A Wrong

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He knew what he was about to do was WRONG!

He was in the bedroom of a twenty year old woman. She was not his wife. How she enticed him into her room isn’t important. What is important, he wanted the young woman standing before him more than anything he had ever wanted in his life. With trembling hands he reached for her and she glided against him. His lips locked on hers and her body molded into him.

“She’s less than half your age!” his conscience screamed. “Your daughter is older than her! Have you gone out of your stupid, fucking mind?”

Desire was all he could feel and it was much stronger than his conscience.

Breaking the kiss, he raised his hands and, with trembling fingers, started unbuttoning her blouse.

“This is faster,” she said and grabbing the hem, pulled the blouse over her head. A white lace bra held the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. His hands ached to hold them.

Quickly he undid the front opening clasp to free her tits. He pulled the cups off her breasts and pushed the bra off her shoulders and onto the floor.

“You life has been blameless up to now. Do you really want to end it here? Is this, this female worth that?”

She moaned as his work callused hands cupped her tits, his thumbs flicking over the nipples. She grabbed his head and pulled him into another hot, wet kiss. Then she grabbed the bottom of his polo shirt and pulled it over his head. The hair on his chest tickled her boobs as they embraced again. He kissed his way down her chest, licking and sucking the nipples as he lowered himself to his knees.

He pop the button on her skirt open and lowered the zipper in one smooth action. Hooking his thumbs in the waist band of her skirt and panties, he pulled them down. She stepped out of them and flipped off her sandals. She was now totally nude, a young goddess, perfect in every feature. Shoulder length coal black hair framed a round face, with dark brown eyes, small nose and full pink lips. Her slender neck tapered to small shoulders which sloped into her full chest. Her breasts stood out firm and proud, about a b-cup casino oyna he guessed, with brown nipples hard from excitement and want. Her waist was narrow as was her hips. Her swollen labia could be seen through her black pubic hair. Strong muscled legs tapered to petite feet with toenails painted the same pink as her lips.

Looking right at her sex, he slid his hands up her legs, his left hand to her right buttock and his right hand between her legs until it reached her pussy. The lips were swollen and wet and he rubbed his finger into the fold.

“OH, GOD YES,” she screamed as she orgasmed from his very first touch. Only his hand on her behind kept her from falling over backwards. “Please stop. You must stop, I can’t take it!”

“Think about your job! If the boss finds out you’ve touched a client, you’ll be fired. If the college finds out you’ve touched a student, you’ll be unemployed.”

“Stand up,” she said. When he was standing she pulled the belt open, undid the button at the waist band of his jeans and slid the zipper down. She grabbed the waist of his jeans and dropped to her knees before him, pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His hard cock flipped up so hard it slapped his stomach, then settled down to point straight out, aimed at her mouth.

She had seen college boys naked before, but this was a man. His dark hair was just a little long, prematurely gray at the temples. Blue gray eyes gazed steadily at her with a mature confident stare that belied the voice of his conscience screaming at him. His shoulders and chest were solid without being over muscled. His stomach showed a middle aged softness and his waist had a small roll of love handles. His buns, hips and legs were well defined from running every morning.

She stared at his penis as if hypnotized. It was not huge, it was not small. She knew it was going to fill her up and give her great pleasure. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against the head causing him to moan. With her hands on his butt, she pulled him toward her, forcing his dick into her mouth. Keeping her lips tight, she felt slot oyna every millimeter slide in until it almost started her gag reflex, where she stopped it. There was more to go, but that was for another time.

“Your parents will be so ashamed of you. Your mother will probably have a heart attack. Is this a good example for your nieces and nephews? How do you think you’ll explain this?”

Sucking as hard as possible, she pulled back then plunged down hard again. Twice more and he was so close to cumming he pulled out of her mouth. Looking up at him, she said, “Cum in my mouth. Oh, please, I want to taste you. Cum in my mouth, please.”

“No, he said, “not this time. This time i want your body.” He then sat down on the bed that was behind him. “Undo my boots and pull my pants off.”

“You know what Pastor Bob will do. You’ll be kicked off the official board. You will never teach Sunday school again. You will be shunned by all those sweet old ladies in the missionary society. You’ll be lucky if they allow you to even come to church. This is the sin they never forgive.”

With child-like eagerness she untied the laces and pulled the boots off, then the socks then the jeans and boxers. She leaned forward and kissed his knees, then kissed up to his balls and to his cock.

He put his hands under her arms and pulled her up on top of him before she could start sucking on him again. She was laying stretched out on him as they kissed again. He slid his hands down her sides, up over her buttocks and down between her thighs. With gentle pressure he pulled her legs apart until she straddled his waist, then he pushed up on her shoulders until she was sitting on his cock.

She started humping her hips, masturbating on his dick. He reached up and squeezed her tits, then pulled gently on her nipples. Her body was aflame with lust as she looked down at him and pleaded, “Put it in me. I need you now. Please, please, fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. I need you so badly.”

He grabbed his dick and pressed the head to her hole.

“Stop now!” screamed his conscience. “You canlı casino siteleri can still walk away. You haven’t committed adultery yet. You can talk your way out. Everything can still be all right. You are……OH WOW!!”

And he slid his penis in.

“Your wife will never sleep with you again. She said she wouldn’t like you. She said if you’re ever unfaithful she’d never have sex with you again.”

Her eyes closed and fireworks exploded in her body as his cock filled her. The wet tightness on her young cunt was better than anything he had ever felt before. Climaxes started hitting her body like machine gun fire as she pounded up and down on him. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders, drawing blood. The pain caused his to ram himself harder into her as she slammed down on him. He bent his neck up and started sucking on her right tit. Soft whimpering sounds came from her as he nipped gently at her left nipple.

Time distorted for them. Did they fuck for hours? Minutes? Seconds? It didn’t matter because she could take no more and fainted on top of him. He rolled over so she was under him and looked worriedly into her face. Her eyelids fluttered and she looked up at him. “Cum now. Cum in me. Fill me up. Please, now, cum in me now.”

He was at the edge and after only a few thrusts he started cumming. Five, six, seven times he shot his seed into her, so strong it almost hurt. His lust satisfied, his penis quickly lost it’s hardness and slipped out of her.

Looking at him with eyes filled with wonder, she said, “It’s never been that good before. In my wildest dreams I never thought it could be so wonderful. Promise me you’ll come back. Promise me we’ll do it again. I’ll be your’s, any time, any where. I’ll do whatever you say. Promise me we’ll do it again.”

“I promise. I want, no, need. I need to make love to you again. I will call as soon as I can. But I have to go now.”

“Kiss me once more before you go.” And he did.

* * * * *

When he got home that night, his wife asked him, “So how was your day, dear?”

“Not too bad,” he replied, “but I got stuck on one hard job this afternoon. Some rich, snooty college princess. I’ll probably have to go back again just to keep her happy. You know how these kids can be.”

He had never lied to her before. It was easier than he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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