A Player’s Song Ch. 03

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It was almost seven o’clock in the morning and the sun had just peeked above the trees. Janice had been awakened by a dream that left her moist between her legs. Janice leaned against the door frame to her sleeping son’s bedroom in the top to her blue teddy. She remembered how her pussy felt a week ago after Jamal had fucked her in her sleep as she looked at the tent his morning hard-on was making of the covers.

She thought that maybe Jamal wasn’t as worthless as his father had been after all. She moved silently barefoot across the carpet to the side of his bed and slowly moved the covers from his sleeping body. She was surprised to see that he was sleeping nude. His cock looked huge compared to all the men she had before. She was daring to say that it was the biggest she had ever seen, which was saying a lot.

Janice gasped the shaft of Jamal’s big dick as she straddled him, and causing him to wake.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Jamal asked surprised waking to find his mother getting on top of him.

“I’m getting me a good morning fuck,” she mused as she brought her pussy down on his hard cock.

The feel of her warm wet pussy around his cock shook any thoughts of moral convictions he might have come up with away.

“Here, suck my titties,” she said removing the teddy top and leaning over him.

Jamal took hold of his mother’s big utters and captured one of the dark hard nipples in his mouth. He thrust his massive tool into her as he felt her coming down on it.

“Mmmm…shit, boy. That feels good,” she said picking up the tempo of her rocking motion on his cock.

Jamal thrust his cock up to match his mother’s rhythm.

Their motion caused the mattress to squeak and the head board to bag against the wall. Janice was almost leaping off the bed as she road her stud. Jamal was driving his cock as hard as he could; grunting with each and every stroke.

“Yes! Gaud dammit! That’s it!” Janice cried out as she came pressing herself down hard on his cock and rolling her hips around.

Jamal rolled his mother over onto her back and lifted her legs up on his shoulders. He pressed his feet against the foot rail for leverage as he drove his morning steel rod into the pussy that gave him birth. His muscles strained as he plowed into her with every once of strength he could muster.

“O’ shit!” Janice cried out as she began to cum again.

Jamal was relentless in his thrusts. He felt no reason to show her any mercy. He only had the desire to fuck her through the mattress.

Sweat splashed from Jamal’s body as he huffed and grunted like a tri-athlete during a marathon run. His cock felt num as he pounded into his mother’s pussy again and again. He was doing his best to show her that she was nothing more than a piece of pussy to him.

Janice gasped for breath as she felt her son’s cock pushing against her cervix. He clearly had more dick than she had ever experienced before. Her body felt like one big spasm. Her pussy juices splattered out by the piston that drove in and out of her.

Jamal felt like he was getting a second wind as he doubled his mother over more under him. He grunted louder and clinched his jaw. She would really know what it’s like to be fucked by him.

The vibration made by the bed hitting the wall caused pictures to fall crashing to the floor and posters to loose their pins. The sun beamed through the window heating the smell of sex, making it grow thick.

With every stroke, Jamal’s dick felt like it was getting harder. The more he fucked her the more he wanted to fuck her, but as inevitable as it is, he felt himself about to cum.

Jamal pushed his mother’s legs off his shoulders as he withdrew his cock from her warn pussy. Holding his cock in one hand, he straddled her large tits and shoved his dick into his mother’s surprised mouth. Cum shot from the corners of her mouth as she choked from having his cock pushed into her throat. He held it in her mouth until bakırköy escort the last drop of his thick cream was spent.

Janice held her head over the side of the bed gasping to catch her breath as Jamal grabbed his jeans and headed off to the shower. Janice curled in the fetal position still feeling the pressure from her son’s cock between her legs.

Jamal didn’t go back to his bedroom where his mother still lay in his bed. He grabbed a beer and a pack of his mother’s cigarettes from the frig and walked to the park. He dick was still throbbing from fucking his mother. For the first time, he felt like he showed her that he was a man. She was just another bitch that he could fuck when he pleased.

The thought of Ms. Williams came to his mind as he finished the beer. He hadn’t made her pay the way he had intended for keeping her secret. He wouldn’t have told anyone until she implied that he would. He had only rubbed his hand briefly across her ass since the first time. He knew that Eric was way with his father and it was also the day that Ms. Williams did her laundry.

Jamal had a smirk on his face when he rounded the house to his best friend’s back yard. Sandra Williams was hanging clothes on the line to let them air dry. “Hi Ms. Williams,” he said cheerfully.

“O’ hi, Jamal,” Sandra replied. She felt confident that Jamal had given up on holding her to their deal. She knew there had been many times that he could have held her to their agreement, but had passed them up. “Eric is still with his father and won’t be back until Wednesday,” she said.

“Yeah, I know…I was just passing by,” Jamal lied. “Here, let me give you a hand with this.” He reached down and picked up the large basket of clothes that she had taken down off the line while she picked up a smaller one.

“Thank you,” she said leading the way into the two-story house. “It’s hot out there, would you like something to drink?”

Jamal dick jerked in his jeans when she bent over to put the basket on the floor. “Ya, thanks,” he said looking away not wanting to give her a clue that he was checking her out.

“I got beer,” she said laughing.

“That’s what I need,” Jamal said.

Sandra looked at him seeing that he seriously wanted her to give him a beer. “I thought you didn’t turn twenty-one for a few more months?” she asked hesitating with the beer in her hand.

“I don’t,” he replied taking the beer from her hand. “I heard that Julius Price has turned fifty-six though.” He had found out the name of the man that she had secretly been having an affair with, and he also knew that the mentioning of his name would get her attention.

“We’re not going to go through this again, are we?” Sandra said figuring out the real reason Jamal had showed up at her house.

“Go through what?” Jamal asked opening the beer and knocking back half of it at once.

“You know what I’m talking about Jamal, don’t play innocent with me,” Sandra said putting her hands on her hips. “I have a lot to do today, and I don’t have time to play games.”

“O’ I am not here to play any games,” Jamal said taking a step towards her. “I’ve been keeping my end of the bargain, and besides the day I agreed to keep my mouth shut, you haven’t had to do anything at all to keep up your end.”

“I thought you realize how crazy it is for me to let you do stuff like that to me,” she said.

“Why would I think that it’s crazy,” Jamal said finishing the beer and taking a step closer to toss the empty can in the trash which was behind her. “It’s not crazy to me at all. As a matter of fact I came over to see if you are still willing to keep up your end of the bargain. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut, but I also been keeping my eyes open. You and Mr. Price have been keeping a regular schedule here lately. I also know that he co-signed for that new car you got in the garage.”

“How do you know that?” Sandra said surprised since she beşiktaş escort thought she had been very careful to hide it.

“Don’t worry about. I have my ways, besides you only need to decide if you intend on keeping your word like I have,” he said taking a couple of steps back.

“Tell me how you found out,” Sandra demanded.

“Slow your roll,” Jamal said taking a couple of steps to get right in her face. “Let me know right now if you plan to trip, because I can leave right now and show you how much I can trip too.”

Sandra knew by the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice that she wasn’t far from blowing everything. She lowered her eyes and took a step back.

“Cool,” he said backing up to the counter. “Let’s not trip out. Just chill with me for a little while and I’ll be out, ok?”

Sandra nodded her head feeling defeated.

“Could I have another beer?” he asked.

Sandra was coming to realize that Jamal was as crazy as people said he was; as crazy as his mother they would say. She gave him a beer and got one for herself. She figured that he would be groping her body soon and she needed something to help her deal with it.

“I hope you remember what you agreed to, because if you don’t I’m not going to beg or ask you twice. It may seem like I’m playing some game to you, but you’ll find out that I’m serious as a heart attack,” Jamal said.

Sandra was still finding it hard to allow a young man the age of her son talk to her as if she was a child. She drank the beer and got herself another one, trying to get a buzz.

“David Campbell made the cut a state,” Jamal said throwing the conversation far away from his intentions.

Sandra turned and looked at him.

“You know David, right?” he asked.

“Ya, Vickie Campbell’s boy,” Sandra said.

“Ms.Campbell told me about it last week,” Jamal said. “That’s where I’m going in the fall.”

“You got excepted?” Sandra asked surprised.

“You sound surprised,” Jamal chuckled. “I thought you knew. What? Eric didn’t tell you?”

Sandra looked puzzled.

“I got a full academic scholarship to state,” Jamal said laughing. “I bet you thought that I couldn’t even read, huh? Shit, just like the rest of these motherfuckers around here.” He went to her frig and got himself another beer.

Sandra thought he was just a thug boy that would soon find himself behind bars.

“So you’ll know, my GPA never dropped below a three point eight since I was in grade school, and I kept a four point O in high school,” he said. “I’ve had enough of everyone treating me like I’m some peace of shit. You’ll better recognize…that I’m the man.”

Sandra was taking him seriously until he made he made his profession, which made smirk. Jamal’s eyes immediately narrowed as he gazed at her. She knew that she had offended him.

“I tell you what, bitch,” Jamal said folding his arms over his chest. “Get your ass over here and take out my dick.”

Sandra’s heart nearly stopped when she heard his demand. She remembered his warning and felt that this was his test, so that he could deliver on his threat. His harsh language towards her and his heavy breathing convinced her that he was ready to carry out his threat. She reached and unzipped his jeans finding that he wasn’t wearing underwear as she pulled out his big hard dick. She was taken by the size of his massive tool as she let it hang free.

“Now take off those shorts and let me see that pussy,” he demanded.

Sandra felt more than embarrassed, but she did what he said out of fear that he would deliver on his threat. She stood in front of him naked from the waist down staring at his huge dick head.

“Good, now get me another beer,” Jamal said. For some unknown reason wasn’t impressed by the hairy mound between her legs. He took the beer from her and opened it. “I really don’t give a fuck about what you and that motherfucker do, but if you beylikdüzü escort fuck up and cross me his wife is going to be the first to hear about it.”

“I’ll do what you want,” Sandra said feeling a quivering in her stomach.

“Good, hold on to my dick,” he said as he began drinking the beer.

Sandra’s fingers could barely touch as she held the thick pole. She could feel his heart beating through the big veins.

“Everybody just have to go nuttin’ up on me,” he said. “Sit on the table,” he said pushing her hand away from his cock.

Sandra sat on the edge of the table figuring that he was going to screw her with the huge dick, but she was surprised when he stuffed it back into his pants. She watched him closely as he stood between her legs looking at her in the eyes.

Jamal grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head, and then removed her bra. He moved the cold beer can over her nipples making them hard before taking a drink. He gave the beer to her as he stood back to look at her.

“You know, I use to dream about fucking you,” Jamal said getting himself another beer and lighting a cigarette. “I use to think that you were the finest woman that ever walked the face of the earth.” He chuckled. “You are the prettiest woman around her, but….” He stopped himself. He realized that his mother had the finest body around those parts.

Sandra felt almost insulted at his implication that she wasn’t as good looking to him as he thought now that she was naked. She didn’t even know why she felt that way, but she surely felt that there wasn’t a woman around that was as good looking as she.

“You can put your clothes back on now,” Jamal said picking up her shorts and panties and handing them to her.

Sandra felt completely humiliated. She didn’t look at him as she put on the panties and shorts, and then her t-shirt without her bra.

“Do you have something stronger than beer?” he asked looking through her cabinets.

Sandra reached under the counter and took out a bottle of rum and a bottle of scotch and set them on top. She was getting the feeling that he only wanted to humiliate her.

Jamal took two glasses out of the cabinet. “Bring those,” he said leading the way into her living room.

Jamal sat on the big sofa and sat the glasses on the coffee table. Sandra sat the bottles on the coffee table and stood waiting for him to tell her what he wanted to do. He point to the glasses indicating that he wanted her to pour him a drink. She poured him a glass of rum and poured some in the other glass for herself.

“Here sit on my lap,” Jamal said.

Sandra sat her big soft ass in the young man’s lap as he instructed. She was getting mixed signals from him and didn’t know what to expect. She drank all of the rum in one swallow and sat the glass back on the table.

Jamal smiled at her as he sipped from his drink and sat the glass next to hers on the table. He reached one hand up to her neck and pulled her down to meet her lips to his. He parted her lips with his tongue as his hand gasped her tits through her t-shirt.

Sandra accepted his tongue like she did everything else he asked her to do. She didn’t realize when she began kissing him back and exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Jamal pulled her shirt off again and licked both her nipples before kissing her lips again. He slipped a hand inside of her shorts and panties finding her pussy moist. He laid her down on the sofa as he slipped a couple of fingers inside her cunt.

Sandra let out an uncontrollable moan as she felt her pussy being opened with a third finger.

“I’m going to fuck you, ok?” Jamal whispered as he looked into her eyes.

Sandra didn’t agree or protest. She just laid there as he pulled off her shorts and panties, and then his pants and shirt.

Jamal worked his big cock into his best friend’s mother’s pussy slowly as he sucked and licked on her nipples. Unlike with his mother, he fucked her slow and steady.

Sandra came with ease. She had gotten use to quick fucks, but this was something totally different. She no longer felt that she was being made to do this.

Jamal concentrated on the feel of Sandra’s inside as he pushed his monster cock all the way inside of her and almost completely out.

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