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You know all the usual stuff, don’t read if it’s illegal or you don’t like sex or sex between two males offends you. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in.




I was a typical teenage boy. I liked all of the things most typical boys my age were into, girls, games, girls, sports, girls, cars, girls, movies, and did I mention girls! I had dated several girls since freshman year, and I had fooled around with plenty of them, but I had not had sex with any of them.

I wanted to have sex as much as the next guy, but I wasn’t interested in a “one night stand.” I wanted a relationship. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I found a girl that I really liked and dated steadily. Her name was Janice, and she was beautiful.

I was kind of a big guy, not fat really, but broad and tall. I had always been a big guy. By eleventh grade, I was six foot-one, two hundred and forty pounds. I had a bit of a beer belly, but I looked like a line backer. Everyone always asked me ‘why I didn’t try out for sports’ and although I did enjoy playing sports for fun, I had other interests. I was a geek! I loved chess, choir, band, and drama. I was even in several school plays. Yep. I was a geek, but I was a very popular geek.

I was friends with most of the jocks, and I was always invited to all the big parties. At the same time I had no problem fitting in with the geek crowd either. I stuck up for them any chance I got, and our school was a fairly bully free zone. The goths, the nerds, even some of the outed gay crowd, were all counted as my friends. I was and all around kind of guy. I loved it!

Janice was very special to me. I knew I had strong feelings for her, and she had strong feelings for me. I don’t think, however, that we were ever really ‘In Love’. Oh we liked each other enough to have sex. We were each other s firsts. We both came from Christian homes, and although we didn’t really want to ‘wait for marriage.’ We both had the opinion that a committed relationship, was about as close as we wanted to get for a while. She was like me and didn’t like the idea of just sleeping with the next guy that came along. We just really clicked together and we were the couple of the tenth and eleventh grade.

I also had this best friend. His name was Sylvester. I always called him Sly. We had been best friends for almost four years. Its beginnings are a bit strange though. You see Sly had been the skinny runt that all the neighborhood kids picked on. That was, until I moved into town.

I had been walking through the new neighborhood, just checking things out, when a commotion caught my eye. I was fourteen at the time, but I had already started getting big. I liked to workout on the home gym, and just really liked working out, I know weird huh?

There were three kids about my age or maybe a year younger, none of them as big as me, picking and hitting this small, skinny kid. I started getting mad… I hate bullies. I ran over to see what was going on.

“Hey! What are you guys doing to that kid?”

“Who the fuck are you, dillhole?”

“Yea, mind you own business!!” the tallest of them said to me.

The tall one then grabbed the poor kid again and he cried out in pain, tears streaking his face. His shirt had been ripped and I could see a bruise on his side. That was all I could stand!

I walked up to the first smart mouth, and landed a blow right on his nose. He went down holding his nose. I then spun around and round house kicked the shocked one standing to my left. He spun around and landed face first on ground, not moving. I think I knocked him out. That just left the asshole still holding on to the kid.

He released the kid once he realized what I had just done and I’m sure the look on my face wasn’t helping much, because he looked terrified. The small kid fell to the ground, being released, clutching his bruises. The asshole backed away, turned, and tried to make a run for it, leaving his buddies behind. I hate bullies, but what I hate even more are bully cowards! I did a sweep kick to his legs, and he fell to the ground planting his face in grass. I walked up, used my foot to roll him over on to his back, he was still groggy, and I applied pressure with my combat booted foot. He sobered up quick as he doubled up and grabbed at my foot, trying in desperation to relive the pain. He was crying out a bit loudly.

“I guess that hurts then doesn’t it?” I lifted my foot slightly and before he had time to get his hands around it, I jabbed down my foot quickly. His cries stopped as he rolled over onto his side, in the fetal position, sucking in air. None of the kids ever messed with Sly again after that.

Sly and me became instant friends. There was always something about him. We just clicked. He was my best friend and I loved him like a little canlı bahis şirketleri brother I never had. (I was an only child.) We had had so much in common. We both loved all the same things, did most of them together, we even slept over at each others houses on the weekends.

We talked about, well just about everything, especially Sex. When we found some porn mags in his older brother’s closet, we would sit for hours reading and looking at the pictures and talk dirty, we never jerked off around each other like some kids did. We were actually kinda shy around each other. We had never been naked around each other before, but I had no problems showering at school around the other guys.

I had the broad chest, tall, muscular thing going on for me, but Sly developed into quite a strong and well toned young man himself. He came over and worked out with me often and he loved to skateboard. Skateboarding was one thing I never had the coordination for. Every time I tried I would bust my ass. Sly however, was awesome!

Sly, at eighteen, was about five foot six, one hundred and fifty-six pounds. He had that skater / swimmers body, with jet-black hair that was always hanging in his bright green eyes and this pale, almost milk colored skin. He was always getting bad sun burns in the summer. He had these funny dimples in his cheeks when he smiled. All the girls thought he was so cute!

I was cool for Sly, because he went from being the skinny kid that everyone picked on, to the cute little guy that was at all the cool parties, and hung out with the cool kids. The biggest benefit for him though was all the older girls that always went, “Aww he’s so cute!” at all the parties. No one ever picked on him again.

Sly, unlike me, was a little horn dog and used his new found fame to get it any chance he could. He started at fifteen, with a sixteen year old hottie, and never looked back. He dated a few girls his own age, but he loved the older girls.

He actually had sex before me. We talked about it all though, he always told me how much fun it was and how good it felt. He was always bragging how he lasted a good twenty minutes or more. It was a few months after his first sexual escapades that I started getting serious with Janice, and we had sex for the first time. It was awesome, just as good as he had described, but better I think. Mine and Janice’s relationship was more caring then his generally were. Most of his conquests were one-nighters.

It was my senior year, around thanksgiving. Me and Janice had been together for almost two years. Things were good between us, but we both knew that something was not quite right. We cared a lot for each other, the sex was great, and we both remained faithful to one another, but neither one of us could say the “L” word. We had talked about it several times. We knew that at some point, we would have to break it off, but for the mean time, things were great, and we had big plans for prom night. We figured that we would probably go our separate ways when we left for college.

Sly had just turned eighteen and I had turned eighteen over the summer. He was staying at my place one weekend, as we had done for four years, whenever we didn’t have dates planned. It was around midnight. We were in my room, in my king sized bed, as always. As usual, we were laying there discussing the week’s events. Also as usual the talk turned to our love lives, and sex.

“Did I hear right? Did you dump Kim and go back to Amy again?”

“Yea, what can I say? Amy is an amazing fuck! But that is it, you know… the only thing Amy wants is physical, and that’s cool. She could be the perfect girlfriend. I mean she has a hot body, she is smart, popular, great sense of humor, but there is no real emotional connection there. I love sex with her, but I just need more… I’ll probably break up with her in a week or two again.”

“How many times have we talked about this man? You need to lay off the sex a bit, and just date for a while… find the girl man!”

He was grinning at me, “Man you know me! I want something more, but Sly jr. just keeps getting in the way.” We both laughed at that. After a while of just laying there, almost falling asleep, Sly started a conversation that would change me forever.

“Um… hey Josh? You ever have, strange sex dreams? Things of you doing things you wouldn’t ever do?”

“Ahh… What do you mean?”

He took a big breath, “Well… I have…. Um… been dreaming of… oh just forget it!” He rolled over, away from me. I knew from the shakiness of his voice that this was something he wanted to talk about, but he seemed… afraid.

“Go on Sly, you know we can talk about anything.” I wasn’t as prepared for what he had to say as I thought I was.

He rolled back over, I think I saw a tear in his eye. “Josh, I’ve been… I’ve had several dreams lately… of…” he took a deep breath. “…of having sex with a guy!” He was staring at me, waiting for my response.

“Wow…” canlı kaçak iddaa I was a bit dumbfounded. I knew a few guys that said they were gay, but I never talked to them about the homosexuality. Being the nice straight boy that I was, I had had it beaten in that being gay was a betrayal to ones self. It was abnormal! Although around other straight guys you can joke around at being gay, but you made it clear to all in the room that it was just for a joke, and that you were as straight as they come.

Being a born and raised Christian, you are told from the time you can understand, that to be gay or have gay fantasies was wrong! It was a sin against God! And my best friend in the world was just confessing to me to having Gay fantasies… My gut took over and I said the same thing that any straight boy would say if his manhood was put into question… the totally wrong thing! “Dude, that’s gross… how can you stand having gay dreams?”

The wide look in his eyes, and the water that began to form told me I had said the wrong thing. I knew it was wrong as soon as it had left my lips. The look on his face told me I had just fucked up! His voice was quivering, “You think I want these dreams…”

There was something about the way he had said it. It was like he was trying to convince himself, and me, that he didn’t want the dreams. “That’s not the worst part.” He was openly sobbing now, “The worst part is in these dreams… I’m having sex… with YOU!” his voice had raised at the end. I was shocked! He was not only having dreams about gay sex, but gay sex with me in them. None of that prepared me for what happened next.

With the tears still streaming down his face, he moved up quickly over the top of me, and placed his lips on mine. My initial straight boy gut kicked in and tried to get him off of me, but I didn’t really end up trying very hard. With my eyes locked into his tear soaked green eyes, waves of pent up emotion came over me from out of nowhere.

You know how they talk about life flashing before your eyes before you die. Well I had one of those moments. The past four years flew past me in the blink of an eye, and I realized, in that moment, that what I had mistaken for brotherly feelings of friendship, where much, much more. I loved Sly! I could see it all, plan as day.

My straight indoctrinated mind had not let me see it. I realized that I had always been very attracted to Sly. He was the only guy I have ever felt… shy around. I had no problem being but naked in front of the guys at in the gym shower. I was never really that modest of a person, just around Sly. All of it just to hide my own attraction, and feelings for Sly. All of my perceptions of our relationship changed with a simple kiss.

Five minutes later and our first kiss was still going on. We were exploring each others tongues. Our hands were exploring our bodies. Mine was caressing his face, hair, and the back of his neck. His were on my chest checking out every inch of pectoral muscle. When we finally came up for air, Sly started to move off of me.

“No, just lay down here.” I said taping my chest. He unstraddled my waist and lay down on top of me draped off of my right side. We lay there for a while neither of us wanting to talk about what had just happened. His head resting on my chest, and my arms around him, He felt like he belonged there.

I broke the silence, “Ok, First…” he propped up to look at me. He had this angelic look on his face. I continued, “I’m sorry for what I said a few minutes ago. I was not being honest with my self. I… I think I’m in love with you Sly!” his face became a huge grin. As I said it, it did all click in my heart. I did love him. “I haven’t had dreams about you, that I can remember, but I realize that I that I have had strong feelings for you, for a very long time.”

He had those tears again, “Thank you! I have been waiting to talk to you about this for almost a year now.” He moved up a bit a kissed me again. A few seconds later the feeling of a hand rubbing my cock though my shorts, made me realize that I had been hard for quite some time now. I became aware of his prick too, as it was pressed firmly against my hip. Part of me started screaming in my head that this was wrong. The other part of me however, was beating the hell out of the first part. My whole being wanted this, badly.

My right hand found its way to his ass, while my left was grinding his mouth into mine, pushing down on the back of his head. His tongue was on fire. This was so much hotter then with Janice. His hand left my cock, and made its way under my shirt and found a nipple to tweak.

I was getting so turned on by this. Sly broke our kiss, “I want to see you… all of you!” He jumped out of the bed and ran across the room to the light switch. It was about one o’clock in the morning. As my eye became used to the light, Sly began striping off his clothes as he walked back to the bed.

His body was amazing. All the working out had canlı kaçak bahis really paid off. He had these six pack abs I would kill for, instead of the slight beer gut I had going. As his shorts hit the floor, I saw the one part of his body I never seen. His cock was beautiful. It was so hard that it was practically pointing at the ceiling. His trim, black pubes were a real turn-on and his nuts where large and hung low, at least a good five inches from his body.

His cock was long, about eight inches I think, but skinny, like the rest of him. I think the only fat part of his body was the head of his prick. It was big, puffy, and a deep shade of purple. It looked a bit off since the rest of his body was a milky cream color.

I sat up and started to shuck off my shirt. He jumped on the bed and went straight for my shorts. I was proud of my six-and-a-half inch monster. What it didn’t have in length it more then made up for in girth. I was about as big around as a Maglight handle.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but at the same time I knew I wanted this more then anything in my whole life. Sly had flipped a switch in me and years of pent up emotion came crashing through both of us.

He took my rock hard monster and began one of the best blowjobs I have ever received! (That is still true to this day!) His mouth was on fire. I was so glad that my bedroom was in the attic over the garage, and that my sleeping parents’ room was on the other side of the house. I’m sure they would have heard the screams and moans of pleasure coming from my lips.

I didn’t last long under his assault. Within a few minutes I could feel the pressure building up.

“Sly… I’m about to cum!” That did not have the effect I thought, he started to work harder.

It was then that he did something I really didn’t expect. I felt his wet finger press into my asshole. My initial reaction would have been to stop him, but it was way too late for that. His finger slipped into my ass, and slid surprisingly painlessly, until his knuckles were pressing against my cheeks. I felt his fingertip start to rub something deep inside me, and I exploded into rapture. I flooded his mouth with a weeks worth of built up cum, and screamed, “FUCK!!!”

My whole body shook from the earthquake traveling though my body. When it slowed down I was tingling from head to foot, from the best orgasm of my short life. Sly crawled up and kissed me slowly, sharing a bit of my cum with me. I had to admit, I tasted pretty good. I had never even thought of trying my own spunk before. It was actually a bit of a turn on for me.

Sly broke the kiss after a while, and looked deep into my eyes, “Josh… can I make love to you?”

I didn’t know what to say at first. There was still a whisper of that hetero-voice in my head saying, “No! It will make you GAY!!” but I had already decided, I was in love with this boy, and I wanted to experience everything I could with him. I was a bit scared too, because I thought of how it would hurt, but I just smiled at him, “Yes, I would like nothing more.”

I rolled over to the night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out the petroleum jelly that used to beat off with. He smiled as he read my mind. He took the jar and scooped out a finger full as I pulled my legs back. I felt the cold jelly on my ass, and then his finger as he slowly worked it around my asshole. He slowly started to push into my ass again, working the jelly around just inside.

He kept looking at my face to see if he was hurting me, but he went slow and worked my hole open, a little at a time. It really felt good! There was no pain the whole time as he worked one, two, and finally three fingers into my ass. Every now and then he would hit that spot again as he worked his fingers in and out. My cock jumped each time. It was now very hard again.

After a few minutes of this, Sly removed his fingers and leaned forward to kiss me again. He leaned back with a hungry look in his eyes, and I felt it. His cock pressed against my ass as he slowly pushed in and out, right at the entrance. He slowly pushed further each thrust until the head broke the event horizon of my ass. There was a brief moment of pain as his head popped in, but it was replaced soon with waves of pleasure.

He slowly worked his way in until his balls came to rest on my cheeks and I felt full, like I had to take a shit. Once he was all the way in, he leaned back down and we kissed for a good minute. When his lips left mine, they slowly made their way down my neck, and then on to my chest.

He then, started to move his hips. Wow! I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was so different from any sex I had ever had. Not just because I was on the receiving end, but the emotions, the passion, it was more… raw, more… animal. Maybe it was because I had cared for Janice, but I had always known that didn’t really “love” her. This… this was pure Love!

Sly sat up and started getting a faster rhythm going. I could hear and feel his low hanging nuts, slapping my ass. I really wanted to experience this, so I whispered to him, “Harder baby! Hit it harder, I know you can!” the look on his face when I called him ‘baby’ was worth the price of admission, and harder he did.

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