An Nice Affair

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I am now well over seventy years old, have known a happy and contented married life but have always kept – well hidden – the little diary where I recorded my sexual exploits during by bachelor years. The diary was usually written after the affair was over. In those days, I used it to wank during the lean years overseas when I did not have a partner. This tale records just one of my liaisons that took place in 1960.

We were in rural Indonesia: we were both voluntary aid workers. I was a teacher, she was a senior nurse, who had set up a training school for local nurses. We had been good natured friends for more than a year and I knew her background well. As a teenager, she had entered a nunnery with a view to taking her vows in due course. But she had left after a year- for reasons I did not know, so she was very mixed up. But she was a consummately professional nurse.

We had been working together for some time on a photographic exercise to make training aids for her nurses, so she often came to my house. At one stage, as we bent over the developing solutions in the red light of darkened room – for no particular reason – I just turned and kissed her, which was returned with extreme passion. We moved the kissing to the bedroom, where she allowed her blouse to be unbuttoned and her bra removed. She was thin – even emaciate.

Her breasts were long, soft and drooped and she only had small dark areolas. But her nipples were huge, long and dark brown; they were hard to my mouth. She was very hot, but very uncertain. Eventually I managed to remove her pants and my clothes. She had a massive unkempt mass of long pubic hair – black as night – a hard dense triangle of hair that thinned upwards towards her belly button and flowed like a forest over her mons, and thinned down onto of her thighs – never ever trimmed I am sure.

I moved back to kiss her lips and while we engaged in very deep kissing, she allowed my leg to part her thighs and eventually for my hand to caress her sex. She moaned with pleasure at every caress. But she was very jumpy – one moment she would invite more – the next she would resist me. I did not think she had ever had any kind of sex before.

I moved down to see what I could feel. Her vulva – like her bush – was huge. Fat lips – swathed in even denser hair – started high on her mons, thick wrinkled purple inner lips that tangled their way out through the thick mat of hair. All the time rubbing and pressing her mons, I parted her legs to expose a shaft fully a centimeter long, fat as my little finger and rock hard. Sprouting around her hood, the crinkled inner lips faded down to her cunt hole. A dense ring of hair surrounded her arse hole.

I touched her clitoris; she moaned and pushed my hand away, but I returned and pulled back the hood. Her shaft – pink and swollen – was the size of the end of my little fingernail. I managed to get one kiss on the end before she – grunting at the sensation – pulled my face away by my hair, then grabbed my hand and pulled it cover the whole cunt area. I tried again and again to enter her hole with my fingers, every time she stopped me.

She pulled me back to kiss her nipples – her whole areola was now engorged. Her breath was coming in great gasps and her whole body was heaving with desire. Meanwhile and without any style, she held and pulled my cock. I tried to put my fingers into her cunt, which I could feel and smell was soaking wet and ready. But she pushed my casino siteleri hand away.

I rubbed her shaft and she moaned with pleasure and guilt. But, then, she pushed my hand away. My hand roamed back – she wanted the pleasure, but was hounded by some guilt. Meanwhile, she kept pulling at my cock. Try as I might she would not let me in. But eventually, she flung open her knees and pulled back her hood with one hand, with the other, she dropped my cock and seized my scrotum, pulled it to her clitoris and used the soft skin of my sack to rub herself off.

In seconds, she came groaning and howling and crying and writhing to a climax of pleasure and guilt. I came spurting great masses of spunk copiously and remorselessly all over her hand and bush and cunt. It was a sad unsatisfactory experience.

I thought that-was-that, but she returned a couple of weeks later. She sat down opposite me in the living room and said she wanted to ‘try’ mutual physical love again. She was sorry she had made such a mess of things the previous time. Full of embarrassment, she eventually explained to me that, during her nunnery days, another novice had shown her how to masturbate.

This girl had explained how lucky she was to have such a prominent clitoris and how to use it. She had shown her the joys of filling her cunt with whatever was handy and her how to suck her own nipples – her breasts very long enough. The pleasure was wonderful. But, she had been told never to confess to this ‘sin’. She did however confess to it and had been mentally chastised by her confessor and the other nuns to an unprecedented degree.

But the pleasure was so great that she began to masturbate almost every night. But afterwards she was always filled with guilt and did not know how to overcome the self-loathing. She never again confessed this sin. Her hymen had long been broken as she guiltily purloined whatever vegetable was in season to fill her vagina. So she was not afraid of the pain of love-making. And, as a nurse, she was not afraid of pregnancy. It was just the guilt brought about by her Catholic upbringing and indoctrination as a novice.

It was clear why she had left the nunnery. She said that until our previous liaison, she had never seen a man’s cock, limp or engorged and had certainly never been aware of the volume, smell and consistency of a man’s jism. She was now excited by the idea of love-making. I listened open-mouthed, but said I was more than willing to give it a ‘try’ again.

Then to my amazement, she unbuttoned her blouse, and took off her bra – exposing her soft white hanging breasts, with their long dark nipples, now soft. With both hands, she held up the breasts out in offering. In a trice, I was on my knees beside her chair and worshipping those breasts. I sucked on them, drawing nipple, areole, and breast deep into my mouth, softly biting on the tips until they were hard and long. First holding one breast then the other, I worried those nipples until she was panting.

I pulled her up and moved her to the bedroom, where she undid her skirt and pulled off her panties. I was again amazed at the wonderful full black bush that completely hid her sex. I was fully excited by now and was naked myself. I turned her around and again took her breasts in my hands. Then caressed down, until I felt that huge tangled bush and mons. I just pressed there and massaged her mons.

Meanwhile I was working my rock-like cock in her bottom slot oyna crack. Her panting turned to moaning, so I laid her down, laying on top of her with my legs holding hers closed. I began to kiss her mouth to which she responded passionately, tongues battling tongues, while I fucked her bush. Suddenly it was too much for me and I began to erupt. Pulling back, I emptied my sperm in copious loads spurting all over her bush.

She sat up on her elbows and we both looked, amazed at the thick black bush all messed with my white seed. I saw an opportunity and pushed two fingers, through the sopping, slippery mat of hair and dipped into her labia, just far enough for my slimy fingers to encase her clitoris. The shaft was hard and extended and my fingers exposed its tip. With the other hand, I scooped up more jism on my index finger and lightly stroked the end.

She immediately tensed, came with a great throaty moan, then slumped back, her legs opening. Now I could open her massive labia, negotiate the tangle of hair and inner lips and raid her cunt with my fingers for the first time. My fingers slipped easily in – she was very wet and smelled divine. Her hole was big and I could easily push two fingers deep into her. But suddenly she was frightened again and she pushed my hand away. So we lay side by side, kissing while I massaged her still-wet bush.

Eventually, it was time to get-up, so I led her to the shower. In that climate, the water was tepid rather than cold and, as I washed her down, her nipples became like rods again. I again stood behind her, lathering the soap all over her body and sex, while working my cock in her arse crack. Again she started moaning with pleasure, so I gently bent her forwards, took my cock in my hand and with no difficulty at all slid it into her cunt.

She straightened up surprised by my stealthy invasion. But the deed was done and she was no longer a virgin. I stilled myself, though I was desperate to sink more deeply into her voluminous depths. Slowly she bent forward again, and I could push my cock to its limit. She was a tall girl, her cunt was deep and I did not reach the end, but could mash my pubes against her bottom. I pulled almost out and thrust slowly back in. She murmured with pleasure and said “Oh God, that is perfect”.

I pulled out and still wet from the shower, we stumbled back into the bedroom. She fell back onto the sheets, raising her knees and opening wide for me. Seizing the hairs either side of pubes, she pulled her lips wide open, the tangled inner lips were pulled tight and the deep red cavern of her cunt was open. I sank into her depths. There was no resistance – her cunt was large and very wet. Once hilted, I began to fuck her in earnest, pulling right out and slamming back in.

Having come already, I was able to keep this up until she was ready again. Her fingers crept between our bodies to her clitoris. I raised myself up so that I could see as she pulled back the hood to expose the purple end to me. She just lightly pressed the tip. With a clenching violence and a low long scream, she came and I immediately emptied my second load deep in her belly.

After that, until she left to return home, she would come to my house almost every Sunday afternoon. If I were out, I would find her waiting naked under the sheet. It was always very exciting. I would have a week’s worth of lust just waiting to burst out. As the affair matured, she became rapidly less inhibited. canlı casino siteleri After a few weeks, she admitted that the most exciting thing she could remember was when I filled her bush with my sperm, the volume and smell of my seed and how I had used it to bring her off.

In turn, I admitted that I was intensely excited by the sight and smell of her wonderful bush, how it completely hid her sex and how I loved it when she opened her cunt for me by pulling on her lip hairs. Thus, with some variations, our regular approach became a mixture of these two desires.

She would offer me her breasts, and I would give them due attention. Then, I would roll onto my back and she would straddle me with her sex over my face. I would feast on her cunt, while she would suck my cock and squeeze and mouth my balls. Since the climate was so warm, my scrotum would always be relaxed and she could suck one ball right into her mouth and gently squeeze on it with her tongue. Although we both tried, and to my disappointment, she could never get both balls into her mouth.

Usually it ended with her wanking my cock while mouthing one ball, until I cried a warning. We would change places and she would pull on me until the first wild squirt – which would go everywhere. Immediately she would bury my glans in her great black forest just at the top of her labia. Then the main four or five great spasms would fill her bush. When they were over, she would squeeze the rest of my cum onto to the white pool caught in her hair.

She would then very so slowly massage the seed between the top of her labia, hardening her point and exposing the then-erect pink tip. Then I would bring her over edge by tonguing the end. I loved this since the sounds and spasms of her orgasm, together with the wonderful dark-earthy sexual smell of her cunt juices, mixed with my jism, would bring me back to hard erection.

And as soon as she had relaxed from her climax, she would open her cunt wide for me pulling on her lip hairs and I could enter her hole. We would start in the missionary position, but often I would turn her and we would lie spooned on our sides and I would re-enter her from behind. She liked this since she could raise one leg and watch as my shaft pushed in and pulled right out of her cunt and I could clasp both her breasts from behind, squeezing the breast with my whole hand and pinching the hard long nipples between my index and middle fingers.

I would could see the exciting image of her hair-fringed red-purple hole fully opened, glistening and wet with our juices, before I plunged back in. This worked very well, since my first ejaculation had taken the edge off my need, so that I could now fuck and fuck for as long as she needed to reach her second climax. If the shafting went on too long and she began to get sore, she would just lubricate her fingers in our juices and ease herself towards climax by pressing her sensitive clitoris. The vaginal clenching thus produced would milk me again in an entirely satisfying way.

Totally relaxed, she would work her cunt until my second load was jism was ejected. She would anoint her breasts with the mingled juices dripping from her hole: she said that she loved the smell and feel of our mutual excitement on her nipples.

The night before she left to return home, I went to the Nurses’ home to say a final farewell. She led me into their little garden and hidden by the hibiscus bushes, she pulled up her dress, dropped her pants, leant forward and I entered her from the rear in the same way as our very first love-making. And with my fingers in her bush and on her clitoris, we had our final orgasm. It was a sweet and loving parting.

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