Breastfeeding Me Ch. 02

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Memorial Day picnics are tradition at Leche Catholic Church. There is food, games, entertainment, and all sorts of activities for both young and old. But this particular picnic would have a special flavor like no other picnic I had been to before.

The picnic began at 2:00. At that time, all of the families set up their lawn chairs, laid blankets down on the grass, and chatted with other parishioners. Some of the older men started a game of horseshoes, while some of the young adults played volleyball. I just kind of wandered around, talking with people I knew and just enjoying the nice weather.

Erica, Jim, and their family arrived at about 2:30. It had been about 6 months since we had our dinner and “dessert” that Sunday afternoon. I had been watching for their arrival, as I always kept my eye out for her. She was wearing a blue dress with white flowers. The dress did not button down the front as I always liked, but rather it zipped down the back. Her appearance had really not changed much since then, but in my mind, she looked better every time I saw her. Her chest was still enlarged, as she was still nursing little Jimmy, about 8 months old now.

I was chatting with an older fellow when I spotted them walking into the picnic area. She was carrying the baby and their picnic basket, while Jim was walking with their 3-year old daughter and carrying their lawn chairs. As they entered the pavilion where I was on the far end, our eyes met as she was looking for a spot for her family’s belongings. We had very little contact since that Sunday afternoon, but I think we both knew we enjoyed that meal very much. Jim was very skeptical and protective of his wife, so I tried to maintain my distance. I didn’t want to send any unusual vibes. Anyways, they found a spot to put their stuff about 100 feet away from our stuff.

The formal ceremony began at 3:00. The minister led us in the saying of the pledge of allegiance, the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner”, and a short prayer before people began eating. There was lots of food to choose from; as this was a potluck dinner (meaning every family brought at least one dish to share). I enjoyed some ham, barbeque beans, corn on the cob, and rolls. After I finished my meal, I helped my son, almost 2 years old, eat his food. I then sat down on the lawn chair and watched him play on the blanket below me while my wife Karen talked to the people around us. I caught a few glances of Erica and her family as they ate their meal.

At about 3:45, everyone started moving around again. I joined in on a volleyball game with my brother and some friends. We won several games in a row, as nobody else could put a team together that could beat us. During one of the games, I spotted Erica watching us play volleyball. When I saw her watching, I tried hard to score a couple of points. Erica had always admired my athletic ability and body. I looked over at her after I spiked a ball for a point and noticed her smiling with admiration.

4:30 was the time where the service began. We sang a few songs (“God Bless America”, “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, etc.), had some special singing, and a short challenge from the minister. I sat with my wife and family and held my son on my lap as the service went on. During the challenge from the minister, my son fell asleep. Karen suggested that take him inside the church and lay him down in the nursery room. I agreed that I would do this after the service was over.

The service ended, and I stood up with my son in my arms. David usually napped for about 2 hours in the afternoon, so we could lay him in the church nursery and check on him every now and then. I opened the doors to the church, went down the hallway, into the nursery wing, and into the infants’ room. They had several cribs in the infants’ room, so he would be safe in there. I laid him down, covered him with his favorite casino oyna blanket, and walked out of the room. The church nursery was very nice. They have three separate 24′ x 24′ rooms, one each for infants, one-year olds, and two-year olds. Each room was stocked with toys, rocking chairs, changing tables, a restroom, and all other necessities for your children.

I walked back outside to the activities. My wife had struck up a conversation with an old friend she had not seen in a while, so I just wandered around. I watched some of the kids jump in the bounce houses, threw the football around, and watched some volleyball. After about 20 minutes or so, my wife called me over and asked if I would check on David. I agreed and began to walk towards the church.

I opened the doors and headed down the hallway towards the nursery wing. As I got closer to the nursery, I heard the cry of a small child.

“Oh, great,” I thought, “David probably woke up. Now he’s going to be grouchy the rest of the day.”

I got to the door of the room, and peeked in the window to see if he was standing in his crib. He appeared to be sleeping from the window. I quietly and slowly opened the door, only to see David fast asleep in his crib.

“Who is crying?” I said softly to myself. As I looked around the corner, I saw a woman leaning over her baby changing a diaper on the changing table. She heard me enter the room, and turned around to see who it was. It was Erica.

“Oh, sorry, I was coming to check on David. I thought he was crying,” I said.

“No, it was Jimmy. He’s having a rough day,” she replied as she finished changing him and sat down in one of the rocking chairs.

“How have you been Erica?” I asked.

“I’m doing pretty well. I have missed seeing you around.”

“I have missed you to,” I said, “I just thought it best to avoid a strange situation, so that’s why my wife and I haven’t been around in a while.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Shut the door,” Erica ordered, “and sit down by me.”

I shut the door, opened the half-door entering the nursery, and sat down in the rocking chair next to her as we continued our conversation.

“There’s no one else in here, right?” I asked.

“No. Just you and me,” she said smiling as she tried to soothe the baby.

“Erica,” I whispered, “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since that day. I enjoyed everything so much and fantasize about it daily.”

“Me too,” she said, “I thought about calling you a couple of mornings and asking you to stop by before work since Jim goes to work so early.”

“I definitely would have come over. How is little Jimmy doing?” I said.

“He is doing OK. I am still breastfeeding him, but he is starting to lose interest.”

“Really? How could anyone lose interest?” I said jokingly.

She giggled and blushed.

“He does not want to nurse today, so I brought a bottle for him just in case. Would you get it for me? It’s in his diaper bag.”

I got the bottle for him, gave it to Erica, and sat back down as she began to feed him the bottle.

“I’m still producing milk, Mike, if you’d like to nurse on me again.”

“Right here, Erica, in the church nursery? Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?”

“I don’t care. I want you to suck on my breasts. I had thought I might get the chance this afternoon. Now, go lock the door and shut off the lights.”

I quickly agreed and got out of my chair to shut off the lights and lock the nursery door.

The only light in the room was from the outside window. The windows are tinted so no one can see in. My heart was racing as I knew I was going to get to re-live my fantasy again. I sat back down in the rocker as she finished giving Jimmy the bottle.

“He’ll be done in just a minute and he’ll fall asleep,” she said.

I waited for it seemed like slot oyna an eternity for the bottle to be done and Jimmy to fall asleep. I checked on David to make sure he was fast asleep as well.

“OK,” she said whispering, “follow me.”

She led me into the corner of the room to a door that was shut. She opened the door to a room approximately 8′ x 10′ which I always thought was a closet. It had a reclining chair in each corner, and the room was divided by a partition.

“What is this room for?” I said.

“It is a private nursing room. The chairs are for the mothers to feed their children, and the partition between the chairs is for privacy if 2 mothers are in here at the same time. No one should catch us in here.”

She turned on the lamp in the corner and shut the door. She then sat down in one of the chairs and made herself comfortable. I stood and watched.

“Come here, Mike,” she said as she motioned for me to sit on her lap.

I moved myself into her lap, my legs hanging over the recliner, and leaned my head on one of the headrests. The chair was surprisingly comfortable and big enough for the two of us. After a few seconds of getting situated in her lap, I looked up into her eyes.

This was my favorite view in the world – lying in Erica’s lap, my head resting, underneath her big breasts, looking into her eyes, waiting to see her uncover her massive breasts. She pulled her hair tie off of her wrist and put her hair in a pony tail.

“Alright, is baby ready to nurse on mama?”

“Yes, mommy. Baby hungry,” I replied.

With that, she leaned forward in the chair, reached her hands behind her back, and began to unzip her dress. She probably unzipped it half the way down, and then pulled the dress forward off of her shoulders. She eased her arms through, and pulled the dress down below her breasts and laid the dress on my body. She was wearing a black satin nursing bra. There were two buttons in the center of the bra for easy nursing access.

She looked into my eyes and rubbed my face as I stared at her chest.

“Do you want to unsnap the button, baby?” she asked.

I nodded my head and sat up in the chair. Both of my hands grabbed her covered breasts as I kissed her all over her chest. I licked her chest and used my tongue to get inside her bra.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Lay back down and let mama breastfeed you. They are SO full.”

I laid my head back down, and she reached up with her hand to release her right breast. She grabbed the button with her thumb and index finger and unsnapped the button. She slowly pulled the flap away from the center of her chest, revealing more and more of her breast. She then grabbed her breast and directed her wet, protruding nipple towards my mouth.

“Here it is, baby. Drink mommy’s milk.”

I latched on and sucked for a few seconds before the sweet, warm milk started flowing from her breast into my mouth. The flap that she had just pulled away from her breast was touching my cheek.

“Mmm,” we both moaned together.

She laid her head back and closed her eyes as I slurped and gulped her milk in my mouth. I reached up with my right hand, rubbed her chest, and reached inside her bra to rub on her other nipple. My left hand was massaging and lightly scratching her right arm. I continued to suck on Erica’s breasts until it was empty.

“OK, baby,” she said, “let mommy get up.”

I got off of her lap and stood by the door. She got up out of the chair, her dress hanging down just below her breasts. She turned her back towards me.

“Mike, will you zip my dress back up?”

“Uh, sure,” I said and zipped the dress back up. “What are we doing now?”

“You’ll see,” she replied and walked back into the nursery.

“I have a special diaper that I put in Jimmy’s diaper bag that will fit you. Like I said earlier, I canlı casino siteleri kind of thought I might get this chance this afternoon. Now, hop up on the changing table and let mommy put a diaper on you.”

I kicked off my shoes and hopped up on the padded dresser as she requested.

As she looked down on me, she unbuttoned my Polo shirt and tossed it on the floor. Then, she unbuttoned my shorts, unzipped them and pulled them off of legs, which were hanging off the dresser. She moved her hands all over my body and into my boxers.

She then moved to the end of the changing table and removed my boxers. She grabbed the diaper bag, and pulled out a big diaper and the baby wipes. She opened the wipe box, pulled out a baby wipe, and began to stroke my cock with it. She then lifted my legs up off the table and took a quick wipe of my ass.

“We’ve got to make sure baby’s all clean,” she said.

She threw away the wipe, and grabbed the diaper. She lifted my legs again and rested them on her shoulders as she unfolded the diaper. I could see that the diaper had Sesame Street characters on it. She placed the diaper under me, and pulled it around. She cut a hole in the middle of the diaper and put my penis through the hole. She finally fastened the tabs and helped me get off the table.

“You’ve got to finish eating now, baby,” she said leading me back to the nursing room.

As Erica and I entered the room, she unzipped her dress all the way, and let it fall to the floor. I came up behind her and pressed my dick against her backside as I reached around her and massaged her breasts. I then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. She sat back in the recliner as I shut the door behind us.

I got back in her lap and commenced breastfeeding on the full breast. I grabbed her breast, tickled her nipple, and placed as much of the breast in mouth as was possible. I sucked hard, getting a big stream of her warm milk in my mouth. The milk came faster than I could swallow, so some of the milk ran down my cheek. It seemed like Erica enjoyed this more than I did, as she moaned and squirmed in the chair.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned, “suck mama harder.”

She grabbed my dick as I continued to suck on her left breast while I played with her right nipple. My sucking slowed down when she grabbed my dick, as that action paralyzed me. When she first grabbed it, some pre-cum came out. She rubbed that all over her fingers, and stroked me harder and harder with her slippery hand.

My mouth unlatched from the breast as the caressing of my cock was the center of my attention.

“Faster, faster, faster,” I said. “Make me cum!!!”

She heeded my instruction and began to stroke faster.

“Here I cum! Here I cum!!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!” I yelled as I shot my cum all over my stomach and chest.

She began to rub my sperm all over my body as I began to settle down.

Just then, we heard a noise from the nursery. We heard a key go in the door, the doorknob turn, and the door open.

“Erica?” we heard someone whisper from the nursery.

“Shut off the light,” Erica whispered to me with panic.

I reached up from her lap and turned off the light.

“Erica??” the female voice said a little louder.

We both sat there without moving as we heard the person moving throughout the room.

“She’s got to be in here,” the voice said to herself. “The diaper bag is right here.”

I could see from under the door that the person stopped when she saw all my clothes lying on the floor by the changing table. I could see her shadow moving towards the nursing room, and the door opened.


“What are you doing??” She yelled.

It was Deb, Erica’s little sister.

“Great!” I thought. “Now I was in BIG trouble. Or so I thought.”


Thank you for reading “Breastfeeding Part 2”. Depending on the response, there may be a Part 3. You may leave feedback via e-mail or by public feedback on this site. If any female is interested in participating in this fantasy with me for real, please let me know.

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