Absolutely Sexy

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It’s a good dream, you could say but so incredibly intense that it lingers with me all day.

I am only a young girl in the dream, nothing more than 18. I have wavy brown hair, tied back in a little ponytail. My eyes are beaming with youth and sexuality, maybe even a touch of innocence. My body is absolutely perfect; toned and in shape I’m nothing less than a vision of loveliness. I’m sitting in a classroom, it’s an grouped type of class where people of all ages come to learn. I’m sitting on the far right of the room, I have a black skirt with a floral print on it and a magenta colored top. My body is snug, especially my chest, to the material where you can see my nipples ever so slightly.

A man walks in, he happens to be very tall and lanky. He’s got shaggy blonde hair, maybe 20 something. Unfortunately, he’s completely nameless in my dream but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold some sort of promise for me and my day! He is wearing a un-tucked, silky smooth black work shirt and white or tan pants. Black boots clad his feet. All I know right off the bat, seems to be that he is British and carries himself extremely gracefully. casino siteleri He stares at me from across the room, and there’s almost an instant attraction between the two of us. The staring becomes unbelievably intense, and I bite my lower lip. I move a little more slowly, feeling like any moment I could simply lay back onto my desk and spread my legs for him to see all of me, every inch.

Somehow, after a few minutes, we end up in the bathroom; almost as if we were magically transferred there, it’s the same bathroom I used to have growing up as a kid. We are both totally naked, I can see both myself and him in nothing but our birthday suits, our flesh it hot and wanton. My breasts stand out, perkily and sweet. My clean peach skin is unflawed and smooth. About a handful each, they are nice little melons to grab onto. This mystery man is well endowed, average you might say. Blonde hair running along his rock hard stomach. All I recall is laying on the bottom of the bathtub and this older man is laying on top of me. Naturally, I’m loving every minute of it.

His cock is buried deep inside of my tight young pussy. slot oyna He’s fucking me harder and harder, non stop. Its so wild, so crazily insane. Its just purely unbridled. He’s fucking me harder and harder, his cock is just like a hot thick rod inside of me. Part of me wants his sex, the other part of me is screaming in terror while he fucks my brains out. His huge cock is tearing me apart inside and I can feel every crevice of his flesh grind against mine. The friction is so good that I can feel my clit pulse in my head. He’s fucking me so god damn hard I’m, by this time, whimpering and screaming feeling not only with my pussy but with every part of my being. I’m screaming louder and louder as my wet pussy drips all over him. The squishing of our skin slamming is becoming to much for him and I can hear him groan and grunt deeply in my ear. It’s just all so animal like. Like, two wild lions fucking in the desert. Alone and loud.

Then all of the sudden, he flips me over so I am laying on my tight toned, stomach. He, this mystery man, has now started to penetrate my little (once) virgin cunt doggy style. He’s fucking me so hard, canlı casino siteleri my tits are banging onto the porcelain of the tub. It hurts a little but he’ll make this better of course. I’m yelling even louder than before but by this time he’s got my tits in his hands protecting me from the tub and is busy grinding onto my slit. Once again, he flips me back over. I face him, and our noses almost touch. He kisses my mouth, probing my mouth with his hot tongue and I know I just might lose it in a few moments. All the while the water is beating down on him, spraying onto me at the same time.

He begins to slide his hot dick in between my two pert tits and fucks them gently at first. My mouth is hanging wide open, legs convulsing. My young body is quaking after he touches me each and every time. Then at the spur of the moment, he interrupts his tit-fucking and subtly the blonde stranger drops his cock back down low at my hips and shoves it hard up inside of me. I yell that I’m ready to cum for him, and that I want him to cum raw inside of my womanhood. My little pussy is clenching and releasing like a jackhammer, he is growing tired, our bodies wet with bodily fluids, hot bath water and sweat. He cums deep inside of my cunt. I can feel it splash around my insides. I start to shake, my toes curl and I cum hard onto him.

But then, I wake up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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