Backseat Fuck

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This is my first story, so please leave feedback (whether you enjoyed it or not), and of course if there are any grammatical errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them. Thanks for reading!


We had just finished work and were excited to change up our usual routine.

Most nights, we’d drive to the empty cul-de-sac a few miles away hidden in a new residential development. He’d leave his truck and jump into the backseat of my car.

Most nights, he’d start kissing me hard because he had to be around me for hours before he could do that again. I’d undo his pants and play with him; he was always already hard.

Most nights, I’d kiss my way down his stomach to his thick cock and lick him slowly. Then I would envelop his hardness in my mouth.

Most nights, I was impatient and just wanted him inside of me. He would make me wait and slide a finger deep inside of me, making sure I was hot and wet and begging for it.

Most nights, I’d lay down in the back seat of my car for him to climb on top of me. He would then rub his big cock against my opening and bury himself slowly, completely into me.

Most nights, we’d fuck like this, he’d come after 15 minutes, and he’d stay hard inside of me. Then we’d fuck again.

This night was different.

We didn’t work late this night. We had mid shifts that day, which meant we could go out for a real date as we were done with work by 7. He took me to dinner. It was summer, and I was in a short strapless sundress and wedges. No panties. He couldn’t stop staring at my calves when we walked and insisted on walking slightly behind me. The tension had been building over the course of the night.

We got to my car, and he gently leaned me against it and kissed me softly. We broke the kiss after a minute. We needed to go somewhere else.

“How about the casino oyna new spot in the forest?”

There was another hidden cul-de-sac, deep in another neighborhood that would probably never be built out. The cul-de-sac was the end of the neighborhood, and there were houses maybe a quarter mile up the road from it, but otherwise it was surrounded by beautiful, strong pine trees.

It was dark when we arrived. We were nervous about the new location as we had only driven to it on accident while on a joy ride. We weren’t sure if other people came to it, if cops came to it, or what really happened here.

But we were here. And we wanted each other more than anything.

We got out of the front and hopped in back. After closing the car doors quietly, his mouth was on mine in seconds, and his hand moved to my chest. He caressed my tits over my dress and bra at first, and then he pushed my strapless dress down and unhooked my bra. My tits free now, he slowing started teasing my small nipples and making them hard.

Meanwhile, I needed something to occupy my hands. I stroked him over his jeans, and I could feel his thick eight inches throb. God, he was so hot. We locked eyes – both of us have green eyes, mine more green-blue, and his more green-hazel. I wanted him, and he wanted me.

I undid his jeans and released his cock. As I wrapped my hand around his shaft, he moaned softly, trying to be quiet. We always tried to be quiet when we fucked in the car. I paused, removed my hand, got on my knees on the floor of the car, and started playing with his balls with my hand. Then I looked him in the eyes and took him in my mouth. I tried to get him as far as I could, but could only get maybe 6 of his 8 inches. I was gagging trying to get the last of it deep in my throat. He closed his eyes and put his hands in my hair as I started to slide slot oyna my mouth up and down his cock.

“Babe, you’ve got to slow down. You feel too good.”

I smugly grinned, as smugly as you can with a cock in your mouth, and slowed down. I started using more tongue and slide my tongue up and down and around his cock while still moving my head. When I got to his head again, I rolled my tongue all over it. His breathing was heavier than usual, so I came to a slow stop. I got back up on the backseat.

He looked at me and slide on the floor himself. I opened my legs for him and sighed when his mouth reached my pussy. He started to suck on my clit and worked two fingers at once into my pussy. I was very tight; one finger is normally enough, two is me feeling full, and three won’t fit, even when I’m soaking wet. Fuck, this felt so good. Once my pussy was nice and soaking, I stopped him. I needed him now.

“Babe, sit back on the seat.”

He got up and sat down. I think he was a little confused. This is how he would position himself if I was going to ride him, which I very rarely do. But this night, I needed to control the pace. Facing away from him, I lowered myself onto his cock. Oh fuck. Taking a moment to adjust to his thickness, I paused and then continued the slow descent. Finally, I got him all the way deep inside of me. I almost couldn’t breathe with how fucking good he felt.

And then I started riding him. My body moved up and down his cock. His hands went back to my tits. Here I was in, in heels, with my tits out of my dress, no panties, with my boyfriend’s cock deep inside of me. I felt sexier than ever. I kept moving and moved faster than I ever had before when I was on top. I could tell he was getting closer and closer.

As I was riding him, I saw a light shine ahead. Shit. Shit. Shit. I stopped moving and canlı casino siteleri felt fear run through my body.

“Babe, do you the see the light? I’m going to get off you. Let’s lay down and cover up with the blanket.”

We laid down in the seat and spooned with our legs curled. My car wasn’t quite big enough, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. We covered ourselves with the blanket. The car was hanging out, not doing anything, but its lights were still on. Was someone going to come over and look in?

I felt excited and terrified. We paused for a minute, but then he couldn’t wait any longer though. He started to rub his cock head against my opening under the blanket. Suddenly, after a dozen micro movements, his tip slipped in. I groaned; it felt so perfect to have him back in. What a naughty boy though… fucking me with someone nearby. They could peer in the window if they wanted and see us. The thought made my stomach knot up and my pussy tingle.

Finally, he moved forward, and his thick cock stretched my pussy once again. It always felt so good.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. I moved my right hand to my clit and slowly massaged it. My pussy was soaked, and you could hear his cock sliding in and out of me.

Finally, the car left.

“Babe, the lights are gone.”

He got so excited by that. He started pounding me hard. Moaning and telling me how tight my sweet cunt was. He was fucking me too hard for me to focus on my clit, so I moved my hand away and enjoyed the pounding. He always does the courtesy of telling me when he’s going to come.

“Babe, I’m going to come in you now!”

And he did. Suddenly, my pussy was leaking with his hot cum. It’s one of my favorite feelings. I sigh, laying with his softening cock in me. We talk for a little bit before moving. I wipe the cum from my pussy with a Kleenex, put my bra back on, pull my dress up, and saunter back to the driver’s seat. I get in and sigh. We were lucky that we didn’t get truly interrupted, but damn, maybe I wouldn’t have minded too much if we had.

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