Bowl Game Ch. 02

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Note: My wife and I traveled south for the holidays to attend a football bowl game. We arrived the day before New Year’s Eve, and attended the game on New Year’s Day. We had excellent seats around the 35 yard line and got there about two hours before game time to enjoy the sights and sound of a bowl game. About one hour before kickoff, six folks dressed in the colors of the opposing team arrived and sat directly in front of us. Three rather cute women, plus three men who were above six feet tall and enjoyed eating the holiday meals (and at other times), and had probably been partying for several hours. Before the game, and during the first half, this group consumed three rounds of beer. At halftime, the three women announced that they were going to the ladies room, and my wife decided to go with them. They were gone almost an hour, waiting in line. While waiting in line, they told my wife this story:

The six are from a small town about an hour north of the State University. Let me describe them

Heather is the dyed blonde with nice perky tits, probably 34C, and stands about 5-4. Her husband is Bill, a big boy, standing about 6-5 and weighing at least 280.

Bill’s best friend is Steve, about 6-3 and 250. Steve is married to Cindy, who is about 4-10, is a 32B with dark brown hair worn shoulder length.

Jim is Steve’s younger brother and the two look alike. Jim graduated from State two years ago, and he is a store manager for a fast foot restaurant. Jim is not married and is enjoying the life of an attractive single man in a small town, dating buxom high school seniors and junior college coeds, bedding them, and moving on to others. About six months ago, Cindy introduced him to her sister, Liz.

Liz stands about 5 feet tall, brunette worn halfway down her back, 32A, and married for the last ten years. She is two years older than Cindy. She has three children and a husband who travels a lot and is getting less interested in her. He has suggested that she get a breast enhancement, but Liz does not want to go through with it because 36D on her body would cause back problems and look obscene. She is very certain that her husband fools around behind her back while on his numerous business trips. Liz stayed at home after getting pregnant and immediately married, and has tried to find part time work since the youngest started first grade. About six months ago, Cindy introduced her to Jim, and they have been discretely meeting twice a week after the kids go to school. Liz left the kids with hubby to travel with her sister to the bowl game. She really traveled to have more time with Jim.

The six traveled by van to the bowl game, a trip of 22 hours driving with only meal and bathroom breaks. Steve, Bill, and Jim alternated driving. The back seat in the van was the make out area during the night, with each of the men receiving a blow job from their wife or girl friend, and each of them either fingering or eating their woman to orgasm.

They arrived at their hotel about 3 pm on New Year’s Eve, and discovered a mix up in their reservation. Instead of having three rooms, the hotel only had two rooms, one with two twin beds and the other with a large king size bed. Since they were going to only be there two nights, they decided to give Liz and Jim the king size bed, with the two couples sharing the other room.

After checking in the room, the six decided to go over to State’s bowl headquarters to attend the pep rally. They drank and ate a lot, and got back to their hotel room around 8 pm. Liz and Jim went to their room for a fun evening.

Part 1 describes the story of Heather and Cindy swapping with their husbands. This story continues with the activities of Liz and Jim.

Liz and Jim enter their hotel room and start madly kissing each other as he tries to close the bursa escort door while taking off Liz’s blouse. Liz rips Jim’s shirt off, letting the buttons fly across the room. Jim pulls down her pants and panties to her below her knees, and quickly gets on his knees, starting to eat her. Liz falls against the wall and tries to spread her legs a little. She loves it when Jim licks and kisses and sucks on her clit and pussy. Her husband would never go down on her, but now she was in heaven thanks to Cindy introducing her to Jim.

Jim loved to eat pussy, especially Liz’s. He used his tongue to lick up and down her clitty, slowly flicking it to each side. He knew exactly the spot that Liz most liked to be touched there, having played with her so much and after watching her masturbate several times. He loved to tease her, moving his tongue right to that spot, then flicking it or moving upwards or downwards. She loved when he sucked on her clit, or scratched it lightly with his teeth. Meanwhile, his fingers slowly moved in and out of her pussy. He continued this, listening to her have several climaxes until she could hardly stand.

“Oh, I thought that pep rally would never end,” said Liz, after catching her breath.

Jim just looked up at her with his typical shit eating grin on his face. “Good things go to the girl who waits,” he kidded her.

Jim then helped Liz out of the rest of her clothes, and started removing what remained of his shirt.

“Very nice of two couples to let us have this room all to ourselves. I thought that we would be stuck with your sister and my brother when we tried to check in.”

“Yea, it would have been pretty embarrassing trying to fuck in that twin bed with them on the other side of the room.”

“Oh, I am sure Steve and Bill will drink too much beer to be much fun for Cindy and Heather.” They both laughed as they moved over to the bed.

Jim was rubbing Liz’s back as she lay on her stomach. Rubbing her back and her butt, he corrected. Too bad, he thought, that she no breasts to speak of, for a normal C cup would have looked awesome on her tiny frame.

Liz was enjoying her massage, glad she did not have to make dinner for her three kids and her grown up child. She really enjoyed being with Jim, he just loved to fuck. Too bad hubby was not so inclined anymore. Oh well, she would enjoy Jim as long as it lasted, and when it was over, then decide if she needed to move on or not.

Jim was now rubbing her butt. More specifically, up and down her ass cheeks. He had been working on Liz for several weeks to experience the pleasure of anal sex, but so far, all he had been allowed to do was to rub the outside. Maybe tonight he would be lucky. He now was rubbing around her anus, and heard Liz sigh as she seemed to enjoy his touching her there.

Liz opened her legs to give Jim more access, and he moved his had down to her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her vagina, he moved them slowly from side to side. Liz was now almost purring. He continued to finger fuck her pussy, and then removed his fingers out and upwards to her rosebud. This time he started to press a finger into her ass, and for the first time, Liz did not try to move away from the intrusion. Jim moved slowly, pushing about a quarter inch of his index finger into her lovely ass. He then pulled out slowly, and then pressed into her again, up to his knuckle. Liz was not resisting his efforts, and he continued to slowly move a finger in and out of her ass.

Liz lay on the bed and felt Jim start to finger fuck her ass. Jim had been suggesting that to her for several months, and after talking with Cindy about it last week, Liz had decided to let Jim take her virgin ass tonight. Jim’s fingers had always felt good rubbing against her anus, and she found his finger in her ass to be very pleasant. bursa escort bayan She closed her eyes to enjoy the new sensations.

Jim said, “Be back in a minute,” and he moved off the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned carrying a bottle of lube, which he had started to open and pour on his fingers. He returned to lay behind Liz, and returned to fingering her ass with his index finger. Liz felt a brief period of coldness as he penetrated her, but it was a warming lubrication that quickly felt really good. Jim was now moving his finger quickly in and out of her ass. He then removed his index finger, and pressed his middle finger into Liz.

He continued to finger fuck her, and then started to push both his index and middle fingers into her ass. Liz was enjoying the sensations, and she appreciated Jim using lubrication on his fingers. Cindy had warned her that most men think that pussy juice is all they need to ass fuck with.

What Jim did not know was that Liz’s ass was well prepared for tonight’s activity. When Liz had talked with Cindy about anal sex, Cindy had suggested that she ought to take some time to prepare for it. A week later, Cindy and Liz spent half a day in bed, with Cindy using her big boy dildo on Liz’s ass. Cindy had even put on a strap on and fucked her pussy and ass, just like a man. Liz was thankful that her sister loved her so much to teach her about anal sex, and besides, Jim would only think he was deflowering her virgin ass, who would really know?

Jim was hard just finger fucking Liz in the ass. She was having no problem taking two fingers, and his fingers were not small ones. After putting some more lube on his fingers, he then pushed his ring finger into her ass, and continued to fuck her with three fingers. He asked, “Are you enjoying this, honey?”

“Oh yes, it feels really good, it does not hurt at all. When you want to, you can put your dick in me. Slide around here and I will put some lube on your cock.”

Jim moved around in an almost 69 position that gave Liz access to his penis. He handed her the lubrication bottle, and after kissing his cock head, she spread lube up and down it. “OK baby, I think you are ready to take my cherry.”

Liz got up on all fours while Jim moved around the back. He placed the head at her anus, and then gently pushed it in a little bit. Liz pressed back, and the head popped through her anal ring. Jim did not move, letting Liz get use to the size of his cock. He was quite wide, almost three inches below the head. Liz said, “It feels good, go ahead and push more into me.”

“Remember what I told you when I push, press down like you are trying to go to the bathroom.”

Jim pushed into Liz, and Liz opened her rectum up to his cock. Jim now had about three inches inside her, and stopped pushing when Liz stopped pressing against him. “Keep going Jim.” Jim then pushed again, and Liz pressed back and opened herself. They continued this several more times until Jim’s balls now rested against her ass cheeks. Jim could see that his entire nine inches was buried in her butt. How does that feel?”

Liz did not answer Jim. Instead, she started to move her butt away from Jim, and then stop and reverse direction. Practicing with Cindy had enabled her to get pretty good at fucking in the ass, especially since Cindy had eventually used a large sized dildo that she claimed was about the size of Steve’s (Cindy’s husband) cock. Liz continued to fuck back and forth into Jim, and Jim started to fuck her back.

After about five minutes, Liz started to climax – whatever the spasms in her ass – so pleasurable – were. She started to scream and shout for Jim to keep fucking her ass. Jim was quite pleased that Liz was such a natural to anal sex. He continued to push his cock in and out of her, now almost as escort bursa fast as he fucked a pussy. A few minutes of this and he started to cum, pumping his spunk deep into her ass.

Liz lowered herself to her stomach, partly because Jim was just impaled in her ass after coming inside her. She felt his warm spunk inside her ass, and her spasms started to subside. Then Jim rolled over and off of her, and started to stroke her head.

“Did you really enjoy that?”

“Jim, that was so damn good. You will get to do that as much as you want to in the future.”

Jim smiled, and laid his head on the bed. A few minutes later, he was sleeping.

Liz was always amazed that all men wanted to do after fucking was to close their eyes and sleep. Unlike women, it would take them a while to recharge themselves.

Liz realized that her ass was still have some spasms, so she reached down and began rubbing her clit. Jim was snoring softly, and here she was frigging herself. Liz laughed at herself; she did this often in her bed at home after hubby fell asleep. She quickly started to have an orgasm, several little ones in a row, and then one big hard one. WOW, that was a heck of a fuck. She moved her hand to her face, and sucked her pussy juice from her fingers. She loved her taste.

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She decided to take a nice hot bath. Because of her practice sessions with Cindy, her butt did not hurt at all. Jim had been real gentle, and forever he will think he deflowered her ass, not knowing that her sister had popped both of her cherries.

After taking a nice bath, Liz got dressed up to go to the hotel lounge for the New Year’s Eve party. After putting on her dress and make-up, she woke Jim up. It took Jim about five minutes to get ready, and they headed out of the hotel room.

They got there a little bit past 10 pm, and found a nice place in the back of the room. Nice and dark, good to make out later in the night. Liz was not much of a dancer, she loved the music being played, but she much rather watch people.

About an hour later, she saw Jim’s brother, Steve, and his friend Bill walk in, and find a place at the other side of the lounge. A little while later, she watched Cindy and Heather come in, dressed in very sexy outfits. The two couples drank and got up to dance. Meanwhile, Jim and her petted and touched each other.

At midnight, Jim and she had a deep kiss. She then looked over to her sister, and watched as she kissed Heather. Cindy had never said, but she bet that Heather loved to eat pussy too. Well, now that she was getting out of her shell of these ten years of marriage, maybe she would seduce Heather sometime.

About 1 am, the two couples got up and started to walk out of the lounge. Liz caught her sister’s eye, and Cindy gave her a wave. Jim couldn’t wave at them, as he was too busy rubbing his hand against her cunt. Cindy and Steve, followed by Bill and Heather, walked out without coming over to talk.

People started to leave the party, and about thirty minutes later Jim and Liz left the lounge and went back to their room. Liz immediately got down on her knees and unzipped Jim’s fly. She quickly started sucking on his big cock, forgetting that the dumb fuck had not even washed after fucking her ass. It did not taste bad, but the thought did kind of turned Liz off to continuing the blow job. She quickly moved her hands up, and just kissed up and down the shaft. She got up, and moved toward the bed, spreading her legs. Jim immediately landed between them, and started to fuck her hard. With all the foreplay in the lounge, Jim came quickly in her pussy.

Liz then got up, took off her dress, and got ready for bed. She came back to the bed, and Jim was already asleep, even though his trousers were down at his ankles and he still had his shoes on. She took off his shoes, pulled his pants off, and threw the blanket over him. She set the clock radio for 10 am, and got into bed. In a minute, she was fast asleep.

To be continued.

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