Backyard Sex

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She found him in the office just like he was most nights. She couldn’t help but think why would someone who spent all day on a computer for work be on one at home. As she neared him she could see he wasn’t playing a game like she thought but was watching porn.

The video was of a short thin blonde girl with an average rack but a rather large ass that reminded her of herself and a larger dark haired man ravaging the young woman. Her heart sank a bit as normally they would watch such movies together. As she stood there watching it over his shoulder she got so turned on she didn’t notice that he could see her reflection in the monitor.

“Hey darlin, hope your not mad I’m watching this without you. This woman just reminded me of you and I could not stop watching it. It has been making me want you Katherine.” He patted his leg motioning for her to sit down. She sat across his lap and draped an arm around his neck.

“I’m not mad Erik, I mean its not like your in here playing with yourself your just watching it. Wish you would have told me though, the girls are asleep so We can have some fun.” They both grinned at each other when they noticed the woman in the video was sitting on the mans face bouncing her ass up and down.

Katherine felt Erik’s big thick tool twitch underneath her and she got an idea. Standing up she pushed his chair back from the desk.

“I want you to lay down on your back, since you ovisiously liked watching her do it youll get the same treatment.” Erik was even more turned on, Katherine rarely took charge.

So he did as instructed and laid on his back. A big smile came over his face as he watched his love remove her shorts and slide her boy cut panties off. She stood over him facing his feet then kneeled over him which placed her clit and lips right over his mouth and her round firm ass cheeks over the rest of his face.

If she lowered herself another couple of inches she could smother him with her genitals. Erik’s finger tips brushed their way up her thighs till they found her hips and grabbed them. He immediatly began to lick and suck on her privates as they dangled in his face. He began to pull on her hips shoving his tongue inside her hole while her cheeks covered his face.

Katherine was grinding against his tongue, making her ass bounce in his face and could tell he loved it. She looked down and could see his package straining against the thin fabric bursa escort of his gym shorts. Running a finger over the shaft made it jump and Erik groan. He wanted her to play with it but loved just worshipping her ass and pussy.

His hands slide from her hips down to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Exposing her tight little hole. She looked back at him over her shoulder with a devious grin.

“I know what you wanna do but you can’t play with my ass till you make me cum with your tongue so get back to work.”

This just made Erik even hornier and he began to suck on her clit hard. Flicking his tongue over it, swirling around it. She bucked against his mouth and grabbed onto his shorts. She could feel the orgasm cumming on.

That was when he jammed his tongue inside her and dug his fingers into her juicy ass. The sensation of his thick tongue wiggling inside her was just what she needed. With a loud groan that bordered on a yell she came. Katherine may not have been a gusher but when she came her whole body would shutter.

As she was recovering Erik took advantage of it and started to lick her ass burying his face berween her cheeks. He would smack her ass and could feel it jiggle against his face. She began to push back against his tongue trying to get him to probe her tight hole with it. He was more than eager to oblige, and started to push his tongue into her. Katherines moans started to turn more into growls.

Erik had gotten her ass nice and wet before he started to push his finger into her. Wth an even more animalistic growl she leaned forward and pulled his shorts down to reveal a rock hard cock staring her in the face.

The massive cock head was inches from her lips, she couldn’t help but run her tongue from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. A groan could be heard from behind her and then Erik bit her ass. His teeth on her flesh always felt amazing. She slowly wrapped her lips around his swollen member and worked it into her mouth inch by inch. It didn’t take her long to get Eric’s thick 8 in tool into her throat.

Erik continued to finger fuck her ass while he was being serviced. He loved the feel of her mouth enveloping him but couldn’t wait to have her begging for him to fuck her ass. With his middle & ring fingers in her ass he slid his thumb into her pussy and began moving them in unison. Katherine stopped bobbing her head and just kept him in her mouth bursa escort bayan as she enjoyed her man playing with both of her holes. She knew tonight was gonna be a fun night.

Erik started to thrust up forcing himself deeper into her mouth. While he was thrusting up Katherine matched his movement going down. He started to throb in her mouth as his thrusts became more frequent and she knew he was close. Placing her hands on his thighs she got his cock as deep as she could just as he unloaded. Several streams of thick cum shot down her throat before the rest filled her mouth.

She kept him in her mouth expecting him to go soft but he didn’t. They laid on the floor for a moment trying to catch their breath and recover. Katherine slowly stood up and climb off Erik. He got up, grabbed her hand and lead her throught the house and out onto the back porch.

“You were incontrol before but now its my turn. Put your hands on the railing and bend over. It’s time for your vitamin E injection.” He couldn’t help but grin saying the last part.

Katherine did as she was told. She grabbed the railing and bent over, wiggling her ass. Erik put one hand on her hips and used the other to guide himself into her. The walls of her pussy were wet, warm and welcoming. Knowing how much she wanted it, he took his time.Teasing her would only make her want him more. Inch by inch he slide into her then would pull out to just the tip and go further into her.

“Baby please give me it all to me. I want you to fill me up. I wanna know that you are as deep inside me as you can be.”

He grabbed onto her hips and in one stroke was balls deep in her. They both moaned enjoying the sensation. Then Erik began to pick up th pace of his thrusts. Making her breasts bounce each time their bodies made contact. The slapping of their skin sounded in the country air around them. She began to push back forcing him deeper into her.

He grabbed both of her arms and pulled them behind her back. Lacing one arm under her elbows he was able to make her arch her back. Now he really began to pound her as hard as he could. With her hands being forced behind her back Katherine took advantage of it and pulled her cheeks apart allowing him to get even deeper inside.

Erik knew she wanted him to cum inside her but he didnt wanna fill her velvelt box. He had other plans of where that load was gonna go. Erik was so caught up in his escort bursa thoughts he almost missed the tale tale signs of Katherines orgasm coming to fruition. Her legs began to shake and he could feel her tightening.

Using his free hand he reached around and began to rub her clit. This sent her over the edge and she came all over his cock. Releasing her arms she clutched the railing for support. He slowly withdrew which caused her to whimper as she wanted him inside her again, she wanted to feel him cum for her.

Erik walked a short distance away and grabbed a bar stool that they kept outside for when they had guests over. Bringing it back over to her, he told her sit on it but on the edge as to have her ass hanging off of it. She did as she was instructed and sat down.

Erik produced a small bottle of lube from the pockets of his shorts. Putting some on his fingers he began to probe her ass while making a line down his cock with it. The moment Katherine felt the warm slippery fingers slide into her back door she knew why he brought the stool over and couldn’t wait. He made sure that her hole and his pole were both well lubed.

Postioning himself behind her he began to very slowly push the big thick head of his cock against her rosebud. She began to bite her lip as Erik penetrated her. To make it easier and allow him deeper access she again reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. It seemed to take forever but soon he was all the way inside her. They didn’t move for a couple minutes allowing her to adjust to him. Then he began to pull out, she could hear him opening the bottle of lube and then feeling the liquid between her ass cheeks. Euphoria washed over her as he slide back into her this time much easier. Erik grabbed a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and pulled her head back.

“Oh my god baby, your ass feels so good. I’m gonna fuck you nice and good then I’m gonna fill your tight ass with my load. Do you want that?” All Katherine could do was nod and whimper out a yes. His thrusts started to gain power and speed slowly causing her cheeks to bounce.

He tried to hold off cumming as they didn’t do anak often so her ass as tight as hell. He managed to slide all the way back inside her before he came. Unleashing what felt like the most cum Erik had ever shot, deep in her ass. Feeling him orgasm caused Katherine to cum once again this time with a loud growl. He collapsed onto her back panting and kissing her skin. He slid out of her as he softened. Helping her off the chair they walked inside the house to clean up and crawl into bed. They both knew they’d pass out after hitting the sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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