she was having an unsatisfied sex life.

-Deepa Dutta stunned the entire country by coming Live, with football sensation Meynar.

The session lasted for a whole minute, and though we have no clue of their location, they were both seen sharing a bed.

While young Meynar had a yellow tank top on him, mature Deepa tried hard to cover her bare jugs with her left hand, as she held on to the phone with her right hand.

We still do not know if this is related to any of their professional commitments, or if there is indeed something special happening between the two.

CLOSING CREDITS : So… Viewers… That brings our First Episode to an End.

See you all next week, with more news & updates.

Goodbye For Now!!

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