Aquata Cove Ch. 23

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Chapter 23: Work Day

Morning came from the outside. Adam smiled as he slowly woke up, rubbing his arm right next to Merrick – best he’s slept in weeks.

Merrick drearily woke up with his head on Adam’s pec. He snuggled up to him and kissed him tenderly, “How you feeling, babe?” Adam muttered as he rubbed his leg against the other.

“So much better…~” Merrick said as he kissed Adam’s chin. Adam rubbed his hand on that smooth cheek, nuzzling and kissing his forehead, nose and lips.


Adam sighed as he got up, “I’m sorry babe, I gotta get to work,” He got out of bed, and went to get dressed, “I’ll get home just as soon as possible-“

“Take me with you.” Merrick said. Adam turned around and gave him a strange look.

“… What?”

“I… I don’t wanna be left behind again, Adam,” Merrick said, “I’m always so bored when you leave…” He said, tilting his head down.

“You know Jamal and Yuri aren’t here to give us a ride, we’d have to go on my motorbike. And what about Belinda? I thought you didn’t want to go to the pier because of her.” Adam said.

“That Latolcus doesn’t scare me…” Merrick said, “Please…” He said, looking up, “I hate being alone…” Merrick said.

“Then… Why not go to Atarah? She says you visit her when I’m not around.”

“No, I wanna be with you, Adam,” Merrick persisted. Adam sighed as he sat on the bed, and put his hands onto Merrick’s soft hands.

“… I don’t want you overdoing it…” Adam muttered gently, “You’re just recovering from the oil spill, I don’t want you to collapse…” Merrick just shook his head.

“I’m fine, Adam… I’ll let you know if I’m not, ok?” He said.

Adam paused, and then frowned as he heard the words echo in his head:


“Every day, you leave me behind, and I just sit around, waiting on endless time for your return, bored and alone. You just go away and leave me to wonder when you’ll ever come back, like I am just a toy to you…”


He took a deep breath, and slowly nodded to his lover, “Ok, Merrick. You can come,” Merrick smiled excitedly as he climbed off of his bed and threw his arms around Adam.

“Thanks, Adam!” He said as he hugged him tight. Adam hugged him back, loving every second of feeling Merrick’s embrace around him.

He moved back, and kissed him on the lips. Merrick kissed him back, softly lapping and gently suckling Adam’s lower lip. After a short pause, Adam put his hands onto Merrick’s face, and then pressed his mouth firmly into the other. Merrick moaned softly as he felt Adam’s tongue lick his mouth his lips pressed and rubbed with the other, before slowly pushing his tongue into Merrick’s mouth.

Adam’s boxers began to perk and point as he stood there, softly kissing Merrick with a slow passion, rolling his mouth smoothly with the other. The kiss slowed down to a few slow laps, before smooching Merrick again once more.

“Ok, babe…” He muttered, “Lets get dressed, before I have to throw you down and fuck your brains out,” He said as he rubbed the tent on his crotch. Merrick giggled as he kissed Adam’s cheek, before going and picking up his fishnet top and shorts.



Adam drove through the bronze seahorses, his motorbike rumbling as he went. He felt a pat on his arm, and pulled the brakes to his bike, and held himself in place when he came to a halt. He took of his helmet, and turned his head, “What’s up, babe?”

“What’s THIS place???” Merrick asked as he pointed at the LOVERS store, He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the bulky lettering, “Lull… Oh…Vvv…Eee…Rrr…Ss?”

“‘Lovers’, Merrick,” Adam said, “This is a sex shop.”

“You mean this is where humans – Er, I mean, people – go to trade for sex?” He asked innocently. Adam laughed out loud, shaking his head.

“No, babe, I said that wrong. See, it’s a place where people buy stuff to have sex with; clothes, toys, lube, and all kinds of stuff.”

“Ooh!” Merrick said, looking at the window displays, “Can we look around in here??” He asked excitedly as he bounced up and down.

“Ummm…” Adam checked his cellphone, and bit his lip, “I only have a few minutes…” He said before he dismounts his motorcycle, and propped the kickstand out to hold it in place. Merrick pushed the glass door open, and trotted into the store. He looked around, and giggled as he looked and here and there in the shop, taking in the sights of the various items and merchandise. Adam couldn’t help but smile at how adorable Merrick is being.

“Hi there, Hot Shot~” Came a familiar voice. Adam turned and smiled as he saw Nick at the counter

“Hey, Nick,” Merrick came over to them again, holding onto Adam’s arm as he looked curiously at Nick, “Oh, uh, Merrick, this is Nick, Nick, this is Merrick,” He said, “My boyfriend,” The Latino smiled as he offered his hand out.

“Nice to meet you, Blondie.”

“Uhh… Oh, right!” Merrick said as he took Nick’s hand, and shook.

“So, you guys back together?” Nick asked with a smile.

“Yep!” illegal bahis Adam said as he put his arm around Merrick, while the blonde kept looking around at the merchandise where he stood. Adam checked his phone again, “Oh! We gotta get going!”

“Bu-But Adam! I wanna stay here!” Merrick said, “I want to check out all the other stuff here!” Adam looked at him, a little strangely.

“Are… You gonna be ok all by yourself?” He asked. Merrick just nodded, “You know I’m gonna be gone for almost all day, you alright with that?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, Adam.” Merrick said, “I’ll stay here and wait for you.”

“Yeah, Hot Shot,” Said Nick, grinning playfully, “He be fine, RIGHT here.” Adam sighed as he took Merrick aside for it, and whispered.

“Ok, Merrick. Remember, this is a sex shop. I’m not gonna be back for several hours, so, if Nick here wants to treat you to anything to the store, I just wanna let you know to go ahead. Just… No hardcore stuff,” Merrick giggled and blushed.

“Hehehe, ok, Adam.”

“Ok, babe. I love you.” He said as he kissed Merrick’s lips.

“I love you too.” He said back as he smooched Adam back. He would then walk out of the door, and rumbled his motorcycle, and pulled out to drive off.

“Nick!” Walked in a British, young woman with green hair, “Did the model come by yet? We were supposed to start shooting an hour ago!”

“Naw, he ain’t come yet,” Nick said back. The woman groaned in aggravation.

“If that wanker doesn’t show in 10 minutes, we’re canceling!” She said as she stalked back through the EMPLOYEES ONLY door.

Merrick walked over to the front desk, and looked at Nick “So, how do you know Adam?”

“Well, me and his roommate Jamal met at this club called the Dream Waltz – Great place, you been there?” Merrick shook his head no, “Anyway, long story short, I spent the night rockin it with 10 inches of big black meat.” He said with a smirk. Merrick giggled as he leaned on the counter, “Middle of the night, I walk in on Adam eating some ice cream, and I was buck-naked,”

“Ooh~” Merrick said, “I’d like to see that~” Again, showing very little regard for the idea of clothing, “If it weren’t for hu- people’s inhibitions, I’d go naked all the time.” Merrick said. Nick raised his eyebrows.

“Really? Oh yeah, I think Adam said you were a Nudist.” He said with a smile.

“… Yeah, I am… This is the most I’m willing to wear,” Merrick said as he tugged at his fishnet tank-top – Adam took the time to explain a backstory Merrick should use to tell other humans, just in case. It feels weird to say this kind of stuff, as if it’s really true, but it’s the best course of action to keep himself a secret.

“Heh, I don’t know whose luckier, you or him,” Nick said, “He hot, but he’s such a hopeless romantic. Won’t even go for a rebound.”

“… What’s a rebound?” Merrick asked.

“A rebound is where someone has sex with someone else, right after a relationship ends. Heck, I was almost his rebound when you guys split.”

“What?” Merrick said. Nick paused as he hesitated, thinking he may have said too much.

“Errrr… Nothing… Hey! Wanna try out a Speed Bullet?? It’s riveting for pleasure! You just strap it on your dick, turn on the switch, and-“

“No, no, what did you mean? You were his rebound?” Merrick asked.

“…” Nick paused, and sighed, “Said too much…” He said, before continuing, “We ALMOST had sex, but he couldn’t go through with it. Said I reminded him too much of you…” Merrick blinked and looked down a little, “Look, man, when people are upset and sad, they might do things they don’t normally do, or things they’ll regret. Now, I offered Adam to have sex with me, and he accepted, but when it came down to it, you were in his mind… He couldn’t stop thinkin bout you.”

“So… If you didn’t have sex with him,” Merrick said, unsure about how to feel about this. Nick shrugged.

“Well, he told me he couldn’t do it, and I understand. So we just stayed up, watched some shows, ordered a late pizza, snacked on some cookie dough, and I took him home.”

“… To be fair, I guess I DID say he needed to find another man…” Merrick said, “So… What’s the Speed Bullet again?” He asked, changing the subject. Nick chuckled as he picked up one of boxes, and showed it to the blonde.

“It’s an anal toy with 10 speed settings, and 5 different kinds of surfaces to put on.”

“Ooh, can I try it?” Merrick asked eagerly.

“Sure. $35.” Nick said. Merrick tilted his head as he gave Nick a curious look, “Sorry man, can’t give stuff away for free, you gotta pay for it.”

“Pay? … You mean, like trade?” Merrick asked.

“That’s right. Money for merchandise.”

“But… I don’t have anything to trade,” Merrick said. Nick paused, and thought for a moment.

“… You wanna make some?”


Adam parked his motorcycle, and entered the Fish House to punch in.

“Hey, Adam!” Came the voice of the Captain. Adam turned his head to see his boss coming on over to him, “I though you called in off for illegal bahis siteleri a few days?”

“Well, as it turns out,” Adam clocked in, smiling happily “Didn’t need them. I don’t know how, but my Best Catch pulled through, and is happy and healthy on the lure.”

“Ah I see…” Captain said, “Well, I appreciate you comin in anyway.”

“Yeah… For a while there, I really thought I was gonna… Lose him… Again.” Adam said.

“Good for you, fishboy… Well, git dressed and git your arse in the hut.”

“Wait, what??? But I already got Canned this week!”

“Yeah, and you also lost one of my fishin rods to a damn good fish. Now git.” Captain replied. Adam groaned as he then slouched his way to the lockerroom to change into his uniform.


Merrick walked into the room, completely naked except for the shell slice necklace around his neck, and looking around at the velvety room, “So, I just gotta pose for a bunch of pictures?”

“Sort of,” Nick said, “We’re doing a calendar for Lovers, and the model who was supposed to be here didn’t show up. Now, you say you ARE a model?” Nick said.

“Y-Yeah, I am. I’ve posed for all kinds of pictures!” Merrick said, rather hastily.

“Hey Nick!” Said that girl from before, walking into the room, “Is that model FINALLY here??” She asked in irritation.

“Nope, but we got us a new one, Sasha!” Nick said as he slapped his hands onto Merrick’s shoulders, “This one’s a nudist, so we know he’s set!”

“Oh?” Sasha said as she glance Merrick up and down, “I guess he’ll do. Got any portfolio or resume we can look at before we get started?”

“Uh… No, I don’t,” Merrick said, having little to no idea what she could be talking about.

“Oh, well never mind, we’re short on schedule as it is. Go ahead and get everything ready.” She then stepped out of the room, and left Nick to show him the ropes.

“Ok, so what we’re gonna do is put on different kinds of sexy lingerie on you, and have you pose in several different angles and positions. They’re for our catalogs and/or any calendars we take part in.”

“Lingerie?” Merrick asked curiously, “What is that? I’ve only modeled naked, or with a sheet.”

“Well, we mean…” Nick then lucked up a sparkling pink sequin speedo, “With THIS kind of stuff!”

“Ooh!” Merrick said with awe as he looked at the sparkling speedo, “Prettyyy!” Nick grinned as he let Merrick take it, and put it on. Merrick smiled and chuckled as he wiggled his hips.

“Yeah, rock that thing, man!” Nick said, clapping his hands together, and giving Merrick a slap to the rump.

“Hehehe… Wait!” Merrick said, seeing Nick walk towards the camera, pitched on a tripod, “Th-That’s not going to… You know, light up, will it?? I can’t stand when it gets bright in an instant!” Nick blinked and looked at the camera.

“You mean the flash?”

“Yes, I HATE that! Please tell me we can do without it.”

“Sure, I guess we can-“


“AHHHH!” Merrick yelped as he clapped his eyes shut.

“Whoa, man, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!!” He quickly went over to Merrick, who is rubbing his eyes, blinking, before rubbing them again.

“Gahhhh…” Merrick groaned, “Why did you do that??”

“I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry! It got away from me, I swear!”


Belinda sighed as she sat at the shore, letting the water rise in, and soak onto her peach and white scales, relaxing as the cool water wash upon her tail.

She gasped lightly as she heard someone coming. Hastily, the Holsien mermaid turned around, and slithered quickly from the beach, and towards the tight, narrow entrance to her cave. She ducked and swerved between the rocks, and coiled into a dark cavern, which is secretly adorned by discarded silverware, strung up with fishing line, many colorful soda/beer bottles stuffed with sand-wax and wicks to make candles, and other various old, mangled objects scavenged from the pier.

Belinda listened carefully as the footsteps got closer. She quietly picked up a small baseball bat that she armed with shards of broken glass as she stayed there, still and quiet as someone approached closer and closer.

When the stranger sounded like he was right next to the discrete entrance to her cave, Belinda heard it slap the rock three times, and the footsteps walked away. Growing curious as the stranger she sense seemed to be going further away from her, Belinda set down the bat, and slowly slithered through the rocky space.

The mermaid smoothly moved her scaled body through the tunnel, and peeked from the entrance. Right at the entrance, sitting on the sand, is purple box with curvy designs, with a shiny yellow bow.

Enticed by the color alone, Belinda reached out for the box with her white, reptilian hands, and picked it up. She grunted as she took in the heavy parcel, and slowly carried back into her cave.

When she was back into her dark home, she rubbed her fingertips onto the wicks of a few of her bottle candles, sparking at the wicks before they caught fire, and illuminated canlı bahis siteleri the black cavern.

Belinda looked curiously at the box. She flickered her forked tongue at it, taking in its scent as she rotated it. It carries the scent of fish, and a familiar human. She knows what this is; Herald has given her several gifts that have been decorated such as this. I can’t be from Herald though; he doesn’t know she lives in this spot, so why would he leave a present at her cave? There’s only one person she knows who knows this location.

She carefully tugged at the yellow bow, and smiled as she stuck it on her head, finding it as a lovely accessory. She pulled at the wrapping paper to rip it apart, to find a cardboard box under the paper. She plucked up a small Thank You card from the top of the box, and opened it. Belinda squinted her violet eyes as she read the lettering.

=+Thank you for helping me save my love.

Your Friend,


A smile found its way on her thin lips before she set the card aside, and pried open the box. She gasped and grinned as she found the box stuffed with Fish House canned shrimp, anchovies, and, a few lobster and crab claws, and a plastic container of fluffy feather fly hooks and shiny lures – she likes using fish tackle for jewelry. She smiled as she picked up two neon green fly-fish hooks, and put them through the small slits in the fin-appendages that will eventually dry into ears. She smiled excitedly as she picked up one of the many cans of shrimp, yanked the can open from the peg, and slipped a sumptuous, juicy shrimp into her mouth.



Merrick is looking over his shoulder with a curious, frisky look, wearing a gleaming golden jockstrap, showing his very spankable butt to the Sasha and Nick.

“Excellent! THAT is sexy,” Nick said as Sasha turned the crank for the camera, “You’re REALLY good at this, Blondie!”

“Yeah,” Sasha said as she picked up a silver side-strap thong, “Too bad we didn’t know about you sooner, we woulda hired you instead.”

“Well… I’m actually not here all that often,” Merrick said as he shifted, and mount his legs up to expose the cross-road of the jockstrap, over his anus, while still sporting his round bulge “I was supposed to be gone a few days ago.”

“Whatev’s, you are, positively smashing!” Sasha said as she clicked the camera.

“Smashing? Is that… Good?” Merrick asked as he leaned forward. They both chuckled at his naïveness.

“Yes, it is, Blondie,” Sasha said as she tossed over the silver thong, “It is, VERY good!”

Merrick got up, and pulled down the shiny yellow jockstrap, tossed it over to Nick, and then looked at the side-strap, “Uhh…” He turned it around, and noticed it’s just a stretchy strip of metallic fabric, “How do I put THIS on???” He asked.

“Ooh, that’s a good one!” Nick said as he came over, “Here, I’ll help you with that,” The Latino came over, and took the strap, “Here, prop your leg here,” He said as he put Merrick’s leg up onto one of prop-boxes, “You cup your package HERE,” He said as his hand groped Merrick’s dangling genitals with the silver pouch, “We stretch it over your hip,” He moved the tab onto his hip, “Between your butt,” He said as he moved the strap to Merrick’s crevice, “By the way, you HAVE to tell me what body wash you use, because your skin feels AMAZing~!” He gave a light slap to Merrick’s tush as he clicked the thong’s hooks together near Merrick’s undercarriage.

“Body wash? What do you mean, my skin’s always the same.” Merrick asked. Nick raised his eyebrows, and chuckled.

“Wow, clean boy, eh?” He then backed up and grinned at him, “And you look muy caliente in that~!”

Merrick looked down and smiled as he rotated his right leg, and flexed his tender rump, “Ooh, I like THIS one~” He said as he swerved his hips, getting a good feel of the tight-looped thong

“Yeah, just like all the other ones, right?” Sasha said she aimed the camera as Merrick turned around, and leaned forward, before putting his hand on his right buttcheek – he is such a natural at making poses, they don’t even need to tell him to adjust his stance or tell him what pose to try next.

“I can’t make up my mind!” Merrick said as he then propped his leg up to show off his contained manhood, “I never worn so many things like this.”


“Hehe- Hngh!” Merrick clutched his stomach as a raking pain scrapped inside him.

“What’s wrong??” Sasha said. Merrick grunted and moaned as he slipped down, and cringed, “Oh, whoa whoa whoa, what’s the matter?” Sasha quickly went over to Merrick, and knelt down. Nick crouched down too, laying Merrick back.

“Whoa, hey, you ok, man??” He asked as Merrick panted and groaned.

“Do you need a nurse?” Sasha asked.

“No…” Merrick said, “Just gimme some water, please…”

“Nick, go get a bottle,” Sasha said. Nick dashed away, as Sasha wiped some sweat off of Merrick’s forehead as he whimpered, “You gonna be alright, mate?”

“Yes…” Merrick said in a raspy tone, “I just… I had an accident not too long ago…” Nick came back soon, and got down.

“Here you go, man,” He said as he unscrewed the cap, and held it out to him. Merrick accepted the bottle, and took a drink of the icy cold water. He took several gulps, before huffing, and panting.

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