Bitsy’s New Heels

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Another adventure of the “Stiletto Club” has been long overdue, according to some of my readers. This adventure is being related by sexy blonde Danielle. Enjoy! ~~BrettJ

When I came home from work, Zara and Racquel could see that I was all in a tizzy. They had never seen me acting this way and it scared them at first. They saw that I seemed to be confused and angry and several different emotions all at once. I was and I couldn’t find a way to express myself to my to best friends.

“Get her a drink, Racquel sweetheart,” Zara told our roommate. “As a matter of fact, make it a double. As a matter of fact, make us a pitcher and we’ll sit around and get a little blitzed and have some fun,” She giggled impishly.

“Weren’t we having fun before she came home?” Racquel called out from the kitchen. That, they had been. My two roommate-girlfriends had been practicing their favorite form of togetherness before I showed up and interrupted their love play. Normally, sexy Dani, their favorite statuesque blonde would have just ripped off her clothes and gone for the nearest available body. When it comes to those two hot brunette darlings of mine, I don’t play favorites.

Racquel had been wearing just a skimpy white teddy and bedroom slippers, Zara was in her favorite black body stocking and a new pair of heels. Normally she only allowed herself one new pair a month, but business had been very good at her café this month and she splurged. Her roomie-lovers had oooohed and aahhhed over the shiny, black, expensive stiletto heels. “They’re comfortable too,” Zara smiled as I lovingly caressed her feet. She sighed as I touched her, we’ve been lovers for so long that I know where all of her weak spots are.

“Who cares about how comfortable they are, they look fucking great on you,” I laughed.

“She’s right, we can endure a little discomfort for something that looks that fucking awesome,” Racquel chuckled with both of us.

“Yes, it’s all about the look and they do look great,” Zara agreed. She had worn them again tonight because all three of us girls are enamored with sexy footwear. They had both expected that the moment I got home from work at my family’s travel agency that I would see them both looking so sexy and be immediately ready for play. In the spirit of full disclosure readers, it was a rarity when I’m not.

Racquel emerged from the kitchen with a pitcher of Margaritas and some glasses. My lovers had enjoyed some wine with their dinner and a few glasses before they started their sexing, but the buzz had been wearing off. Zara sensed that her BFF might be in need of a buzz and poured me the largest glass. “Okay you,” Zara said as she handed me my drink. “Spill it – and I don’t mean the Margarita!”

“You’re such a bitch,” I laughed for the first time, kissing my sweetie on the lips and getting a kiss from my other baby-doll. “Okay, how do I start? There’s this girl at work …”

Zara and Racquel looked at each other and smiled at me. I know that look, they were thinking that they should have known it was about a girl, it almost always was about a girl with the three of us.

“Her name is Bitsy – I know, cutesy right – but she’s really, really hot in that sexy librarian way. I think her real name might be Elizabeth and I don’t know where Bitsy comes from, but she’s this tall, sexy strawberry-blonde who wears cute glasses and snug blouses – god, what delicious cupcake titties – and those button up skirts that make play so much easier,” Dani sighed. “I bet she wears stockings too, but fuck, she wears the butt-UGLIEST shoes.”

Zara and Racquel both shared a joined groan. They felt the same as I did. All three of us ladies are fashion divas, fashionistas, call us what you will. Clothes are important to all three of us. We’re fucking gorgeous and accessorizing our bodies with sexy outfits is part of the joy of being a sexy woman in our 20’s. We like short skirts, shortie-shorts, naughty blouses, naughty lingerie – you name it. Of favorite part of the “glam” is always a sexy shoe and one full closet in our shared apartment is filled almost to the ceiling with beautiful footwear. They are all organized and filed, Zara in particular is meticulous and had done all the organizing. I could ask her for “gold strappy sandals” and have them in my hands in 2 minutes if Zara was home.

“You want to play with her, don’t you?” Zara sighed. She could always tell when I had a new inamorata. No one had gotten to me like this in quite some time though. Bitsy almost made me shiver whenever I walked by her desk, I was so thrilled when my Daddy hired her to help out during our busiest season.

“I want us to play with her,” I smiled, gulping my drink and pouring another. “When have I ever refused to share with my two favorite bitches?”

“That’s true, she’s not greedy,” Zara giggled. “Remember Tobi? I spent more time in the shower with that Asian hottie than either one of you.” That was true, Zara followed Tobi around for her entire visit like a docile little puppy. canlı bahis şirketleri While the slender brunette adores no one more than the two of us, her lovers and best friends, Tobi’s exotic look drove her wild. Okay, it drove all of us wild, happy now?

The four of us spent days dressing for fun. Every minute seemed to be spent indulging in decadence and buying things to take that a step further. Sexy makeup, skirts, blouses, lingerie and of course – shoes. Tobi treated her new girls to a new pair of stilettos each and flirted with the salesgirl, who had also been an adorable strawberry blonde like Bitsy. We had gone back to Jennifer’s store several times in the interim and spent a significant amount of money. Racquel spent more than anyone. She went back to the store and checked out some more shoes – and checked out as much of Jennifer as she possibly could. She went for a drink with the sexy angel and checked out her walk in the high heels she sported.

Jennifer wasn’t about to play it coy. She had seen Racquel’s stares and the 20-year old boldly invited Racquel back to her place and proved that she knew that a girl liked – especially Racquel. She was bold as brass, but she also had Racquel’s number. Racquel adores Zara and I, but a new piece of pussy is always fun.

Despite her demure attitude, Racquel discovered that Jen was far from that. She had worn no underwear and once they were in her bedroom, the little angel administered a wonderful session of lesbian fun to her new acquaintance. Racquel was about to remove her shoes, but Jennifer was to fit right in with our favorite kink. “I groove on hot shoes,” Jennifer confessed. “That’s why I work in a shoe store, I have over 50 pair.”

“I lost count at 100,” Racquel confessed, sliding into bed and pressing her fuller tits into Jennifer’s tiny buds. Their mouths sought tongues and writhed around as they heated up.

“Fuck me Racquel, treat me as your personal lezzie slut for the entire night,” Jennifer sighed. Racquel did just that and found that despite her youth, there seemed to be nothing that shocked Jennifer. “Those girls that were in the store with you seemed really close,” She smiled as she brought Racquel some coffee.

“We’re all close – they’re my roommates, best friends and my lovers,” Racquel confessed. “Sorry if it freaks you out, we’re all so open about it now.”

“It doesn’t bother me, if I had roommates that sexy, I’d fuck them too,” Jennifer told her. “Come to think of it, haven’t seen my Mom’s best friend PJ in a while – she’s only 30 and hot!” She giggled.

We’re always telling Racquel she should keep a journal or think about becoming a writer because her descriptions are so vivid. Of course, once we all had Jennifer, it was a lot easier to imagine, but I’m getting ahead of myself, right?

Racquel told Jennifer that she was welcome to join the three of us at play at any time. She also purred with pleasure and they all had her in a matter of days. Scant days after that, she showed up in a skimpy miniskirt and high heels, with a silvery blonde in tow. “This is my aunt PJ,” She giggled. “She wanted to meet you all.”

“I keep telling her after what we just spent the last 3 days doing, she can drop the ‘aunt’,” PJ chuckled. “My little bitch tells me that you can blow my mind – prove it!”

Jennifer and I went off to Racquel’s bedroom, as blonde Jennifer and our lovely brunette Racquel had become quite simpatico in their sexual needs. Racquel thought it only fair that Zara should get first dibs on gorgeous, sophisticated PJ. Once we could hear PJ’s low, plaintive wails, the three of us went crazy with own play.

“I doesn’t bother you, the things my roommates are doing, like girl-fucking your ‘niece’?” Zara smiled as she crawled between PJ’s long legs and began lapping at her feverishly.

“Dear God, no!” PJ laughed. “The women in my family are all very naughty and I find my sister’s daughter irresistible. Yes – Jennifer really is my niece, I bet she didn’t tell you that. Are you shocked?”

“Hardly,” Zara purred. “Wait until we tell you about some of the things we’ve gotten up to, family-loving isn’t something any of us are turned off by.”

“How marvelous,” PJ smiled. “I’m delighted to have the chance to expand my social circle, you’re all such naughty girls!”

“That we are!” Zara laughed. Some women might shy away from being kinky, but the three of us fully embrace our lifestyle. If a girl wants to roll with us, she has to learn that right from the beginning!”

“What a wonderful, open-minded way to look at life,” PJ sighed. Just then, the two women heard a low, plaintive moan coming from the bedroom. A few minutes later, I and Racquel emerged smiling, followed by a sheepish-looking Jennifer.

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer giggled nervously. “I’m still not used to this group thing.”

“Don’t worry about it, baby,” PJ said as she stood up and hugged her naked niece. “There’s always a first time for everything. I promise, by the end of tonight, you canlı kaçak iddaa won’t be embarrassed by anything.”

We three roommates and PJ gave Jennifer an unforgettable evening of pleasure and memories that would last her for years. We all continued to see her regularly, in a group and separately. She made sure that every time we came to her shoe store, we got a nice discount. Her boss complained the first few times until he noticed the rather large purchases that we were making – and how hot the women buying those sexy stiletto heels all were. From there on in, Jennifer had giggled while Zara was sucking her nipples; he was all sunshine and smiles.

“I really, really like Bitsy,” I told the girls as I got my head back to the present-day events. “I’d like to take her to bed and do all sorts of nasty things to her, I bet under those clothes, she’s a nasty little bitch. I just wonder how I go about doing that?” I scrunched up my face for a minute and thought as hard as I was able.

“I’ve got it!” Racquel piped up. “You say that she wears ugly shoes? Maybe she’s never been told her shoes are ugly or she can’t afford a nice pair like we all wear. If you give her one of your older pairs, it might just lead to something.”

“Maybe,” I sighed. “But you know what I’m like, I can’t think of a pair I’d like to give away.”

“I think you should give her those hot, black stilettos with the ultra-high, metallic heel,” Zara suggested. Seeing the look of horror on my face, she tried to placate me with a considerate offer. “If you make the sacrifice baby, Racquel and I will chip in to help you replace them and I’m sure we’ll get our usual discount from Jen. In the end, if this Bitsy is as yummy as you say, we’ll all end up sharing her hot little pussy anyway.”

I sighed and then I nodded. She had made her point. Zara ran to the closet and found the shoes to which she had been referring. “If she can resist a pair of heels this sexy, she simply isn’t human,” Zara sighed. “They’re fucking hot.”

I slipped them on and smiled bravely. “One final time, darlings? Let’s go to my bedroom and fuck with me wearing them one final time.” Of course, no one in our household was going to argue with me.

The next day, I stopped by Bitsy’s desk. The lovely girl smiled up at me. Her blouse was gauzy and I could easily make out a lacy black bra. Her skirt was pin-striped and buttoned up again. She looked at me and noticed that I was holding an attractively-wrapped box. She slid her glasses down the bridge of her nose and asked me in a soft, melodious voice if the box was for her.

“Uh-huh,” I answered. “You’re a lovely girl Bitsy, but you need to add something a bit spicier to your wardrobe. Here’s a little something to start you out.”

Bitsy looked up at me and smiled again. When she opened the box and saw the expensive-looking heels that the girls and I had polished until they were gleaming, she gasped.

“These are the sexiest shoes I’ve ever seen, but they must have cost a fortune!” She said in surprise. “I can’t accept anything this nice, I hardly know you.”

“Call this an introductory gift, then,” I smiled. “Go on, try them on.” As it was a Friday, it was just the two of us in the office. Everyone usually takes Fridays off, aside from me. I routinely worked Fridays to get ahead on things but no one else did. Bitsy was assigned to man the phones in case of emergencies, which are few and far between in the travel business. She sat on the edge of her desk and slipped them on. Her skirt rode up a bit which confirmed my earlier supposition that the lovely, strawberry-blonde girl wore stockings.

“How do they look?” Bitsy smiled as she looked down. “These are the sexiest shoes I’ve ever owned, how can I thank you?”

“Fucking sexy, that’s how they look on you,” Dani smiled. “You want to know how you can thank me? Follow me.” I switched over the phones so that any callers would be re-directed to our answering service. Then I led Bitsy to the conference room and to be on the safe side, I locked the door behind us. Once secure, I pulled the sexy girl close and showed her just what I thought of her.

“Does this answer you question as to how you can thank me?” I purred as I broke the kiss. Bitsy hadn’t put up any resistance. “You like girls, don’t you?” I asked her.

“I fucking LOVE girls, but sometimes, you have to play it cool,” Bitsy smiled. “I would have loved to have flirted with you, but I didn’t want to endanger my job.” She licked her lips sensually. “Are we gonna have some fun?”

“Damned right we are, you gorgeous little cunt,” I mind-fucked the younger girl. She hopped up on the table and slid her skirt right to the floor. Her own stockings were of the highest quality and real silk. “Eat my pussy, you naughty little bitch, make my clit dance on your tongue and don’t stop until I’ve fucking cum, got it?” I barked out a command.

“Yes ma’am,” Bitsy sighed. “God, if I had known for sure that you were interested, I would have flirted with you anyway. canlı kaçak bahis You’re worth risking the job for!”

“You could have flirted anyway, my parents probably know I like girls and besides that, I’ve got things around here running the way I want them and they wouldn’t dare fire me, it would take them months to figure out my set-up,” I giggled. “Okay bitch, eat me out!”

Bitsy nodded and spread my long legs. I didn’t know all of the lurid thoughts that had been running around in Bitsy’s head since starting here, although Bitsy would tell me of all of them later. For now, I thrilled to the sensation of Bitsy’s gentle hands on my thighs and her cool breath on the gusset of my thong. That was pulled aside and a very talented tongue went to work. Her mouth knew what a girl liked and she licked with total abandon, an evil smile crossing her lips as she slid her tongue in and out of my puss. I thought she might be almost as talented as the two other women in our little “family”.

My gasps and moans were music to Bitsy and the talented girl didn’t let up until I pushed her away. “That was fucking incredible,” I panted as I kissed Bitsy, tasting remnants of my own cream. I began unbuttoning her blouse and saw the admiration in Bitsy’s eyes. “You like?” I asked her.

“Oh God, do I ever!” Bitsy said as she openly admired my tanned blondeness. “I love your big tits and those legs of yours that seem to go on forever. Dani, you’re the total package!”

“You’re pretty yummy yourself, sweetness,” I smiled. “Okay, I’m here in bra and stockings but you’re still dressed. Strip baby – but leave on the lingerie, I want to have the fun of taking that off all for myself.”

“Okay,” Bitsy nodded, starting with her skirt. “I like lingerie too, but mine isn’t as expensive as yours.”

I didn’t doubt that for a minute. Another place we girls didn’t skimp was our lingerie. Still, as Bitsy’s tiny, mauve bra and thong came into view, it looked nice against her skin and was feminine and pretty. Her lacy stockings had a nice floral pattern where the flowers were also a pale mauve, it was all lovely and feminine. Bitsy stood before her as if seeking my approval. She had that in spades.

“You are simply delicious,” I sighed as I pulled the younger woman closer. Bitsy and I shared an impassioned kiss and then I let Bitsy hop up on the table. With a gleeful smile, I began peeling away the skimpy layers of clothing from the pretty girl and loved the sighs I was hearing. When Bitsy was totally nude, save for stockings and her new heels, I went to work. A tongue unlike anything Bitsy had ever experienced did a ballet on her cunt. She could not contain her groans and her fists pounded the thick, oak table. I was merciless in my pursuit of the girl’s orgasm and when Bitsy came, she gushed all over my eager mouth.

“You’re a wet little scamp,” I smiled as I shared another kiss with Bitsy. “But you are delectable.”

“So I’ve been told,” Bitsy sighed. “Come on sexy, hop up on here and let’s do a sixty-nine. I can’t wait for the two of us to do it together!”

I really wasn’t surprised to discover out that Bitsy was now becoming a bit more adventurous, there is something about a sexy pair of shoes that makes a woman feel confident. Me and the slightly-shorter girl managed to make it work and soon, we were slaking a mutual need for each other’s pussies. I came first and was astonished at Bitsy’s talents. I didn’t leave my new playmate lingering too long though; Bitsy was only a few seconds behind me in climax.

“You’re gorgeous and talented, I think we’re going to be very close,” I smiled at my new companion. “So cutie, in the spirit of new friendship, howcum you’re called Bitsy anyway? Is your real name Elizabeth?”

Bitsy giggled. “No, it’s actually Marjorie. When I was a baby, my aunt said I was such a ‘bitsy’ little thing so that’s what she started calling me and it stuck. I’m used to it now,” She smiled.

“It suits you, it’s adorable and so are you,” I smiled, stroking the girl’s hair and cheek. “Let’s go, we’re done for the day. I have some friends I want you to meet, my roommates.”

Bitsy began gathering up her clothes and getting dressed. “Are they ‘friends with benefits’?” She asked.

I nodded and admitted the full truth. “Actually sweetie, they’re ‘lesbian shoe freaks with benefits’,” I chuckled. “I hope that doesn’t freak you out because I think they’d really, really like you.”

Bitsy laughed. “No, it doesn’t freak me out. I share a tiny efficiency apartment with my 19-year old friend, Sandy. Only one bed, if you know what I mean. I think she’d really, really like you too,” She winked. “I’ll arrange a ‘play date’ for the three of us real soon,” Bitsy promised.

“Sounds good baby, sounds fucking good,” I grinned from ear to ear, knowing how delighted the girls were going to be with their yummy little strawberry surprise. I could imagine her with my slim Zara, entwined as Zara showed her all of her oral tricks. I could imagine her with Racquel and her hands and nails digging into Racquel’s gorgeous ass while Racquel intensely girl-fucked our newest lover. It decided that it had been entirely worth the sacrifice of a pair of my favorite stiletto shoes to bring Bitsy in to our naughty little circle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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