Alyssa’s New Door

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The plane touched down- finally- in Phoenix. Alyssa stood up and began to make her way down the crowded isle to get off after a flight that seemed far too long.

She had recently moved to Oklahoma to avoid her troubles in the Southwest, especially after her sexual encounters with Hank, her scarce-18 year old neighbor who had first raped her, but whom she ran back to continually for a fuck. Gradually her life had fallen apart- she broke up with the man she was sure to marry, unable to tell him why; and she had almost gotten pregnant from Hank. The worry had cost her her nice new job, and slowly her ‘goodie two shoes’ friends distanced themselves from her.

But family was family. They had insisted that she fly in for Thanksgiving to the isolated family ranch north of town. Her cousin Jake was picking her up at the airport and she had to look forward to a 2 hour drive to the ranch house where she would probably be stuck in the attic-turned barracks style guest room with all the cousins and such. She wasn’t looking forward to it.

The baggage track went round and round, and hers never showed… another thing to ruin her day. Filing a claim at the Southwest office, she made her way with her single carry on and purse to the curb where Jake had been waiting for a half hour.

“Hey Alyssa, good to see you,” he said as she hopped in. “No bags?”

“They lost them. You’ll have to bring me down in the morning to check and see if they came in on another flight.”

“That sucks. Well, my sister can fix you up. She’s a little smaller than you, but it doesn’t look like you mind a tight fit!” he laughed. Alyssa was instantly conscience of the fact she had worn a low cut v neck and her breasts were practically overflowing.

“Oh, well… it’s hot in Oklahoma.”

“That’s fine. I was just giving you shit. Let’s get a move on, tonight is pizza night!”

She looked at her cousin, who had gone from a dorky high school nerd to a bronzed young man almost done with his degree in mechanical engineering.

“So I heard you got into some trouble down in Tuscon, what was that about?”

“Oh nothing really… just a little debacle, it’s no big deal.”

“Big enough to move 3 states over is a pretty big deal. I got into some trouble myself. Seems I got drunk and had sex with this total cunt at a party on campus. She wasn’t too into it, but was too drunk to fight me off… I didn’t mean to, just sort of happened. Now I’m looking at getting kicked out of school, maybe even jail time for ‘rape.'”

“That’s horrible!” Alyssa said neutrally. She got flashbacks to her own first time. As she got aroused, she was conscience of the fact she was staring into space and biting her lip. She felt her pants get moist under her salivating pussy. Her legs rubbed together instinctively and she wanted nothing more than to just arrive so she could lock herself in the shower and make herself cum.

Her arousal heightened, she looked over at Jake and realized what a good looking kid he was. He was only a year younger than her, but his gaming and tech-nerdyness had made her look at him like a middle schooler all through high school and his freshman year at college. Now he had a California tan, was bulked up and had ‘style,’ a word he probably hadn’t heard until two and a half years before.

She made herself make small talk with him, ignoring her sex drive until it subsided and they pulled into the driveway of the ranch house at the end of a long dirt road.

That night was torture. All her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were having a great time, but kept probing into the trouble she had gotten into with her great entry job. Her parents largely ignored her, under the impression she had quit because she was just lazy. ‘If only they knew, they’d never talk to me again…’ she thought to herself.

Finally at midnight she had a chance to shower. As she covered herself in cascading water casino siteleri and suds of soap, she began to touch herself; running her hands over her shapely breasts, across her stomach, and then when she couldn’t stand it anymore her wet, juicy pussy. She massaged her clit, then let her fingers penetrate deep into her vagina.

More, and more, and more she fantasized about Hank, about the knife, about all the kinky things they had done. Then as her mind lost control to her heated sexual frenzy she kept seeing Jake. She tried to make it stop, but it felt so good to think about his body, his strong, bronze body, holding her tight and fucking her… his lips kissing her back, her neck, her lips… She fantasized of being as restrained by him as she was by this fantasy itself; completely at his control.

She started to cum. Her body was twitching, vibrating as it went into the sexy, enthralling spasms of orgasm. She wanted to moan but knew she couldn’t… this shower was right next to the large, open room where 4 of her cousins were bedded with her. Finally release, as she came bending over and feeling totally relieved. Then she realized she had fantasized about her cousin. She felt dirty, like she had done something wrong. She started drying off when there was a knock at the door.

“Alyssa, Jake, Sammi, Austin and I are gonna get blitzed if you’re down. Austin brought up a cooler of beer and Jake has his Xbox and a bottle of Grey Goose!”

“I’ll be out in a minute, Lisa.” Her cousin Lisa was the only one older than her, which wasn’t saying much… of the five of them in the room upstairs here, none were more than 3 years apart.

Lisa, Jake’s sister, had loaned her a pair of shorts and a tank to sleep in. Throwing these on, she went out the door into the attic-bedroom. The others were already buzzed, playing a stupid video game. Jake looked over. “No bra huh ‘Lyss?”

“No undies at all… they’re all in my bags.”

“That’s cool.” He was already staring at the screen again.

Alyssa had never drank much before- her parents were always against it- but once she moved to Oklahoma she had needed a drink now and again with her new girlfriends to forget her problems. Hell, it was something fun to do in an otherwise boring town.

After an hour they were all drunk. The TV was on, but at 1 AM it was all infomercials.

“This is gay,” Austin quipped. He started turning channels until he hit on a screen of a slutty blond bimbo riding a black guy’s cock like her life depended on it.

“Holy shit! That’s a huge cock!” Sammi gasped loudly, then shoved her hand over her mouth.

“Shut up! The others are asleep…” Jake sighed. As he reached to change the channel Sammi and Austin both jumped to grab the remote. “Leave it, it’s the only thing on.”

“Yeah except I’m here with my cousins and no pussy to relieve this!” Jake said in his drunken logic, pointing to a bulge in his pants. Alyssa’s eyes widened, and in her drunken stupor she mumbled all too loudly, “speaking of large cocks…”

All eyes shot to her. “Sorry, I mean… look at that!”

“That’s my brother, I’d rather not, honey,” Lisa laughed.

“It is big, but I bet mine’s bigger. I’m just a bigger guy,” Austin said confidently. He swigged down another mouthful of grey goose.

“Is it me or is it awful thick in here?” Sammi leaned over and stared drunkedly at Austin and Jake. “We better have a showdown.”

“No way, Sam” Jake waved her off.

They went back to watching the porn. More beers, more vodka later and all five of them were almost unable to stand. Austin passed out first, then Lisa. Finally at 3 AM Sammi got up from her beanbag. “This is making me horny, I’m gonna go get my vibrator and go to bed. Bother you? SUCKS to be YOU TWO!” she giggled and stumbled off.

“God this is making me horny, too,” Jake said intently. “I wish could get some tonight.”

Alyssa was just slot oyna drunk enough to take the bait. She couldn’t resist… after all, that fantasy had given her an awesome orgasm. And all night she had secretly been thinking of it over, and over, and over again. Now she was drunk enough that it sounded like a perfect idea.

“You might can. I’m so wet I can’t stand it. And I don’t have a vibrator…” she made a motion over her shoulder to where Sammi was already in action, slowly and quietly relieving herself.

“Ha. You’re my cousin, but nice try. You won’t be blueballing me tonight, thanks.”

She slid off the couch and towards his bean bag. He was unconsciencely rubbing his cock through his shorts, staring at the TV where now two busty brunettes were hungrily making love to eachother as a guy fucked them.

She got close to his neck and breathed on it softly, then let her lips hover across his jaw and lips. She meant to say something, but her motor skills were shot down with the last five shots of vodka. Instead she dove into his face- and her lips hit his. Without thinking she pulled his head close and let her tongue play in his mouth for a moment. Then she felt it… his hand on her head, pulling her closer, and another on her lower back. His tongue dancing with hers.

Their kiss lasted a few more moments. Then she pulled away. “Let’s go to bed, Jack.”

She grabbed his hand and led him to her bed. She stumbled into the foot of the bed and tumbled over, landing on her stomach on the narrow bed.

She rolled over and found that Jake was already on his way down. He began kissing her lips, running his hands along her legs that she had now wrapped around him.

He pulled the tank top she was wearing up. Her gorgeous, full breasts came loose and he began to hungrily kiss them, run his hands on them, and then began on her neck. She was so wet now she couldn’t stand it… she needed his cock.

She rolled over onto him so she was on top and began to take his shorts off. His cock came out, throbbing and hard. It was perfect. She ran her tongue along the bottom of his gorgeous dick, then took the head in and began to give him an amazing blowjob. Her lips wrapped around his shaft and she lowered them down to his body until she had taken in the entire cock. Her tongue lapped the bottom of the dick as much she could, then she began to slowly pull back, her red lips tightly around his dick, making him moan with pleasure. “Oh shit Alyssa, you can suck a cock better than any girl I’ve ever been with.”

She didn’t say anything; when her lips reached his head on their way back up, she went even slower; her tongue, with more room to move, began to play with the head again. His hands were grabbing her head, his fingers stroking her fine, silky brown hair.

It was his turn to lead. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He grabbed her arms and pulled her off, then rolled her over on the bed. She looked up at him as he pulled himself into her. As his cock filled her with hot, steamy shaft she moaned loudly. He quickly covered her mouth. “sh, ‘Lyssa, haha.”

As he fucked her, he kissed her neck and lips. Then his mouth wandered down to her perky nipples. The warm, wet mouth… They softly sucked and kissed, driving her crazy. One hand she ran up and down his sides, grabbing his ass; with the other she played with her clit. He was grabbing her close, his arms behind her back.

As Alyssa started to come, Jake covered her mouth again. She spasmed, grabbing the sheets frantically as her body went out of control.

He pulled out, then began fucking her tits. She pulled her head up, taking his head in whenever she could.

“Oh shit!” she whispered. “Jake, get off!”

Sammi was at the foot of the bed watching them. “You little fuckers!”

“Shut up Sammi… please, don’t tell anyone about this,” Alyssa begged her. Jake looked scared shitless; his hard on was gone, and he was grabbing canlı casino siteleri for his shorts.

“No. Jake, leave those there.” Sammi was still obviously hammered to oblivion.

“I won’t tell, but I want in on it.”

Sammi was shorter than Alyssa, with dirty blonde/red hair. Her breasts were smaller, too, but still would have trouble squeezing into a C cup. Like most girls in their family, she had meat on her bones… not fat, but just a little extra. Alyssa had never been with a woman before… But Sammi was white-hot, and it was their only shot at not being total outcasts from the family.

“Fine, Sammi… let’s go.” Alyssa beckoned her over. Jake slowly got back on the bed, the booze not quite enough to override the hesitation of doing two cousins in one night- at the same time, no less.

Alyssa reached down and let her soft, long fingers slowly wrap around his shaft and start stroking. Sammi got on the bed and bent over on top of Alyssa, caressing her nipples and kissing her neck. “Have you done this before- be with a girl, I mean?” Alyssa whispered. “Of course, silly… in my dorm we do it all the time.” She smiled down at Alyssa and then bent to her side and began to kiss and lick the cock that Alyssa was so gracefully stroking. Jake wasn’t near as hesitant now as his cock became a hard, throbbing monster once again.

He reached over and began to massage Sammi’s clit. She was already plenty wet from her masturbation session, and she bit her lip as she began to moan. “Oh shit that feels good…”

Jake went to the end of the bed and pulled Sammi by the hips until she was bent over the foot of the bed. He looked over and found that his sister and Austin were still sound asleep- then he invaded Sammi’s tight, pink pussy. As he started to fuck her, she placed her arms around Alyssa’s legs and grabbed her ass. Then she started to lick her steaming hot cunt.

Alyssa was moving with the rhythm, toying with her own tits until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She grasped for anything immovable and couldn’t find it. Her motions were too much for Sammi, already heated to her peak, and the girls came together. Jake bent over and grasped Sammi under the arms and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her so that his whole cock was forced into her cunt. He started to twitch and squirm, and pulled out the length of his shaft. He went around the side of the bed and put his cock in Alyssa’s mouth. She wrapped those plush, soft ruby red lips around his dick and began to slowly flick the head of his cock with her tongue. Sammi licked the length of the shaft until Alyssa hungrily took the whole thing deep into her throat. Sammi got on her knees and kissed Jake, her tongue invading his mouth and her arms pulling him close.

“Ohhh shit…” he panted, and with his left hand on the back of Alyssa’s head slowly forced it all the way to the base of the shaft. Then he slowly guided it off, allowing her time to make her trademark move. It was too much. As her lips wrapped around the head and her tongue skirted over the delicate skin he shot deep into her mouth. He pulled out and stroked his dick, continuing to come all over her face and chest. Sammi was still kissing him, and Alyssa took her hand and massaged the last of the warm cream out of him. Then she placed her mouth on the head and sucked lightly, then kissed it softly before laying back down.

Jake collapsed next to her and Sammi lay down strewn atop both of them. For a few moments no one spoke. “I had best go wash off and go to bed.” Jake got up and pulled on his shorts. “I guess so,” Sammi said softly. “But I got jipped. Tomorrow I want in from the start to finish.” Jake hurried off, sort of nodding and sort of blowing her off. Alyssa was just as confused. Her drunk had worn off, and she was covered in her cousin’s semen.

“I mean it guys…” Sammi got a mischievous grin. “I don’t want gramps or our parents to figure this out, and I don’t think you do either.” She winked at Alyssa, who was wiping her face and tits with a towel. Jake and Alyssa both knew that this was going to become a steamy Thanksgiving- and this was only the first night.

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