Anna’s Milk Ch. 03

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Have you ever had a moment that was simultaneously the best and the worst of your life? That kind of moment is where this story picks up.

Beautiful Anna, a redheaded and luscious woman with freckles, curves, a new baby, and a husband in Afghanistan, had a minute before had my cock in her mouth, and was nursing on it for what she called my “milk.” She’d already let me nurse twice on her milk-filled breasts to get the sweet liquid out, and so she said it was only fair for me to give her something in return.

We’d been in our bathing suits having a squirt gun water fight in the carriage house in back of my parents’ house where she now lived, and I’d ambushed her inside. I used the little toy to squirt the tips of her breasts several times, and then her pussy over and over again through her bikini bottom.

We’d been accidentally and then on-purpose sexually teasing each other day after day, and that moment she finally decided that enough was enough.

Her baby Ben was safely napping in the second bedroom, and so she led me to her bedroom, locked the door, and easily and without much resistance from me wrestled me to the ground. She then took off her bikini top while sitting on my belly, revealing her large and freckled breasts with their large pink areolas and medium-sized pink nipples. Leaning over my face, she’d gently squeezed one breast and then the other, showering me with her milk, which I tried to lap up. She then let me nurse on one breast and then the other, suckling her beautiful boobs while holding their smooth and bulging warmth with my fingers.

Anna’s “boob juice,” as her friend Moira called it, was surprisingly sweet. It was almost like melon juice, but far more sexy.

And so, once she’d given me that, you’ll understand how I was already in a such a stunned world of pleasure she would be able to take off my swim trucks without much resistance, revealing my straining virgin cock, which was then lucky enough to get its first blow job.

I once heard of someone call sex “bumping uglies,” the idea somehow being that genitals are not that nice looking. But I’ve never felt that way about cocks and cunts. I always have found them to be the most mysterious and in their own strange ways mesmerizing things I’ve ever seen. Being mostly straight, I was drawn to pussies more than by cocks. But I do find an erect penis somehow very compelling in its raw desire.

And my six-inch hard cock with its reddish head was certainly a physical manifestation of my 18-year old lust, which had been directed almost exclusively at Anna for the past couple of months.

The juxtaposition between my straining and veined dick, and Anna’s lovely freckled face with her green eyes and lips with shiny lip gloss was extreme. That something so weird looking as a hard cock could go into a mouth as beautiful as Anna’s was entrancing.

Her lovely face and mouth was then sucking and working at harvesting my cock. Her red hair and her breasts brushed against me as she worked herself up and down my shaft, nursing powerfully on me until I cried out Anna’s name again and again, and then shot my cream onto her tongue.

She showed the little pool of white cum to me in her open mouth, and then closed her mouth, swallowing it all down. And then opened her mouth again to show me her white teeth and clean tongue. She said, “ahh” but added, quite rightly, that her milk tasted better than mine.

Just after this she was now leaning against my chest as I breathed heavily, trying to cope with this moment, as she pressed her soft breasts against my chest. Anna was grinning like a cheshire cat-woman with green eyes.

Heaven, right?

Only Anna was by best friend Nick’s wife. And I’d promised Nick before he’d shipped over to Afghanistan in the summer of 2002 to look after her, and to protect her from men who would lust after her. Many people, including Nick, said that I was one of the most trustworthy people that they knew. But I’d sucked on her nipples, and now she’d sucked off my straining cock.

I was in really deep shit for the first time in my adult life. Unless it could be hidden, I’d certainly destroyed my friendship with Nick forever. My parents would also be shocked beyond words, and if this was discovered it would makes waves of scandal that would hit almost everyone I knew.

But mostly I worried about Nick. I could only imagine his anger and even rage. He wasn’t the violent type, but that was before Afghanistan. When he got back what, exactly, might he do?

And so, even awash in the endorphins of the best orgasm of my life, a feeling close to dread simultaneously washed over me. As you can now see, it was a moment of ecstasy and near-horror at the same time.

But because Anna was at that moment smiling at me, clearly happy with herself for her amazing performance, I just hid the bad and focused on the good, beaming shyly back at her in gratitude, thanking her.

And then she popped the question.

She’d already asked me if I loved her little six-month old son Ben, who every canlı bahis day grinned at me, made weird noises like “la la la! la! maa la!,” and pointed his little index finger out as I carried him to show which direction he wanted me to take him. To my surprise, I had fallen deeply for the little treasure, to the point where I was happy to change his diaper. What, you say? How is that possible? Well, when a baby is uncomfortable and messy, cleaning him or her up, and then feeding them, and dressing them in comfortable dry clothes, is deeply satisfying. I don’t know if men especially can really understand this until they’ve done it. But I think for many men it’s true. It certainly was for me, much to my surprise.

Right after Anna had asked me if I loved little Ben, and I’d said yes, she was moved to tears by this. She was crying a little about it and hugging me. And then she asked me how I felt about Ben’s mother, about her.

I’d actually had a crush on Anna for years. And I’d had raw lust for her since I started to see her luscious milky breasts on a daily basis. But I’d also in the last several weeks quickly fallen in love with her more as a whole person. Even on her bad days, I suddenly had a deep well of feeling and empathy for her. I loved Anna, but had never said it to her in words, even though the way I acted around her probably gave her a good clue.

But she wanted her doubt eliminated, and so asked me:

“So, David, how do you feel about me now?”

“Oh, Anna,” I said, still a little breathless, “you know how I feel about you. But I’m not sure I should say it. You do know after what just happened that I think you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

“And?” She said, looking at me expectantly, seeming pretty confident in what else went with that.

“I want you to say it,” Anna added.

She continued: “I’ve been able to tell since almost as soon as Nick left that you were under my spell, even when you tried to hide it. But now I want you to tell me how deep that spell goes.”

She was grinning again like a cheshire cat, having just swallowed the canary of my cum.

“Oh Anna,” I said, suddenly feeling almost weepy, because of how far I’d betrayed everyone’s trust, “you know I love you. I love you so much.”

It sounds strange, but I reached up to cover my mouth as I’d uttered this simple truth that was also a horror.

But Anna didn’t seem horrified at all. She was gleeful, and grinned and laughed, saying, “I knew it! Oh David!”

And then she was hugging me with her tits, and kissed me even as I was feeling that together we were in, as I’ve already said, some pretty deep shit.

But she wanted more, and said:

“What do you love about me? When did you fall in love with me? Tell me!”

I couldn’t help but be carried away by her joy. If she could be made happy by my love, what else mattered?—At least at this moment.

“Well,” I said, laughing with her, “which of those questions do you want answered first?”

“I want you to tell me what what you love about me first,” she said, “leaning her elbow on the floor as her breasts still pressed against my chest in a wonderful way.

So I started there: “Well,” I said, looking down at her pink areolas and nipples, at least as much as could be seen of them, “you have truly beautiful breasts.”

“I know,” she said, “But what do you love about them?”

“Well, everything!” I said, laughing, “Their shape, their softness, your nipples, and, maybe most of all, your milk. A breast without milk is already so beautiful, but a breast with milk I now know is beyond amazing.”

“Let me guess: The first time you loved me was the time that you first drank my milk from that bottle, right after I pumped it and it was still warm from my tit. Is that true?”

“That’s probably partly true,” I said with a smile, “Although I think I was in love with you even before that, and it just got stronger then. And even stronger when…”

“When you actually nursed on me?” She said with a confident smile.

“Yes,” I said, and I could feel my dick revive and slowly start to lengthen again, which was pretty weird considering I’d just come a few minutes ago. I was glad she couldn’t see that, for some reason.

“What else do you love about me?” Anna asked again, clearly wanting to hear more.

“Oh everything,” I said, smiling at her as I reached up to stroke her beautiful red hair, and so I said, “Your goodness, your intelligence, your hair, your green eyes,” I traced my finger gently down her face, “your freckles,” I touched her mouth, “your lips.”

“And?” She said, arching her eyebrows, clearly looking for more.

“What? I love everything about you,” I said laughing.

“But I want you to tell me, specifically,” she insisted.

“Well, your sense of humor, your empathy—Anna,” I said, “I think I’m swelling your head here, this is ridiculous.”

“I swelled your head in my mouth until it exploded. Now it’s your turn,” she said.

“True enough,” I said, still amazed that my cock had bahis siteleri shot its load into the beautiful mouth that was right now talking with me.

“OK. I love your burps.”


“Yeah, that’s how I could tell that you were really being yourself around me. Plus both of your boobs were out right then.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, remembering and smiling.

“What else?” She added.

“Your tummy and belly button.”

“Even with the stretch marks?”

“Definitely. How else would we have Ben.”

She smiled, and nodded for me to go on.

“Your legs, your toes with their little painted toenails.”

“What about my butt?”

“Oh my god, you have an awesome butt!”


“And?” I said, echoing her, wondering if she really wanted me to say it.

“What about what made you hard the day you saw me in the bath with Ben?”

“Yes, that was amazing. You’re so beautiful, Anna.”

“Did you really think so? I think they’re a little weird looking,” she said, referring to her pussy.

“Oh my god!” I said, “it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” My dick throbbed as a picture came into my mind of her hairy mounds and pussy lips surrounded by curly wet red hair in the bath.

“Well, if like my mouth,” she said, “just wait until you get to try the rest of me,” and she looked over and saw that my cock was now already fully erect, and even throbbing and straining again.

“Wow. That was fast,” she said, “But now it’s my turn,” She said, adding, “Unlike Nick, who usually didn’t seem too worry much about me, I’m expecting something more from you, David.”

And with that she started drawing flirty circles with her left index fingernail around my chest.

This was more new information about Anna and Nick’s troubled sex life before he left for Afghanistan. Anna had already told me that Nick had been freaked out by the pregnancy, the birth of Ben, and the changes in Anna’s body along the way, seemingly losing, as she told me, “most of his desire for me.” And now it seems that when they actually had sex Nick got off, but left Anna to take care of herself. Oops.

The only problem, beyond that Anna was Nick’s wife, of course, was that as a virgin I didn’t know much about how to do for a woman what Anna had just done for me. I was eager to learn, and had done some amateur research on the internet, but…That, plus that fact that Nick might kill me when he got back put me in rather a conundrum.

“Anna,” I said, trying to figure out how to say some of this.

She looked at me expectantly, and happily, seemingly thinking that I’d be able to take care of her needs as well as I took care of Ben.

“Anna, I definitely owe you. Big time! But you’ll have to be patient with me and teach me. I…I’m not just a virgin, I’m almost completely inexperienced.”

“I know,” she said, not seeming phased in the least, “shall we start?”

“Sure. But shouldn’t we think about this? I mean, about Nick?”

“You didn’t seem to be thinking about that much when I was sucking you off!” She said, genuinely annoyed, and her expression had turned from joyful to sour in a second.

“You’re right. You’re totally right! I’m sorry. If you’ll teach me, I’ll do anything you say. I want to make you happy, Anna. You deserve it!”

“Good!” She said, happy again.

“But I think maybe we should keep it to just…to oral, so that we don’t cross that final line? And maybe just once or twice? I really don’t think continuing this is such a good idea, as much as I love it.”

“OK,” she said, seeming surprisingly easy to satisfy, and then added, “we won’t do anything that you don’t want to do.”

“Oh shit,” I said, laughing and smiling “that’s what I’m worried about!”

She laughed too and raised her eyebrows suggestively.

I accidentally glanced down at my again straining and twitching cock. Anna, following my lead, turned and looked over at it too with an ironic and knowing smile.

“I know that part of you loves me without any ifs ands or buts.”

“Yeah,” I said, “Sorry.”

“No,” Anna said, “It’s quite enjoyable after the lack of action with Nick.”

“But we were talking about me,” she added, and sat up and then stood up. “I want you to do for me what I did for you.” She looked at her bikini bottom and it was clear she was about to take it off to, and then give me a lesson in going down on a woman.

But at that moment, Ben woke up from his nap and started crying.

She shrugged her shoulders, which made her boobs jiggle in a most delightful way, and said, “Later, then.”

And she sauntered out of the room, top still off, to go nurse her baby.

The rest of that day was a maze of baby care and housework, with the necessary going out of the house for the work shift at the library. But I was walking on a cloud most of the day because of what had happened, and not surprisingly being even extra-nice to Anna. And when Anna looked at me she smiled knowingly.

As night approached a delicate bahis şirketleri question presented itself, which I hesitantly asked of Anna as she sat on the couch, topless, nursing Ben: “Should I still go out on my date with Moira?”

Moira was Anna’s beautiful best friend, and had asked me out on a date in part because she liked me, but more to protect Anna. Anna had even encouraged and partly arranged the date—but that was before Anna had sucked me off, and had gotten me to tell her that I loved her. Moira was perceptive, and could see just before it really happened that if Anna and I were left alone in this house too long that there would be trouble of the kind we were now in…

Anyway, Anna said, “It might make her suspicious to cancel at this point. But do you want to go on the date with Moira?”

“Sort of. But…”

“But what?” Anna asked with mock innocence, as I couldn’t help but stare down at her free boob, which had a little drop of milk on it.

“Well, I know what we were doing was wrong,” I said, “but I wonder if you’ll be…I don’t know how to say this. Jealous?”

Anna smiled. She looked confident. And sexy.

“Maybe a little,” she said, “but I think I have some things that put me on top.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled.

“Well, I’m not sure Moira can compete with this.”

And Anna put a hand under her generous free right breast, with its beautiful pink areola, and giggled it a little bit toward me.

Ben de-latched from the left one, with a little slurping sound. Clearly he was done.

She sat him on the ground, and he happily balanced while sitting.

“There’s some extra here,” Anna said, smiling again while holding out her right breast with the drop of milk on it. “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” I said, breathing a bit heavily and staring at the headlights of her boobs, mesmerized.

“I thought so,” she said, smiling, and then licked her tongue theatrically and slowly around her lips to remind me of how she had swallowed down my less-tasty dick milk this morning, although seemingly with enthusiasm.

“But don’t do anything you don’t want to do,” she said, with a mischievous look on her face as she spread her legs wide and beckoned me closer.

“Shouldn’t we go in the back room?” I said, with a worried look at the door.

“Nah,” she said, “The blinds are down, the curtains are closed and the door is locked. If your Mom or someone else comes by we’ll just stop, and then I’ll put on my T-shirt.”

She glanced at the big black T-shirt that she had next to her.

“What about Ben?”

“Oh, he’s happy. He’ll be fine,” she said.

I looked around at him, and saw he was indeed playing with his toys and looking around in the middle of the room, on his blanket, without seemingly a care in the world. Well fed, and with a dry diaper, he was self-amusing at the moment.

And so I couldn’t resist Anna or her milk, right in the living room, and yet more lines were crossed.

I scooted up next to her on my knees as she sat on the couch. As I got right up to her, she gently pushed up her breast and nipple with one hand, while the other gently pulled my face and open mouth into contact.

I nursed firmly, sucking Anna’s nipple, areola, and a good bit of her right breast right into my mouth. Her milk flowed into me, and she was sweet. It felt like drops of love were going down my throat. I looked up with wonder at Anna’s beautiful freckled face, and flowing red hair, and she smiled back at me, looking confident in my adoration of her at that moment.

With my left hand on her the smooth swell of her breast, my other hand reached out and touched her warm belly above her belly button.

As I sucked, she put her hand over mine, affectionately.

She gently and firmly took hold of my hand, holding it for a few seconds while I nursed her. And then she slowly moved my hand down to her sweat pants, and then in.

I stopped suckling, and popped off with a sound almost like Ben’s, a little shocked.

“Ah! Ah!” She said, teacherishly, but still happy, “Keep sucking. You can walk and chew gum at the same time. Just follow my lead.”

And so I nursed her again, while she slid my hand down to where her spread legs joined. I couldn’t see it, but I could now feel her red-haired and wet pussy. Her mounds with the wet meaty center were intoxicating to me, especially because I’d never felt a cunt before in my life. I couldn’t believe it: I was feeling Anna’s cunt—and she wanted me to. My rock-hard cock was now throbbing in my shorts as she rubbed my fingers slowly up and down on her wet and warm mounds and folds.

I let out an involuntary moan: “Uhnn.”

“You like that, do you?” She looked happy and horny.

I separated from her breast quickly to say, “Yes!” and then started nursing again while feeling Anna’s lovely cunt under her sweats.

“Give me your finger,” she said, and she then paralleled my middle finger under her sweats with her finger. After pausing for just a second, she slowly and gently pushed my finger all the way into her wet vagina.

“Ohh,” I breathed in joyful surprise.

“Keep nursing,” She said, smiling, looking even hornier as she pushed my finger down inside of her secret place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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