Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Semen Says

I dropped my backpack on the empty desk in Jane and Britney’s dorm room. Britney never used it. She was always out whoring around all over campus.

“Do you have a lot of studying to do tonight?” asked Jane. She was standing across the room from me in her usual study outfit: a long floppy t-shirt, shorts, and her sexy librarian glasses. She was barefoot, and her toenails were as bright red as her fingernails. Her long thick brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

I looked at the backpack. “About three hours worth,” I estimated. “Not too much.”

“Great!” said Jane, and clapped her hands. “I was hoping we’d have time to play Semen Says tonight.”

Jane and I were beat-off buddies. We got together several times a week to masturbate together. We never had sex, or even touched each other, because we are both involved in deeply committed relationships with other people. Unfortunately, our significant others attend different colleges, far away, so our only sexual outlet was self-gratification. But when we do it together, it is much less lonely.

“That sounds good to me,” I said. “Do you want to go first or second?”

Semen Says is one of our standard beat-off games. It takes longer than most of our other methods, because we jerk off one at a time instead of together. The one not jerking off tells the other one exactly what to do. The jerker must do everything they are told, and nothing else. After the first person comes, the roles reverse.

“Odds or evens?” Jane asked, and held up a fist. “Winner goes first.”

“Evens,” I said, and raised my fist as well. We pumped them once, twice, thrice, then splayed out our fingers. I held out two. She held out one.

“I go first,” she said, and whipped her t-shirt off over her head. She gave her hips a wiggle and her shorts fell to the floor. She kicked them across the room to join her shirt. She took off her glasses and put them on her desk. Her tall, slender, naked body was glorious.

“I should really go first,” I said, staring at her pert boobs, her clean-shaven pussy, and her creamy flawless skin. “I haven’t had time to think up any ideas, and you’ve been thinking about this all day, I’ll bet.”

“No way, you lost the choosies,” she said, bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet. Man, she really wanted to come, I thought!

“Oh, all right,” I grumbled. “Okay, Semen Says massage your boobs for a few minutes while I think about some commands for you.”

“Yeah!” she said, and wrapped her long slender fingers over her small, luscious mounds of boob-flesh. Her bright red fingernails contrasted nicely with the smooth tanned skin of her breasts. She gently massaged them while throwing her head back and moaning slightly in her throat. Yeah, like I’m supposed to think while watching that! I forced my mind to try to come up with some interesting commands. After a short while I had a few ideas.

“Okay, Semen Says to lie on your back and pull your knees up to your ears,” I commanded. Jane hopped to it, quickly lying back on the small dorm bed and raising her legs. Soon her knees were nearly at her ears, her slender feet and sexy toes pointing at the ceiling. Her pussy and ass, of course, were perfectly exposed to my gaze, just how I wanted them. “Now start rubbing around your pussy lips. Not inside! Just around the outside for awhile. I want to see you get good and horny.”

“I’m already horny!” she complained, but did as she was told. She made a fork of the first two fingers of her right hand, and began rubbing them up and down just outside her pussy. I watched, fascinated, as her lips started to slowly swell and puff up. A tiny bit of moisture began to glisten in her crack as her pussy became wetter and wetter at her own tender touch.

After several minutes, she wanted more. “Can I go inside yet?” she whined.

“No, Semen Says has not given you permission!” I said sharply. “And pinch your nipples with your other hand.” She complied, and her moaning increased. I kept canlı bahis şirketleri a close eye on her pussy, and before long the lips began to part. “Now,” I said. “Now you can slip one finger into your pussy. Semen Says to keep rubbing it up and down, vertically.”

Jane did as she was told; her long middle finger went deep into her pussy, parting the lips and plunging down to the last knuckle. Her moans rose to the level of a wail. Her finger went in and out as well as up and down the length of her slit. Technically, this was a violation, as I had not authorized an in-and-out motion, but it was so damn erotic that I let it slide.

“Oh, Donny,” she moaned. “Oh, it feels so good, my pussy is so wet and I am so damn horny!” She knew that she could not bring herself to orgasm without permission, but she was making the most of what she could do. “Mmmm, my pussy is on fire, Donny!” Her finger flew up and down faster and faster.

“Freeze!” I commanded. She stopped her motions immediately, and looked up at me in panic. “Semen Says that you are not to move a muscle until you recite the names of the Seven Dwarfs.”

“What?” she said. “What the fuck kind of a command is that?”

“I want you to cool down a bit. You are going too fast,” I said. “Dwarfs. All seven.”

“Oh, shit,” she said. “Ummm, Sneezy, and Happy, and Dopey, and Doc, and Happy, and…. “

“You said Happy twice.”

“Oh, fuck,” she panted, her middle finger still frozen motionless in her juicy snatch. “Ummm, Sneezy Happy Dopey Doc and… oh! Sleepy and Grumpy!”

“That’s six,” I pointed out needlessly. “One more and you can start frigging yourself again.”

“Damn you!” she said. Her finger twitched. She wanted desperately to get herself off, but she would never violate the rules. She bit her lip and furrowed her brow. Then her eyes lit up. “Bashful!” she yelled triumphantly.

“Very good!” I said. Truth be told, I couldn’t think of the seventh one either. I’m glad she did! “Semen Says to resume stroking your pussy, and rub your clit with your other hand.”

She instantly started poking and stroking her honey pot again, and brought her other hand down as well. Her index finger landed firmly on her clit, sticking out proudly from the top of her pussy, and started rubbing it for all she was worth. Her head was again thrown back, and she was moaning and wailing in pleasure.

“Semen Says to put two fingers in your pussy,” I commanded. She complied, and her wails got louder still.

“Oh, Donny oh Donny oh Donny, it is so good!” Sweat was breaking out on her forehead, and I could hear the sloshing sound of her pussy juices around her fingers.

“Semen Says three fingers!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she wailed, jamming three digits deep into her snatch, sawing back and forth like crazy. All the while, her other hand was a blur on her clit. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was biting her lower lip.

I contemplated making her stop again, thinking it would ultimately prolong and enhance her orgasm. But I decided that would be too cruel. Besides, I was getting so turned on that I didn’t want to wait much longer for my own turn. “Semen Says to make yourself come!” I commanded.

That was all she needed to hear. She lowered her knees from her head and placed her feet flat on the bed. She clamped her legs together, her thighs trapping her hands on her genitals, and rubbed and stroked for all that she was worth. Before long, she was grunting and screaming and yelling in pleasure, as wave after wave of ecstasy rocked her orgasm from her head to her sexy, painted toes. Then she rolled over onto her side and lay shuddering for several minutes, savoring the afterglow.

I stared at her beautiful, naked body, curled up in a fetal position with her hands clamped between her glorious thighs. Her brow was covered with sweat and her eyes were clamped shut, but she was still the most beautiful thing I could imagine. Gradually, her muscles relaxed and she unfolded herself. canlı kaçak iddaa She stood up.

“Donny, that was awesome!” she said. “You do a great Semen Says, as always!”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Except for those damn Dwarfs! Don’t ever pull that kind of shit again!”

I smiled. “You can’t argue with Semen Says,” I reminded her.

“No, but you can get even,” she said. “Now it’s your turn.”

Horny as I was, I wasted no time in shedding my clothes. My cock, stiff as it had become already, was especially glad for the fresh air. I stood naked before her. “Okay, where do I start?”

She cocked her head sideways and looked at me for a moment. Then she said, “Smack it.”


“Smack your cock with your hand. Back and forth a few times.”

I did as commanded. I placed my hands on either side of my cock, a few inches away, and alternately smacked it back and forth. It felt…. interesting. Not particularly sexy, though. But Jane seemed to enjoy watching it bob around.

“Okay,” she said after a few moments. “Now some very light fingertip strokes, from the base to the tip.”

I turned my hands inward, and placed my fingertips very lightly at the root of my cock. I gently stroked them up to the tip, then repeated the motion again and again. The feeling was very subtly sexy, and made me shiver slightly.

“Now the other direction,” she commanded. “Top to bottom.”

I reversed direction, sliding my fingertips from my flaring, sensitive cockhead down to my pubic patch. Again and again. This was better than the other direction; if felt like I was penetrating a soft, gentle, never-ending pussy! I kept it up for several minutes while Jane watched appreciatively.

“Now, make an O-ring with one hand. Very loose, though. And stroke it up and down your shaft. But very lightly.”

I made a circle with my thumb and index finger, and stroked it gently up and down my shaft. It felt great, but this light and gentle stuff was a little slow for my taste. At this rate, I would never get off! Of course, that was her plan, the same as I had done with her.

“Can I turn my hand around?” I asked. “I can get further down the shaft that way.”

“Okay,” she said. “That sounds interesting.”

I reversed my hand position, so my thumb-finger O was now down the shaft, closer to my belly. Without the rest of my hand in the way, I was now able to stroke all the way down to the base with the O, and all the way up to the tip. It was still too gentle for my taste, but at least my entire cock was getting in on the fun. My hips shuddered with pleasure each time my finger-ring passed over the purple rim of my cock.

“Now cup your balls with your other hand,” she said. “And massage them a little.”

I reached down and fondled my balls. They were already aching for release, but the massage felt great! I gently rolled and squeezed them in my palm. I continued to stroke my shaft with my inverted O-ring, and soon noticed that I was moaning involuntarily. It felt great, but not great enough!

“Can I stroke harder? Please? I need to come!”

She pursed her lips and seemed to consider my request. “Okay,” she said finally. “You can stroke harder. But only five strokes. No more!”

Yes! I closed all five fingers around my throbbing shaft, tightened my grip, and stroked like a man! One, two, three…..

“Hey!” She was yelling at me.

“What?” My hand froze in place.

“You were up to eight strokes!” she admonished me. “You know that’s against the rules!”

Shit! I had completely lost control and didn’t even realize it. “Jane, I need to come!” I whined.

“You will,” she said. “Just not right now. Hold your hand still, and squeeze your cock as hard as you can.”

I squeezed. “How does that feel?” she asked.

“Not bad,” I said. “But it’ll never make me come.”

“Oh, you’ll come all right,” she said. “Take your left middle finger and put it in your mouth.” I did. “Get it nice and wet,” she commanded.

I canlı kaçak bahis slurped all over my finger, wondering what was to come next.

“Now reach around behind yourself and stick it up your asshole.”

“What!? No way!”

“Hey, I did your stupid Seven Dwarfs thing,” she said. “Do it!”

Somewhat sheepishly, I twisted around and started to slither my finger into my anus. It was embarrassing, at first, and felt a little funny. My sphincter was clamped tightly around my finger, but it went in with no trouble. As I worked it in deeper and deeper, knuckle by knuckle, I could feel a flushing in my face and neck. No, not embarrassment this time, but a vague sense of excitement, of uncharted territory, as well as a warm sensual glow. I worked my finger in deeper and deeper. I felt full; it felt as if something immense was invading me, not just a finger. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought it was a banana going up my butt!

Jane watched me in fascination. She nodded her head in approval, but she was also breathing fast and sweating a bit, getting horny all over again watching me finger-fuck my own asshole. I could see her squeezing her thighs together, involuntarily.

“When you get it all the way in, you can start stroking again,” she said, in a breathless voice. “Not before.”

I really wanted to stroke myself off, so I worked all the harder at getting my finger all the way inside me. The warmth in my face and neck had spread to my chest and my thighs; something in my posterior was sending pleasure waves throughout my body. As I finally got my finger all the way into my colon, I felt a throbbing, glowing warmth from deep inside my bowels. It almost felt like I had to shit and piss, all at the same time! I didn’t, of course, but the intense warmth and pressure emanating from my innards had my sensations all scrambled. It was deliriously pleasurable and a little bit scary all at the same time.

My mind was too confused by the rush of intense sensations to do any clear thinking; fortunately, my instincts took over. My fist, still wrapped around my cock, began stroking and pumping; slowly at first, then fast and furiously. Up and down my shaft, squeezing tightly, jamming up and down with brutal force. My finger, deep in my asshole, also began stabbing in and out, poking at that center of heat and pleasure deep in my bowels. The flushing sensation engulfed my entire body, and my cock felt like it was on fire!

I caught a brief glimpse of Jane out of the corner of my eye, her hand deep in her crotch and sawing her pussy savagely. I paid her no attention, but continued mindlessly, rhythmically, instinctively jerking both of my hands; my right hand slipping up and down the raging hardness of my cock shaft, and my left hand and middle finger endlessly stabbing at my colon. The heat in my loins, already intense, suddenly exploded! It felt like a grenade had been activated in my guts. Before I knew it, I was screaming in pleasure, and sperm was launching out of my cock like a machine gun!

Seven or eight massive jolts of sperm passed before my eyes, as my body was frozen with the intensity of my orgasm. Then I went week in the knees, and nearly collapsed. I lowered myself to the floor for safety, and noticed that my heart and breathing were racing. Then I realized my finger was still in my butthole, and pulled it out.

Jane had just finished her own orgasm, but still had her hand in her snatch and her gaze on me. “That was intense!” she said.

“You’re telling me?” I said. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“It was your prostate,” she said. “It’s called the Male G-Spot.” She looked at the long string of semen splashed across her floor. “You really shot that one,” she said. “You know, that gives me another idea.”

I looked up at her. “I’m not ready for any more,” I said. “Maybe after a beer.”

“Oh, not today, silly,” she laughed. “But next time we get together, I think I have something new in mind.” She put on her glasses and glanced at my backpack on the desk. “Besides, now it’s study time.”

I reached for the fridge under her desk. “After that beer,” I said. “We’ve earned it!”


Donny and Jane will return in: Beat-Off Buddies 3: Onan the Barbarian.

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