Aunty Pat

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I’ve always had a thing about older women, I’ve never been to bed with anyone younger than me and normally they are at least 10 years older. It’s not an ‘Oedipus’ thing either, I just got hooked on older women right from the outset. The reason for this obsession was my Aunt Pat — aunt by marriage and not by blood I hasten to add — who sort of seduced me when I was 18. I say ‘sort of’ as I think I ought to take some of the blame, but it was definitely Aunt Pat who pulled the strings.

Everything started when Aunt Pat started to get lonely when my uncle took up golf. As often happens, he got hooked by the game and started to spend every spare moment on the course playing. He was pretty good and got invited to play in amateur tournaments which meant he was away over weekends a lot in the summer. One summer he had been away for about 6 weekends in a row and was invited for a week’s golfing holiday as a prize for winning a few competitions.

Aunt Pat used to phone up my mother to moan about her brother leaving her on her own but this Saturday, my mother was working and was staying overnight so I answered the ‘phone. After listening to Aunt Pat complain for a few minutes, I made the fateful comment of ‘Why don’t you come up to the house and have an afternoon in the garden with me?’ She mulled this over and then said ‘Why the hell not? At least I will have someone to talk to!’ She put the ‘phone down after telling me to get the kettle on…for coffee!

About 15 minutes later, Aunt Pat turned up…and I had my first thoughts about her other than as Aunt Pat! She was wearing a summer dress that was fine from the waist down; it was loose and came below her knees. The top half was a different story though, tightly fitted with a really low back and a front that seemed to be defying physics by keeping her breasts under control. I had never seen her dressed in anything other than really boring and loosely fitted dresses and tops and although it was obvious she had fairly large breasts, I never knew she had enormous ones! They moved around under the straps of her halter neck in a wonderful dance that had me mesmerised.

‘My eyes are up here!’ she said laughingly as I struggled to take my eyes off the hypnotic movement of her tits.

‘Sorry, Aunty!’ I mumbled as I felt myself turn bright red. Another peal of laughter came from her lips as she grabbed me and gave me a hug and I felt her tits against my chest. I also smelt a whiff of alcohol on her breath so I knew she was a little drunk.

‘I’ve put out the loungers,’ I said ‘and there’s lots of juice in the fridge!’

‘Juice?? I’m sure we can find something a little more tasty for me!’ she replied and turned to the cupboard where my mother kept all the drink. She pulled out a half full bottle of gin and walked into the kitchen, took out a large glass and poured herself a large measure. She then opened the fridge and filled the glass up with cold juice and then dropped a couple of ice cubes in for good measure.

‘Right, I’m ready now, John, let’s get out in this glorious sun.’ and with that she walked out of the back door and out on to the lawn. I poured a glass of juice and followed her outside. I walked over to where Aunt Pat was standing and watched her kick off her shoes. I expected her to just lie down on the sun lounger I had laid out but she then reached up and undid the knot of her halter neck.

‘Unzip me, will you dear?’ she asked, holding her long brown hair up out of the way and turning her back towards me. I could see a thin strip of blue material going around her neck, obviously the top of a swimsuit, so I did as I was asked and quickly pulled the zip down to release her sun dress, which she allowed to drop to her ankles with a little shimmy of her hips.

I let out a small gasp as I saw that she had on a skimpy bikini and not an ‘old woman’ all in one that I was expecting. The sight of her nearly naked body came as a bit of a surprise as she had a gorgeous figure, if with a little extra padding that comes with middle age. I didn’t really know how old Aunt Pat was, it never really interested me before that point, but I worked out later that she had to be 45, maybe 46 years old so nearly 30 years older than any girl I had gone out with up till then. For her age, she had a great body with good legs, a nice plump but quite firm ass, a nicely nipped waist and a back that was smooth and elegant. I was slightly embarrassed to feel my cock twitch in my swimsuit as I knew I should not be thinking about this woman in any sexual way.

‘That’s better, let the sun see the skin!’ and with that she plopped down on the sun lounger and caused my cock to go hard almost instantly as her huge tits came into view. I could not believe how big they were! They were being held in place by her bikini top and it was doing a sterling job keeping those large mounds under control. I quickly jumped on to the other sun lounger, face down to keep my now rock hard cock out of sight.

We stayed that way talking, at least Aunt Pat was talking and I just listened while taking advantage of her closed eyes casino siteleri to stare at her breasts as they slowly moved up and down with her breathing. My cock was staying rigid and I was moving around slowly to keep it comfortable but that was just adding to the problem. Aunt Pat finished her drink and asked me to get a top up so I got up, trying to hide how my cock was tenting the front of my trunks out. I thought I did a good job and went in to the house and fixed another drink for both of us and took them back out. Aunt Pat smiled when I handed hers over.

‘Seems you like what you see, John!’ I started to blurt out some excuse but she just laughed and led back down. ‘I need some lotion on my back, would you do me?’ she said and giggled as she turned over. I started to rub oil in to her skin, using quick rubbing motions but she told me to slow down.

‘Rub it in gently, John, not like you are washing a damn car.’ I slowed down and began to rub the oil in to her back with slow circular motions.

‘Let me take this off so you don’t get oil on it.’

And with that she reached back and undid the clasp of her bikini top then undid the halter neck so the straps fell to the side. I continued rubbing oil in gently, making smooth circular motions and moving all up and down her back. Just as I was about to stop, I heard a suppressed moan escape Aunt Pat’s lips.

I decided to continue massaging her and was rewarded with a couple more sighs and moans. I began to get carried away and moved to rub down the side of her body which drew a very faint gasp. I got a little bolder and moved my hands lower so my fingers touched the side of her breast. It was like an electric shock went through Aunt Pat’s body as she tensed up and let out a loud groan. I took advantage of this and moved so that I could reach both sides of her body and rubbed up and down, getting lower and lower with each sweep of my hands until I was rubbing the whole of the side of each breast.

Aunt Pat was now moaning without any attempt to hide it and lifted herself up using her arms so my hands could reach more of those massive mounds until I felt her nipples under my fingers. I knew these were very sensitive areas so I gave both a little squeeze, making Aunt Pat gasp loudly.

‘My God, John!’

I quickly snapped my hands back and began to apologise only to hear her say,

‘Don’t stop, stupid!’

With that, Aunt Pat rolled over on to her back and dropped her bikini top on to the floor.

‘Now you can play with them properly, you saucy boy!’ and smiled at me. I had now lost any inhibitions I had and moved back to start massaging her breasts. Her nipples immediately popped up erect and she started to moan ever louder.

‘Suck my nipples’ she said ‘I need to feel your tongue on them.’

I leant over and took one of her nipples in to my mouth and sucked gently and used my tongue to swirl around it — this was something I already knew about after a few heavy petting sessions with my last girlfriend. Aunt Pat gabbed my hair and held me tightly, pulling me down on to her breast. I continued sucking her nipple for a couple of minutes, all the while extracting moans and gasps from Aunt Pat’s mouth.

I decided to try my luck further and slowly moved my left hand down her body to the top of her bikini bottoms. She did not let go of my head so I slipped my hand under the waist band and moved quickly to the top of her cunt. This drew another loud gasp but no attempt to pull my hand away so I began to move my finger into the folds until I felt her wetness, which soon became a small flood as I rubbed her.

‘Oh fuck’ she moaned, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ as I slipped my middle finger into her tight hole.

Suddenly Aunt Pat lifted my head off her breast and pulled me up until my mouth met hers and she kissed me, forcing her tongue past my lips. I used my tongue to fence with hers while she pulled me tightly toward her. My fingering of her cunt became a little more frenzied and I felt her clit hardening which I used to bring more moans from Aunt Pat. All of a sudden she tensed and arched her back a little, let out a loud groan and I felt a stream of hot liquid run over my fingers that were now buried in her hole.

‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!’ she shouted releasing my head and grabbing my hand holding it still against her cunt. We stayed like this for a short while, until Aunt Pat’s breathing returned to normal. She pulled my left hand out of her bikini bottoms and let go of it.

‘Christ, I needed that!’ she said ‘You’re pretty good at this for someone so young.’

She sat up on her lounger and stared at me. ‘You mustn’t say anything about this to anyone John, it would cause huge problems for us.’

‘I won’t, don’t worry Aunty Pat.’ I managed to blurt out as I moved back on to my lounger. I didn’t try to hide my erection now, there didn’t seem to be any point after what had happened.

‘I see you still like what you see, then!’

‘And what I felt!’ I replied, moving my hand automatically to my cock. I don’t have a huge one, slot oyna only 7 inches, but right now it felt enormous and was a little painful being so hard.

Aunt Pat looked at me and then stood up, her breasts still free moved incredibly sexily, her nipples erect again and swaying from side to side slightly as she walked over to me. She held out her hand to me.

‘I think I better take you inside and return the favour.’

I took her hand, stood up and followed her in to the house. I thought we would go in to the living room but Aunt Pat walked to the stairs and we climbed up to the door to my bedroom. She stopped and turned to me.

‘Are you a virgin, John?’

‘Yes.’ I replied to her.

‘OK, then you won’t be soon.’

And with that she opened the door and led me in to my room. She moved to the bed and let go of my hand.

‘Take your trunks off and lie down.’ She ordered me.

I pulled my trunks down, releasing my cock to stand out from my body. I noticed that Aunt Pat’s tongue came out and quickly licked her lips. I led down on my back as she had asked and looked up at her, wondering what she was going to do. Aunt Pat hesitated for a few seconds and then seemed to come to a decision. She went back to the bedroom door and closed it then turned around to face me.

‘I can’t believe I am going to do this with my nephew.’ she whispered, and with that she bent down and slid her bikini bottoms over her hips and dropped them to the floor. This was the first time I had seen a woman naked and it had the effect of making my cock go even harder and move out a little more from my belly.

‘So I turn you on even with this old body of mine?’ she said in a low voice.

‘Oh fuck, yes. I love your tits Aunty Pat.’ I replied. She cupped them as if to present them to me as she walked over to the bed. She got on to the bed beside me and leant over so that her breasts touched my chest.

‘I’m glad you like them, John, I hope you like everything else too.’

And then she kissed me very tenderly on my lips.

‘I want to make this special for you but you know this has to be our secret.’

She led back and I could feel her legs spreading out to touch mine.

‘I am sure you know what you have to do even if you haven’t done it yet!’ she giggled and then pulled me so I moved to lie on top of her. I slid between her legs and began to tremble in anticipation hoping that I would not explode before I managed to put my cock inside.

I moved a little bit until the tip of my cock hit the warm flesh of her cunt and tried to push it in.

‘Here, let me help you!’ Aunt Pat whispered in my ear and I felt her hand gently grasp my painfully hard cock. She pushed me down a little and then said ‘OK, push.’ And with that I moved my hips forward and felt my cock slide up into a warm and tight hole. The sensation was too much and I came on the first thrust which was both fantastic but frustrating for me. I thought that was it and began to pull out only to feel Aunt Pat wrap her legs around me and stop me from moving.

‘Leave it in me. John. You might be surprised!’ I lay there, my body resting on my arms as I looked into her eyes.

‘Sorry, I couldn’t help myself — you felt so good!’

‘Don’t worry; I thought it might happen, what with this being your first time. Just kiss me.’

I dropped my head and kissed her lips. Again our tongues met and we kissed passionately for a minute or so. I felt my cock being squeezed a little and wondered how Aunt Pat was doing it but enjoyed the sensation however she was managing it. All of a sudden I felt my cock twitch, responding automatically to the attention it was getting, and began to move my hips a little.

‘Let it get hard again first, John.’ Aunt Pat advised me ‘let me work on it for you.’ With that she pulled my head down and pushed me towards her breast. ‘Suck me again.’ she said ‘concentrate on that for a bit!’

I did as she asked — not that I needed much persuasion — and spent a few minutes enjoying the feel of her nipple in my mouth. Pretty soon I could feel my cock tingling as it became hard under the gentle squeezing Aunt Pat was giving me using the walls of her cunt.

‘Can I fuck you now?’ I asked.

‘Oh God, yes!’

With that, I started to pump my hips up and down forcing my cock as far in to Aunt Pat’s cunt as it would go and losing myself in the amazing sensations that my cock was sending through my body. I moved to my own rhythm, feeding my pleasure as much as I could and sort of zoned out concentrating on making my feelings as intense as possible. All these changes in speed and depth of my thrusts were having an effect on Aunt Pat and I realised that she was moaning really loudly.

I levered myself up on my hands so I could look at her face while I fucked her; she had her eyes tightly shut and mouth open. I enjoyed the thought that I was doing this to an experienced woman and began to pump my hips faster, noticing that Aunt Pat then threw her head back a bit and grunted with each thrust.

I went on like this for canlı casino siteleri a couple of minutes, concentrating on her face and the noises she was making until I suddenly felt a massive surge come from my cock. This time I realised what was about to happen and slammed my cock as far in to Aunt Pat’s cunt as I could.

‘I’m coming again, Aunty Pat! Right now!!’ I shouted at her and then I grunted in unison with her as I felt my spunk squirt out of my cock and into her waiting cunt.

‘Oh fuck, yes, fuck me John, yes, Oh God!’ words and groans came out of her mouth in a torrent and then she arched her back yet again.

‘Fuck, I’m coming, John, fuck, coming, ahhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss yessssssssss yesssssssssssssssssss!’ and I felt her cunt clamp around my cock in a spasm.

That involuntary squeeze made me grunt with additional pleasure that added to the end of my orgasm. I waited with my cock buried in her until her spasms stopped then I leant down and mashed my mouth against her and forced her lips apart, just as she had done earlier. I could feel her sucking my tongue and felt her hands grab the back of my head and pull me tighter on to her mouth. We kissed like this for a while until we both needed to gasp in some air and then I pulled back up to study her face. She smiled up at me and relaxed against the pillow.

‘Bloody hell, John. That was your first time?’ she panted ‘Not bad at all, darling, you did a good job on this old girl.’

She moved slightly awkwardly and I took the hint and pulled my soft cock out of her and moved off her to lie beside her. There was a soft squelchy pop as the head came out as her cunt tried to keep it in and she let out a small gasp. We led beside each other and recovered our breath, her hand clasping mine all the time. After a few minutes, Aunt Pat rolled to face me and put her hand on my chest.

‘John, that was wonderful but it is wrong. I’m married, to your uncle no less, so this was a bad idea. But I enjoyed it, don’t think for one minute I didn’t, just that it is wrong.’

‘I know Aunty, I am sorry.’

‘No, John, it’s not your fault. I should know better but I got carried away and shouldn’t have taken advantage of you.’

She continued to talk, saying all sorts of things about how it was wrong but I noticed she didn’t make any attempt to move off the bed or to take her hand off my chest. I was still feeling the after effects of coming so I was feeling good and a thought came into my head that maybe Aunt Pat was not really sorry at all. I thought ‘What the hell!’ and reached up to her, put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her down towards me until her head was resting on my shoulder. Her arm slipped around my chest and she let out a sigh.

‘It’s OK, Pat’ there was a little gasp at my use of her name without the normal ‘aunty’ in front, ‘I wanted it as much as you and I really feel at ease with you.’

I felt her arm tighten slightly and her head nestled further in to my shoulder. I held her tightly for a long while and we didn’t speak, just led there enjoying the guilty memories of the afternoon. Finally, Aunt Pat sighed, rolled off me and got up.

‘I’d better get dressed and go. I don’t want to risk anyone seeing me here and in such a state!’

She picked up her bikini and walked to the door and left the room. I heard the taps running in the bathroom and the flush going on the toilet. I got up and walked out into the short corridor outside my room, waiting for Aunt Pat to finish. The door opened and she came out, wearing the bikini again which made her tits look enormous again.

‘I want this again, Aunty.’ I said, ‘I know it’s wrong but we both really enjoyed it.’

I walked towards her and grabbed her waist, pulled her towards me and kissed her. I felt her try to pull back but then her arms went up and around my neck and we kissed passionately.

‘OK’ was all she said as she pulled away from me and walked downstairs. I went into the bathroom and I heard her leave the house. I watched as she walked away, her steps were quite short and she seemed to be skipping at times. That made me smile, a 45 year old woman acting like a little girl all because of me.

Over the 8 weeks of summer holidays, Aunty Pat and I became inseparable! My mother loved it because I was out of the house a lot, my uncle loved it because I did a lot of chores around the house which meant he had more time to go and play golf and Aunty Pat and I loved it because we had a lot of time to play with each other. She taught me about foreplay, where to touch her to make her excited, taught me how to lick her cunt and clit to make her come, something I excelled at according to Aunt Pat!

We had a lot of exciting times that summer, Aunt Pat seemed to really enjoy the thrill of our affair. Once, at a family BBQ, she waited for me outside the bathroom after I had used it, grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bedroom and got on her knees to give me a blow job. I could hear my mother, sister and the rest of the family chatting and laughing outside while I was staring down into the upturned eyes of my aunt as she sucked and licked my cock. The orgasm I had was one of the most intense I had ever had and I will never forget the look of mischief in her eyes as she swallowed my cum and licked her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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