Awake with Jake Pt. 04

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Anal Fucking

I looked at the clock. It was going on for three. At this rate, I was going to need half a jar of coffee to get me going in the morning.

I’d been enjoying having horny thoughts about the first time I’d hooked up with Marcus, and it had been nice to lie here snuggling into his back and rubbing my dick against his bum while I’d played through it in my head. I’d thought that sleep would gradually take me, but as it hadn’t and all those thoughts had left me with a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, I realised I was going to need to get rid of it before I was going to be able to doze off.

Since Marcus was too out of it by now for me to risk waking him, I decided I’d have to nip off for a quick wank.

I got out of bed quietly and headed off to the bathroom.

If only Bradley or Guy was staying over with my dad and there was a nice raunchy pair of briefs lying in there for me to have some fun with.

But no, when I switched the light on and closed the door, the only pair that I found there were a pair of my dad’s Calvins. Pretty well-worn too, by the look of them. I suspected he’d left them there hoping Marcus would take a sly sniff of them. He could be such a sleaze-ball sometimes.

I pulled my own briefs down and sat on the loo. This would have to be an imagination-only wank. It had been a while since I’d had one of those. Normally I’d switch on some porn to help me out when I was jerking off alone, but this time I’d just have to think nice thoughts.

I took up a steady rhythm – Jesus this bathroom was cold – and thought about what had happened that same morning after Marcus had cum up my butt.

After he’d pulled out of me and wiped himself off – I’ve got to admit that the mess was a lot worse than you get with a girl – he’d surprised me by immediately suggesting that we change positions.

I’d asked, “Don’t you want to… you know… calm down a bit first? Recover, maybe?”

“No,” he replied. “I wanna know what it feels like. You enjoyed having me inside you, so I probably will too.”

He grabbed the Vaseline and worked a gob of it into his arsehole, and then got on the bed on all fours like I had.

“Come on then, mate,” he quipped impatiently. “Do me like I did you.”

I smeared some of the Vaseline all over my cock and got on the bed behind him. It felt oddly exciting to be with another lad like this: him bent over with his arse sticking out and me kneeling behind him with my hard-on level with his butt-crack. I knew it was the gayest of all gay positions and yet I kind of liked how it felt for us to be together like this.

“This is going to be a squeeze,” I warned him, pushing my huge cock head between his cheeks, right where his tightly clenched hole would be lurking. I was pleased I was running a full boner: getting my cock into another guy’s butt would be almost impossible if I was even slightly floppy.

I found his puckered hole with the tip of my dick and pushed my bell-end firmly against it. Even after several attempts, it steadfastly refused to let me in.

“Relax your butt like you’re taking a shit,” I told him.

“Aw, you say the cutest things, mate,” he chuckled.

He made a deliberate effort to relax his hole and I managed to work the an inch or so of my massive purple helmet into him.

“Is it going in?” he asked.

“A bit, yeah,” I grunted, surprised at how much effort this was.

“How does it look?”

“Like my dick going into your arse. How do you think?”

He laughed and explained, “When mine was going into you, I thought it looked pretty cool. Having my cock slowly disappearing between another guy’s arse-cheeks, and the way your butt-hole was sort of consuming it… I dunno… it looked kind of hot to me.”

“It probably will when it’s a bit further in,” I conceded. “Now it just looks like one mis-timed fart would push it back out.”

“I’ll be careful, then,” he chuckled and relaxed his hole further so I could ease a bit more of my bell-end into him. The widest part was yet to come – the base of my dick head where there’s a thick ridge like at the bottom of a helmet. Getting that through his butt-hole was going to be a strain but once I’d worked it inside him, the rest of my cock would – I hoped – slide into him a bit easier.

“Actually, farting must be pretty common during bum sex,” he observed. I couldn’t believe how he was just chatting away while he was slowly receiving a dick up his arse. It was like we were just sitting have a coffee in Costa, talking bullshit together, rather than having our first butt-fuck together. He was just so bizarrely relaxed about it.

I wondered again if he’d done this before. For all he reckoned that the boys’ school he went to “wasn’t like that”, he seemed too at ease with what we were doing for this to be his first time. Surely, in even the most virtuous of boys’ schools, a few pillows would get bitten in the dorms after lights-out? In spite of his claims of absolute innocence, I wondered how many bite-marks Marcus’ pillow had had on it.

“Maybe,” illegal bahis I replied. “Girls get a bit funny about farting during sex, but I don’t suppose guys are too bothered.”

“It’s gonna happen, mate,” he said. “It’s pretty inevitable.”

I pushed forwards as he tried to relax further and the base of my cock head pushed through his stretched anal ring. It contracted behind it, squeezing around the top of my shaft. It looked, as Marcus had observed, quite appealing: munching on the girth of my dick as if it was slowly feeding on it.

“Oh… fuck me!” Marcus called out in pain.

“I’m trying to, mate – give me a minute!”

“Surely it’s in by now!” he implored.

I laughed. “Not even close. The head of it’s in but there’s about eight inches of stalk left.”

“Jesus,” he winced. “I’ve never felt anything like this.”

If he had spent his school nights having his butt poked in the dorm, the lads who had sneakily pleasured themselves must have had dicks considerably smaller and thinner than mine.

“Do you want me to take it out?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “Keep going. Once it’s in, you kind of start getting used to it.”

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I asked. I could well imagine him being the pass-around-pussy of his boarding house.

“Of course not,” he chuckled. “It’s just that when you put your fingers up there last night, I soon got used to the feel of them, so it’ll be the same with your dick… I hope!”

I pushed another inch of my cock into him with his arsehole struggling to take it.

If he had been the fuck-bunny for his school, all that practice hadn’t widened his butt very much. Maybe he was telling the truth: maybe this was his first time.

I eased a little more of my shaft through his straining hole. The bloated head of my dick bored upwards through his hot, wet bowels, pushing everything aside like a huge battering ram. I knew full well what it was encountering up there but the thought didn’t bother me as much as I might have thought it would.

“Ah Jesus!” he called out. “That’s actually starting to feel quite good!”


“Yeah,” he agreed. “I mean, it feels like my ring is on fire and I need to take the mother of all dumps, but the sensation of feeling your cock up there is actually quite nice.”

“You’re a natural butt-boy, mate!” I joked.

“You enjoyed it too, Jake,” he quipped, a touch defensively. “When I did it to you, it made your dick get hard.”

I smiled down at him. My first male lover.

Lover? Fuck! Where the hell had that word come from?

I moved one hand up to hold his shoulder steady and eased some more of my cock into his backside.

“Oh, fucking Jesus!” he cried out. “Tell me it’s fucking in already!”

There was a good few inches that weren’t inside him, but I figured this was as far as I was going to get. It was pretty impressive, really: he’d taken quite a lot more of my shaft than Ellie was able to and, lets’ face it, nature had intended hers to receive dicks.

“It’s in,” I told him. “Well, as far in as it’s gonna get.”

“Thank fuck!” he called out. “It feels like I’ve got a fucking bollard wedged up my arse!”

“Do you think you will get used to having me up there?” I asked. “I mean, if we’re gonna start doing this regularly…”

“We’ll find out, I guess,” he muttered while trying to manage his pain by controlling his breathing. “Maybe it’ll stretch a bit with practice.”

As it happened, it did. Within just a week or so, he was taking me with ease.

I looked down at my first taste of anal penetration, marvelling at my persistence and his determination. It was actually quite obscene the way his butt-hole was so splayed open by the massive girth of my cock. His cheeks were being pushed to each side, their natural roundedness distorted into a pair of crescents, while my humungous dick was rammed in slap bang in the middle, stretching the rim of his anus into a thin, tender-looking sheath.

“I don’t think you’ll feel yourself shit for a few weeks, mate,” I told him bluntly.

“Is it really that hideous?” he asked.

“Your entire butt is now basically a huge, gaping hole with my dick filling it up,” I replied with only a little exaggeration. “You could just about give birth to a baby through it, put it like that.”

“Oh Jesus, really?” he asked. He sounded a bit worried but there was a heavy dose of amusement with it. That pretty much sums up why I like him so much: he’s always up for a laugh even when things aren’t going his way.

“Yeah, my cock looks like a tree-trunk and your butt is sort of stretched around it,” I went on. “Your ring-piece looks as if it’s about to snap. It’s, like, totally scandalous.”

He reached forwards and grabbed his phone from my desk. “Get a photo of it, mate! Let me see it!”

I started up his camera app and angled the phone down to where my gratuitously swollen shaft was stretching his arsehole open. It looked pretty appalling illegal bahis siteleri but kind of funny in a way.

I took a few snaps and passed him his phone back.

He chortled at the pictures. “Oh Jesus fucking Christ! That is, like, shocking, mate!”

“You wanna see it in the flesh. It’s like a third leg sticking out of your butt!”

He laughed, “You must be that guy… Jake the Peg with the extra leg, or whatever he was called!”

“Jake the Peg?” I asked, remembering the teacher who had long ago made the joke. “Where’s that from?”

“Come on, mate! Don’t expect me to start remembering the names of old TV shows when I’ve got a dick the size of a fucking limb sticking out of my arse!”

I laughed back, enjoying the distinctly pungent smell of our sex which was starting to waft up from his well-stuffed butt.

Marcus studied the photos from various angles muttering, “I can’t believe this is my poor fucking arsehole!” Then he giggled, “I’m gonna be walking like I’ve crapped myself for weeks after this… I’m gonna be farting like a donkey!”

“It’s a pretty bitchin’ photo, though,” I chuckled. “If I was you, I’d set it as my wallpaper.”

“Yeah, right!” he laughed. “‘Oh, what’s your background pic, Marcus?’ ‘It’s my anus being destroyed by Jake Furlong’s knob when he was shit-stabbing me.’ That’s really gonna get me a second date with a girl, isn’t it?”

I laughed back and he fiddled with his phone. “No, I think I’ll just delete those, mate, before anyone else ends up looking at them.”

“Aw, come on! I wanted a copy of those. Here – pass me the phone again.”

He handed it over to me and held it out at arms-length as far away from us as I could, eager to take a selfie of us fucking.

“Right, say cheese, mate!”

We both grinned at the phone as it clicked, like we were just messing around the way mates always do instead of having actual butt-sex on my bed.

After taking a snap, I took a look at it and laughed. There we were, him bending over and me behind him. The two of us grinning while we were joined together, my pubes tickling his arse-cheeks and my balls nuzzling into the backs of his thighs.

I was amazed at the sight of us; how incredible we looked together as two guys getting it on.

“What’s it like?” he asked.

“As hot as fuck,” I grinned.

I handed the phone to him and he laughed too.

“Don’t delete it,” I told him. “I want a copy of that.”

He handed the phone back to me. “Pull out of my arse a bit, so it’s obvious you’ve actually got your beef-pole up there. The way you’ve taken that one, it looks like we could just be pissing about.”

I withdrew from him a little further and positioned the phone to make it clear that the thick shaft of my cock was genuinely buried up his butt, and then I took another shot of us.

This one looked way better: there was no way that we could have staged it somehow to make it look like we were fucking. My cock was quite obviously embedded halfway up his arse; there was no way it could be anything but.

And we were grinning together again, like a couple of naughty schoolboys. That’s what made it even better.

I chortled and passed the phone to him. He laughed at the photo and said he liked it a lot.

“Pass it back to me,” I requested. “I’ve got another idea!”

I slowly worked my dick out of him – the farting he’d mentioned helped to propel me on my way – and then took a photo of my face tonguing the cavernous butt-hole I’d just vacated. I took quite a few, actually. Partly because it was fun to have some selfies of me licking out another lad’s arse, but mainly because his massive, dick-cleaved hole looked so amazing next to my face. It was so red and sore-looking and splayed so far open from having my cock inside it that it made the photos look really lewd and shameless.

I was grinning next to the butt-hole I’d just had my dick buried in; that much was obvious.

“Let me see them,” he said, after I’d looked through them and giggled.

“This one’s the best one,” I told him, showing him one in which I was smirking and my tongue was undisputedly inside his inflamed and gaping opening.

He laughed, “I’m gonna keep that one and wank off to it. That is so fucking horny!”

“I reckon I’ll use it as my Facebook profile pic.”

He laughed louder. “I’d like to see that, mate! Your dad would have a heart attack or something!”

He would, I thought, but not for the reason you would think.

Once we’d put his phone back on my desk and he’d applied a load more Vaseline to his bum, I grabbed his hips again and worked my dick back into him.

It was so much easier second time – from that day on, actually, it became progressively more straightforward – and soon I was able to fuck him properly. I quickly got into a nice, rapid rhythm and found that using another lad’s arse for sex was far more pleasant than I could have expected. I was surprised by how quickly Marcus got into the feel of my cock canlı bahis siteleri sliding in and out him and was able to grip his stretched butt muscles tighter to make it even better for me.

I sat there on our toilet, with my hand getting faster up and down my cock. This was a really good memory to fuel a wank; it never failed to get me off when I wasn’t able to look at porn to help me out.

The first time with a girl was probably the worst sex I’ll ever have; the first time with a guy was among the very best.

The second time with a guy, since we’re on the subject, was with a lad called Nathan. He lived in the next flat to mine and he’d only recently become a mate of ours as his girlfriend was on Marcus’ course. One afternoon, he’d walked in on me and Marcus in the middle of a standing-up fuck, but instead of getting freaked out or making a stupid joke or something, he’d just grinned and pulled his dick out – it was already hard – and had walked up behind me. With only the briefest grope of my arsehole to check that I was loose enough to take him, he spat on his cock and then slowly worked it up into me. After a few tentative thrusts and a backwards smirk from me over my shoulder, he reached past me to hold Marcus steady so that I could fuck and get fucked at the same time. None of us said anything the whole time: even when he’d cum, Nathan just pulled his cock out of me, zipped himself up and just threw us a thumbs-up as he left the room.

That was a good memory too; always reliable to hurry along a quick candle bashing when I needed it to.

My third time? To be honest, I’m not totally sure of the order things happened in after that. I really should keep a diary or something.

It could have been a mature student I hooked up with in the library loos when I was bored one evening trying to finish an assignment. It had been brilliant screwing him in a cubicle while he bent over the toilet. It had seemed seedy and kind of sordid, and that had really turned me on.

Or it could have been another of my flatmates, Michael, who got pissed one night and told me, amongst spouting other religious stuff, that he thought it was “sinful” the way Marcus and I made my bedsprings creak at night and how disgusting my room smelt after our “acts of sodomy”. We’d chatted about what was so wrong with what I was doing and after we’d had a few more beers, he’d made a clumsy lunge at my lips with his, and we’d ended up committing several other acts of very smelly sodomy ourselves on his own bed which had creaked just as loudly as mine. That was a good memory too, although it had turned a bit weird between us afterwards. We either didn’t speak at all – he wouldn’t even look at me – or we were banging away at each other like a pair of boned-up dogs. There was no middle ground with Michael: it was either zero contact or he was all over me trying to kiss me and with his dick digging into me.

Guys can be even weirder than girls sometimes.

After those times… well, I guess I sound like a bit of a tart, but it all pretty much blurs into one once you’ve copped off with more than three or four guys. It’s just too easy at university to meet other young lads who might not call themselves gay or even bi but who are still up for some sex. You go to the union disco and all the guys are horny as fuck, but there aren’t enough girls for everyone to pull so a few of the less picky lads discreetly nip off together. It’s just how it goes here and if you’ve got a high sex-drive (which you might just possibly have noticed that I have) it’s almost inevitable that some nights you’re going to end your evening with some dude who has a not-too-choosy prick rather than the girl you might have preferred.

If you don’t mind taking a dick up your butt – which I don’t – and you like the feel of your own pushing its way into some random lad’s arse-crack, then there are so many opportunities for sex at uni that it would almost be a waste not to take advantage of a few of them. Some of the guys are so fucking fit – I might not be gay, but I can tell when another lad is hot – and so if they’re up for shag in return for letting you have your turn on them, what’s the problem?

I’ve talked about it with Marcus and we both agree about this. Although we’re totally into screwing each other, since there’s no emotional thing going on between us – well, no more so than if we were just good mates – we don’t have an issue with either of us dicking around with other guys when the occasions arise.

Our rule is that we use condoms when we’re shafting other dudes. My cock goes commando on Ellie’s pussy and Marcus’ butt, but on all its other outings, I promised him that it would wear its raincoat.

On his side, I’m pretty sure he’s got a thing going on with one of his flatmates, an Italian guy called Paulo. I don’t know exactly what’s the two of them are up to, but there’s always a familiar smell in his room after Paulo’s paid him a visit.

I’d once asked him and he’d just said, “Come on, Jake. He’s got a scorching hot girlfriend and the way she looks at him, you can see she’s always up for a bit.”

“Yeah, and the way he looks at you,” I’d remarked, “I reckon he’s up for a bit of the other.”

Marcus had just grinned but I noticed he wasn’t denying it.

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