A Train Ride To Remember Ch. 02

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She watched him as he strode purposefully in her direction. His erect penis was bobbing up and down. He had his finger on his lips urging her not to shout, not that it mattered, there was no one else in that compartment.

She was numb with fright and excitement. She did not know what to do. The man came close to her. His penis was now dangling close to her face. She could smell it and she found the smell erotic. His penis looked even bigger close up. He brought his hand down to take hold of her hand. She might have offered some resistance, she did not know. She was awed by the moment. He took her hand and placed it on his stiff penis.

He folded her fingers around his penis. It felt warm and it was throbbing. Her fingers could not grasp the girth of his penis. She had never felt a penis before. His hand remained on top of hers. She looked up to see that he was taking a deep breath. His eyes were closed. She felt his hand on hers move her hands casino siteleri back and forth on his penis.

The foreskin of his penis was pulled back completely. She could see the deep purple/pink head oozing with juice. The penis was slightly arched like a snake. It felt thicker towards the tip than at the base. She could feel her heart racing away. With each stroke of her hand, she could hear the man make a throaty sound of contentment. He would not take away his hand, which was still over hers, but there was no pressure. She could have drawn her hand away but she did not.

Slowly the man released her hand and brought his hand down on her other hand. She felt him draw her other hand towards the open fly. He drew her hand in his fly. She found her hand pressed against a warm pouch. She was unable to hold all of it in her palm. She felt something jelly like inside. She could feel herself sweating and a chill passed through her spine. His hand under her slot oyna palm closed and pressed. She could feel herself cupping the warm pouch. It felt like trying to hold two oranges in her palm. One slipped away.

She was so engrossed in her feeling that she did not notice that he had unbuttoned his trousers. She suddenly felt the heap fall on her hand, which was still in his fly. He held both her hand and drew them away from his crotch and the trousers slipped down. His shirt, coat and tie were still in place, not to mention his underwear with the penis still sticking out from it.

It was a strangely erotic sight His legs were hairy and muscular. The bulge under his penis was big. Was he going to remove his underpants, yes he was. He drew down his white underwear. As he drew them down to his ankles, he had to lift one of his legs to take them off. She could see two huge dangling testicles unsupported under his penis. They moved with the movement of his legs. canlı casino siteleri The folds of skin holding the testicles together looked burdened. There was hair sprouting all over his testicles, much of which was grey. The hair extended till the base of his penis.

He brought his hand down on both her hands yet again and drew them to his now naked crotch. He placed her hand on his erect penis again and the palm of the other one under his testicles. His testicles felt hairy and naked to the touch. His hand on hers urged her to squeeze them. As she did she felt two hard big seeds in each of the two sacs. They seemed to slip out of her fingers. She squeezed again of her own, without realizing. The man felt her response and smiled as she looked up to him. His face was still taut and his eyes half closed, savoring the moment.

He had been controlling everything. He let go of both her hands. Her hands remained on his crotch. He slid his hands in her armpits and urged her to stand up which she did. She now stood in front of him still holding his penis and his balls. What would he do now she wondered. She soon found out.

End of part 2. Watch out for part 3.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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