Barbie Doll

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In a rare moment of clarity, Becka lay on the bed and thought back over all that had happened since she had met Pete. She was such a different person now, she had become embroiled in her lover’s fetish fantasies, and they now seemed to have an inexorable hold on her, an intoxication or perhaps it was an addiction. The word suddenly seemed to have a resonance that echoed along the corridors of her mind, like a constant and faithful companion.

For Becka realised that her will had been broken, that she would unerringly make whatever perverted twisted choice Pete presented to her, and she loved it. In fact, she realised that she loved it all the more, and her juices would soak her, when her choices separated her inexorably from her humanity. Pete longed for her to do this, and although he never pushed her, she would willingly embrace them, swelling with lust and adoration of him. The sexual lust even now made her heart thump in her chest, pricking at her nipples and seeping into her latex encrusted cunt. Her adoration for Pete and all he loved had come to define her. She was as firmly fixed in place as a stamp pressed to its hinge inside its collector’s album.

Oh yes, she had choices — she knew in some far off distant perfect world choice was always available. She pictured with bitterness her friends sitting around a dinner table somewhere and telling her so, their unspoken accusation of her duplicity hanging over the meal. They would not be able to understand her desire to be consumed, the impossibility of resistance, the urge to feel once more and again the wave of powerful orgasm that made every one of her nerve endings buzz with an erotic charge. Her sexuality revved in an atmosphere too pure, too high an octane that it threatened to accelerate away, crashing into a life too overcharges for her to bear, yet bear it she would.

Lying on the bed, Becka tested once more the knots that bound her wrists, secured them behind her, and she felt another small globule of her juices squeeze through her slit and slickly coat her cunt. The movement shifted the face before her. She stared into the vacant round eyes, inches from her own, and the mocking pleasant smile stretched broadly over the impossibly large face. The eyes huge, round and an unreal bright green with a plastic sheen. Their blank stare of obedience held her gaze, and Becka reflected that stare with her own, locked so close eyeball to plastic eyeball. She felt hypnotised by the glare of their unrelenting, indifferent stare which held her thoughts locked in inactivity, and the lack of stimulation left her mind shutting down, her thoughts sluggish. Her mind revolved slowly, around and around the same thoughts, like a mantra she was too dense to absorb, so having to repeat it over and over. The softly spoken lilt chiming at the limits of her consciousness making her envy the dolls perfect form, its singleness and clarity of purpose, and she sensed, in some indefinable way, the enormous pleasure the doll received each time it was taken out to be used. How could anyone envy a plastic sex doll like she did?

The relentless hours had left Becka feeling weak, her muscles atrophying. She didn’t feel able to move her arms, even if they hadn’t been tied. But tying them had been important, it had forced her into immobility and to become used to it. Each time she shifted, the bulbous plug trapped inside her mouth, connecting her to this doll, shifted. A dribble of doll cum would slither down her throat and settle with painfully monitored slowness into her belly. Slowly, Becka felt her mind clearing, as if she could, with an effort of will, force her thoughts to break out of their debilitating cycle. Her awareness seemed to slowly lift and circle, like a fog twisting in mesmeric coils shifting and gradually lifting, spiralling upwards releasing their grip upon her. New thoughts started to appear in her mind, but Becka could not control them. Memories started to float through her, images of her journey to this point where she lay with the fire of longing burning in her belly to become one of the dolls in Pete’s collection.

Becka had always loved dolls, and especially little Barbie dolls. As a kid, she had made a huge collection of them and she loved being able to dress them and play with them. She had been an only child, and hadn’t been very good at making friends at school either. She remembered all those years of being bullied just because she was short. “Little Squirt!” they had called her. Playing with her dolls comforted her. There was a security and a reassurance she felt during that play, because the doll always behaved exactly as she wanted it to. Now, looking back, she thought that part of the pleasure was the absolute control, the certainty that the Barbie doll would never do anything unexpected or unwanted. It had no will of its own.

Well Pete was a match made in heaven. She couldn’t believe a guy would be interested in doll stuff. Yet his house was full of little models and figurines he had collected. Many were from movies or TV shows, he had a lot of gaming dolls or figures which he would painstakingly paint in uniforms. Yet he also had Barbie dolls and other pretty little dollies that looked so sexy! That casino şirketleri was amazing. She loved the tiny teeny outfits he had made for them. On the smaller models, he had painted sexy outfits that fit tight over their bodies. He paid such particular attention to their design, with little metal rings in their belts that caught on the angle of their hips. As she had picked them up, the light had glittered from the metal and a dusting of sequin spray over their faces gave them a magical allure. She had squealed with delight at them, and her heart had melted. She had found her soul mate.

Not that Pete wasn’t all man. He had other dolls too! And wow did they look hot. These were full size sex dolls that had obscene holes screaming to be fucked. He would dress them up too, in hot outfits he had bought specially for them. He had a whole collection of short skirts and latex corsets and mini dresses in light cotton that could be lifted by the slightest breeze. He had told her how sometimes he took one of them with him to the cinema and he would watch the guys around, struggling to take their eyes off her and unable to concentrate on the film. The dolls were so lifelike, and when he dressed them up everyone looked at him with envy. He even caught one guy pulling on his stiff cock as he stared in the half light at his doll.

Pete loved to talk about his dolls, and he was always looking for new outfits for them to wear. Becka was hooked, and she just loved spending time with Pete talking about the dolls and their outfits. It seemed to her that perhaps like her, Pete was shy and found it easier being with his dolls. Together they would go out and hunt for new clothes for them and then dress them up. Pete had this lubricant that he used to fill their openings. It was thick and syrupy although colourless, with little bubbles trapped frozen inside the viscous slime. He had a little funnel, and would get Becka to use it to fill some of the gaping holes in the doll so that it slowly trickled out and down the doll’s legs. It looked like she had just been fucked and cum was oozing out while she was out with them. The gooey fluid glistening over the perfect latex skin drooling under the hem of the short cotton printed skirt. Becka got very excited with these games, and encouraged by Pete she learned to love licking out the dolls pussy or ass. She had never considered herself as bi, never been interested in girls. But having these sexy dolls around her that she could boss around and was able to dress up as she liked tapped into all those games she had played with Barbie. Playing with these life size dolls was just so much fun. She loved the way their skin shone and could entice her so much, and she loved the way Pete introduced them into their sex life. She found it liberating, intoxicating. She could dress the dolls out in her own sexual fantasies: anything from cheap street whores to glamorous revealing outfits that she would love to wear but could not feel confident enough to. She got so excited dressing them just the way she wanted. It all seemed to happen so naturally.

Pete bought other clothes for Becka too, and he would bring them home in huge colourful boxes all tied up with ribbon. She would squeal with delight as she read the card he had written on them: “To Becka Hart, queen of all my dolls.” Inside she would find little tulle nighties, or camisoles in red silk each with a picture of Barbie on the front. He also bought her panties, little girlie panties with cute horses or bunnies or cherries on them; but she loved best the ones that also featured Barbie on the front wearing different sexy outfits. She loved kneeling on the bed, resting back on her hands, her head tilted back and thrusting out her mound to Pete as he placed his face so close between her thighs. She presented to him the Barbie doll imprinted across her mound, identifying her sex with the Barbie figure. She got used to his calling her his Barbie girl, and she longed to dress up in the outfits featured on the clothes he had selected. Somehow Becka always ended up wearing what Pete had chosen, and she was falling in love with Barbie all over again.

All the Barbie outfits were really sexy and Becka loved displaying them over her mound. He always bought the panties for her a little small, so she was squeezed inside them. He said he loved the way her cunt was pressed right up behind Barbie, lips parted as if to swallow her and hold her captive inside her core. He also commended her on the way she kept her legs so her panties were always clearly visible, even padding about the house. He came to refer to her Barbie panties as her familiar, inseparable from her, and she grew more and more intense desire to wear them always: like her icon. In time these thoughts became more reinforced with practice, and it excited her to think of him dressing her as his Barbie doll, so she would stand naked before him while he slipped the panties up her legs. As he did so, he would describe to her how she was transforming into Barbie as he slid the panties around her hips and released the elastic to grip tightly around her sex. The idea of Becka disappearing and her becoming the attractive icon Barbie excited her so much found casino firmalari her cunny leaking juices into her panty almost immediately, soaking into the Barbie figure. Pete would comment on the little stain she was making, and encourage her to make it larger by painting vivid pictures of her body adorned in the outfit he had now stretched tightly across her sex.

Pete was very attentive and he wanted to share all things he was crazy about with Becka. He was really in to stories of cartoon heroines and he wanted Becka to like them too. She was not so sure. She loved the dressing and playing games, but cartoons was never something that had interested her. Reluctantly, after much badgering, she agreed to listen to some recordings of stories he read out from his comics. Pete had plenty of adult comics and he selected some stories to read from his favourite Sailor Moon series. This girl was always getting into scrapes and ending up being fucked because of her gorgeous mature body wrapped in innocent yet revealing costumes. On the CDs he made, Pete spent a lot of time describing the sexy outfits. As Becka listened to them she was sure she would get bored quickly, but to please him she gave it a go. To her surprise she actually started enjoying the stories from the first. She pictured herself as the ditzy heroine in all the sexy outfits, and she imagined looking so hot that the guys in the story were compelled to fuck her, even those who tried to resist; her naivety made it so easy for them. She would never have imagined getting turned on by listening to Pete’s voice recounting the details of the sex and how the girls mind went blank as cum was shot up her cunny or over her face. Pete was so good at painting these pictures of herself in her mind.

Becka was so in love with Pete. She would sit for hours listening to these stories in her headphones. She had never been interested in comic book characters before, but anything that fascinated Pete now fascinated her too. She would wear anything for him too, and it was so obvious. Now when they went out shopping for clothes for the dolls, Pete would not ask her opinion because he already knew she would love anything he liked. He used her to model the clothes in the shop and she would stand before the mirror in the changing room and try to imagine the doll wearing them. Sometimes it was hard for her to distinguish between seeing herself in them from seeing one of his dolls. Becka started to think what it would be like to be one of the dolls. Before she would have been horrified at the idea, but now she wasn’t so sure. She thought about the freedom from responsibility, and that nothing would be expected from her. The thought of being dressed by Pete and having her body adorned by revealing innocent schoolgirl clothes, just like Sailor Moon, excited her very much. She was sure Pete’s cock would also be driven into an enormous erection by her innocent look. There was something luscious about the idea. She also started to feel how relaxing she would find having her body manipulated like a doll, doing nothing but responding: literally mindless sex. Becka realised she was very wet and would stain the clothes, then he’d have to buy them. She giggled at that thought.

The more they shopped, the more Becka tried on outfits and the more she thought about what it would feel like having sex as a doll. This was making her increasingly excited. So when Pete suggested one time Becka to remove the clothes from the doll he had just fucked, and put them on herself; just to see how she looked in the raunchy outfit, well…. She didn’t hesitate. At first Becka had found it a little bit unsettling. A moment or two before she had been pulling the doll’s legs wide into a revealing position to ease Pete’s access to it, and now she was turning herself into that doll while Pete waited. The uniform was incredibly sexy: a thin white cotton top that was stretched to the limit to cover the adult breasts of the doll, with a blue ribbon around the neckline and a tiny red pleated skirt that covered only half her ass. It had been one of the sailor moon outfits that she so adored, the innocent schoolgirl look. There were little white ankle socks also with the same blue ribbon tied in a bow at the sides, and school shoes, black with rounded toe and one and a half inch heel.

She had taken to dressing Pete’s Barbie doll’s in these outfits too. She loved the way the curve of the doll ass became accentuated by the pleated skirt as it lifted away revealing white cotton panties underneath. Becka got so turned on by that look as she learned to associate it with getting fucked — both through the comic stories and from their sex games. She had been licking out the doll cum just before, as it wore these clothes. Donning them now herself, she became incredibly excited, and her fingers and palms became sticky. She felt her heart racing as she pulled the little tiny skirt up around her, and she pushed out her ass to feel the lack of covering. Wearing these clothes, Becka slipped into the Barbie persona, squealing inanely and becoming totally compliant. Pete squirted more of the doll cum into her and started to lick her out just as she had done before. Becka lay on the bed güvenilir casino picturing herself as a doll, arms and legs akimbo — useless, which had a surprising affect on her libido.

After that they incorporated exchanging clothes into their sex play, so Becka always ended up wearing the outfits too and being treated just like the dolls. She wanted more and more Pete to fuck her and treat her in exactly the same way as the other dolls. She stopped playing with the dolls herself, just preparing them as Pete wanted them positioned, and then she’d watch intently, persistently pulling on her clit, as Pete fucked it. Once he had finished, she would beg him to do the same to her afterwards. She would try to mimic the way the doll responded, inert and lifeless, her body being pushed around by his thrusting cock. She especially loved it when he would fuck the doll from behind and she had him fuck her ass. Somehow her body seemed to be more available for him and less her own. It rapidly became their favourite game.

Becka twisted on the bed. Lying there and thinking of all those outfits and how much better she looked when dressed in them. They seemed to create in her a flowing femininity that just didn’t seem to exist when dressed in her own clothes. She also made the association of wearing these Barbie clothes with Pete fucking her, and that was making her fidget. The doll danced with her, mirroring her exactly like a parody. As Becka’s cunt throbbed, she wondered how much longer she would have to wait before Pete got home to fuck her.

It was not long after that she had moved in with him. Its funny, she had been unsure at the start, having reservations about how fast this was all moving, just how much fantasy was involved in this guy’s life. She was unsure whether she wanted to go this far; but once he asked her, she found herself just beaming a smile at him and nodding enthusiastically. He gave her a couple more CDs as a present and she put them on as soon as she got home so she could listen to the stories as she packed. By the time she closed the door for the last time on her old apartment, she was dripping with excitement.

Once she had moved in, she became ensconced in his world of fantasy figures. Even when Pete was not around she found herself dressing the dolls and swapping clothes with them. Pete bought her a pair of plastic pointed ears. He said they were from a comic story about sexy fairies that were never supposed to get fucked or they would lose their powers. Of course, that meant they inevitably always did, and the prospect of losing their powers as their orgasm accumulated inside them just made them surrender to their lust more. Both she and Pete had laughed at the story and she teased him how she would love to lose her own powers while he fucked her. He told her, that he would love to see her lose her powers and he kissed her in a long lingering deep kiss that made her melt inside. So she wore them about the house while Pete fixed up the computers. He was installing wireless throughout the house. He said it would be easier to access the internet from any room and they could look up some awesome sites on the web.

Becka stayed at home a lot, always wearing her fairy ears. There was a little jack socket in them to plug in a lead from her CD player. It was so cool to be able to wear the ears and listen to Pete’s music and stories. She would put them on really low, so as to have them playing gently in the background, so that she could absorb them. She loved it when Pete used the stories in some of their fantasy play. He would dress her up just like Barbie, and by now even the name was making her so incredibly hot, then tie her up just like in the stories. The role play fused in her mind images of herself and the stories of the dolls she was dressed up as, and increasingly evoked in her the desire to become the helpless victim. She loved to dress her adult body in the schoolgirl uniforms that were too small for her, unwittingly enticing the bad guys to have their evil way with her. The stories revolved endlessly round in her head, and she found herself living more and more in this fantasy world, and each time she snapped out of it, she felt disappointed as if waking from a fabulous dream she desired to go on forever. She was reaching out in her mind, to claw back the fantasy, not to be left behind.

Becka was not quite sure of events after this. She remembered feeling there was like a voice in her head as she went about the house, but she never really heard what it said. She must have imagined it, but it was persistent. So she asked Pete about it, but he just laughed and said she was imagining she was getting super powers from all this role play. He dismissed it, and so did she. Yet as she lay there immobilised on the bed, and thought back to those early days, she felt there were changes. In the mornings she remembered feeling worn out — Pete had said it must be all the fantastic sex she was getting. She found it hard to open her eyes, and lazed in bed until mid morning, which she had never done before. Then she thought about how she had quit her job. Pete had said she didn’t need to work as they had enough money. Why not take a little break and enjoy herself as she was clearly getting herself hot by sticking around with his dolls. She could go back to work any time. He was so sweet to her, and it was true she did like it so much, playing with his dolls and getting herself all wet for him when he got home.

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