Back to School Ch. 03

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Back to School 3: The Frustrated Student

Sarah Stevens stood in the gymnasium of Westville High as her last class of the day was commencing. The students were filing in from the locker rooms and joining her in the gymnasium where they would spend an educational 40 minutes learning the arts of dodgeball.

Sarah was now the teacher for both the girls’ and boys’ classes, since the other gym teacher, Bradley Hicks, had been fired several months ago. It was a tough job, especially since she was the school’s youngest and most inexperienced teacher.

The male students loved having her as a teacher. Miss Stevens had a body that you could find right off the pages of any high class porno magazine. Her huge double-D tits were bulging out of the zip-up sweatshirt that she was wearing today. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, and her whistle hung down around her neck, dangling tantalizingly between her big jugs.

The last student made his way into the gym, an 18 year old senior by the name of Bobby. Sarah gasped as she saw him; both his arms were in casts and he held them awkwardly at his sides.

“Oh my gosh, Bobby, what happened to you?” She asked as he walked in and sat down on the bleachers, sighing deeply.

“I fell off my bike, Miss Stevens. It happened last week. I broke both my arms.” He said, kicking the side of the bleachers.

“Oh honey I’m so sorry. Just take a seat there and watch for the rest of the period. You aren’t in any condition for today’s class.” She told him.

“Thanks, okay.” He said.

Sarah conducted the class as the students all enjoyed a pleasant game of dodgeball, and before long, the class was coming to and end. Blowing her whistle loudly, she called an end to the class and ordered everyone go to back to the locker rooms and change before the end of the period. The students filed back into the locker rooms and she went back into her office.

The bell rang, announcing the end of the class, and also the end of the day. Sarah stood outside in the hallway saying goodbye to each of her students, then made her way into the gym to put away all the equipment for the day. To her surprise, she found Bobby still sitting on the bleachers.

“Bobby? What are you still doing here? School is over, you should go home.” She told him.

“I uhhh… I can’t really get up.” He said, blushing slightly.

“Oh of course, your arms. Let me help you.” She said, walking up beside him.

Bobby shifted slightly on the bleachers. “No, it’s not that… I can get up… It’s just that… well…”

Sarah looked down at him, and suddenly realized he had a huge erection bulging against his pants. “Oh my…”

“I’m sorry, it’s just so embarrassing. I didn’t want to get up and have everyone see it.” He told her.

“Here, come into my office, we’ll talk about it.” She told him, leading her student into her office where the other students wouldn’t see him, or the big stiff tent-pole in the front of his pants.

Bobby sat down in one of the chairs in her office beside the gymnasium, and Sarah closed her office door behind her and sat down at her desk.

“I’m really sorry, Miss Stevens. This is so frustrating, it’s been happening all week long and I can’t do a thing about it!” He said in aggravation.

“Well, why is your penis hard?” She asked lightly.

Bobby blushed again, then said “It’s basically from watching the girls in the gym class. In their shorts and little tshirts. I get excited. But to be honest, mostly I get hard because of you, Miss Stevens.”

“Because of me?” She asked, blinking a little.

“Oh yeah, totally. Every time I glance at your body, especially your tits, I get hard as a rock. I can’t help it. Even the slightest thing can set me off, especially since I haven’t been able to cum in about over week.” He confessed.

“Bobby, I… wow.” She said in surprise, a little shocked that her student was being this open about his lust for her. “Well, can’t you masturbate before you come to school? That would certainly help, wouldn’t it?”

“No I can’t.” Bobby sighed again, and moved his arms, showing her that with his arms in the casts the way they were, he was unable to reach his crotch with either arm. “It’s absolute torture.”

“I certainly see that. Yikes.” She said to him.

“Is there anything you can do to help me?” He asked her.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You know… maybe you could help me to uh… you know… cum?” He asked her rather quietly.

“Oh, Bobby. I don’t know about that. It wouldn’t be proper.” She told him immediately.

“Please? Pleeeeease. This is like torture for me.” He pleaded with his teacher.

Sarah bit her bottom lip and looked down at the big hard pole inside her student’s pants. He really did look uncomfortable like that, and she felt bad for him. “Well… alright. Sit back, I’ll make you feel better, Bobby.”

Bobby leaned back in the chair, his arms at his sides and his voluptuous gym teacher stepped closer to him, unzipping the front of her sweatshirt. Once casino siteleri she had it completely unzipped, she slipped the sweatshirt off, and her huge bare breasts spilled out. Bobby groaned as he stared at his teacher’s lovely rack. For being as large as they were, her tits were very perky, and she had perfectly sized stiff pink nipples.

Sarah leaned over her student as she reached down to undo his pants, and Bobby lifted his head up and licked his tongue over her right nipple as her breasts dangled in his face. As Sarah was unzipping his pants, Bobby was now sucking her nipple into his mouth, nursing on it tenderly.

With her breasts being sucked, Sarah reached inside her student’s pants and wrapped her hands around the stiff shaft inside. She pulled his cock out so she could more easily stroke and play with him. Bobby moaned against her tit as he felt her hands on his cock.

Sarah sat down in Bobby’s lap, facing him, allowing her student to suck freely on her tits while she stroked her hands up and down his rock-hard cock which stuck up from his lap like a flagpole.

“Oh God yes, Miss Stevens, that’s it! Please keep stroking my cock; I want to cum so bad!” He groaned with his face buried in her chest.

Sarah stroked her fingers through her student’s hair and held his head against her big tits while her other hand pumped up and down on his drooling cock. Then she wrapped both of her hands around his big dick, jerking him off quickly.

Bobby sucked and slurped on his teacher’s huge jugs freely, and was whimpering and moaning with pleasure as she gave him a handjob. Finally he squealed out in joy as his cock exploded, releasing a week’s worth of cum. The first couple blasts were so powerful, they arched all the way up and hit Sarah in the face and neck. His cock spurted and squirted, sending shot after shot of jizz across his teacher’s stomach and tits, completely drenching her until his balls were drained.

When he was done, Bobby sighed heavily and sank back into the chair exhausted. Sarah stood up, looking down at her body. She was naked from the waist up, and was absolutely painted with her student’s hot cum.

Sarah ran her fingers around her nipples which were streaked with cum, then she cupped her breasts in her hands and began smearing the cum around like it was lotion. “Oh my, I’m going to have to take a shower now.” She said.

Bobby’s cock was still stiff as he sat in the chair, enjoying his post-orgasm. After a while, he asked “Miss Stevens, my cock is still hard. What am I going to do tomorrow all day before gym class?”

“Well, if you still have the problem tomorrow, I’d suggest you see the school nurse.” She told him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day, first thing in the morning, Bobby made his way through the hall at school trying to hide his embarrassing hard-on as he made his way to the nurse’s office. It was very difficult to try to hide his crotch, especially since everyone was looking at him in the first place, with his two ridiculous casts on each arm. He ended up walking sort of hunched over and turned to the side by the wall.

Bobby walked into the nurse’s office and found Nurse Brown sitting at her desk looking rather bored. The school nurse was dressed in a white uniform consisting of a short skirt and a tight button-up blouse. The white uniformed complimented her dark tan skin excellently. The blouse was unbuttoned loosely, leaving lots of her cleavage exposed. Her big double-D tits bulged near the opening of the shirt, looking like they wanted to just spill out on their own.

Nurse Brown was sitting at her desk, filing her nails as Bobby walked in, and she looked up at him with a smile, “Hi there Bobby, how are you?” she asked.

“I’ve been better.” Bobby said to her. “I have this problem.”

The school nurse stood up and walked around in front of her desk beside Bobby and asked, “Aww what’s the matter?”. When she reached the front of her desk she looked down and realized the huge bulge in the front of Bobby’s pants. “Does it have anything to do with this?” She asked as she reached down and squeezed the bulge.

Bobby closed his eyes and moaned. “Yes. I’m so horny, nurse Brown. And I can’t jerk off with these casts on my arms.”

“I’ll take care of you Bobby, follow me.” She said to him softly.

The nurse led Bobby into the back of the room where there was a curtained-off section and a little bed. Bobby sat down on the bed as the nurse pulled the curtain closed, giving them some privacy.

“Why don’t you show me this stiff penis of yours and I’ll take a look.” The nurse said to him in a sultry voice.

“Okay, well, I can’t undo my pants though.” Bobby said to her, showing her that with his arms in the casts, his hands were unable to reach the front of his crotch.

“Oh you poor thing! Let me help you with that then.” The nurse said, getting down on her knees in front of the student. She ran her hands over the thick bulge and then unzipped and unbuttoned his fly.

The nurse pulled down Bobby’s pants slot oyna to his ankles, letting the stiff cock spring up immediately after it was freed. Nurse Brown reached up and stroked her fingers along the stiff cock, admiring its size.

“Wow, you sure are hard. You probably haven’t cum in a week, have you?” She asked him.

“Well…. Actually, Miss Stevens helped me yesterday. She helped get me off yesterday after school.” He said to her.

“Oh that sure was nice of her. Did she let you slide your cock in between her big titties?” The nurse asked him, still running her hands up and down his rod.

“No, she didn’t…” he replied.

“Oh no? Well, did she give you a big messy blowjob?” Nurse Brown said to him, giving him a little wink.

“No, she didn’t do that either.” He said again.

“Well, what did she do?” the sexy nurse asked.

“She just jerked me off, that’s all.” Bobby told her.

“Well, I’ll take good care of you honey.” Nurse Brown said as she stood up and opened a medicine cabinet on the wall. She took out a bottle of scented baby oil and knelt down in front of Bobby again.

The nurse removed her blouse, revealing a sexy white lace push-up bra underneath, which cupped her breasts and held them together fantastically. Next, she reached around behind her and removed the bra, letting her big, tan melons spill out free.

Bobby groaned and ached as he sat on the bed watching her. His cock was sticking straight up, throbbing right in front of her. It was aching to be touched and stroked.

Nurse Brown took the cap off the baby oil and began generously applying it to her chest. She let the warm liquid drip over her bulging breasts and between them as well until her chest was completely soaked with the oil.

“Oh man, Nurse Brown, I want to fuck your tits.” Bobby said desperately.

The nurse was rubbing her huge tits now, smearing the oil around and squeezing her big jugs together right in front of his crotch. “Of course you can, sweetie.”

Nurse Brown leaned forward, letting Bobby’s cock nuzzle in between her tits as she held them underneath and wrapped them around his stiff rod. She leaned into him until his cock was pressed right up between her big melons, and then she squeezed her titties around him, sandwiching the stiff cock right between them.

Bobby groaned and shivered as his cock was slid in between Nurse Brown’s perfect set of knockers, like a dream come true. “Ohhhhhhh” he just said, unable to find the words to express how good it felt.

The school nurse was holding her tits together on each side, squeezing them tightly around her student’s dick. Next, she began sliding her melons up and down, tittyfucking his aching member. Her breasts glided up and down the stiff cock easily from all the lubrication she had applied.

Bobby’s cock was throbbing hard as the huge mounds smothered his cock tightly and the nurse even started to fuck him with her tits. His heavy balls dragged along her chest as he watched his cock emerge from the top of her titties, then disappear back inside as she moved up and down him.

Nurse Brown was tittyfucking him more quickly now. She was holding her tits underneath, and bouncing them up and down Bobby’s penis quickly. She could see the precum oozing out the tip abundantly.

The school nurse let Bobby’s dick slip out from between her tits, then she leaned down and took the shaft between her lips and started sucking him. Her lips sealed around the cock tightly and she started slurping and sucking hard, wasting no time since he was already raging.

“Oh FUCK! Oh FUCK! I’m going to cum!!” Bobby yelled as he felt the nurse’s soft mouth around his dick.

Nurse Brown knew he was going to cum soon so she sucked harder and harder, with all her might. Her fist pumped up and down Bobby’s dick while she nursed the rest of it in her mouth.

Within seconds, she felt Bobby’s cum flooding into her mouth. Bobby groaned loudly as his cock exploded and he squirted his load of sperm into the school nurse’s mouth. Nurse Brown eagerly swallowed as Bobby’s dick spurted and unloaded the massive amount of semen into her mouth.

When Bobby was done cumming, Nurse Brown wiped her mouth clean.

“Thanks, Nurse Brown. But what should I do if I’m hard again when it comes time for gym class? Should I ask Miss Stevens to jerk me off again?” He asked.

“You’ll have to ask her about that. It’s up to her.” She told him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Bobby walked down the hallway to the gym where he was hoping to find Miss Stevens. He had study hall right now but luckily he was able to skip out early. He was lucky because already he had another huge hard-on, and knowing that he’d be seeing Miss Stevens soon didn’t help it at all.

He found Miss Stevens in her office and she looked up at him in surprise.

“Hello Bobby, what are you doing here? Class doesn’t start for another 20 minutes.” She said to him.

“I had to come down here early, Miss Stevens. This boner is just killing me!” He said in frustration. canlı casino siteleri “Will you help me like you did last time?”

“Umm… well, I do have some free time right now.” She said hesitantly. “I guess I could. I don’t see any reason why not.” She felt so bad for him, with his arms stuck in the casts the way they were, and being completely unable to relief himself.

Bobby closed the door and sat down in the chair inside his gym teacher’s office.

Sarah knelt down on the floor in front of him, getting between his legs and she undid his pants for him, helping to free her student’s cock from the confines of his pants. She pulled the long, hard shaft out and gave the tip of it a kiss.

“Mmmmm, thank you Miss Stevens. I really need this!” He said as he looked down at his stacked gym teacher who was now starting to suck his dick.

Sarah opened her mouth and let Bobby’s cock slide inside, between her lips tightly as she began to suck his already fully-hard penis. She started sucking and slurping him, going to work and devouring her student’s dick.

While sucking on Bobby’s dick, Sarah unzipped her sweatshirt, letting her huge melons spill out. Her big tits pressed up against Bobby’s thighs as she slurped messily, her saliva drooling down over his dick everywhere.

Her blowjob was getting messier and harder by the minute as she knelt in front of her student. Sarah’s spit was drooling down all over Bobby’s dick, and down her chin, and some of her saliva was dripping down onto her tits messily as she completely devoured him.

“Miss Stevens, this is incredible… But Nurse Brown said that you should really let me fuck… I mean have sex… with you. That’s the best way for me to get off.” He said to her, hoping she would fall for it.

Sarah stopped sucking when she heard him say that, and her student’s dick slipped from her mouth with a pop.

“She said that?” She asked incredulously.

Bobby just nodded and added, “Yes, she said I should absolutely be having sex with you.”

“I wonder why. She really said I should have sex with you?” She asked again in surprise.

“Yep, honest truth. Something about the intercourse allows my penis more time to be flaccid something technical like that.”

“Well, I guess she would know best. If that’s what she said… Well…. Okay.” She agreed finally.

Sarah stood up and turned her back to Bobby as she stood beside her desk. She pulled the waist of her sweatpants down over the curve of her ass, revealing a pair of sexy g-string panties underneath. She pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles, then stepped out of them. Next, she pulled her panties down, revealing a perfect, hairless pussy.

Bobby stood up and took his place behind his gym teacher as she stepped out of her panties, leaving her sneakers and socks on. His teacher bent over the desk, with her hands on it, and then she spread her legs apart, giving him access to her pussy. She was almost completely naked except for her sneakers, and the sweatshirt which was completely unzipped, allowing her huge jugs to hang down freely.

Bobby pressed the tip of his cock up against her crotch, but without use of his hands, he couldn’t nuzzle his dick inside her. Sarah reached back and guided his cock up against her cunny, and he pushed forward, burying his dick inside her.

“Oh Miss Stevens! Your pussy feels so good! You’re so tight!” He yelled.

“Bobby, I hate to hurry you… but we only have 5 minutes before class starts!” she said to him hastily.

The student started pumping his hips back and forth, burying his dick inside his teacher, fucking her hard. His balls slapped up against her each time he thrust forward, sliding his dick all the way into her tight little cunt.

Bobby slammed into her over and over, taking full advantage of his chance to fuck his gorgeous teacher.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” He screamed, still pounding his cock in and out of her.

“Oh Bobby, just cum inside me, I don’t have any towels!” She murmered.

Bobby didn’t need any motivation as he burst soon after. His dick spasmed and spurted inside her, shooting wads of cum juice into his teacher’s cunt. Over and over his cock squirted his load of cum right up into her until he finally sighed in exhaustion and collapsed into the chair.

“Oh fuck yeah, thank you.” He said between deep breaths.

“We need to get ready for class!” Sarah said, pulling her clothes back on.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After school, Bobby stopped by the nurse’s office once again to talk to Nurse Brown before he went home.

“Hey there Bobby, feeling any better?” She asked him as he walked in.

“Yes, actually. But I do have a big concern.” He said to her.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked.

“What am I supposed to do about my erections after school, and on the weekends when you and Miss Stevens aren’t around?” He asked her.

“Well… I suppose your mom could help out.” She said.

“My mom? I don’t know if she would.” He said to her.

“There’s no reason she shouldn’t. This is a perfectly normal medical practice. I’ll write her a note with what to do and I’ll include my home telephone number if she has any questions.” The nurse said to him with a smile.

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