A Virtual Anal Encounter

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“KNOCK KNOCK.” I’m not expecting anybody, and I’m very surprised and excited when I look through my peep hole and see you standing there.

“Just a minute,” I holler. I’ve only been home from work for about 15 minutes. I’m wearing your favorite black suit. But, it is too conservative, I’ve just got to find something to get your motor running.

“Hang on, baby, I’ll be right there,” I holler again. I slip my skirt and panties off and slip on a cute little red plaid micro mini skirt. I check out my back side in the mirror. The skirt barely covers my ass. Yes, you’ll like that. I run to the door and open it eagerly.

“Hi baby, come on in. What a surprise! Come on in,” I turn around and walk about four feet in front of you, giving my hips a little extra swing. I know the skirt is swinging and giving you little glimpses of my cheeks. I peek back over my shoulder at you, your eyes are on my ass and I can already see a slight bulge in your pants.

I plop down on the couch and pat the seat next to me. “Have a seat, baby. What brings you over here to my neck of the woods?” I ask. You tell me that you’ve been thinking about me all day and just had to stop by. “Would you like something to drink?” I ask. You tell me you’d illegal bahis like a cold beer. I get up from the couch, you are still sitting there and I know you are getting a full ass shot when I got up.

I bring you back a beer and lean over in front of you to serve it to you. The wall behind me has a big mirror on it and I can see by the direction of your eyes that you are staring at my ass. “Baby, can I get you anything else?” I ask, fully knowing exactly what you want. Then I sit down on the coffee table in front of you and watch you drink your beer.

“I had such a long day, baby, do you mind if I get a little more comfortable?” I ask. You tell me to go ahead. So, while I’m sitting there in front of you, I unbutton my blouse all the way. My pushup bra gives you a nice little view of my breasts. I lean over and run my hands up my legs, then up my thighs. I stop right at the hem of my skirt. “Baby, can you tell me how your day was?” I ask while I play with the hem of my skirt. Your eyes are watching my hands, waiting to see where they will go next. You tell me you had a really hard day. “Hard?” I ask playfully. “I like it hard.”

Slowly, I begin sliding my skirt up. “What happened today to make your day hard?” I ask. illegal bahis siteleri You tell me that your basement flooded and everything got all wet. “I know what you mean,” I tell you, “I know what it is like to be all wet, let me show you.” I lift my skirt up and slowly spread my legs. “Do you mind if I show you?” I ask. You nod your head yes. I lean back so I’m laying on the coffee table and I spread my legs really wide apart. “Baby, can you see how wet I am?” I ask. You tell me that you really can’t tell, you ask me to prove how wet I am. “Baby, why don’t you just feel”? I ask. “Come on, slip your finger in and test for yourself. “Oh yes, yesssss…oh, that’s good baby, I like the way you slip your finger in and out, in and out, yes, yes, yes.” I can tell you are now very sure of how wet I am.

“Baby, I have a confession to make,” I tell you. You ask me what. “I’ve been very bad, I played with my pussy at work today in front of the boss.” I am baiting you, I am waiting to see if you get mad. “And, and, I let him slip his tongue inside of me.” I can tell now that you are mad. You get up off the couch. You grab me by the waist and toss me over your lap. You tell me I am a bad girl. You pull my skirt up and you start canlı bahis siteleri spanking me, over and over, until my little ass is red. “Oh baby, oh baby, I am so sorry,” I tell you. You really know that I only made up the story about the boss. It is our little game.

“What can I do to prove I’m sorry. I will do anything,” I softly reply. You stop spanking me and sit me up on my feet. You stand up and unzip your pants. You tell me to bend over the coffee table. I do as you say, I want to prove I am so sorry. You tell me to spread my ass cheeks. I do so. You slip a condom on your hard dick, then you rub some jelly onto your dick. You tell me you want to ass fuck me.

“Oh, baby, I’m scared. Your dick is so big,” I say. I try and wiggle away from you, but you know I really want it. “Oh my god,” I shout, “Ohhhh.” Your dick is inside of my ass. I love it when you fill me up with your cum in my bum. You pull your dick out of my ass, you take the condom off. You pull me up by my shoulders and turn me around. You tell me to go down on my knees. I do what you say, with pleasure.

My tongue eagerly pulls your still hard cock into my wet mouth. I suck really loud, I know you like it that way. I grab your ass checks and rock your dick in my mouth. You grab my head and hammer away as you come a second time. I pull the towels out from under the couch and dry both of us off. You tell me you’ll see my tomorrow.

“Bye, bye, baby,” I say, and close the door behind you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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