Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 43

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 43 – Attack Aftermath. Party Prep


Barnes came back to the condo after I called and fixed us all a late dinner, for which we were all grateful. Elsa was a basket case, and her sisters weren’t much better.

The runner had been our stalker.

Unfortunately, Marshall, driving the limousine, never found the man again. He’d seen him, but after racing around the corner, the man had disappeared down an alley and through some backyards. Marshall hadn’t pursued him too diligently because he thought he might need to take Elsa to the hospital in a rush, so he’d immediately raced back to her office.

The bodyguard who had primary responsibility for Elsa’s personal safety and security was summarily fired at my insistence. Even though the threat had turned out to be hollow with apparently only water and he’d tried to rescue the situation by treating Elsa, Cory had failed in his job of protecting her from harm. I couldn’t trust the man again. He was suitably apologetic. I almost had Lucas fire Marshall too, but at least he was doing what he was supposed to be doing by staying in the driver’s seat of the limo and then taking off to catch the perpetrator. I had Lucas make sure that Cory got another job.

One outcome of the acid event was that Elsa had also gotten a solid first-hand look at the stalker’s face. A police sketch artist armed with a computer worked with her for over an hour and came up with an image that was nearly photographic it was so detailed about the man. Unfortunately, running that image through their data base of other faces produced no meaningful results.

The party we’d planned for Saturday evening got cancelled. Instead, on Friday afternoon, I got us loaded into the smaller jet, and we flew to St. Croix for a couple of days in the sun.

By the time we left, Elsa was kicking herself around the world for not reacting like the ninja warrior she thought she’d become. I had Lucas and Wan Suh talk to her about realistic expectations about the kind of surprise attack she’d endured.

An acquaintance of mine from the hospital board, Dr. Sarah Slarinsky, a psychologist, came by the condominium before we left and spent two hours talking to Elsa, and then all the sisters, about the attack and how to keep something like that in perspective and still be a whole person. She was helpful and professional.

Saturday at the villa we liked, Elsa and Cindy spent part of a day doing martial arts and weaponry. Elsa and Cindy added sprints to their workout regime too. As Elsa said, “If I see that bastard again, I want to be able to catch his ass and put it in a sling.”

Cindy corrected her, “You only need to get close enough to shoot him, Sis.” The statement was delivered in a deadly tone.

Everyone else sunned and played in the water during our short stay. The security detail had been quadrupled. No one got within a thousand yards of us without being thoroughly checked out. Pleasure boats were waived further off the coastline in order to circle the island. Cars on the road were stopped and credentials checked. Meals were catered in from our favorite restaurants so we never left the compound except to go to and from the airport in a helicopter.

Elsa seemed back to her normal being by Saturday night. I think the hard workout during the day, wind sprints back and forth across the property, and firing a couple hundred rounds of ammo with her Glock at a target the outline of a human male were restorative.

Lucas went over new travel protocols with the women and me. Fundamentally, we weren’t supposed to move from any secure location until the space we’d move through had been declared ‘clean’ by the security team – meaning no possible threat existed. When possible, we’d be getting in or out of the armored limo inside a protected garage.

Further, the war wagons were to always be used when any of the six of us were changing location. We had previously dispensed with the armed and armored, black, Chevy Suburbans for the short trips between our work and offices. We were taking different routes each day already. Not anymore.

Lucas had brainstormed with his security team to come up with other ways to protect us, but they’d run out of ideas. He had an outside security consulting firm he also used, and their ideas had been exhausted as well. I floated a few ideas out and they were either doing them escort ankara or they weren’t worth trying.

Elsa had received proprietary treatment in our sleeping arrangement after the acid event, meaning that she got my arms holding her even though we didn’t broach the subject of sex. Every one was too rattled for the hedonistic pleasures of the body. On Saturday night she declared that she was healed, horny, and hot for both male and female companionship.

Elsa got me revved up and we made love in the early evening. Later, I watched Sheila, Cindy and Elsa put on a little sapphic show for the rest of us, as I fucked Melanie and KC. Elsa then went off, and I’m pretty sure she found Lucas and had a long all-night sexual encounter with him in between his nocturnal security rounds. I somehow delivered pleasure to the other four women before the end of the night and an exhausted sleep.

On the flight back home on Monday morning, I had Lucas sit opposite me so we could talk.

“Lucas, I’m hopeful the new security measures will eliminate security problems but there are several things that we need to talk about. First, we need to find and stop this particular stalker. He’s done mischief time and again, making us think we have a serious threat on our hands. I’m afraid he’s softening us up, and one time the threat will be real – and deadly.”

Lucas spoke, “I’m worried about the same thing. I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of him. It’s just a matter of where and when he’ll do something again. I pray it’s not hurtful or deadly.”

“Can you put some of the private detective staff on it?”

Lucas nodded, “I already have, sir. Unfortunately, they have nothing to report, although they haven’t worked with the new police sketch for more than a day.”

I said, “My second concern is completely different and a tad embarrassing. You know we have a rather free sex life, and I believe you’ve even been the beneficiary of it from time to time. My question is, how can we continue our parties and get-togethers with our close friends without tripping too badly over the security protocols?”

Lucas nodded but the corners of his mouth twitched in a near smile. “I could join you, sir. I also know that Marcia would relish being included in your circle, especially with you, sir. I can’t speak for any of the others, but most of the team are aware of what goes on. Everyone is very circumspect about saying anything on that account. As we have in the past, we will watch the perimeter, without getting involved.”

I asked, “Do you think the two are connected in some way – our parties and the stalking?”

Lucas shook his head, “Possibly, and the head P.I. and I kicked that scenario around without seeing any linkage at this point. We have triple checked every person in your social life, and every one of them is clean as a whistle and gives us no reason to suspect them of anything. If you feel there’s a linkage let us know what you see.”

I nodded, “Nothing now. Just wondering.” As an afterthought I added, “We will probably have a party next weekend.”

Lucas nodded. “Elsa told me. She also gave the names of a new couple that she’s invited. We’re checking them out now, but he’s her boss so I doubt we’ll find anything that we didn’t discover when we checked out all her work colleagues.”

“Lucas, on yet another topic, my family is also starting to consider a home outside the city. As our ideas materialize, we’ll be including you to get input about security, surveillance, quarters, meeting rooms, and so on.”

“Very good, sir. I will have some very specific requirements, at a minimum in terms of hidden weapons caches, safe rooms, communications, and surveillance.”

Lucas started to work on duty rosters for the several dozen security personnel we had. I could see this was no simple task as he jockeyed people around on his computer. I could see that he kept a lot of the rules for what people’s preferences were in his head.

When I glanced up, he seemed to have completed his work on the coming month, I asked, “Does anyone want to avoid being on duty when we have our sex parties?”

Lucas burst out laughing, a rare occurrence for the taciturn man; he laughed so hard he eventually had to wipe his eyes. “Why, Mr. Worthington, I have every staff member asking if they can be on duty during your parties – pleading, even. I have to beat them off with a stick. I’ve seen people barter for money for a position to be on duty on those nights. Your parties are very arousing to my staff – men and women alike.” The stoic man kept laughing at my innocent question.

The humor of the situation reached me and I laughed. “Well, I’ll leave it to you to spread the wealth around.”

“I use those assignments as rewards of various kinds: upgrades in skills, re-qualifying in some way, pointing out some gap in our coverage, and things like that.” He laughed again, “They are plum assignments, if I say so myself.”

I smirked, “Well, make sure that you and Marcia are at the next ankara escortlar party. I like that idea. I like Marcia too. I will search her out.”


As the workweek went on I could see Greg starting to get a little nervous about Saturday evening. I finally asked, “You seem nervous; you OK? How’s Kim doing?”

Greg about leapt out of his skin. “Fine!” The one word staccato answer was delivered about an octave higher than he normally spoke. I had to laugh aloud because it was so obvious that everything was far from ‘fine.’

“Greg, it’s OK to be nervous. Calm down or you’ll have performance anxiety and it’ll take me an hour with my best blowjob attempts to get you hard enough to perform. Really, it’s no big deal. It’s just a fucking party.” I loved teasing him with double entendres.

“Elsa, it’s a big deal in so many ways and it is a fucking party. For one, I’ve never been near a billionaire except in the background when Mark showed up here after your acid attack. Kim is beside herself that Mark Worthington, who has more money than most countries, might actually make love to her only she’s started to say fuck her, and I can tell the idea excites her beyond anything that’s ever happened to her.”

I popped in, “He’s actually looking forward to it. He’s a masterful lover and she is already a target for him even though he hasn’t met her. I told him every detail I could think of about when we got together, and I did have a couple of photos that Kim allowed. He wants to turn her every which way but loose.”

“Well, then there’s the point you told me that there’ll be a bunch of other men and women there we don’t know.” Greg sounded worried.

“We don’t bite … intentionally. Greg, this is a sex party – a fuck party. We love to have sex. We enjoy having sex with other people. We enjoy watching other people have sex. We enjoy being watched by other people while we have sex – we even put on little shows for each other. We are all sexual beings having a wonderful human experience. We are friendly – loving even, and cordial. No one is an ogre. No one is a pervert – well, too much of one anyway. I’m the worst of the lot on that count and you’ve already fucked me. Of course, you’ve barely met my sister, but she’s as much of pervert as I am – more so in some ways.”

Greg nodded to indicate he appreciated all that, “But … what if someone tries something Kim doesn’t like?”

“Our rule is that no means no. All she has to say is ‘stop,’ and the infraction will cease instantly. Just so you know, our newbies usually go the other way. They want more, more, more. They want to try things they’ve never done before and feel they might not get an opportunity to do again. For instance, one couple we both know tried to fuck every person at the party of the opposite gender on their first night out. I bet they’re still intent on quantity instead of quality.”

Greg nodded again, “That must have been Pam. She talked about having some sexual thing called The Experience and ending up loving Mark. That makes me worried about Kim.”

“All women love Mark who allow him to give them The Experience, and even those that just make love with him. Pam still loves Sean, and the other women continue to love their partners. Just so you know, every woman at the coming party has had The Experience at least once. They all love Mark.”

“Is he that good, or is it the money angle?”

I got defensive about Mark, “Yes, he’s that good a lover – a great lover. Realize that he did his homework. He studied about a woman’s physiology, her erogenous zones, the places on her body that turn her on the most, and the places on her body that are most likely to drive her to an orgasmic experience second to none. He talked to our friend Ryan to learn the nuances of The Experience. He talked to each of my sisters and me about what brought us the greatest pleasure, even having us think back to other sex partners we’ve had. He’s studied how to be a great lover. Did you ever do that?”

Greg shook his head. “I learned stuff in sex ed back in high school.”

I turned a circle in front of his desk in frustration and then stomped my foot. “Greg! Ugh! If you want to be good at ANYTHING you have to apply yourself to the task. You did it in architecture, computer apps, and project management. You go off for training once or twice a year for some kind of course, and you encourage us to do the same. I bet you make love the same way you did when you were in high school.”

Greg blushed, “I was a virgin until I was halfway through college; so was Kim.”

“College, then. What have you done to improve, get better skilled?” The frustration in my tone was quite evident. I could see a major cause of the marital malaise Kim and he were dealing with; neither put the effort forward to revitalize a key part of their relationship.

Greg shook his head. “You’re right. I’ve done nothing. I’ve treated it as on-the-job training, so to speak.”

“Go home tonight and watch some porn. Study up on cunnilingus, ankara kaliteli escortlar erogenous zones, the Kama Sutra, and just plain fucking. Watch the techniques various men use. What do they do that you don’t? What turns Kim on? Does she see something she wants you to try? Talk to each other. Experiment. Get with the fucking agenda.”

I left Greg, hoping he’d take the initiative the way Sean had to improve his amorous skills. Even without The Experience, Mark was a superb lover, and he was always asking each of us what we liked, and he was so aware of each little move we made in response to something he did.

I went back later and apologized to Greg for being a little severe about his lovemaking and sexual skills. We’d had several nice fucks and I’d watched him with Pam. He was an all right lover – a six or seven on a ten-point scale. He wasn’t a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of guy, although some women like that once in a while. He just was what he was, and I guessed he was the same every time.

We made it through the week and Greg did seem to calm down. I asked him what was happening on Friday near the end of the workday, and he grinned at me.

Greg said, “I told Kim what you’d said about improving our lovemaking skills. After all, she’s as guilty about not keeping up as I was. We’ve watched about two hours of porn every night since then, projecting porn movies up on our large screen hi-def TV. We both critiqued the films, pointed out techniques, and then tried them right there and then while we were watching. I’ve had more sex in the past two weeks than in the past two years of my marriage. I am revived and in love with my sexy wife all over again.”

He went on, “I also did some Internet research on articles and so forth. I took notes. I made it a real study, just as though I was learning a new CAD/CAM program or project management technique. I’ve only scratched the surface, but thank you for kicking me in the butt. You were right. I am a mediocre lover, but hopefully I’m on a path of improvement. You’ll see.”

I kissed my boss to his surprise. “I hope I do see. You can even try some of what you learn out on me whenever you want. You know having sex in kinky locations makes it fun too … like maybe your desktop right here?” I reached over and patted the corner of his desk.

“ELSA!” Greg looked appropriately shocked.

I laughed, “I didn’t say when. Think about it. What would give you some arousing memories? Where would you like to fuck Kim or Pam or me or someone, a place that you go frequently, so that forever after when you’re there you always think of that time and get a hard-on? Maybe if it’s Kim, after that when she sees your special place she’ll get wet and want to have sex with who’s ever around.”

Saturday was party time. My sisters and I spent a good part of the day making sure that everything was just right for when everybody arrived. Each of the bedrooms was inspected and prepared. Each room had candles ready to light, sexy jazz music playing, a porn video playing nonstop on the TV, condoms in a bowl beside the bed, tissues and towels nearby, and the attached bathroom ready for showers with lots of towels, great shampoos and conditioners, and all sorts of cosmetics for both men and women.

Many of our guests had arrived before Greg and Kim appeared comfortably late. We were into some great wine and hors d’oeuvres as we circulated around the living room and outside rooftop patio.

I saw Pam race up and plant a huge kiss and hug on both Greg and Kim. There was some animated conversation, and then Pam led Kim to Mark. I could tell he was in his being-suave mode, where any woman in his path is totally swept up and seduced before they know it. Kim was going to get fucked by a billionaire before the end of the night, probably more than once. She also had her flirt on.

Sean came up behind me and gave me a romantic kiss behind my ear. “Hi, Elsa. Want to play?”

“No, but I’d love to fuck,” I retorted with an evil grin that met his. “I shall put you on my dance card.” We kissed and I tried to drive my tongue down Sean’s throat all the way to his dick for an inside blowjob.

“I am a man at your service,” he proclaimed as he made a deep bow when we stopped kissing.

Sean asked, “Who are the two new people? Are they a couple?”

I glanced over where Sean was looking. I snickered. Lucas and Marcia stood talking to Sheila and looking as uncomfortable as Sean and Pam had been the first time we got them into the group sex thing. I’d talked to each of them and knew there were pleased to be participating instead of watching, but still, a first time is a first time. I explained about new security to Sean, but also suggested that Marcia was probably a great fuck. Sean looked very interested.

Ryan, Deke, Mike, Carter, and James knew Lucas and Marcia from our trip to Puerto Vallarta. Marcia was a beautiful woman, just a little on the hefty side from training and working out so much. I knew that women like that were a turn-on to James, and I watched as he strolled over to her and started a conversation. Mike tagged along and engaged Sheila. He had a thing for my older ‘sister,’ so I guessed that the first pairings of the evening by those four had been made.

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