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I’m on my knees, staring up at a beautifully round, fleshy, tanned ass. It’s spherical shape so perfect, and because the woman who belonged to it was bending slightly forward and bending at the knees as if she’s about to sit down directly onto my open mouth I was infatuated and driven to fanatical heights thinking about it, looking at it, admiring it…it belongs to my mistress after all. She tanned at the gym and her workouts were clearly evident but because her as is so full and round and completely shaven I was hard in my body and in my mind. I wanted to run my tongue up along her entirety.

All of this is going through my mind and I’ve only been kneeling behind her in this position for a minute. I’d helped her dress—bottomless girdle/bustier with 6 straps, Wolford ultra-sheer nude stockings, 4 inch black leather sandals, straps bound her freshly pedicured feet and after dressing her to her satisfaction she beckoned me to kneel behind her and I stared at her beautifully shaved and tan ass as she slowly squatted down and sat on my face. As I watched her come closer I noticed her smooth pussy and ass weren’t just shaven, she’d gotten a Brazilian at the salon. She was as smooth as I’d ever seen and somehow my mind couldn’t take it and I felt for the first time the love and devotion we shared. I knew she loved our games as much as I did and I set my mind to service her as best as I could…I swore utter devotion to her body and mind and set my mind to the task. ‘I want to please you mistress. I will make you beg for my tongue.’

And, just as her ass was about to meet my lips she moved back and my whole mouth met her warm, soft, wet pussy. She was so warm and wet and I fed off of her as she rested her entire weight onto my face as if I was a chair.

She giggled softly and used me as a resting spot while she put on her makeup. She doesn’t use much, just enough to highlight her ravenous eyes…dark and bright at once, cold and hot simultaneously. Of course I couldn’t watch her and she knows I adore watching her do her eyes. She stood briefly and turned to look at me. She caressed my face and with her soft hand, slipping her fore and middle finger into my mouth and told me to suck. Suck my sweet sissy girl, suck my cock she told me.

I was over the moon. I pictured myself kneeling in my pink chemise, white sheer-to-waste nylons with criss-crossed lace woven and connected with pink bows Wolfords, knee-length 5 inch black leather heels. I felt the smoothness of my nylons against my depilatory-smoothed legs, ass and clit, I imagined what I must look like and I devoted myself to the task and sucked her fingers as if they were her cock. I felt so much like a woman…I wanted to be a woman…I love canlı bahis şirketleri to be a woman.

She told me I could bring a chair over for her and one for myself but to fill our wine glasses first and I stood, wobbled on my heels and she giggled again and I strutted in as feminine a fashion as I could muster and filled our glasses with a nice white from California. She told me how sexy I look when I walk. She must know that in these heels one can only behave like a woman, walk and try to talk like a woman. The heels forced me to sway my hips and I turned at my torso and my long blonde haired wig swung adding to the effect and I pursed my painted lips kissed her thru the air. It feels so divine to be so open with her. She knows me and loves me for what I am. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my head seemed to sing with excitement. I was experiencing the best sex I’ve ever had in my life and I wasn’t actually having sex. She was in my mind, granting me permission and loving me for it. I brought the freshly filled glasses to her and kissed her mouth. Our painted mouths met warmly and our tongues were specifically slow and we caressed each other’s mouths with wetness and the flavor of lipstick and wine filled with each other’s wet saliva made me swoon and exert even more effort to please her mouth and the way she kissed me back told me she was doing the same and we kissed like this until she broke it off and resumed her makeup.

She told me to sit and watch and we talked about what tonight might bring and how she knew the man who was coming over later. When she was in college she dated a guy who was bi. She didn’t know he actually preferred men but apparently when he saw her in the library one day, he was instantly infatuated. She has that effect on men. She’ll tell you it’s her open-mindedness, but I think it’s her vulnerability, but more than that it’s her eyes. Her eyes will make you cum. He sat across from her in one of the pc carols and “accidentally” dropped his pen underneath and it landed on her side. She handed it to him as he was standing up to get it from her and he glanced at her terminal and struck up a conversation over the art history essay she was working on. They had some mutual friends and he was so handsome and cute she found herself opening up to him in a way she wasn’t accustomed to. They agreed to meet for a drink on that Friday and that night she was sneaking into his dorm room through the window. She couldn’t explain it, he was hot and harmless and whatever she said or did she knew he was wrapped around her finger. His cock was huge and he made her cum with it. He never seemed to want anything from her and he talked to her like a girlfriend. She got him to admit is canlı kaçak iddaa sexual orientation on their third date. She has that effect. It’s her eyes.

The entire time she was telling me this story I sat in my outfit and felt like a real woman. Sharing our stories, drinking wine, putting on makeup, the whole experience was driving me wild and she knew it. I stood behind her, so tall and overwhelming she submitted to my mouth and I kissed her tenderly and softly behind her ears and licked and breathed hot breath onto her ear and rubbed my hands along the crevice of her slickened pussy. I slid a finger into her and she moaned. I brought her to the bed and lay her on her stomach. I told her to relax and let me please her. I massaged her and moved my hands around her body. I lay on top of her and the friction between our satin and nylon covered bodies heightened the moment and I leaned over her and pulled her long soft brown hair away from her neck and worked her soft tender erotic zones with my mouth, lips and tongue. She moaned and thrust her ass against my hard clit.

I glanced to the side and caught a glimpse of us on the bed in the mirror-covered wall and the picture I saw was of two women pleasuring one another. I wanted to be a woman, but I know she likes a man. I wanted her to feel my lust. I pressed my cock into her and kissed and slid my wet tongue around her neck and behind her ears. I reveled in her sent. Her hair, her skin, her sex. I could literally smell her sex. Hungry I moved down her back licking and tasting her. I moved to her ass and she tried to resist but my male side forced her down and I told her to relax, rest, let me please you. I rested there, my face so close to her ass. I playfully traced my fingers along her thighs, calves and ankles. I used the strength in my hands to need and feel her flesh. I massaged and needed her legs and calves, behind her knees I kissed and licked. I moved in on the flesh of her ass and softly pulled and pushed her ass flesh, opening momentarily her ass cheeks so I could see her sweet puckered asshole and then let the flesh collapse onto themselves. I licked her round buttocks and thighs, the while massaging her ass, loosening her resolve and licked slowly, slowly from her ass cheeks inward until I was rimming her hole. Eventually I dragged my tongue in its most softened position up and around her asshole. I was so soft and gentle she couldn’t resist. She moaned and I knew I’d won her over and softly and diligently worked my tongue around, over, up and down her ass until she began to meet my mouth with thrusts of her own. I was thrusting my hot hands underneath her, between her body and the soft sheets of the bed and used the full breadth of my canlı kaçak bahis large hands to feel every crease and crevice of her pussy, thighs and stomach. She was thrusting now and I held her completely lodged between my mouth on her ass and my hands on her pussy. She moaned oh god she moaned. I want to please her. I want to please her.

Her phone rang. She talked to Grant. She laughed and giggled. She told him that I was waiting to suck his cock. She told him I was dressed. She told him I was bare of hair and my face was painted like a slut and she laughed as she looked at my expression on my face. She told him to get here asap.

I was humiliated. I didn’t know what to do. I was turned on beyond any other experience I’d ever had. I wanted to be a woman but what she was saying and how she was saying it made me want to be a man. She looked at me after she hung up and told me exactly what I was afraid of. Don’t worry honey she told me. Don’t let what people expect, don’t let what people will say bother you. You are a woman Audrie. You are my sissy. Grant is gay, you can please him. He will fuck me with his glorious cock and he will make me cum but it’s you he will be turned on by. You will make him cum Audrie. She told me these things and rubbed my clit through my nylons and told me she knows what I am and what I want. And I told her how much I love her. I told her I am her sissy girl slut and because she’s here watching and encouraging me it makes me love her even more. She caressed me and kissed me and we made out like sluts.

She told me to fill our glasses and we fixed our makeup together. She helped me with my eyes. She painted my lips. I was finally making my dreams come true and my mistress was making it happen. She looked at me and I saw in her eyes acceptance, desire, love and lust. She wanted me to open up to her. I wanted to. We talked and laughed and I was free. I loved being a woman with her, yet she knew I was a man. That’s what made me so grateful. I am a man but I love to be a woman. I love to see a woman orgasm. I love to watch a woman be a woman and I wanted to be a woman too. My cock was my clit. My ass is a pussy. I am a slut. I love to be a slut, to suck cock, to take cock in my pussy. But I want a woman to do these things to me. My mistress is a woman who knows me and the moments we shared makes me the woman I want to be. My mistress asked me a question. “What do you want?”

I hesitated. “Tell me Oz…what do you want?”

I want you to see me Aimz. See me as I am. I love to be a woman. I love to be a slut. I love to suck cock, but what makes it real is you being here. You love me for who I am. I love you because you know me more and better than anyone else.

“Show me Oz…Show me who you are….”

I stand and I walk around the room in my heels. I look at her and I am hypnotized by her eyes. I want to show her. I caress myself and tilt my head back in lust and I show her. Look at me mistress, look at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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