Angel Ch. 01

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Angel waited most of that day in anticipation. They had worked together previously and kept in touch, and since then, their relationship had indeed changed. Late nights chats, just for fun at first, led to a certain tension. It had never been real before now, but now that they were physically near each other again …the tension grew palpably. Or had it? Did he feel it as well? Was she just imagining things? She didn’t know, and that made the tension even greater. He was finishing up downstairs, and talking with old colleagues on their way out. She remained at her desk, ostensibly “finishing up.” Her friends hadn’t really thought much about her staying later than everyone else and certainly hadn’t connected it with him. Cindy, maybe… perhaps… she had seemed about to say something further as she left for the day, but stopped herself short, and left without comment.

She heard him say the final goodbyes, downstairs, and heard the doors close. She remained at her desk, wondering. She wasn’t sure if he was thinking the same thing she was, or whether he even remembered. She didn’t want to expose herself, or make herself vulnerable by asking and then possibly being rejected. All day long, she had wanted to say something to him, anything, but there was never the chance. Too many other people were around, always present, always talking. He hadn’t given any particular sign that he remembered, but then again, he wouldn’t. He could be obnoxious sometimes. When they had been downstairs, he did some things, like gently push his hand on her back as slid by her in the crowded hallway, perhaps to indicate something. But, then, he always did things like that.

She heard him now, his footsteps on the stairs. She continued to stare at the computer on her desk, trying to concentrate on finishing up her work. There was no real point, none of it had to be finished anytime soon, but she needed an excuse to stay late. Now, when it came down to it, it gave her some extra time to figure out what to do. “I just need to finish up.” she said, and continued on.

“No problem. I’ll wait.”

“Now what did that mean? Wait for what exactly?” she wondered. He walked over and leaned on the front of the desk behind hers, so that he could look over her shoulder. She couldn’t see him, or feel him, but she knew he was there. That made it even more difficult to concentrate. She typed a few things, clicked a few buttons, made a mistake, fixed it, typed, and made another error. This was getting ridiculous; she should just turn around and ask him what he was waiting for. But no, she was feeling stubborn. She continued to work, finding it increasingly difficult with him standing behind her, looming (she imagined) over her. He was much taller than she was, and she imagined him standing almost insolently close, but not so close she could feel it. Her tension was rising. Her mouth was getting dry, her breathing deeper, and she was starting to get a little excited. He knew exactly what he does doing.

After about five minutes of silence, with the exception of her typing on her keyboard, she felt a hand being laid on her shoulder. He was watching her work; he knew damn well that she wasn’t accomplishing anything. His hand squeezed her shoulder. She stayed very still, neither encouraging nor discouraging him. She had a sense that, whatever her reaction, he wasn’t asking. They had had enough frank discussions that he knew her down to some of her deepest secrets. He knew she wouldn’t react, she wouldn’t push his hand away, and that she wouldn’t go on to encourage him either. Not yet anyway.

His hand was massaging her shoulder more deeply now, and he brought his left hand up as well, so that his thumbs were pressed against the back of her neck. So far, it could have been a perfectly innocent massage, albeit somewhat forceful. His thumbs massaged her neck, his fingers dug deeply into her shoulders, and she very softly groaned. Now why had she done that? She was trying to keep from encouraging him, but… she couldn’t help it. It felt good to be touched this way, it always did. And, the fact that it was him and such a long time, well, a little groan was nothing to be embarrassed about. He, though, would take it as validation to continue.

With that thought, almost as if he knew what she was thinking, his right index finger flicked out to touch just behind her ear. He scraped his fingernail downward on her skin, just lightly enough that she could feel it. His hand came off her shoulder, and his fingers curled to join his index finger in scraping back up her skin, very lightly, teasingly, before coming down again a little harder. He opened his palm again, and pressed it against the front of her sternum as he pushed harder with his left hand on her shoulder. She could feel his body now; he had closed the gap between them, to that special distance where he was not yet touching her, but so close she could feel him. Sitting in her chair, with him standing right behind her, meant that just behind her head was… No, she didn’t want to think about that yet. But it was too late, she had thought it, and with casino siteleri that thought, another moan escaped her. Deeper this time, and not even trying to hide it. “The hell with it,” she thought, “let him be encouraged. Let him do whatever he…”

His right hand dropped suddenly, inside her shirt, so that it was resting just between the tops of her breasts. She gasped, and he gave her a moment to get used to it. Then, curling his fingers, he lightly scraped his fingernails between her breasts… she shuddered. She was very excited now, and could feel it in the way her breasts and nipples were becoming engorged, and the slow warming between her legs. His left hand still on her shoulder, he dropped his right still further so that he was cupping her breast. As he did so, his body bumped against her back and she could feel his hardened cock behind her head. His hand was moving faster now, massaging her left breast and occasionally pinching her nipple. She was moaning constantly now, a deep throaty growl through pursed lips, as if some small part of her was still trying to stop it.

Another few minutes went by like this. Still he hadn’t said a word, nor stopped to ask her permission. She had done nothing to stop him either. She knew now that she had fully given in. He knew it too. She could almost imagine his insolent grin, but she wasn’t going to stop this no matter what. From behind, he slid his hands under her arms to pull her up so she was standing, her desk still before her. He pulled her shirt up, and her bra down, so that her breasts were exposed. His left hand moved up now, to finger the nipple of her breast… she could feel his right hand sliding down from her breasts, down her belly, dragging his fingernails so that she still felt where his hand had been even after it was gone. His hand slid down further still, until the tips of his fingers, extended now, touched the top of her jeans, then the top her panties, and still more, until she could feel his fingers tickle the top of her hair.

Her breathing labored, she felt him unbutton the top of her jeans, and slowly heard the zipped being pulled down. He wasn’t wasting time now, an urgency had come over both of them: he wanted to touch her there, in her secret place, and feel her wetness, knowing that he made her feel that way. Likewise, she wanted to feel his fingers slide between her lips, and have him push deep inside her. She felt freer than she ever had before. She was not making the decisions, and so there was no pressure, no thinking, just her physical self and the physical pleasure. She knew, at this moment, she would do anything he wanted, and it was no longer appropriate for him to even ask.

His fingers slid down between her legs, her panties pressing his fingers tight against her. The lips around her pussy slid around his middle finger coating it with her juices. She almost screamed when, in another sudden movement, his middle finger darted deep into her, once, twice, and then again. She had to put her hands down on the desk now to hold herself up, and she pushed her ass back against him, clearly feeling his hardness behind her. How she wanted that in her now! But, she had ceded control, she would get that when he chose. She knew that even if she turned and begged for it right now, she would not get it, and that he would, without any words at all, order he back to her position. So, she just let it go on, his fingers sliding in her, and her moans escaping her lips now, with no attempt to muffle it or hold back.

His hands slid out of her pussy, and up to her mouth now gasping for air. She flicked out her tongue to taste her juices, tentatively at first, but just to tease him. He knew that she liked the taste of her pussy, just as he knew everything else sexual about her. Meanwhile his left hand pulled her pants and underwear down around her hips, and he slowly slid down the floor to remove them totally, kissing and licking and biting all the way down her backside. With her panties down, the room suddenly became awash in her scent, her pussy juice filling the air with unadulterated lust. Kneeling behind her, he slid his hands back up, and began to kiss her from behind. At first, he started kissing her buttocks, all the while massaging them with his hands, occasionally reaching out to finger her pussy so that she stayed lubricated. She felt his tongue occasionally licking, his teeth occasionally biting, as he moved from the bottom of her back, down the cleft of her ass. As he got closer to both her holes, she began to wonder if he would skip ahead and go directly to her pussy… Did she want that? She didn’t know, but soon the decision was again made for her… his tongue slid into her asshole. No hesitation, and he probed deeply as he could. In response, she tried to squeeze her ass as tightly she could so as to trap his tongue. She gasped out loud, loving every moment, feeling that this is what sex should be, this intimacy, this closeness, and that there was nothing embarrassing or uncomfortable between them.

She loved his tongue in her ass, the rapid probing, and deep licking, but her urgency slot oyna was growing. Her pussy needed his attention, and sure enough, his tongue, with a long, last slow lick at her hole, finally tasted her pussy. His fingers were deep inside her now, sliding in and out, and she was close to losing control completely. His tongue, just newly inserted at the entrance of her pussy, sent her spiraling over the edge. She came in a flood, her juices pouring out of her, her body shuddering, her pussy pulsating around on his tongue and fingers, her mouth groaning out loud. She felt shattered, as wave after wave of energy rolled throughout her body, and almost magically she felt her orgasm pulse from her pussy to his tongue and into him. She collapsed on the desk exhausted, while he slowly savored her taste, and licked up every drop of her juice.

After a few moments that felt like hours, she raised her head from the desk, still panting. He felt the motion in her body, and stood up, looking down at her. She turned and rolled over, so that her legs splayed out to either side before him, her pink flower still glistening with saliva and her juices. To show that he wasn’t in a rush, he knelt down between her legs, and watched for a moment. She liked this, this moment when he was just staring at her most secret place. She squeezed her pussy open and shut, to give him a bit of a show. She saw him smirk at her, and once again, he flicked his tongue out. He tapped his tongue gently on her sensitive spot and made her jump. Gently, he rolled his tongue over her clit, and then leaned forward to suck on it with his lips. So soon after orgasm, she was extremely sensitive and her body would jump involuntarily with each flick of his tongue. She reached her arms down, to hold her legs even more open before him… she wanted to grab his head on either side and guide his tongue deep inside, but knew that he would do so when he was ready. He licked down, across the space between her pussy and asshole, and back up again. Sometimes, he would linger at her ass for a while pushing his tongue in, spreading her open. She knew then that he would take her that way someday, perhaps tonight, perhaps not. He licked his way to her pussy, inserting in his tongue as deep as it would go. She tried to squeeze his tongue as much as she could.

Eventually, knowing that she was not yet ready to come, he stood up before her. Still fully clothed, she could see him straining with his erect cock. He took her hands away from her legs and pulled her of the desk and up toward him. He leaned in to kiss her, and their tongues danced together for a long while savoring her taste. She licked her now dried juices of his face, smiling mischievously as she did so. Their bodies pressed together, she waited for him to take charge of her again, and let her know what he wanted. Her orders came soon enough, when he again placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her slowly down to her knees. He held her by the back of her head, and insistently pressed her face to his crotch. She could feel his hard cock through the fabric of his pants, and he held her there like that, slowly rubbing against her face, almost tight enough that she couldn’t breathe. The first part of their encounter was for her. Granted he took a tremendous pleasure in taking her and making her do what he wanted, but ultimately, it was for her pleasure. From now on, she was his, and she existed solely to please him. He would never ask, just take, and give whenever he felt like it.

He released his tight grip on her head. Without him to hold her head against him, she stayed there staring at the hidden cock in front of her. She looked it up at him, and saw his patience was wearing thin. Still, he hadn’t said a word, but she knew he had given her her orders. She reached up with her hands, to find the buttoned on his pants. Quickly undoing the button, she pulled the zipper down. She could see his cock through his underwear, now slightly more free than a moment ago. Her mouth was watering, she knew she wanted to taste him, and she knew he couldn’t wait for her to have her mouth on him. She may have surrendered almost all of the power in their relationship, but she would always have a little, she would always have this. He could use her as much as he wanted, but it would be her mouth in which he came, or her pussy which he filled up, or her ass which he would rape. Or …what else? She didn’t know… and, at the moment, she didn’t care. But, she knew she wanted to find out.

She pulled the band of underwear down and saw for the first time, his naked cock. A part of her wanted to stop and take a moment to look at it and see it clearly, but another, stronger part took over. She leaned forwarded and planted her lips on his cock, just at the junction where his balls met the shaft. She flicked her tongue out, which made him groan. Her mouth sideways against is cock, she slid her tongue up and down the shaft, stopping just at the base of the head and then back down again. Her hands massaged his balls, or scratched at the area between his asshole and balls. Occasionally, she would look up canlı casino siteleri to find him watching her, and she would try that much harder to please him. Coming to the top now, she turned her head, flicked her tongue out along the bottom of the crown to make him jump. Swirling her tongue around, she got as much saliva on the head as she could; she knew that his passivity would soon pass, and then he would fuck her mouth forcefully. She wanted his cock as wet as possible before that so she could take him as deep as possible. She wondered if she could take him all the way down her throat. She knew she’d find out sooner or later.

For now though, she pushed him back a little against the desk behind him. Hoisting his legs up, she tongued his balls, taking each one into her mouth, and then moving downwards across his perineum to insert her tongue in his ass. Probing deeply, she tasted the musky scent of his ass, and this drove her wild. She had a plan with this blow job, that he would shoot forcefully in her mouth just after she worked her finger into his ass. She stuck her fingers into her once-again-wet pussy to lubricate them so she could insert one into his ass when the time came. Now, she removed her tongue from his ass, and replaced it with her finger. Going slowly, she inserted her finger as deep as she could. Meanwhile, she brought her mouth up to the top of his cock, and opened wide to finally take it all the way in her mouth.

He groaned as she descended on him. She went down as far as she could, and then pushed out her tongue to give him that little extra feeling. Sliding her tongue side to side, she could feel the blood pulsing in her temples, in his cock, and the world sounded of nothing but slurping, wet, sucking sounds and muffled groaning. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. He reached his hands down, and deciding once again that it was time he was back in control, he grabbed both sides of her head. He guided her mouth on his cock, ignored her muffled cries when he went too deep, and began to actively thrust his cock in her mouth. She gasped whenever he pulled almost all the way out, and the moaned again when he pushed in. She tried to press her tongue against his cock has hard as she could to intensify the pleasure for him. Her finger was rapidly pistoning in his ass now, just as his cock was pounding her mouth. Finally, holding her head well back, he thrust his hips forward one final time into her mouth, as he erupted inside her. Unable to hold it all in, she gagged, and was forced to open her mouth as the jets of semen kept coming. With his cum and her saliva dribbling all over her chin, she lapped her tongue against his cock as the last tremors of his orgasm ceased. She quivered to feel each shudder through his cock on her tongue, and each little drop of cum slowly pool in the back of her throat. Eventually, she swallowed what was already in her mouth, and pulled herself off him. A few extra licks to clean up, and she looked up to see his body sag with the expended energy.

She looked up at him. Being naked, kneeling on the floor in front of him, with his cum dripping from her chin down onto her breasts, she knew at the moment their eyes met that he wasn’t done with her. Myriad scenarios flashed through her mind, and, surprisingly, she felt herself start to physically respond. “What was this?” she wondered. She stood, and made a motion to reach out for some tissues to clean herself up. His hand reached out to stop her. He looked down at her, as she her mind raced with the thought, “What next?” Still holding her hand, he leaned in close to her, and kissed her. Slowly at first her tongue came out to brush across his lips. She tasted the sticky saltiness of his come, and knew he must be tasting it on her too. They broke the kiss and stood there holding each other for a moment while she buried her nose in his chest. Eventually, Angel started to run her tongue across his nipple, and occasionally give little nipping bites across his body. His hands drifted down words so that he could grip her ass tightly. Kneading her buttocks in his hands, he spread her ass apart, and teased her with his finger.

They stayed their together for a long while. His cock hardened again, and he pushed her back onto the desk. She lay with her legs open, not embarrassed in the slightest. He stepped forward and brought his penis to her entrance slowly. He rubbed the tip in between her pussy lips, and watched how they slid over the head of his cock. He could feel her juices starting to flow again, and smell her heavy scent coming from between her legs. The room was filled now with the scent of pussy, and they both inhaled it desperately. Angel was rubbing the last bits of his come from her chin and breasts, occasionally bringing a finger up to suck on it. Her tongue flashed out, licking and savoring his come, and she could see his eyes glint each time. She liked making that glint come to his eyes; She knew how much she turned him on by doing this. She resolved to do every completely wanton thing she could think of to drive him crazy. Anything he asked, she would do. She was still twirling her tongue around fingers, his come long gone, but she treated her fingers like miniature cocks to suck on. She would try to think of as many new things that he had never had done to him before. She would…

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