Buttered Salami

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Michelle isn’t in the habit of getting up early to make her lovers breakfast, as a matter of fact she expects them to take her out for breakfast. The few that were exceptionally good, who she wanted to spend more time with. Then she would prepare a breakfast for them. Bill definitely deserved a good solid breakfast after the wild night he gave her.

He woke up to the sweet aroma of pancakes and sausages. Naked he got out of bed to go to the bathroom but to get to the bathroom he had to go through the kitchen. Michelle was at the stove, she wore an apron that was open at the back. He looked at and squeezed her round small ass as he greeted her and continued his way thinking of how sweet it was to have been in her ass the night before.

A good piss is usually good for getting rid of that morning hard on but not this time. It would take more than a piss. Walking back to the kitchen he walked up behind Michelle and put his hands on her hips.

“Have you ever done it at the stove?” He asked as his hands slide up her sides and around to her front to cup her small boobs.

“I don’t think so.” Came her quick reply as she pushed her ass back against him. She felt his semi-hardness against her back.

“Then why don’t you butter up the old sausage and guide it to your bun.” He said as he squeezed her nipples softly.

While she turned down the stove with one hand, the other reached behind her to hold onto his half hard prick.

“This is not a sausage. This is salami. There’s quite a difference.” She answered as her hand moved to the butter dish.

Michelle scooped out a generous amount and reached back to smear it over his prick and he reached for some butter and bursa escort began to smear it in her butt crack. His other hand went down to her pussy, he was pleased to find it wet and slippery, her pussy lips were puffy and her clit hard.

“What’s this? You didn’t get enough last night?” He asked as one finger slide into her hot slippery pussy and another up her ass.

“Never can get enough of a good thing.” She answered as her finger closed tightly around his prick and slid up its length. Michelle knew that there was no way for her to take the full length of his prick in her ass, but it did feel good as it slide along her palm. Mischievously she took hold of his balls before she let her hand slide back down the length of his prick.

“Remind me to make you beg for mercy.” He whispered. Two of his long thick fingers pushed into her wet and slippery cunt, at the same time he pushed a finger up her slippery asshole, pushed it deep and with draws it, then pushed two fingers into her ass hole.

“Consider yourself reminded.” Michelle purred out as the two long fingers was sliding up her anal passage and her fingers were sliding over his slippery salami, which she guides to her ass.

He with drew his finger. Letting her guide it to her hole, when he felt her move back and the tip settled in her ass he pushed forward, delighting himself in the hot tightness of her bun as his buttered salami slides into it.

Deep into her slippery ass he pushed his harden salami as he fingered her pussy and nipples, his lips and tongue teasing her ear.

Slow was the rhythm, he started with, slow long strokes that send his huge cock as deep into as it would go. Then just as slow bursa escort bayan he would withdraw until only the tip of the head was in her.

As he fucks her his fingers never stop playing with her boobs, he caresses the firm small mounts, he squeezes the erect nipples. His other hand never left her pussy. He felt up the smooth-shaven mount. Tantalizes the swollen clit with his fingers. Teases the opening of her pussy.

“Oh! You are so juicy. Let me savor your syrup.” He said as he brings two of his fingers to his lips and sucks them. Moaning softly as he sucks at her pussy juice.

“Mm mm. Delicious. Save some for the pancakes.” He pants out as a joke.

She took him serious.

“Then you better catch yours for me.” She answered delighting in the idea.

“Done.” He answered.

Michelle reaches for two small glasses and a spoon. She used the spoon to scoop the juice from her slit and put the spoon in one glass to drain. Bill kept his glass close at hand.

“Let me do that.” She said. Moving his hand from her pussy, she added. “You’re good but I know just what it takes to make my sap runs. You keep that salami moving in my bun”

“Do your thing Honey.” He whispers as he cups her tities.

As he fondles her tits she fingered her pussy as only she could. She was in no rush to cum for she wanted to accumulate as much of her body juice as she could. She teased her pussy, making it wet and slimy. Then again she reached between her thighs to scoop out her body juice.

Long and slow he fucked her anus. Despite the tightness of her anus, the heat of her of her body around his rod. He kept himself in control, not wanting to cum, giving escort bursa her time to gather her juices. Over and over his rigid buttered salami slides in her hot bun.

Often she reached down with the spoon to scale of her body fluid. It was a pleasure for her to push the spoon deep into her body. Twisting and turning against the wall of her pussy. It thrilled her to see the thick white fluid clinging to the spoon. She watched as it drains in the glass to drain. Bill was pleased to see that the bottom of the glass was covered. Minutes later she announces.

“I can’t hold out any longer.” She panted. Still, in the heat of passion she reaches for the glass.

“Do it then.” He replied.

Viciously she rubbed at her clit as she held the glass ready. Ferocious was the force that rushed through her body. She cried out as her climax engulfed her. Fearing that she would let go the glass Bill reached under her and covered her hands with his, keeping her fingers close on the glass.

With a shaking hand she used the rim of the glass scoop outside of her pussy, then used the spoon on the inside. Bills mouth water when he saw how much juice was in the glass. With renewed fervor. He continues to fuck her and very soon he cried out and reached for the glass.

Eagerly Michelle watched as his sperm squirt into the glass.

Very soon they were at the table with pancakes and sausage on their plate, their glass of white thick syrup close at hand.

“This best tastes good.” Bill said as he began to pour it over the top pancake.

“Don’t see why it shouldn’t.” Michelle answered as she also poured.

Bill smeared the syrup over the pancake and took the first taste.

“Delicious.” He said with a grin.

“Agreed.” Came her reply with a full mouth.

“Next time we’ll try a blend of the two.” He said and filled his mouth with a piece of pancake.

“Looking forward to it.” She answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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