Business Trip

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I have been lucky over my 25 year career and travelled the world seeing most of the places I wanted to see on company time and at their expense. I sometimes travelled alone but mostly with other engineers or programme managers, which are predominantly male. This time though I was going to travel across the pond to Burlington, Vermont and I was taking with me a new Graduate Engineer called Lisa. Lisa was about 25 years old, quite outgoing with a very pretty face. She was around 5ft 6 tall, larger than average chest, a small waist, but carried a bit of “junk in the trunk” something that I can’t say I found particularly attractive. The younger guys in the office obviously did because they were like flies round honey.

I arranged to pick her up from her home early on a Saturday morning and as I arrived in her street she was out on the pavement waiting for me. As I pulled to the curb, I could see she was wearing tight fitting sports wear that fit where it touched leaving nothing to the imagination. As I helped her load her luggage into the car I couldn’t help but look at chest which was accentuated by the tight sports top she was wearing. As she climbed into the car it was clear there was no visible panty line, this girl appeared to be traveling commando.

The journey to the airport was fairly uneventful and we arrived, checked in and passed through security without trouble leaving us a couple of hours to kill in duty free. We grabbed some breakfast and strolled through the departure lounge browsing at the various stores. Every once in a while Lisa would dive into a store, pick something up, tell me how wonderful it was and then put it back, to be honest it was like shopping with my wife. That was until we arrived at the bikinis, where she picked up the skimpiest one available and asked my opinion. Gob smacked by both the lack of material and the fact she was interested in my opinion I quickly said lovely colour and moved on. She eventually caught up and was carrying another small bag and wearing a big smile on her face, I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was February and there was snow and ice where we were going.

At the gate an announcement went out asking me to go to the counter and they explained I was being upgraded to business class, I told them I was traveling with someone and amazingly they offered Lisa an upgrade too. So we boarded the plane, turned left and settled in for a great trip. As the flight levelled out and we reached cruising speed Lisa put her seat flat out like a bed and rolled on to her side pointing her ass directly towards me across the aisle and my cock twitched in my pants so I led back and imagined what that ass would look like in the tiny bikini. If only we were going somewhere hot!

Just over 9 hours later we had checked in at the hotel and I couldn’t wait to get to my room. There was something about Lisa that I couldn’t explain but my cock had ached through the whole flight and car journey, in fact I am surprised she hadn’t seen the bulge in my jeans.

The hotel gave us rooms on the 5th floor next to one another and so we headed up and agreed to meet in the bar in an hour. I threw my bag on the bed locked the door and set about stripping ready for a quick wank followed by a shower, but something made me check the door adjoining the two rooms. It opened and I was blessed with another view of that ass bending over her case as she unpacked. As she turned to look at me, I quickly apologised and withdrew, locking the door behind me.

After my shower and a little stress relief, I headed down to the bar to meet Lisa and found her chatting to someone at the bar. She was in a short tight fitting dress displaying her attributes wonderfully. There was something about this girl that was growing on me

We headed out to a restaurant I liked use when I visit. It was a beautiful evening and we were able to sit on the deck overlooking Lake Champlain. We ate steak, drank some wine and chatted about work, university and life outside work. As the evening went on, we got to relationships and I explained that my wife had died of cancer a few years ago leaving me on my own. We had no children and so I had thrown myself into my work. She revealed that most of her partners had been older than her and when she finished University, she had lived with one of her lecturers for a year, until she managed to get a job at our company and had to move away. Having had a few drinks I suggested she had some sort of daddy complex and she just blushed and changed the subject.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and had a nightcap before heading back to our rooms. As we reached our doors I apologised if I had embarrassed her at dinner and she told me not casino siteleri to worry and that I was right she did have an attraction to father’s figures, but never knew hers as he left her mother before she was born. It was now my turn to be embarrassed, however I felt the need to wrap my arms around her and give her a hug, allowing one of my hands to drift down her lower back towards her oversized ass. She broke the hug before I could get a grope and kissed me gently on the cheek before disappearing into her room. As I climbed into bed I vowed to use what I had learned today and see where this could lead.

Next morning at breakfast I suggested we drive to the ski resort Stowe nearby and then visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory on the way back for a factory tour, finishing with a trip to a high end outlet mall for some retail therapy. Excited by the plans, Lisa rushed through breakfast and we headed out.

It was a cold day but snow had not yet started. After a walk around Stowe we had a quick lunch looking out over the mountains and headed for the Ben and Jerry’s factory and a factory tour. I had taken several times and found the engineering fascinating, as did Lisa. Then at then end came the tasting and then I treated her to a small tub of her favourite flavour, phish food.

Our final stop was an outlet mall, we strolled around window shopping before coming across Victoria’s Secret. Lisa squealed with excitement and headed straight in dragging me with her. Slightly embarrassed and feeling too old to be there Lisa kept picking up pieces of skimpy lingerie and asking my opinion. Struggling with answers, I ended by saying I would need to see it on, this brought a wicked smile to Lisa’s face before she uttered “We will have to see what can be arranged”. After purchasing several items we finished wandering around the mall and headed back to the hotel to prepare for an evening meal at a local craft brewery.

I grabbed a quick shave and shower before hearing a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and took a look through the peep hole but there was no one there. I heard another knock and realised it was from the internal door. As opened the door I was greeted by Lisa wearing some of the lingerie she had purchased. I was at a loss for words and before I could say anything, the door shut leaving me stood in a towel with a raging hard on. A minute later there was another knock at the door. Opening the door again Lisa had changed into another lingerie set, this one skimpier than the last and as quickly as before she shut the door. The door opened again and Lisa was in the red bikini, my cock seemed to get harder and my towel fell to the ground. As I quickly bent to pick it up Lisa stepped into the room stopping inches from my face which was now level with her belly button.

I couldn’t resist, so I kissed her stomach and worked my way up her body, all the time expecting her to pull away or shout. As I reached her neck she pulled me closer, kissing me passionately while her hand moved down my body and wrapped around my cock, which was rock hard. She walked me back to the bed and pushed me until I was laid out and then gently licked around the tip of my cock. I was not sure how much longer I would last and then as my cock disappeared into her mouth and hit the back of her throat I knew I would not last long. Lisa obviously sensed I was close and slowed the pace teasing me by alternating between taking me deep and then swirling her tongue around the tip. However, it didn’t delay me for long and I shot stream after stream of cum into Lisa’s throat. Without saying a word she stood up and walked out, shutting the door behind her.

After a minute or two I regained my senses and realised we were due to meet in the bar. I quickly showered again and dressed ready to go out, all the time half expecting for Lisa to knock on the door again. As I pulled up my trousers I heard her room door close and she headed downstairs. A little disappointed I finished dressing and headed out to meet her.

We had a great evening, good food, good beer and great conversation about everything from work to hobbies and travel, but not once were our early evening exploits mentioned and I started to wonder if I had dreamt it. After a nightcap at the hotel, we headed up to bed and as we stood at our doors we agreed to meet for breakfast at 8.00am giving us plenty of time to travel to the factory to see our client.

Once in the room I stripped down to my boxers and a tee shirt, used the bathroom and brushed my teeth. As I left the bathroom I once again heard a knock on the adjoining door. As I opened the door I was met with a naked Lisa sat on the corner of her bed, those beautiful chunky legs wide apart and a finger circling her engorged clit. She was staring straight into my eyes as she added two fingers from the other hand into her sopping wet pussy. I stepped towards her and she quietly but firmly stated “NO” so I pulled up slot oyna a chair from the desk and sat mesmerized by her fingers as they worked her into a frenzy. Without realising, my right hand drifted into my boxers and I joined her, both of us masturbating, staring at one another. Her orgasm was long and strong causing her to shake and redden in the face, I was close but needed a bit more stimulation. I took my cock out of my boxers and continued to stroke it, whilst string directly into Lisa’s beautiful green eyes. As Lisa came down from her orgasm she maintained eye contact and inserted her wet and sticky fingers into her mouth slowly licking off her juices. This pushed me over the edge and I came hard with cum shooting through the air and landing on the carpet. As I recovered, Lisa closed the adjoining door, blowing me a kiss and mouthing goodnight.

The next day was busy, working from dawn to dusk, we both agreed that a meal in the hotel was the best option as we were both tired. Lisa was quiet over dinner, but we were both frazzled and we headed to bed early knowing that our final working day tomorrow would be equally as hard. When I got back to the room I stretched out on the bed watching TV and I heard a knock on the adjoining door. Surely I misheard as we were both so tired, but I had to check it out. As I opened the door, Lisa was stood facing away from me naked at the bottom of the bed, bent over and legs apart. At first, I didn’t move, but she gave her ass a little wiggle and so I headed into the room. I ran my hands over her beautiful big ass and up her back feeling her shiver under my touch. Getting down on my knees I took in the sight before me, pulled apart her large buttocks and gently ran my tongue around the outer lips of her pussy. Lisa groaned as my tongue slowly circled her pussy and then plunged deep into her. Feeling her pussy start to squeeze my tongue, I licked from her now exposed clit up to her asshole and back and felt her legs shake slightly. Gently I probed her pussy, slipping two fingers into her and using my thumb to caress her clit, meanwhile tonguing her puckered hole. Her reaction was loud and powerful, as her orgasm built she got louder and louder and her legs started shaking before she collapsed on the bed. I removed my soaking wet and sticky fingers and headed back into my room closing the door behind me and spent the next 10 minutes licking my fingers clean and masturbating furiously, shooting my load over my stomach.

The final day of our customer visit went well and we finished just before lunch. Our meeting seemed successful and therefore we agreed a little celebration was due. We parked the car back at the hotel and struck out looking for somewhere to have a good lunch and a few drinks. We found what looked like an English pub and ordered food and beer. Three hours later we stumbled out of the place and headed back to the hotel to sober up a bit before the evening. I fell into the room and crashed out on the bed. Just as I was dozing I heard a knock from next door. I struggled up from the bed and slowly opened the door, all the time wondering whether the copious amounts of alcohol I had consumed would dampen my ardour. I needn’t of worried, as soon as I saw Lisa I instantly grew hard. She was led out on the bed naked with her legs wide apart beckoning me to her.

Moving to the end of the bed, I was determined not to rush what could be my last time with this amazing woman so I started by picking up her foot and sucking her toes. I knew from experience this could go one of two ways, either a massive turn on or a mood killer. Lisa was obviously a fan of having her toes sucked judging by the groaning and once I had sucked on all 5 toes I headed up the inside of her legs. As I reached her pussy I could feel it was soaking wet and therefore I headed on up towards her breasts lingering for a short while at her belly button. Sucking one of her nipples into my mouth, I pinched the other between my fingers. Lisa gasped as I nibbled and I felt her hand loosen my trousers and release my swollen cock. Feeling her hand wrap around me I doubled my efforts on her nipples and slid my hand down to her pussy, slipping a finger into her pussy. Lisa patted the bed beside her inviting me to join her and so I quickly removed my clothing and climbed onto the bed beside her.

She started to kiss down my body before taking my cock in her mouth. I pulled her on top of me to get better access to her sweet pussy. I started to lap at her folds as Lisa slowly swallowed my cock deep into her throat. I could feel my sap starting to rise and so stretched round those beautiful big thighs, inserting a couple of fingers into her pussy I could feel her juices running down my face. “Faster” she grunted so I doubled my efforts whilst tasting the nectar now pouring over my face. Her orgasm seemed even more powerful than yesterday, her whole body was shaking and her screams suppressed by my cock buried in her face. As her canlı casino siteleri powerful orgasm subsided, Lisa regained her rhythm and not long after her I exploded in her throat, with more cum shooting from me than I can ever remember. Lisa swallowed every last drop before rolling off of me breathing heavily. As my breathing came back to normal I climbed off of the bed and headed back to my room hoping and praying she would stop me, but she didn’t. So laid on the bed for a while reflecting on the last few days. We were traveling home tomorrow and I would hate to leave without fucking her but I did not want to push things too far and ruin what had been an amazing few days.

I had booked a restaurant recommended by the hotel which was based in a cookery school. The food was superb and we had a great evening talking about the success of the meetings we had and what we would need to do when back at work. Once the meal was over a young waiter came over to check on us and ask if myself or my daughter wanted coffee, the look on Lisa’s face was priceless and so I quickly dismissed the waiter asking for the bill.

We got back late after having few more drinks in a bar on route back to the hotel and we had to be up early to drive to the airport so assumed that there would be no knocking on the door that night. I decided to jump in the shower which would mean I would be able to have a bit longer in bed the next morning. Setting the shower as hot as I could stand and just stood under the water letting wash over me. I had my back to the door so didn’t hear Lisa enter the room. As I felt her hands touch my back I knew exactly what was about to happen and instantly grew hard. I turned to face her and we kissed slowly, passionately like it was our last ever kiss, our hands exploring each other. She turned me away from her and started soaping my back and ass, lingering at my balls before heading down my legs. She then turned me around and headed back up my body letting her tongue brush against the tip of my cock, before heading up my body and sucking on a nipple before returning to kissing me.

It was now my turn and I started on her front, heading down to her nipples I sucked and nibbled away whilst soaping her torso then headed down past her pussy sliding my tongue through her folds making her gasp with pleasure. From her pussy I continued to soap downwards to her ankles and then turned her and headed back up. As I reached her big buttocks I encouraged her to bend forwards exposing both her pussy and her lovely picked anus. Running my tongue from pussy to ass hole and back again causing her to gasp again I continued to soap her back and stood up, resting my hard cock between her beautiful ass cheeks, gently sliding it in and out.

Lisa stood up, turned around, looked me in the eyes and asked me to fuck her, how could I refuse? I turned off the shower, we grabbed some towels and had fun drying one another before heading to the bed. Lisa led down and I gently climbed on top and entered her, feeling her tight cunt envelop me, pulling me in. I just led there for a minute unable to believe my luck and then slowly started to fuck her. She kissed me hard before whispering “harder” and so I picked up the the pace. Her breathing quickly became ragged and she started moaning as she reached her peak. I felt her pussy pulsing as she came hard.

Pulling out I flipped her onto her front and she got up on her knees giving perfect access to her pussy. I pushed two fingers deep inside her and then pulled them out and replaced then with my throbbing cock. I offered the fingers from her pussy to her and she licked them clean. Lisa demanded that I thrust faster and I ignored her keeping my pace slow and steady whilst pinching her nipples. Juice started dripping from Lisa’s pussy. I wet my fingers and slowly ran my finger around her asshole. This brought a groan of pleasure from her and another demand for me to speed up. Again I ignored her request and applied a bit of pressure to her anus allowing my finger to enter up to the first knuckle. I felt her puckered hole grip around my finger trying to pull me in. After a while she relaxed and I was able to slide my finger in and out in time with my cock slowly easing in and out of her pussy. Feeling her pussy start to pulse I stepped up the pace until all that could be heard was the slapping of skin on skin and Lisa’s groaning getting louder and louder. Lisa begged me to cum with her so removing my finger from her ass I started to pound her as hard as I could and her convulsing pussy pushed me over the top pumping out stream after stream into her gorgeous puss. We both collapsed into the bed, breathing hard, unable to talk. Before long we were both asleep. I woke with my alarm alone but happy, then realised I had to shower again quickly as we needed to leave for the airport.

Nothing was said about the fun we had on our business trip, but I can say this was probably the best business trip ever. I hoped that we would travel together again one day but a few months later Lisa left the business for a new opportunity at a competitor and my business trips returned to being dull and boring business meetings.

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