Assume the Position

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I was still feeling slightly depressed after the breakup with a long term girlfriend. At the time I was just 22. The girlfriend and her parents, and mine for that matter, we’re applying pressure on me to, pop to question. I just wasn’t ready to settle down. To be honest I think I’d only stayed in the relationship, was purely because I was too chicken to end it.

I was worried how friends and relatives would react, if I did. I’m sure there’s some out there that can understand the situation. It had to end and end now. Before things went too far down the marriage road, everyone hearing wedding bells etc.

On top of all the pressure, and definitely a contributing factor, was our sex life. Which was always performed in the dark missionary position and strictly rationed, and definitely no nudity, or oral. In fact nothing that she considered, dirty, or perverted.

A close friend at work Pete, had noticed I hadn’t been myself for a few days, and suggested we go get a beer at lunchtime. Pete was in his early 30s, and had been divorced for about a year now. I still have the memory of the hangover. After going out drinking with him to celebrate, him getting his divorce papers.

We got to the pub and I confided in Pete, telling him, all that had happened, and that I’d finally bitten the bullet and ended my relationship with her.

Pete’s reaction was as I expected it to be, totally supportive. He couldn’t believe that I’d put up with it for so long. Nor the missionary sex life, Which he found quite amusing, He now worked his hand to and throw at his mouth, like he was sucking a cock. We both ended up laughing, and kidding around. Pete was just the medicine I needed to snap me out of my mood.

While we were in the pub he suggested that, I attended the stag party, of one of the guys from the office. There was an open invite to all, and it was coming up on the following Friday.

I wasn’t sure about it, the drinking and driving would be the problem. Pete said he was going, and if I wanted to, I could stay at his place after. He said he had a spare room I could use. Pete’s place was only about twenty minutes walk from where the party was going to be held. Getting drunk was Pete’s answer to most problems.

On the Friday of the party I drove to work as usual, the only difference illegal bahis was I parked my car at Pete’s place. That night Pete and I, went back to his place to get changed, then onto the wine bar where the party was to be held. We stayed at the party far longer than I expected, and of course drank much to much alcohol. I think it was about midnight when Pete and I staggered out, of the party to make our way home. We’d only been walking a few minutes when it started raining quite hard. We decided to make a run for it, and occasionally dived into shop doorways to shelter. Eventually we made it back to Pete’s, by that time both of us were soaked to the skin.

Once inside we went through to the kitchen. Pete started to strip off and told me to do the same. So he could put our wet clothes in the dryer. I guess the the alcohol had made us both loose our inhibitions, l peeled off my wet jeans, “T”shirt and underpants. Pete and I were now both naked he started to make us a coffee, to warm us up a bit. I admit I was curious to take a look at his body. I sneaked a few glances as he move round the kitchen, He was a bit over weight, but he still looked quite fit, and I couldn’t miss the fact that he was slightly aroused. I was fairly certain he’d taken a good look, at me as well, which may have contributed to his state of arousel. He went out of the kitchen for a moment, and came back with a towel round his waist. He threw me a towel which I put on. We sat drinking the coffee, we chatting for a bit before finally going to our rooms.

The next morning I was woken up by Pete knocking on my door. He stuck his head round the door and jokingly asked if I was decent. He hadn’t minded about that the last night I thought.

I lay back on the bed trying to clear my muzzy head, as I still felt a bit hungover. I have to tell you I’m one of those guys that I always gets a morning erection, I can’t help it, it just happens. That morning was no different, I was also desperate for a piss, but before I could could get my act together Pete returned, with two cups of tea.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to go. Regardless of what Pete would to see I made a quick exit to the bathroom for a pee.

When I returned to my room, I thought that Pete would have gone to his room by them.

I illegal bahis siteleri entered my room, with my erect cock bouncing as I walked. To my surprise Pete was still there, sitting on the end of the bed. He looked me up and down, and rolled his eyes.

I couldn’t help it and I blushed a bit. He laughed and left me to drink my tea.

After finishing my tea I crossed the landing to the bathroom to get showered.

As I did Pete came out of his room, and as he passed behind me he took a swipe at my bare arse with the back of his hand. I managed to side step his attempt, to slap my arse, as he made his way down stairs.

I got in the shower, and stood under the hot water with my eyes closed. Letting the water cascade over my naked and still aroused body. Hopefully the shower would clear my head.

I was slightly startled, when I felt Pete’s hands lightly took hold of my hips from behind.

I made no attempt to escape his hold on me. His right hand began to wander lower and lower, until he gripped my hard shaft. While his other hand was delving down between my cheeks he’d found that target too. I tried reach round behind me to take hold of his cock, which I knew was hard as it had brushed against me several times in the last few minutes.

He pulled back saying I’d be satisfying his needs very soon. He took the shower gel and began working it round my hole, and slipping one of his fingers in me, he also rubbed the soap allover his cock. He pulled me closer to him, his cock lay up between my cheeks, and his belly. He squeezed me to him, and told me to ASSUME THE POSITION. I leaned forwards and took the weight of my upper body on my hands and arms. He then parted my legs. I then could feel that he had hold of his cock and was guiding it between my cheeks towards my hole, he then stared to push. It made me take a quick gasp of air as the head of his cock entered me. He now held my hips tightly and started thrusting in and out. Slowly at first but gradually getting faster and harder. He was now breathing heavily and grunting, and moaning. The sensation of the hot water and his body slamming against me, was too much for Me I shot my load, closely followed by his hot spurt inside me. He moaned again and rammed it in hard once more. If it hadn’t been for his cock canlı bahis siteleri inside me I think I’d have collapsed. I was feeling quite weak at the knees. After he pulled out we spent the next ten or fifteen minutes soaping and washing each other down. It was so sensual I couldn’t believe it, he’d made me hard again. We toweled each other dry before going to his bedroom.

We lay on his bed together, the room was gloomy, as the curtains were still drawn. We lay there talking, He told me that he knew it wasn’t the first time I’d been fucked by a man.

I told him about the man that had caught me skinny dipping. He then asked if I’d ever fucked a man. I told him that I wasn’t inexperienced so I had not tried it. He said he wanted to be my first. I said that I wasn’t sure. He seemed was okay with that, and started to play with my cock. he was nibbling my nipples, and slowly stroking my shaft. It was now me that was moaning twitching under the intense attention he was paying to my body.

The feeling was amazing. His mouth now moved down to my cock. and balls. We ended up in the 69 position both of us writhing about on the bed, sucking eachother.

Then suddenly i was aware he was no longer sucking me but, had started to lick my balls and was pushing his head deeper, and deeper towards his target. finally he took hold of my ankles and open my legs wide, and started to rim me. It was driving me wild, and I was now ready to take him, and he knew it. He reached over to the bedside cupboard and took out a tube of something. He squirted some of the contents in his hand and rubbed it up between the cheeks of his arse, then applied another handful to my throbbing cock. He slid over the end of the bed so I could fuck him doggy fashion I slid my cock into him, it was so hot and tight, he also kept squeezing his cheeks together holding my cock even tighter. Almost stopping me from moving, it wasn’t long, and my only excuse, I was so turned on. I shot my load inside of him, I shuddered from my head to feet as I did. I was exhausted and slowly, I slid to the floor panting he Slid down beside me. We were both out of breath and sweating, Pete said that we needed another shower, we ended up killing our selves laughing laying there naked together on the floor.

We got back on the bed again and both of us dropped off to sleep, when I woke Pete was still sleeping. I made my way quietly down to the kitchen, and took my clothes out of the dryer. I dressed and let myself out of the house, and Set off for home with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen.

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