Alice’s Pit(y)ful State Ch. 2

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Alice called me that she had been invited by a friend Kathy to spend a weekend at her country home. I was dying to spend more time with Alice and I quickly agreed. We drove to the huge farmhouse and Alice seemed unusually silent. I started feeling a little jealous. I asked her if she and Kathy had been lovers. She nodded in the affirmative and I felt pangs of jealousy sweep through me. She said, “Kathy is even more hairy than me. She has very bushy underarms and the hair on both our pussies cannot equal the massive fur on her pubes.” I wondered if she was saying this to excite me or she was thinking of her hirsute friend. Nevertheless I was wet on haring about bushy Kathy. I asked Alice “How hairy are her underarms” Alice replied “When Kathy raises her arms the heavy pelt of hair in her unshaven armpits is so thick that all you can see are black masses of hair in her bushy armpits” I touched my pussy and felt myself very wet as I looked forward to meeting Kathy.

When we reached we were told by the maid that Kathy was by the swimming pool. We went over and there she stood in a one-piece bathing suit that hid her very nice figure but not the long tresses of hair in her bushy armpits. Even though her arms were pressed to her sides long tufty hair poked out from the sides and as she bent forward to kiss Alice on her cheeks more hair spilled out of her unshaven underarms. She held out her hand as even more tufty hair showed out of her bushy armpits. I complemented he on her bushy armpits. I said “How hairy your armpits are I have never so much hair in a woman’s armpits.” She seemed pleased by my comments and she said “Lets see how hairy you are”

I looked at her large, round breasts which were barely covered, her nipples erect under the thin cloth. I had always worn a bikini at her house and my 40C breasts were not small by any stretch of imagination. I lifted my arms to show my bushy underarms “My armpits are not as hairy as yours” She looked at my unshorn underarms and exclaimed “What nonsense you are so hairy the hair in your armpits look really sexy” I had caught her admiring them quite a few times as I made it a point to keep my arms tucked behind my head and show them to their best advantage unobtrusively. Alice in the illegal bahis meanwhile disappeared into the house to change as I devoured Kathy with my eyes, and caught her eyes following my every move. I asked her if she ever sunbathed nude. She said she loved to, but didn’t want to embarrass me. I proceeded to shed my bikini, she followed suit and removed her one-piece bathing suit and her nude evenly tanned body was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts are lovely round shaped, with pink large areolas, and the nipples erect and standing up.

But was amazing was the hair growth, which ran like a rug from her tummy down her pubic mound, disappearing between her legs. In fact the hair on her mons hung down like a carpet. It was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. I was longing to tongue the long beautiful bushy pubes as I felt myself grow wet just watching her. I raised one leg and slowly let it slip to the side, giving her a good view of my hairy pussy. I lay back and spread my thighs wide and slid a finger into my mouth and brought it out wet and gleaming and slowly slid it into my bushy pussy. I moved it as deep as I could, then slid it out, and up to spread my pussy lips wide, coating the lips wetly. My other hand twirled with the long unshaven locks in my bushy underarms. I knew I was exhibiting myself in a very brazen manner but I wanted Kathy before Alice claimed her. I wanted to kiss her extremely hirsute body.

My already erect and hard clit slid out of its sheath. I stroked it a little and it swelled still more. I have a rather large clit and from the corner of my eye I caught Kathy staring at me. I moaned at Kathy “Do you want to suck it, Kathy? It needs a pair of lips around it, sucking it.” I was hot, masturbating inches from her. I thrust my hips upward, close to her face. The scent of my hot hairy pussy filled her nostrils, and I watched them flare. She had bent forward and put her mouth into my unshaven pits. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she moaned as her tongue touched my moist hairy underarms. She pulled at the long hair in my unshaven underarms as she felt the soft silky hair in my bushy armpits.

“Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm” she groaned “Your underarm hair is soft and silky how long and hairy you are I want to lick your illegal bahis siteleri bushy armpits”

“I want to kiss your hairy pussy.” Kathy moans out. But before she can do anything I slid my wet winger into her wet pussy as I struggle past the carpet of hair on her luxuriant pussy. I bring it to my lips and sucked on it, tasting her sweet salty juices. She then kisses my pussy and her tongue slides out and she licks my pubes. She kissed my thighs, the hair on my inner thighs and then lowers her head at the crisp shining hair at the junction of the thighs.

It was my turn to moan as her tongue slid from the bottom of my pussy to the top, slowly, deliciously wonderful. I cry out as it flicked the underside of my clit and flicked around and around it. My hands clamp down into her furry underarms feeling the profuse growth of hair in her furry armpits. It seems like an overgrown hedge, which hides the hollows of her armpits. I feel her fingers slip into me and carefully slide up inside me. They probe and explore my wet pussy. I am nearing my climax but I do not want to cum as yet.

Her breasts are superb and I sucked the large pale areolas and her nipples while my tongue lovingly trails her thick pit hair. Her outer lips were deep pink and swollen with passion. I spread them further and feel the hard nest of hair at the junction of her thighs and stare at her luscious vulva. I put my lips against it and suck her salty sweet juice into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her and I sucked, lapped, and tongued her hairy pussy. I lick from the bottom to the top over her flowing rug of bushy hair as my tongue trails her hair growing from near her navel down her inner thighs into the untrimmed lawns of her pubic mound.

I lick and suck her l clit, flicking my tongue rapidly against it as I finger fuck her hairy velvet center. She began to moan and cry out, her hips bucked upward. My fingers flew in and out of her my hands roaming in her armpit forest. I tug at the long coarse jet-black hair in her unshaven pits as I flick my tongue as fast as I could against her clit and she explodes and screams, “I am cuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnnnggggg” as my fingers twirl the long luscious hair in her sweaty armpits. Her vaginal muscles clamp canlı bahis siteleri down on my fingers, and at the same time I felt a gush of juice as she climaxes. I taste the salty fluid of her cum as she puts it all over my eager mouth. As her moist pubic hair engulfs into another shuddering climax.

Alice steps down on the cobbled path and watches us lick each other’s hairy pussy. Her hands are deep in the dense foliage of her hairy pussy Suddenly I feel the gentle touch upon my body as Alice’s long fingers slide into my bushy underarms. I feel her body move more closely to Kathy’s as my hands make their way to the top button of her thin dress and into the dense hair in Alice’s bushy armpits. Soon Alice’s full pert breasts are fully exposed. Her pink nipples are hard as my fingers gently feel them run around to her bushy underarms. Kathy then pushes back her dress away from her shoulders as my hands pulls down her remaining underclothes over her rounded buttocks. I can see her anal orifice glistening with raven colored hair crinkly in her asshole.

Soon she is as naked as us her lithe body was obscured only by her flowing auburn hair in her bushy armpits and pubes. Her eyebrows are also strangely very bushy. Kathy bends towards Alice’s curvaceous body and extended the tip of her glistening tongue to her engorged nipple. The overpowering smell of her moist and sweaty armpits is intoxicating as my tongue lashes against the coarse hair of her unshaven underarms. Kathy is now exploring her hirsute abdomen as she lowers her head between Alice’s quivering bushy thighs. Her tongue makes contact with her swollen clitoris. Alice closes her eyes as my tongue moves rapidly in out of her thick armpit forest. I have now sucked and licked at the extremely hairy armpits of both Kathy and Alice and though Kathy is more hairy my love for Alice is growing like the hair in her underarms. Meanwhile Kathy’s wet tongue glides across her glossy hairy opening as my hands explore the dark bushy hair in her sweaty armpits.

Alice softly moans as the pleasure overtakes her. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH” she screams, “I have two beautiful hairy women licking my hairy body. Kathy don’t take your tongue from my pussy ” as Kathy probes her hirsute pussy forest. Alice is nearing her climax as Kathy drives harder as she laps at her wet pussy. I keep licking and sucking the long sweaty hair in her unshaven pits as suddenly Alice starts reeling and convulsing as she slips into a massive orgasm.

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