Brian and His Sister

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Ongoing encounters

A fantasy story – all participants are over 18 years of age.

It was on my 18th birthday, and I was still at school when we had our first sexual encounter.

Susie my older sister, was 19 years old, and worked at our local post office.

Dad was employed by a well known insurance company, and worked in one of their London offices.

My Mum had some kind of desk job at the local council offices. Both Mum and Dad worked the usual 40 hour, 5 day week, but Dad in particular, spent a good part of his day commuting.

Susie would have been about 5′ 5” tall, and I guess, about 140 lbs in

weight. She had naturally dark brown, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. Her breasts were quite large with prominent nipples. She had the most gorgeous bum, and very nice legs. As I found out later, her pussy mound was quite prominent, with just a very small amount of pubic hair at the top, which she always kept very well trimmed. Her pussy lips were smooth, and pale pinkish in colour. To be honest with you, I thought that my sister was the most beautiful woman on earth, but then I guess I was biased. When it came to clothes, Susie was very ‘Girlish’, preferring dresses to jeans. Especially during the summer months, when she used to take great pleasure, much to my delight, in wearing very low cut dresses, that did nothing to hide the curve of her breasts. They were often only mini length, which afforded a great view of her bare legs. She would wear as little as possible around the house, especially when our parents weren’t around. More often than not, she would prance around in just a bathrobe, and sometimes in just her bra and panties. Mum was forever telling her off for behaving like “some kind of cheap slut”!

I was about an inch taller than Susie, and perhaps a little slimmer. Nothing out of the ordinary, in fact I was quite plain. I had the same coloured, shoulder length hair, and also blue eyes. My cock wasn’t much to write home about…maybe about 6″ long when fully erect, but quite thick. (At least, that what Susie said). I was usually in either jeans and tee shirt, or if the weather was really hot, then I’d be in my shorts. I had been fantasising about my sister for a few years. In fact, ever since I’d discovered the joys of masturbation. I’d had many

a wank, just trying to imagine what Susie looked like naked….. Were her tits as big as they looked? Was her bum really as juicy as I had imagined?

One hot, sunny day near the end of July, I was on school summer holiday, and Susie had just started a two week break from her job. I guess it must have been about 11 a.m. Mum and dad were at work, and I thought that my sister had gone out, because I hadn’t seen or heard anything of her. I was inside our shed, deeply engrossed in one of my dad’s well worn porno magazines which he kept hidden, or so he thought, in an old chest. I had been wanking furiously for some time, when I sensed that casino siteleri I was being watched. I glanced sideways and had the shock of my life to see my sister’s face pressed against the window. I started to panic, trying to hide my cock from my sister’s gaze, but I knew that it was too late. She shouted for me to let her in. All I could do was to stand there, with my head hung low, …………… my shorts halfway down my legs, and my cock standing upright, swollen and rigid, as Susie read me the ‘riot act’. She called me a “dirty little bugger”. Said that I should be “ashamed of myself”, and that “I should find something better to do………like homework for example!”

I burst into tears, and kept saying how sorry I was. I begged her not to tell anybody…not a soul. I told her that I would do anything she wanted ……… anything at all. I must have spent a good ten minutes, ‘signing’ my life away. Of course, I was too young, and far too naive, to realise that she was enjoying every minute of my torture and humiliation. The cruel bitch just stood there with her arms folded, and let me rave on, and on!

Susie eventually forgave me, promised not to tell anybody what she had

just witnessed, and to my astonishment, openly encouraged me to finish my wank right in front of her, there and then.

That eventually progressed to watching each other masturbate, then doing it to each other. I would be finger-fucking her pussy while she rubbed my cock. We took almost every chance we had to have bodily contact. Regardless of the consequences and the risks of getting caught; we had episodes in our bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen, and even the garden shed.

Those few weeks were like one long orgy. Susie loved to have me watch her fuck herself with all kinds of different objects, such as fruit, vegetables, candles, and a hairbrush handle, while I stood in front of her, tugging at my cock for all it was worth, and mouthing the ‘dirty’ words that I knew she loved to hear.

We had been having this sexual contact often, at times and in places, where we ran the risk of getting caught. Susie claimed that the risks made it all the more enjoyable. I had to agree with her on that score! On several occasions, my sister had mentioned that she’d like us to do something really outrageous and risky one day, and promised me a big surprise!

One night, Susie and I were in the lounge with Mum and Dad, watching “News at Ten”. My sister was wearing her usual bathrobe, and I was in pyjamas and dressing gown. Mum and Dad sat in the armchairs, while Susie and I shared the couch. When the advert break started, our parents went to the kitchen to make their bedtime chocolate drinks. Susie didn’t share their taste in nightcaps, and had just downed her third vodka and orange.

“I’ve got a treat for you little brother” She said, as she stroked the top of my leg. I asked her what she had planned, but she told me that I’d just have to be patient, and I’d soon slot oyna find out.

Mum and dad returned with their drinks, and stayed with us until the news ended, before saying goodnight, and going up to bed. About 15 minutes had elapsed, when my sister told me to go to the foot of the stairs, and check to ensure that all was quiet. I told her that there wasn’t a sound from our parent’s bedroom. She told me to wait where I was, give her a few minutes, and then join her in the kitchen.

Five minutes later, I walked into the kitchen and had the shock of my life. I was greeted with the sight of Susie draped backwards across the kitchen table. Her bathrobe was wide open, pulled up to her waist. Other than that, she was totally naked. Needless to say that I achieved an instant hard-on! She had her legs wide apart, and in her hand was a fairly large cucumber.

“Bloody hell, sis!” I said, staring first at her large breasts, then her pussy. What do you think you’re doing?”

“This is the surprise I promised you, little bro,” she replied. “You’re going to fuck your big sister with this,” and handed me the cucumber.

“But I can’t sis…what about mum and Dad?” I was shaking by now, both with fear, and an lot of excitement. “What if they come down?”

Susie assured me that they wouldn’t.

Still shaking, I placed the tip of the cucumber at the opening of my sister’s pussy and pushed.

“Ouch! Steady!” She yelled, almost loud enough to wake the street, never mind our parents! “Wet it or something, and try to be a bit gentler. Spit on it, and try again.”

I obeyed her instructions and tried again. This time I made a bit of progress. I actually managed to push about an inch of the cold, green thing inside her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck me, Bri…..fuck me…..fuck your sister’s tight cunt”.

Once my sister starts to talk ‘dirty’, then it’s a sure sign that there’s no turning back.

By now I was almost as breathless as Susie. No matter how hard I pushed, I still had managed no more than an inch and a half. She told me that we needed lubricant, but the one place you’re hardly likely to find K.Y. jelly is in the kitchen! She told me to look in the kitchen cupboards for a substitute.

“Will this do sis?” I asked, holding up a bottle of olive oil.

I studied the label, and joked sarcastically. “I don’t think this’ll be any good sis…it says ‘Virgin’ on it”

“Oh very fucking funny!” She snarled, obviously not appreciating the joke. “Just put some on, and fuck me. I want it right up my fucking cunt; and I want to watch you rubbing your prick while you do it!”

I poured some oil onto the cucumber, and dribbled a few drops into her pussy hole for good measure. Although very slippery, I managed to insert it again, and started to push. Much to the delight of Susie and me, the cucumber slid gently, deeper and deeper into her hole.

Susie had managed to take a good five inches, maybe more, and her oily canlı casino siteleri pussy lips were stretched to the limit. I began to pump it in and out with one hand, while rubbing my ever hardening dick with the other.

“Oh for Christ’s sake! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little cunt.” Susie was in a trance-like state now, and there was no way that she would allow me to stop.

“Fuck me bro! Fuck me hard! Make me cum!”

I was pumping as hard as my hands would allow, then suddenly she came. I managed to catch the slippery green giant before it hit the floor. We managed to get ourselves and the kitchen back into some sort of order, before making our way upstairs; Susie no doubt to sleep soundly, and me to masturbate, as I usually did before nodding off…(Well, it beats reading!)

Everything was the norm, as the four of us sat down to breakfast on the morning after. That is until Mum announced that we’d be having a salad for lunch…A cucumber salad!. Susie and I just looked sheepishly at each other, and returned to our corn flakes.

Susie and I only had full intercourse, on three occasions.

The first time we tried, turned into a total disaster. I didn’t have a clue as to what I should do, and Susie quickly lost patience with me. If I recall correctly, she referred to me as, “A complete waste of fucking time!”

The second time was much better, although short lived. Susie walked in on me one day as I was about to take a bath. She was wearing just a dressing gown which was open. We tried to fuck standing up, but eventually ended up on the floor. This time I actually managed to insert my cock into the appropriate opening, and everything was going well…that is until we heard the doorbell ring.

Thankfully our third and final attempt was perfect. I awoke in the early hours to find my sister standing beside my bed. She was completely naked. It was a hot and clammy night, and I had only a sheet covering me. She told me that she couldn’t sleep, and asked if she could join me. I hadn’t been able to sleep either, and was sporting a huge hard-on, brought about by thinking of her as I often did. She threw off the sheet and joined me. Within seconds our warm and humid bodies were pressed against each other. Her large breasts were squashed against my chest, and the head of my prick, which was swollen and throbbing, was hard against her very damp and hot pussy.

We lay like that for several minutes, with the only sounds being that of our heavy breathing, and the noise of my dad’s snoring, the other side of the wall.

“Bri…..?”. Susie was first to speak.

“What is it sis?.”

“Fuck me”. My sister rolled onto her back, and opened her legs so that I could lay between them. “Fuck me, little bro….I want to feel your big cock inside my cunt”

About an hour and several positions later, we lay in each other’s arms, totally exhausted, and totally spent. I think Susie orgasmed about 6 or 7 times, and I managed to pull my cock out of her pussy at the very last moment, before coating her with my cum. Looking back on it, as I often do, I would say that I had just experienced the most wonderful sexual feeling in the whole of my life.

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