Bed Buddies Ch. 02

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This story was supposed to be one little story for one friend who had a fantasy about watching his coworker eat me out. Before I knew it, this story took on a mind of its own. I guess I will keep writing as long as it keeps cumming to me…


I paced in front of the phone again, for what seemed to be the millionth time. Really, it was only about the fifth, but who is counting?

“Lynn, that is the fifth time you have walked by that phone.” Apparently Barry was counting. “You are looking like the phone is gonna bite you are something. If you are going to call this lady, whoever she is, call her. If not, let’s head over to The Cut to hear this new neo-soul band that I have been wanting to check out. They are only playing that club for a week.”

I know I can’t put this off forever. So, gathering up what’s left of my spine, I pick the phone up and dial. I hope she doesn’t answer…I hope she doesn’t answer….I hope she doesn’t an…

“Hello.” She answered. Shit!

“Uh, Tamryn, girl how are you doing?” I try to sound cool, calm and collected. So far so good.

“Hey, girl! I was on my way out with some girlfriends to hear some music, but I was hoping that you called before we left. I was about to transfer my house phone to my cell to make sure that I didn’t miss your call.” Tamryn sounds so bubbly, almost breathless. I try to convince myself that it is because she is in a rush.

“Oh, I don’t want to hold you up from doing ya thang. I just wanted to find out if we were still on for tomorrow?” Don’t be on…don’t be on…Please don’t be on.

Growling into the phone, Tamryn takes all my little hope away. “We are SO on for tomorrow. I shaved my pussy and everything. I want it smooth so I can really enjoy myself.” Wow… I was impressed that she shaved her stuff for a fuck with Barry. “By the way, would you mind if I rubbed my pussy against yours before you let me lick it? I was thinking that I would like to taste me on you.” Damn…so much for it being for Barry.

Barry watches as I struggle not to look embarrassed as she talks to me. After all, he still thinks she is just a girl I know from shopping. No need to spring the truth on him just yet. “Sure. We would love it if you got as comfortable as you want. This is just a first date. And if you guys hit it off, I can fade into the woodwork.”

Barry is trying to read my face. Usually, I am not a fidgeter. I don’t fidget. Right now, I am twitching and messing with everything in my reach. He whispers to me, “Lynn, what’s up?”

I put my finger up to silence him. “So have you decided where we are going to meet?” I stop fidgeting and try to look normal.

“Sure.” I can hear the smile in her voice. “Got a pen?”

I tap Barry and point to a tablet and pen on my computer desk. “Yes. Where are we meeting you?”

Very succinctly, she gives me detailed directions. I don’t have a clue where we are going. Tamryn tells me, “Tell the guy at the door that you are meeting ProfessionalDome. I will make sure he knows where you need to go. This is a private club.”

I pass the directions over to Barry. “Okay. Got it. Anything else I should know?”

“Yes.” Tamryn pauses for effect. “Make sure that you wear a dress with no panties. That is very important.” I can hear her sighing into the phone. The last time I heard her sighing into the phone, she was cumming. I almost asked if she was masturbating again, but with Barry there, I was too shy.

My voice sounds a little dry when I say “Duly noted. Well, girl, I don’t wanna hold you up from going out with your friends. I will let you go so you can get going.”

I hear a little moan on the other end. “I know you want to know. Yes, I am masturbating. I am thinking how your clit is going to feel rubbing on my tongue.” The next thing I know, she is letting out little screams into the phone.

I almost dropped the phone in surprise. Barry went to grab it and I said, “No!” I know I sounded a little frantic, but if he heard Tamryn now, he wouldn’t agree to go with me to meet her tomorrow. I put the phone back up to my ear. “Well, I am sure you are going to have a great time. Until tomorrow.”

Tamryn whispers, “Keep it wet for me, baby.” And then I hear the click of her line.

I hang up. Barry is looking at me, waiting for me to tell him what she said. I feel him studying me, as if something is wrong with me.

“She just told me that we had to tell the doorman that we were there to see her.” I went over to a mirror to check my make-up. “Hey, now that we know where we are going, let’s go hear some music.”

Barry smells a rat and tells me so. “What is it? Have you paid a prostitute to beat me off? Have you set me up with a professional?” He is giving me a stern look.

I laugh, knowing how close he was to Tamryn’s screen name. “How about yes, and no. She is a professional, but it isn’t sex.” Heck, I don’t know what she does. But, I an not gonna tell Barry what I do know about her. He can find out all about her himself after he nuts all over her asshole.

“Then ankara sınırsız escortlar what is it?” Barry is persistent. Great for an oncologist, which he is. Sucks when he focuses that persistent towards me. I know he can tell that this girl shook me up.

Time for a little fast thinking. “See, while I was talking to her, I started thinking about work and got all stressed out again. It had nothing to do with her.” That is my lie and I am sticking to it.

“Well, why didn’t you say you were stressed?” Barry starts to smile. “I brought over my baby oil. You go get undressed and I’ll…”

I interrupt him. “Uh, you will keep your baby oil to yourself, thank you very much!” It took me until yesterday to stop getting off like a madwoman between thinking about him licking me and thinking about her licking me. I just pulled the butt plug out of my ass before he came over. A girl needs a break.

Barry chuckles. “I was just offering a friendly massage. Do you think I would try to sex you and you are introducing me to a nice woman tomorrow?” He gives me the innocent school boy look.

“Bullshit, Barry.” I point my finger in his direction. “You would fuck me like a porn star if I dropped my drawers right now.”

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Barry leans back on my sofa. “Try me. Take off your clothes and put your pussy right over my face. I will show you that I can pass it up.” He pulled out a Ben Franklin and laid it on my coffee table. “I bet you I can.”

I can’t stand Barry. I am getting new friends on Monday. He knows I can’t pass up a bet. It isn’t in my blood. I am just about to pass it up when he pulls out four more bills.

“Barry. You stink.” I start to disrobe. “I can’t believe you pulled the bet card. You know I can’t pass up a bet.”

Moving his head to an armrest on the sofa, he smiles. “You could have always said no.”

I give him an incredulous look as I unhook my bra. “Remember in Cozumel when you dared me to eat the worm… Or in Dayton when you dared me to moon that officer? Shit, remember when you dared me to kiss a toad in grade school? I have I ever passed up a bet? Yep, you stink, dude!”

I settle my knees on either side of his head, bracing myself again the wall in front of me. “How long do I have to do this to win the bet?”

Barry’s muffled response is, “It doesn’t count if I can’t see it. I can’t see everything. Spread it open so I can see it.”

I reach down and open my full lower lips up. Since I have spent the last week humping my hand like a madwoman, my lips are sensitive to the touch. As soon as I open my lips up, I can feel myself getting wet.

“Okay, you can see now. I think I win this bet.”

Before I can move away, I feel his hot breathe caressing my skin. “You win,” he says before he goes in for the kill.

Slowly, he licks one lip, then the other. Barry keeps this pattern up for a while, making my clit get bigger and start to beg for attention. As his tongue swirls around the juncture of my lips above my clit, I move just a smidge, so that my clit runs over his tongue.

It is like I pushed a button on him. Suddenly, he is ravenously eating me. I can feel his teeth scrape erotically across my skin. I try to move away. I am not quick enough. He holds me down, making me take his assault on my womanhood.

My orgasm builds quickly, against my will. Somewhere between the first shudder and the third, I go from trying to push away to pushing myself onto his face more. Like a homing device, Barry’s thumb finds its way into my ass. I can feel him moving it around.

Still aroused from being filled with a butt plug, my ass feels like it is on fire. As I scream out over and over again, he keeps pushing it inside me over and over again. I can feel my juices squirting and running down my thighs and into his mouth.

He raises me off his face. With my ass in his hands, he guides me down to his waiting shaft. He didn’t try to ease into me. Instead, he pulls me down hard. Instead of letting me find my pace, he controls my hips. Raising and dropping them, making me pleasure him.

One hand slips between my legs and starts to tickle at my nub again. That is all it takes for me to go over the edge again. My walls start to close in on him and stroke him in earnest.


“I still don’t see why I had to wear my best slacks and dress shoes,” Barry has been grumbling every since I made him change out of his jeans and tennis shoes into his current outfit.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda…Stop yer whinin’, Barry,” my response is muffled behind the directions that I printed off the computer. “Hey, slow down, you are going to miss the turn!”

Still pissed and vocal, Barry follows the last of the directions to the club. As we pull up, I am feeling a little bit confused and apprehensive. This house that we are in front of doesn’t look like any other club that I have ever seen. I was expecting a bar scene in a bad neighborhood. What we got was a small mansion in an exclusive part of ankara suriyeli escortlar town.

While I am ogling the house, Barry is still ranting. Still. Man, after all this time, I thought he would have just sucked it up and shut up already! Oy vey! Men! I am going to have to stop his caterwauling before we go inside. Barry will make a horrible impression if she sees him tripping like this.

“Barry, get a grip!” I pull down the visor to check my hair and make-up. “If you don’t like her after an hour, we will make our excuses and head out. I will take you to the drive in and spring for all the junk food you can eat. Sheesh!” I start to fluff my boobs in my dress. I want to make sure that I am showing off my cleavage to the best advantage. Who knows? I might bump into a nice doctor of my own in this joint…

“Yeah, sure! You want me to get a grip!” Barry is starting to look like he is hyperventilating. “It isn’t you who is being paraded out in front of a potential date. And it wasn’t you who was made to change your clothes at the last minute. And…”

I start to slowly unzip Barry’s slacks. He stops talking mid-sentence. He looks at me in askance. “And…” I wait for him to finish his thought. “Barry, what else did you want to get off your chest before we go in?” I bat my eyes at him sweetly.

“Well, hell!” Barry exclaims. “If you are unzipping my pants, I think I better see what is on your mind instead of going on about what is on my mind.” A big smile spreads over his face.

I lean down and give his crotch a long, hot blow of air. “If you play nice tonight with my new friend, I might be able to be talked into playing really nice with you later.” With one last kiss on Barry’s rising shorts, I zip his slacks back up and give a gentle pat.

Barry looks at me in disgust. “Tease!” While I am giggling in glee, Barry climbs out of the driver’s seat and comes around to open my door. “Come on in so I can get this over with. I plan to fuck you in the ass all night for putting me through this.”

I slide out of the car, ‘accidentally” rubbing my ass against his crotch. “Promises, promises,” I murmur. I put a little extra shake in my already shaking hips. I know that Barry’s eyes are plastered to my hips right now. Might as well give him a show.

As we climb the stairs to the front door, I drop my purse. I know that Barry is a couple of steps behind me, so I make sure I take my time reaching down to pick it up. With my skirt being so short, I know that Barry has just gotten a eyeful of shaved, wet pussy.

As I straighten up, I can feel Barry’s fingers sliding between my full lower lips. “Girl, if you bend over like that one more time, there won’t be any meeting your friend. You will be face down, ass up in the backseat of my car.” He slides his fingers out of me and licks all my cream off. “Shi-it! I am tempted to throw you over my shoulder and take you back to the car now.”

I laugh as I climb the final stair and ring the bell. “Uh no, Barry. You promised!”

I hear Barry huffing in disgust behind me. I am trying to discreetly fluff my breasts one last time when the doorman opens the door. Goodness! It is the Samoan guy from BedBuddies that I was checking out.

All 6’4, 280 pounds of muscles of him is oiled up. As he motions for us to enter, I have to stop myself from drooling all over him. The only thing keeping him from being completely naked is a thong that looks like a tuxedo. It looks like it is straining to keep his thickness contained.

His voice is like velvet. “Who are you here to see, miss?” His full lips form the words perfectly. How do I know? I am in a trance watching them. I think I am in love with him.

From far away, I hear someone clear their throat. I wish they would stop. I need to figure out how I am going to get this guy to let me lick his…”Uh Lynn!”

Damn that Barry! Right when I was about to start fantasizing, he had to talk. Then, I realize that I am staring at this man in a very unsexy, stalker-like way. Shit! “Oh hi, sorry. I thought you looked familiar.” How could I embarrass myself like that? Ugh! “We are here to visit ProfessionalDome.”

Instead of looking weirded-out that a strange black woman was staring at him, the Samoan guy looks like he might be up for whatever I was thinking. “I will go and tell her that you are here. By the way, my name is Manu. Who do I tell her is here?” Manu winks at me and grins.

“My name is Lynn. Could you tell her that I am here with my friend, Mark?” I grin right back at him. Heck, this hook up night was for Barry but it looks like Mama is gonna take a little ride herself. Vroom! Vroom, baby!

Manu takes my hand and kisses it. “Be right back, lovely lady.” And with that, he heads off to announce our arrival to Tamlyn. I am watching the muscles in his ass ripple when Barry clears his throat.

“Uh, Lynn…Mark?” Barry looks confused. “Why am I Mark? And what the hell are you doing flirting with the door guy? I just licked your pussy juices off my fingers on the ankara türbanlı escortlar stairs. Now, you are looking like you are going to toss this guy’s salad.” I can hear the frustration in Barry’s voice.

“Dude,” I grab his hands and look into his eyes. “You are Mark because I didn’t want to give my friend your real name in case you decided to stand her up. And,” I give him a stern pull on his hands, “remember, you are here to meet a lady. We,” I motion between him and me, “are just boys.” I sigh. “We have had some great sex, but we are still just boys, okay?”

I can tell Barry is about to respond to me when Manu comes back down the stairs. “Please follow me. She is ready to receive you now.”

The fact that I am not grabbing Manu’s ass and rubbing it like a crystal ball should get me some kind of award. I could put hickeys all over his buns. Yes, indeed.

When we come to a huge black lacquer door, Manu comes to a stop. “Mark, she wants you to change into the outfit on the bed.” Manu turns to me. “Once you get your friend settled in, why don’t you come downstairs and I will make you a dirty martini.” With a wink, he is gone.

I am smiling to myself when Barry grabs my arm. “Uh, Lynn, dude, why am I changing into something for this chick? What the hell have you got me into?”

I sigh. The jig is up. Either Barry will go along with the program or he will storm out of here. “Barry, I found you some ass. My friend was supposed to help get your groove back. That was before we fucked.” I look up at him to see how he is taking it. So far he isn’t running. He isn’t happy either, though. With a deep breath, I continue. “She loves to have anal sex and toss salad and has amazing tits, so I thought you would be into her. And,” deep breath, “she wants to eat me out before she does you.”

With the last statement, Barry’s whole demeanor changes. “Hell, you should have told me that days ago.” He starts to pull me in the room. “I would have volunteered for this. A chance to watch a girl eat your pussy and then I can fuck her in the ass?” Barry laughs. “Fuck! What guy would pass up this chance?” He reaches over and gives me a hug. “Lynn, you are the best chick any guy could have as a friend!”

Barry goes over to the bed and picks up a bow tie. Apparently that is all there is of his attire for the evening. There is a note attached.

“Welcome to my social club! I can’t wait to entertain you. Lynn, please get comfortable on the bed. Mark, have a seat on the lounger in the corner. As soon as you all are comfortable, I will be in to get things started. I can’t wait to taste both of you!”

Barry slips out of his clothes and hangs them across the rack in the corner of the room. He looks over at me. “Lynn, what are you waiting for?” He has that kid on Christmas day look in his eye.

I sit on the bed and look at him, as he sprawls himself over the black velvet lounger. Because the room is so softly lit, I can barely make out his dark form against the furniture. “I am as comfortable as I plan to get.” I pick an invisible speck off my skirt. Suddenly, I am feeling butterflies. Maybe she won’t make me make good on my promise.

Barry growls. “Girl, if you think you are gonna sit on that bed fully clothed while all I have on is a damn tie you gotta ‘nother think coming!” I could hear him started to get a little bit angry with me. “Do I need to come over there and help you get undressed?” I can see his form starting to move toward me.

Might as well get it over with, I am thinking as I start to unzip my skirt. I let it drop to the floor in a heap at my feet. Kicking it off to the side, I unbutton my silk shirt. I am thinking about how to extricate myself when I hear Tamryn’s voice at the door.

“Very sexy, girl!” Tamryn growls softly. “I love how your breasts look so full and lush. Leave the bra on!” She walks over to the bed slowly. As she does, I am trying to get a good look at her face. She almost looks familiar, like I know her. Before I can really see her face, she is right up on me. Her hands, cool and soft, start to help me shed my shirt.

Tamryn looks back at Barry. “Hey, guy. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show.” She looks back at me and caresses my thigh. “I know I will.”

I try for once more for a pardon from this. “Ya know, girl, sexy as you are, this is about you and my friend.” I try to slip away. Unfortunately for me, I fail to notice that slipping away put me right by the pillows at the top of the bed.

Before I know what’s going on, she grabs my calves and raises them up on the bed. This girl had to be a wrestler in a former life! I couldn’t believe how she just took over my legs like that.

The force of the movement and the surprise of it all forced me back against the many pillows against the headboard. I can feel her hands rubbing up and down my legs. She is barely touching them, but I feel as if I can’t move.

I don’t want to enjoy her touch. I don’t want to get goosebumps every time her hand caresses the area behind my knees. I don’t want to, but my body is betraying me.

Against my will, I feel my nipples getting hard. I will myself to stop getting wetter and wetter, but apparently my pussy has decided not to listen today. I catch my breath and hold it when I hear myself starting to sound like I am breathing heavy.

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