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by bumboy


Jane followed Peter up the stairs, her eyes glued to her 20 years old grandson’s arse. He’d just returned from an evening run and was still in his running kit, his sleeveless vest framing his muscular shoulders just out of teenagehood and his tight white shorts emphasizing the curves of his hot sexy buttocks in all their young masculine beauty.

“You’ve got such a tight arse, sweetheart,” said Jane, reaching out a hand to stroke Peter’s shorts-clad cheeks. “And those shorts are so nice and skimpy, its a wonder you can squeeze yourself into them.”

“I’ll squeeze into anything for you, gran,” replied Peter over his shoulder as his grandmother continued to touch up his arse.

“Hmm,” said Jane, as they reached the top of the stairs, “I can see this is going to be a fun evening.”

With that, Jane lifted off her top to reveal she had not been wearing a bra. Her big tits with their dark aureoles swung free in front of Peter’s eyes who was staring at them as if seeing them for the very first time. Jane was in her mid-60s but could easily pass for twenty years younger. She still went regularly to the gym and played endless games of tennis, all of which had helped to keep her body in trim and Peter felt his dick stiffening inside his shorts as Jane proudly displayed her elderly yet beautiful breasts to him.

“Fucking hell, gran,” said Peter, “they’re as hot and sexy as ever.” Without waiting for an invite, Peter inclined his head and started to lick and suck his grandmother’s tits. He licked around them as well as along Jane’s cleavage and then, one after the other, took them into his mouth as Jane’s hands once again strayed to fondling Peter’s bum.

“That’s beautiful, sweetheart,” said Jane after ten minutes had passed by like ten seconds, “but what I really want is for you to lick my pussy.”

“No sooner said than done, gran,” said Peter as he lead Jane back to the top of the stairs. Jane was taking off layers of clothing before she sat down on the top rung and, naked, lay back slightly and spread her legs wide, exposing her ancient but still hot cunt to her grandson.

“Beautiful, gran,” he said, “just fucking beautiful.”

“Aw, shucks!” replied Jane, “you’ve seen it plenty of times before. Now am I going to have it licked or not?”

“Shall I take my clothes off, gran?” said Peter.

“If you think it would help,” replied Jane, poker-faced.

Peter laughed and quickly began to strip off his vest and shorts. Then he stood naked in front of his grandmother with his cock so hard it pointed directly to the ceiling. He enjoyed the sensation he was causing, turning Jane on who licked her lips at the mouth-watering sight of her grandson’s hard-on.

“I know you want it sucked, sweetheart,” said Jane, “but I need my pussy licked first. Young men like you only get rewarded when they’re a good boy first.”

Peter descended several stairs and then knelt down in front of Jane so that his face was level with his grandmother’s cunt. Jane reached down and, with her fingers, spread her lips wide, exposing the full beauty of her womanhood to Peter who was feeling deliciously wicked at what he was being invited, not for the first time, to do. He loved licking his sexy grandmother’s cunt.


In the two years since Peter had become a consenting adult, he now had pussy licking off to a fine art. Jane had helped and encouraged him at first and now Peter was as accomplished at licking cunt as his father David and Jane’s husband Michael.

Peter ran his tongue up the folds of Jane’s cunt, finding her engorged clit and running rings around it with his now experienced tongue, causing Jane to squeal in delight. Her screams grew louder until, a few moments later, the door to David’s study opened and David himself stepped out. He was still fully dressed as he had been dealing with the family accounts in his study but he stopped short at the sight which greeted illegal bahis him and reached down to fondle the bulge that was growing rapidly inside his trousers.

Jane placed her hand on Peter’s head and drew him closer to her. His hot wet tongue was still sending Jane into paroxysms of delight, so much so that neither were too bothered about the restricted space the staircase afforded for family activities of the carnal kind.

“Don’t stop, sweetheart,” said Jane, her voice dripping with lust, “you are SO good at this.”

David was as horny as fuck as he watched his mother being licked by his son. He unzipped his trousers and took out his now fully aroused prick. Out of the corner of her eye, Jane saw her son wanking his stiff pole and smiled across at him.

“Why don’t you bring that big pole of yours over here, my son, and join us?”

David didn’t need any further invitation. He quickly stripped off his clothes and went to join his mother and son, all three of them now completely naked. David stood next to his mother, his pride in his son as he continued to go to town on Jane’s pussy, evident as he stretched his dick across his mother’s face. “Oh my word,” said Jane who was as horny as fuck by now, “such a big dick.”

“All yours, mum,” said David as Jane opened her mouth and swallowed her son’s rigid fuck pole in one long gulp. It felt like a rod of iron in Jane’s mouth and David gasped as his knobhead, which had escaped from his foreskin a few moments earlier, hit the back of his mother’s throat at the same time as Peter’s tongue once again hit the swollen mass of his grandmother’s clit. The matriarch of the sex family was on a higher level of horniness now as her son and grandson sublimely serviced her as only they knew how.

Peter was getting out of breath now as he released his tongue from Jane’s cunt. “That was a beautiful sex act you performed for your old gran,” she said as David withdrew from her mouth. “Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’m now going to reward you with what your father just had.”

“Bet you’ve been wanting that all day, eh son?” said David, who loved being sucked by his mother. She was without doubt the best female cocksucker he’d ever had, far better than Peter’s mother who had run off and left David to bring Peter up when Peter was only three years old. His wife had never had much interest in sex so it was just as well she was out of the picture, she certainly wouldn’t fit in now into the world the family had created for themselves, a secret private happy sex group.

“Sure fucking have, dad,” said Peter standing up. “And I’m gonna fuck you too later.”

“You better had,” said David. “Let’s go into the bedroom. When dad gets home, he can join us.”

“Shame pop had to work this evening,” said Peter as the three naked family members made their way along the hall to the master bedroom that Jane not only shared with her husband Michael but with her son David and grandson Peter too. “I’d like to fuck him too.”

“And me, I hope,” said Jane. “I shall expect nothing less once I’ve given you your reward.”

“Sure thing, gran,” said Peter.

In the bedroom, Jane dropped to her knees in front of David and Peter. Her menfolk’s dicks were still at full mast and showed no signs of deflating. Holding David’s balls with her right hand and Peter’s with her left, Jane smiled up at her son and grandson.

“Such lovely big pricks,” she said and then, without another word, she inclined her head and took Peter deep into her mouth. Peter let out a gasp of pleasure as he felt David’s hand start to caress his bare bum. As David continued to touch up his son’s arse, Peter’s balls slapped rhythmically against Jane’s chin as his knobhead rested at the back of Jane’s throat, just as David’s had done earlier.

“That good, son?” asked David.

“Sure is, dad,” replied Peter, “gran’s a great cocksucker.”

Jane felt herself flushed with pride, she loved sucking cock and it was illegal bahis siteleri gratifying to know that her family thought she was so good at it and that they enjoyed her technique so much. With David on one side of her and Peter on the other, she went from one dick to another and back again, over and over again as the men stretched their thick rods out across her face until the tips of their knobheads touched. David leaned forward and kissed Peter on the lips which Peter returned hungrily. Though Michael had yet to arrive home, another hot family sex session had begun …


Peter stood masturbating in front of his father and grandmother as Jane posted up and down on David’s cock. One of the things Jane loved about her family was that the men were all expert sexualists and knew what their dicks were for and how to use them. Peter was watching intently as Jane, her legs spread to give her grandson the best view of the incestuous penetration, groaned and grunted as she rose and fell with each hard thrust from her son as David’s balls slapped against the sides of Jane’s thighs.

“Aaaaaghhhh!” cried Jane as the head of David’s hard-on felt like it would burst out through her mouth, “fuck me harder, sweetheart, don’t stop.”

David increased the pressure as Jane beckoned with her eyes to Peter. As her grandson moved into position, Jane opened her mouth and swallowed him whole, treating Peter to his second grandmotherly blowjob of the evening. The three of them were in a world of their own, the outside world with all its problems and worries was forgotten as Jane’s family fucked with wild abandon.

Five minutes later, Jane found herself pulsating on David’s dick, facing towards him with her hands on her son’s chest. Peter’s big prick was ready, Jane knew now, and she smiled over her shoulder at him. “You know what you have to do, sweetheart,” she said as she gripped her arse cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her sixty years plus hole. “I need a hard double penetration. Now!”

Peter was on top of Jane before either of them could catch their breath. With her son’s dick in her cunt and her grandson’s dick in her arse, Jane was transferred to a different orbit, her whole body tingling and shuddering as the three blood-tied bodies writhed and squirmed together. Through the membrane of Jane’s cunt, David and Peter could feel the heads of their father and son cocks making contact with each other. Beads of sweat poured from their faces and bodies as the atmosphere in the room grew heavy with the sounds of sex and lust.

“Such a shame Michael’s not here to see this,” Jane managed to breathe between her screams.

“You can tell him all about it later, mum,” said David, his voice scarcely above a whisper.

“Or we can do it all over again when pop gets here,” said Peter who was extremely fond of his grandfather; it was on Michael that Peter had been allowed to perfect his cocksucking skills when he had first become a consenting adult. But Peter needn’t have worried, Michael was on his way home at that very moment and would be witnessing the action, and joining in too, before another hour or so was out.

Five minutes slipped by, then ten, during which the three family members fucked like things possessed. David’s dick never felt better than when it was embedded deep in his mother’s cunt as he felt himself approach his zenith. Seconds later, he rose up and planted his seed deep in Jane’s pussy. Jane squealed as she felt the warm incestuous wads of her son’s hot cream flood her innards, to be joined a few minutes later when Peter groaned as he came in Jane’s arse.

Jane came seconds after Peter, her body convulsing as her two men let themselves out of her holes and the three of them lay back on the bed and snuggled naked into each other’s arms. “My beautiful boys,” she said, kissing David and then Peter on the lips, “thank you so much. Now, when you’ve got your breaths back, I want to sit back and watch the pair canlı bahis siteleri of you put on a hot show for me. Peter,” she went on, this time with an authoritative tone to her voice, “let me see you fuck your father.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Peter who was so horny he was always raring to go, no matter how soon after he’d come.

David moved over and gave Jane’s cunt a quick lick. “Just wanted to say thanks for a good fuck, mum,” he said.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” said Jane. “My pleasure. But now I want to see you take Peter’s cock up your tight sexy arse.”

David turned and bent over the chair and spread his arse cheeks wide, exposing his tight red fuckhole to his mother and son. Peter licked his lips as Jane moved across and applied some lubricant to her son’s hole with saliva from her tongue. David thrashed his arms about wildly on the chair in front of him as his mother rimmed his arsehole and he spread his cheeks as wide as he could for Jane to dig deeper into his inner sanctum. He was being driven insane with the tickling sensations Jane’s maternal tongue was bestowing both within his hole and along the walls of his ass and over the thin erotic lines that had formed as he stretched his arse into full gaping mode and which Jane loved to see.

“Oh fuck, mum,” said David, now practically delirious, “lick that arse.”

Jane wasn’t just a supreme cocksucker, she was a number one arse licker too and when she had decided that her son’s arsehole had had enough of her natural lubricant, she lay back on the cushions, made herself comfortable and began to finger her recently fucked cunt as Peter, who had been waiting patiently for the lubricant to be administered, slammed his stiff pole deep into his father’s arse without further ado. David grunted loudly as the intense pleasure mixed with a paradoxically blissful kind of pain following on from Jane’s rimming, sent him up to dizzying heights of sexual satisfaction as he took it up the arse from his son in full view of his mother.

“That’s it, Peter,” said Jane, her eyes on stalks, “fuck him hard.”

Peter had just started to give David everything he had when, at that very moment, they heard the door slam as Michael returned home from work. Though they couldn’t see him, they knew he would be smiling as he heard the sounds of hot taboo sex coming from the master bedroom.

Michael quickly made his way up the stairs, throwing off clothes as he went so that various garments and undergarments landed in haphazard positions on the upstairs hall carpet. By the time he got to the bedroom to join his family where his son was being well and truly fucked by his grandson, he was already fully erect and he didn’t bat an eyelid at David and Peter fully embroiled in some hot incestuous gay sex while his wife sat watching and fingering her cunt which, Jane realised happily, was still delightfully sore, as was her arsehole. The sexaholics that made up Jane and Michael’s much loved family had no inhibitions when it came to nudity and showing off their bodies in the most intimate possible way, for them exhibitionism was as hot and exciting as the sex itself and as natural as breathing.

“Well, folks,” Michael said, as his big aroused prick entered the bedroom a few seconds before the rest of him, “looks like I arrived just in time. This is what I like to come home to, a house full of hot passionate sex.”

Jane smiled and blew her husband a kiss, the entire family was here now and this sideshow David and Peter and now Michael were putting on for her was going to be hotter than ever, thanks to Michael arriving when he did. Like Jane, Michael was as horny as fuck at the sight of his son being fucked by his grandson and, as Peter continued to pump David’s tight hole, swording his incestuous prick between his father’s exquisite bare arse cheeks, Michael made his naked way across the bedroom to where his son and grandson were going at it like dogs. Then Michael thrust his thick rod deep into his son David’s mouth, Jane’s eyes unwavering as she watched three generations of her men in action and the hot hard spit-roasting, on the receiving end of which David was now thrilled to find himself …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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