An Escape Into A New Life

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I needed to get out of the city for a while. I had been in my job for a couple of years without a holiday. It was about time I had some me time. So without any real plan of where I was going I jumped in the car and drove west. I decided that sticking to the highways was boring so I took various roads to be out in the countryside and just breath in the fresh air. Everything was going fine. I had even left my phone at home so nobody could contact me. Just me and the car going where the road takes me.

It was starting to get late when I thought I better try and find somewhere to stay the night. There had not been a sign pointing toward a town for some time. Mostly there was just land with various animals on it. Finally I saw a road pointing toward a house on a hill and I decided I would knock on the door and ask for some advice. The guy who opened the door was obviously a bikie from the way he was dressed, not to mention the beard and tattoos. I was a little nervous when I spoke asking for directions. He laughed at me when I explained what I was doing out there. “you have at least 2 hours drive to the nearest town from here – our closest neighbours are ¾ of an hour drive. There is a fog setting in now too, so driving is not a good idea.”

“oh” was about all I could say. I mean what can you say in that situation.

“Don’t worry we’ll look after you here.” Said the bikie. With that he held out his hand and introduced himself as Bob. I told him my name was Don. With that he showed me into the house. There was music going and plenty of voices coming from the next room which he led me into. He did not seem like a very chatty guy. When I looked into the room I was a little scared. There were ten more guys who all looked like Bob. They were all a bit older than me. I am 30 and an average looking guy. You know the kind – slim build, clean shaven, dark neat hair and brown eyes. The kind of guy you see wearing a suit and tie in the city every day.

The guys laughed as Bob told them my story and that he had said they would look after me.

A big guy with red hair who introduced himself as Steve started firing questions at me. But he wasn’t giving me time to answer. He had come to the inclusion that I didn’t look like I needed a holiday but rather a blood good fucking. I didn’t know what to say – my mouth was just hanging open. The other men were all laughing. I tried to laugh it off also – but there was something in Steve’s eyes which said that he was serious and the others new it too.

I scanned the room again looking to see if there would be any support for me from someone else. It was then that I noticed it was not 10 guys but in fact 2 of them illegal bahis were women. It was easy to mistake them at first, as they too had some tattoos and long hair and they dressed similarly. Steve saw me eyeing the women “don’t think you are going to get too lucky with those two lesbians.”

Great my only hope was gone. I was starting to panic. I tried to make an excuse to get something from my car, but Bob would have nothing of it. Bob said “We have a policy here that when the sun goes down, the fire place goes on and this place really heats up. Nobody is allowed to wear any clothes.” What sort of place had I walked into here and how was I going to survive the night?

One of the guys struck a match to start the fire while another handed me shot of tequila and made me drink. After three shots I was feeling a little light headed. I don’t drink that often and when I do it’s mostly just a glass of wine with a meal. So this had gone to my head right away. I noticed one of the guys stand up and ring a bell which was greeted by cheers from everyone. “time to get your gear off” said Steve. These guys wasted no time – within seconds they were all naked – even the women. I was trying to take in all this naked flesh. The guys were all big and quite muscular. The women had pretty good figures also – and they too were quite strong looking. Most of them had plenty of tattoos over the bodies and a few extra piercings. I had no choice but to start stripping myself. My small frame and pale white complexion was going to stand out here. I had no piercing or tattoos to hide behind either. They all looked me up and down as I slid off my underwear. Two of the guys sitting in the corner started licking their licks and moaning.

One of the girls muttered something about having to clean me up and then next thing I knew Bob and Steve were holding me down on top of the table in the middle of the room. The two girls who had disappeared for a moment came back with grins on their face. They both had shaving kits and immediately started work removing all the hair from my chest. Then they started work on pubes. Before long I was as hair free as the day I was born. Luckily they did not remove what was on my head. I felt so naked. But all those eyes looking at me was also making me horny. I could hardly believe it myself when my seven inch cut cock started to react. There were plenty of cheers as they too noticed it grow. Steve quipped “see I was right he does want a good fucking – but I think we need to make him earn it first.”

With that, two of the guys pushed me down on to the floor so I was on my knees. “You ever sucked a cock before?” said Steve. I shook my head. “Well illegal bahis siteleri I think you are going to enjoy this.” With that one of the guys placed his cock in front of my face. He started slapping it across my mouth as I looked at him. Suddenly he did not look all that scary but more playful and in want of sexual release. I could not believe what I was doing when I opened my mouth and let him push his cock inside. I could taste his sweat – kind of musky but sweet as he pushed his 7 inches in. I closed my lips around it and sucked hard as he held my head. Before long he was starting to moan as the others all cheered him on. This seemed to make him hornier as I felt his cock really growing hard in my mouth. I felt it start to pulse and then without warning the first lot of jism hit the back of my throat. He pulled his cock out now and covered my face as he released the rest of his load. I savoured the taste of the first load of cum I had ever taken. It was hard to describe the taste, but I knew it was making me hornier. In fact everyone else knew as they watched my cock stiffen again.

Bob stood over me now. “I see how horny you are – and that makes all of us horny. But there is one thing which makes all of us even hornier – it’s watching a new recruit get it on with our lesbian members.”

Before I had time to work out what he had in mind, I was forced onto all fours. One woman (Sue) slid underneath me. Then I could see the other woman (Bea) walking toward us – she had a strap on cock on. There was no time for me to react as Sue pushed my head into her pussy. “Let’s see if you are as good as Bea.” I began to lick her clit – tease it with me tongue. Knowing I was being watched was making me hornier still. I had also never licked a woman who was completely clean shaven down there – let alone a Lesbian. I was enjoying her taste as my tongue pushed inside her. She started to moan “ohhh damn you are good”. Just as I was starting to get into a rhythm I felt something on my ass. It was ky being rubbed into me. The men were cheering as I felt Bea push the tip of her strap on into my virgin ass. Sue held my head even tighter to her pussy as I felt the strap on push deep inside my ass. I let out a moan which at the same time worked to stiffen my tongue on Sue’s clit. She let out a yelp as her first orgasm hit her. Bea was quickening the pace. My cock had not been touched yet and I knew I was about to explode. As the second orgasm hit Sue I felt Bea slam the cock deep in me and hold it in there. It was all I could handle and my load emptied onto the floor. The guys were cheering louder than ever. Sue moved out from underneath me as I felt Bea pull out canlı bahis siteleri of my ass. It felt like something was missing.

Two other guys dragged me to my feet now and led me into one of the bedrooms. There was a single bed there with a bedpost that had handcuffs hanging from them. They strapped me in so my hands were above my head. I was on my back with a room full of naked me. The girls had stayed behind obviously now entertaining each other.

Bob grabbed my legs and held them over his shoulders. “Now you are really going to lose your virginity.” With that he pushed his 8 inches into me. It slid in easily as the strap on had loosed me up and there was still plenty of ky keeping me wet. His cock felt so much larger than the strap on. But it did not hurt that much as I had already been opened up.

“Boys how about a cum bath as he loses his virginity.” Said Bob.

His cock was slamming into me hard as I noticed Steve grab a video camera and start filming. I was enjoying it too much to care. Then the 6 other guys stood on either side of the bed and started to pull their own cocks. Now I knew what a cum bath was going to entail. Bob’s pace picked up as he started to moan and groan about how tight my ass is and how he is enjoying fucking me. It did not take long for the first sprays of cum from one of the guys to hit me. By this time Bob’s pace was furious and his balls were hitting my ass with each thrust. He wanted to cum badly. He screamed “ready” as the last three guys started to cum all over me. Bob then started to fill my ass with his juices. I was covered inside and out with cum. Steve was cheering from behind the camera as he zoomed in for a closeup.

I was out of breath as was everyone else. I lay there unable to move – still handcuffed.

Steve yelled from behind the camera “tell us how much you loved being our slut and how much you needed that fucking. Tell me how you want it all night long.”

I was quick to respond in the positive to everything as the guys cheered loudly.

With that two of the guys stood over me with their cocks pointing to my mouth. I sucked on each one – even tried to get them both in my mouth at once. One of the cocks was uncut – I had never seen one up close before. I was having fun playing with the foreskin and sucking it back and forth. The other guy decided he could not wait for my mouth to return to him so he undid the handcuffs and forced me on all fours. I still had the one cock in my mouth as he pushed into my ass. For the next 2 hours I had each one of those guys enter me. I also sucked most of them too.

One of the guys even let me fuck him to release some of my own juices.

I knew now what I was going to do for the next 2 weeks. I was so glad I had taken a drive off the beaten track – my life was going to be different from now on. I also had the tape to make sure I remembered my holiday and my first time with a guy.

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