An Ass for Valentine’s

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Katrina couldn’t believe her computer was on the fritz AGAIN! It always seemed to go down at the wrong time and this time was no different, she had a presentation to finish for work. As much as she hated to use Jack’s computer there wasn’t much choice. She sat down at the desk and fired up the tower, praying that he hadn’t changed the password since the last time she’d had to use it. A minute later and she found out he hadn’t, of course he didn’t, Jack never seemed to mesh with the times. The computer itself was fairly old and took its sweet time loading the Windows environment. Kat rolled her eyes at the picture of a trio of young women on hands and knees displaying nude rears and looking back at the camera with smiles on their faces. She didn’t say anything to Jack about his porn figuring it was a guy thing but that didn’t mean she specifically enjoyed seeing it, especially when it made her feel a little old and self-conscious. As quickly as possible she inserted a thumb drive and pulled up her project, banishing away the sight of the picture.

The project wasn’t that interesting and as is the bane of workers everywhere, the internet was oh so much more interesting. Kat found herself wandering the internet, at first excusing it as research for her presentation, then as a break to rest her mind, and finally it just evolved into plain wandering. Curiosity got the better of Kat and she wandered to see what bookmarks Jack had, just to see what sort of new interests he had developed in order to better understand him she told herself. There were the usual bookmarks of his, football interests and a variety of others relating to his hobbies, and a curious folder just labeled “A”. Well that just piqued her curiosity causing her to click on the folder then take a long blink as a lengthy list of bookmarks appeared before her many with erotic site headings. Heh she was destined to run into it at some point and here it was, may as well take a flick through and see what got Jack off.

The first few sites were about what she expected, the run of the mill young girl with too perfect breasts and guys that were much larger than average with so-so to poor acting ability. A sigh of frustration hit her lips, Kat had kind of hoped to find something a little more finished, perhaps a bit more polish to it other than the normal. One more link and if it was the same old same old she’d return back to the presentation. Left eyebrow slowly rose into an arch as she took note of the site being one of stories instead of images, well at least he was reading. She clicked on his screen name and pulled up the list of favorites. Perusing through the titles most of the appeared to her to be run of the mill what she would expect, the one thing that stood out to her were the number in the anal category. A look of disdain reflected back at her from the monitor, Kat had never really wrapped her head around that one before and thus obviously had never tried it.

With a sigh she rested her chin on her palm and began to flick through these anal stories, wondering what the hell the big deal was. Admittedly she mostly skimmed through the stories, honestly not wanting to give them much of a chance. By about the fourth story she was a wee bit interested in how many of the stories featured women achieving several orgasms from having a dick in their rear. That didn’t seem right and as she was getting ready to do a search on that from the hallway came the sound of the front door opening and her oldest child’s voice shouting that she was home. Damn…quickly the browsers were closed and for the first time she noticed a bit of dampness between her legs. Yes…further investigation would be warranted.

A couple of days later Katrina again found herself alone in the house and this time she shamelessly pointed the search towards finding out others opinion of anal. Sure, it made sense to her why guys liked it, prostate gland and all, by why women did was a major puzzle. The first thing that she found out was there was a bunch of nerve endings at the entrance well maybe that explained it. She dug further, beyond the usual women’s magazines, never trusted those please your men articles illegal bahis anyways, until finding a couple of erotic geared forums. Some quick searches on the forums later and a number of threads were pulled up at each forum. How she wished to be able to make notes of what she found, but did not want to risk Jack finding out just yet. The two things she took away were comments by several women that they had made a point of building themselves up to their partners’ relative size first and that they tried to make it a special night when they finally gave it away. Well that seemed like solid enough advice to her and her next web visit was to a toy store.

Well that certainly caused her eyes to go wide; there were just so many of them. The first filter she hit, size, hmmmm five inches seemed to be long enough for now. From there she got down to reading through reviews of the toys to see if anyone recommends particular ones for beginners. Kat finally settled on two to start with, one was a small plug and the other was a supposed starter dildo of about five inches long and about as thick around as a finger or two. She felt her panties dampen a bit as she clicked the purchase button, it just felt wonderfully dirty.

When the package arrived she eyed over the delivery person, wary that the company had lied and marked the box with their logo. They hadn’t and she skittered off to her bedroom to open up the box and look over the contents. The first thing she noticed was that there was a strong rubber smell, hopefully that was just due to being trapped in the box. She opened both packages and secured the toys, then went off to dispose of the packaging in hopes that Jack wouldn’t find them on accident later.

Once she returned to the bedroom she sat on the bed to just stare at the items before her, the plug, the dildo, and the package of lube the toy company had given her for free for buying the dildo. To admit she was a bit apprehensive would be understating things; Kat didn’t even own a dildo for normal play. She ran a finger over the plug, then held the dildo in one hand and just bounced the shaft around. A little shrug and she licked it then chuckled at how childish it seemed to be. Just to be assured of privacy even though no one was due at home for a few hours she locked her bedroom door and shimmied out of jeans and panties and laid back on the bed.

She’d mused for a while on the best way to attempt this and decided it was best to lie on her back. The first toy picked up was the plug; it was slimmer at the tip and flared out to the width of a couple of fingers. A little lube was smeared over the plug and then on the tip of her finger which she rubbed around her tight rear hole before placing the tip of the plug there. A deep breath was drawn in, eyes closed, and a thought of now or never and she pushed, gasping a little as she felt a bit of stretching and accommodating about two inches of the plug in. Kat paused, calming herself as she adjusted to the peculiar feeling registering in her brain. It wasn’t all unenjoyable, it was just weird and so once the feeling subsided a bit she pushed another inch in which brought the first twinge of pain. Just a light feeling and not unexpected nor enough to slow her down now, being so close to the end she pushed the remaining inch and a half in, groaning at the stretching of her rear. Fingers were pressed at the base of the plug to keep it within her.

A smile crossed her lips; she had taken the plug in and allowed a little giggle at the dirtiness of it all. That was about the first time that she realized her wrist felt wet, it had been resting against her pussy and she had become rather soaked. Her hand drifted over and caressed her clit, body jumping at the feeling. It was about then she realized it had been quite some time since her last orgasm and proceeded to rub her clit with her fingers. It somewhat surprisingly didn’t take long till her body was racked with orgasm. As Kat lay panting on the bed she felt a slight ache from having them plug in her rear, very worth it in her mind. Perhaps this anal thing wasn’t so bad she thought.

Over the next couple of weeks she played with the illegal bahis siteleri toys as often as she could, excusing to herself that she was just getting used to the idea but truthfully she had come to relish her time alone with them. The first few days she had to tell Jack that she had slid on the stairs and that’s why she was walking funny. Soon enough she found herself on the toy stores site again, this time looking for toys that were closer to Jack’s size and once those had been added to the cart curiosity caused her to click on the vibrators tab. She saw a hard plastic one that was a few inches long and glowed purple and added it to the cart. This time she giggled in anticipation of them arriving and counted down the days. She’d noted other benefits to this already, a major one being more adult time spent with Jack. He had commented several times that he didn’t know what had come over her and certainly wasn’t complaining.

As Valentine’s Day approached Kat was becoming more and more comfortable taking the toys in her ass, having taken up doing household chores with one of the plugs in place. It just gave her a feeling of being naughty while walking all over her home and sometimes greeting her neighbors when she needed to venture outside. Once even she had it in while shoveling snow, that was an interesting experience as the physical labor made it hard to keep the plug in place. She found herself on a clothing website, clicking through various forms of lingerie and debating back and forth carefully over what would be just perfect for that night. She finally settled on one and a few accessories for it and wiggled in her chair in excitement.

The big day approached at a rapid pace and that morning she sprang out of bed giddy as could be. The alarm hadn’t even gone off yet, she was up almost a half hour early. Noting the extra time allotted she dug out some whole bean coffee they kept for special occasions and ground a fresh batch. She pulled out the egg pan and set it to warm before raiding the fridge and grabbing a packet of bacon and the container of eggs. A giggle at just how good of a mood she was in today, Valentine’s Day had gotten a bit dull around their house over the last few years. Jack came out for his mug of coffee and blinked at her, figuring it was just too early in the morning to ask. She stole a kiss from him as he prepped his coffee and let him wander off to go check his email. When he’d showered and downed two cups of coffee was about the time she usually figured he was actually awake and timed the meal for then. Kat sat in his lap and stole one of the pieces of bacon, wiggled her rear over his crotch then ran off to get her own shower.

By mid-afternoon Kat was deep in preparations for the evening, first thing was first her mother had agreed to take the kids after school. She had read up on preparing for the big event and spent the bulk of the afternoon getting ready, finally she inserted that favorite plug of hers to run around fixing up the house, took it out and when it was clean laid it and the other toys out on the bed for him to use if he so chose. Kat took out the lingerie purchased earlier in the month, a red cup less bustier that let her natural DD’s hang temptingly in reach. She slid on the pair of stockings and then the matching pair of panties over top. A pair of low heels was picked up; she planned only to wear those as long as she had to, and carried to the living room where she would wait till he got home.

When Jack got home she ran over to the door, dodged the bouquet in his hands, wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a long, lingering kiss. “Welcome home lover,” she whispered and then grinned as she noted his reaction, both on his face and within his pants. “I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one instead of the usual. Just follow me dear…” She broke the embrace and slipped a foot or so away, wiggled her rear at him and headed off towards the bedroom.

For his part Jack got over the shock fairly quickly, laid the bouquet down and followed after her at almost a jog. As he entered she took him by the wrist and guided Jack to the bed, pressing a hand canlı bahis siteleri upon his chest to get him to lie down. She straddled his hips and proceeded to undo his tie then work her way down the buttons of his shirt. The shirt tails were pulled free of his pants and his belt undone and yanked away. Fingers deftly undid the button to his pants and then curled into the waistband to pull them down and as she stepped off the bed the pants were tossed to the floor. She moved back onto the bed, crawling on hands and knees as she looked over his nude form. Teasingly she offered the tip of his member a light lick but continued to crawl forwards until she could curl up against his side, arm drifting over his chest as she leaned in to whisper, “This year I’m giving you my last virginal spot, I want you to take my ass. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting ready to take you.”

Pleased with his response she leaned over to where she’d left the toys and picked up a condom. “Wouldn’t want to get too messy,” said with a smile as she tore open the package, placed it over his cock and guided it down his shaft. She’d chosen apple flavored condoms just to do this and honestly the flavor wasn’t too bad. She looked up at him, mouth full of cock, and couldn’t help but recall how it had been earlier in their relationship and how much she really did miss doing this. Things were due for a change, and to start she wanted him buried in her. Once she released him from her mouth a generous amount of lube was applied to the condom and she took her time stroking him and evenly spread it.

Satisfied that he was properly lubed, she grabbed a pillow and lay upon it, ensuring hips were tilted up to make entrance easier. What happened next was a bit of a surprise, instead of feeling the tip of his cock, she felt something warm and definitely wet. It took her a moment to realize that it was his tongue caressing her puckered hole and that his hands had gripped her ass cheeks, massing them. She relaxed into his embrace, enjoying the feeling and feeling any tension relax away as he brought her to a small orgasm.

The bed shifted as he rose up, taking a moment to reapply lube to the condom, then finally she felt the tip of his cock pressed against her rear. The time she’d been looking forwards to for weeks had finally come and her back arched a little to urge him on. She felt him push and relaxed herself as best as she could and was rewarded with the feeling of the head pop into her. Slowly he worked the shaft into her rear and she gripped the pillow tightly, while the toys had helped to prepare it was still different to have a real cock being pushed at someone else’s pace. She had to admit it was getting easier the further she went, as the initial tension left her body and she was able to loosen the muscles up further for him. Before long she felt his hips pressing to her rear and his scrotum lightly tap her pussy.

Kat took the time to wiggle her hips lightly and readjust her position upon the pillow then whispered softly, “Fuck me…fuck my ass like those anal sluts you love to watch so much.” Her body shuddered at the thought, realizing that she now was admittedly one, an anal slut. At first she let him set the pace and as he settled into a rhythm Kat began to rock her hips in stroke with him. The weirdness started to dissipate as she just let herself fall into the pleasure. She found it was a bit easier to squeeze his cock with her ass than it had been to get used to using her vaginal muscles, a fact that thrilled her when he responded with moans of pleasure.

Her hand went to slip under her waist and found his hand doing the same, moving to her clit. When his fingertips hit her clit her body rocked in a large orgasm, she hadn’t even realized that she was that close to cumming. Her ass clenched down hard on his cock and she felt his pounding slow as he pushed through her tightened muscles. Kat’s body wouldn’t stop, it felt like it rolled from one orgasm to the next some larger and some smaller not that she could really tell. It wasn’t until she felt a sudden warmth within her rear did she realize that he was cumming as well. A groan slipped from her lips as he pulled out of her rear and after he’d cleaned up a bit and lay back on the bed she curled up against him placing a tender kiss upon his lips. She offered a smile and placed her head upon his shoulder, “Happy Valentine’s Day darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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